The Best Watering Bulbs For Your Plants

Watering Bulbs

Watering Bulbs

Updated on 10/1/2023
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Regardless of whether they are housed indoors or outdoors, plants require the same level of care and attention regardless of where they are located. You must take the necessary precautions to ensure that your plants receive adequate water if you will be absent from your house for an extended period or if you have a habit of forgetting things. You must take the necessary precautions to ensure that your plants receive adequate water. It is a stroke of good fortune that we have been able to devise such a magnificent solution, which is the most modern watering bulbs that will be available for purchase on the market in 2022.

Watering Bulbs

Watering Bulbs

According to the instructions included with the watering bulbs, the water that is held inside of the bulbs is slowly released over a week, or another number of days that you decide, depending on how long you want the water to be released throughout. Even when you are not there to water your plants, the best watering globes will keep them well irrigated, ensuring that they remain appropriately hydrated and continue to flourish even when you are not there to water them. There is a bewildering variety of options accessible to consumers regarding the sizes, shapes, and materials that you may use to build globes and bulbs that can automatically water themselves.

The upper portion is used as a reservoir for water, while the lower portion, often referred to as the "neck," is buried in the ground so it can slowly drip water into the soil below it. The reservoir is located in the upper portion of the structure. The following is a rundown of some of the most efficient watering bulbs that will be available on the market in 2022, to make things easier for you:

How Do Watering Bulbs Work?

Aqua globes, which are often referred to as watering globes, are pieces of blown glass that are designed with the particular purpose of holding water. Most of the time, their forms are round or oval, and they can be transparent or colored. Each one has a shorter base joined to a longer stem made of glass, and the branches themselves are typically tinted. While the stalk or neck of the bulb is being planted, water will be introduced to the bulb itself, taking place during the planting process.

Watering Bulbs

Watering Bulbs

When using watering bulbs or aqua globes, there is no risk of over- or under-watering the soil because water is steadily delivered to the ground throughout the procedure. That eliminates the risk of either damaging the plant or the earth. You are free to go wherever you want without the burden of thinking about starving your plants to death over the next week or two. You have this freedom since there is no need to worry about dying your plants. Because you are not responsible for the plants, you are free to do as you please.

Most plant watering globes are made out of see-through or permeable glass, allowing you to monitor the water level from a greater distance and add more water to the container just in time before it dries out entirely. When it is filled with the nutrient-rich solution, the standard plant bulb that automatically waters the plant has a capacity of between one and two cups of water when it is at its maximum filling level. That ought to be sufficient to fulfill the average hydration demands of most houseplants.

Because succulents and other types of plants, like cacti, do not require a steady water supply, it is not recommended to use watering bulbs for these plants. Cacti and other succulents are examples of plants that fall into this category. Cactus plants, for example. This tactic is perfect for plants that thrive best in an environment in which the moisture content of the soil is held at a steady level during the entire growing season.

All in all, watering globes do work, and they remove the possibility that your plants will become scorched or that they will receive an insufficient quantity of water.

How Long Do Watering Bulbs Last?

Watering Bulbs

Watering Bulbs

In most instances, the lifespan of a water bulb of a standard size is limited to little more than two weeks at the absolute most. On the other hand, the amount of time that a watering globe will be effective varies quite a bit and is determined by various circumstances. The size of the opening in the watering bulb's neck or stem, the type of soil, the type of plant, the size of the glass bulb itself, and the design of the bulb are all aspects that come into play in this particular scenario.

The amount of water absorbed by the plant is directly related to how the globe is positioned inside the soil. The amount of water absorbed by the plant is specific to the species of plant as well as its extraordinary rate of water absorption. It is conceivable that you will need to adjust the angle at which you plant the bulb in the ground each time you remove it from the soil and replant it. That is because the angle at which you plant the bulb will determine how deeply it will grow.

As a direct result, the total amount of time the bulb is allowed to glow throughout each cycle will be subject to a degree of variation. It can become either longer or shorter depending on the location and angle at which it is put. That is because the length of it is affected by both factors. That is because it possesses a certain amount of flexibility, which explains why it works so well. The angle impacts the flow of the water; generally, the steeper the curve, the easier it is for water to flow, and the more horizontal the angle is, the more challenging it is for water to flow. If the angle is steeper, the water can flow more easily.

When compared to the lifespan of a large plant watering bulb, the lifespan of a little plant watering bulb is around seven days on average. That is the case when compared to the lifespan of a large plant watering bulb. On the other hand, the lifespan of a large one is typically calculated to be about two weeks. The type of plant growing in a region, the texture of the soil, and the size of the draining holes are the primary factors determining the rate at which water drains away from that location.

Watering Bulbs

Watering Bulbs

All plants are different. Although plant species can withstand being entirely submerged in water, there are also plant species that cannot endure even the prospect of being submerged. Therefore, if you have a delicate plant, using a watering globe will be beneficial because these globes are excellent at preserving the amount of moisture contained within your plant. In other words, if you use a watering planet, you won't need to worry about your plant drying out quickly, and your plant will be able to continue to thrive as a result.

Are Watering Bulbs Good For Plants? Are They Safe?

Plants are able to maintain their own source of liquid nourishment when self-watering bulbs are utilized. People may also refer to them as self-watering globes or bulbs for the same reason, so keep an ear out for such terms. That is due to the purpose that they fulfill in the system. They are beneficial not only to the plants but also to those in charge of caring for them. Because of this intelligent, low-cost, easy-to-implement solution, your plants will continue to receive the appropriate amount of water even when you are not around to tend to them. You only need to put it into action when you are away from your plants and there is nothing else to do.

Your houseplants will receive a suitable amount of moisture from the best watering globes for up to two weeks. When it comes to watering your plants, you have the flexibility to adjust not only the placement of the bulb but also the angle at which it is tilted to meet the individual requirements that each plant may have. If you were curious about how watering bulbs function to prevent all of the water from draining out at once, then the following explanation should answer your question.

Watering Bulbs

Watering Bulbs

Glass watering globes typically have a slender neck or stem extending from the spherical bulb's bottom. That allows the globe to be used as a watering can. Because of this, the globe can be utilized as a container for watering plants. This stem is inserted into the soil around your plant's roots, and the space it leaves behind is filled in with soil. This soil acts as a barrier to the flow of water, which slows down the rate at which the water gets to where it is going because of the slower pace at which it reaches its goal.

When utilizing these globes capable of watering themselves, the only necessary maintenance is to consistently clean and refill the bulb at the suggested intervals. That is the only requirement for upkeep.

How To Maintain a Watering Bulb

You are in for a world of trouble if you have the misconception that a watering bulb, which has one end planted in the ground, will require only a small amount of maintenance on your part to keep functioning correctly. One end of a watering bulb is always intended to be buried in the ground.

As a result of the fact that the open end of the bulb is going to be exposed to the soil and compost that is in the pot or ground, it is going to get dirty. Keeping a watering bulb clean is vital to guarantee that it will endure for a significant amount of time and successfully carry out the task for which it was designed. It is adequate to carry it out simultaneously by topping off the water supply or on occasions that alternate between the two. Either way, the timing is not critical.

Watering Bulbs

Watering Bulbs

To thoroughly clean the self-watering bulb, the only thing necessary as a cleaning agent is warm water, and all you need to do is use that. It is possible to take a pipe cleaner, apply some dishwashing liquid, and then place it inside the globe once you have finished the previous steps. You may get rid of all of the dirt that is visible on it by rubbing it in a variety of different directions. Mold and mildew have the potential to grow in virtually any container, including freezers, that contains water for an extended length of time. After removing any that you find, you should thoroughly clean the bulb with some warm water. After this step, you should turn the light back on.

Even if mold develops within the watering globe after only one usage or after the world has only been used once, you do not have to throw it away because mold can grow on various materials. It is nothing unusual, and in most cases, you may remedy it in a relatively short period. After adding some baking soda, lemon juice, and dishwasher liquid to the bulb, you should be able to get the desired outcomes if you give the bulb a good shake after making those additions. After you have completed the process of thoroughly rinsing it, there will be no suds remaining on it.

A Buyer's Guide To The Best Watering Bulbs

Before you go out and buy a watering bulb, you are strongly encouraged to give this guide a careful go-through, as it will supply you with all of the information that you require, including the following details:

1- Wyndham House Watering Globe Set – Best Overall

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Because Wyndham provides you with access to the water bulb system that is considered the most dependable in the business, you can use it effectively with nearly any kind of plant. The aesthetic of the three-piece set is at its most chic and sophisticated when it is shown off in plant pots. Each of the three watering globes is fabricated by hand out of glass, and customers can purchase them in one of three color arrangements that are certain to attract the attention of those who see them. Each of the bulbs used for watering has a length of twelve inches and a diameter of three inches. The diameter of each bulb is three inches.

In addition, Wyndham takes care of the packaging in a manner that is kind to the environment and places the glass bulbs in Styrofoam to ensure that they will not break while transported. Your plants will be able to drink water through their roots at their own pace and according to how much water they require, thanks to the worry-free irrigation system controlled and managed by the globe. Because the world can monitor and manage your plants' watering system, this will be achievable as a result.


  • A straightforward and completely hands-free method of watering houseplants and plants kept outdoors in containers.
  • It is possible to cultivate it both in the ground and in containers in addition to being able to be grown in the soil.
  • It can preserve the moisture content of the plant for an entire week.


  • Grime may accumulate at times, and the neck will become occluded when that takes place.

2- Cotswold Homeware Watering Bulb – Another Top Contender

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The utterly self-sufficient watering system is ideally suited for usage not just with plants that are maintained indoors but also with those that are kept outside, as well as with lawns and hanging plants. You may also use it to water hanging plants. It does an excellent job of preventing moisture loss, reducing the time required to water plants, and making the general care and maintenance of plants a lot easier overall. In addition, it will maintain the perfect balance in your soil, which will help you save time when you are predicting the amount of water your plant needs and the PH level in the ground surrounding it. The object has a height of roughly 11.8 inches and a diameter of around 3.34 inches. It is pretty simple to use; all you need to do is fill it with water, place it in the ground, and then leave it there so that the watering globes may water your plants while you are gone. That makes it possible for you to water your plants without being there. Every single watering planet is one of a kind and may be purchased in an extensive color palette of dazzling tones. When taken together, these elements lend an impression of refined elegance to both the interior space of your home and the garden located outside.


  • Large and convenient
  • A dazzling and lively overall appearance in its whole.
  • Simple to operate


  • Glass is a fragile material.

3- Blazin' Bison Watering Bulbs – Runner Up

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If you use these water bulbs equipped with an autonomous irrigation drip system, you won't have to worry about watering your plants or tending to them in any other way for ten days. The system will take care of both of those tasks for you. You won't have to worry about either of those obligations because the system will handle them for you. The bulb has a height of 6 inches and a diameter of 2.55 inches; it takes in water and then gradually and unconsciously expels it into the soil where the plant can use it. The diameter of the light bulb is 2.55 inches, and the bulb's height is 6 inches. Even when exposed to high humidity and direct sunlight conditions, these watering globes do not lose their ability to function correctly.

The Blazin' Bison watering globes feature a straightforward operation due to their user-friendly design, which makes it simple to comprehend how they work. Pour water into the bulb, turn it upside down so that the aperture is towards the ground, and then place it in the environment close to your plants. That will guarantee that the soil surrounding them stays moist for as long as possible. A straightforward process manages the operation of the bulb; when the soil dries out, the bulb will start to secrete water on its own, and it will stop doing so when it determines that an adequate quantity of water has been expelled.


  • Three colors are stunningly different from one another and can be used to improve your property's visual appeal and the surrounding areas.
  • The glass has been polished by hand and has a finish intended to last a significant amount of time.
  • The ideal ratios for almost every type of plant imaginable.


  • Several people have expressed their displeasure with the speed at which their globes deplete their contents.

4- Aqua Watering Bulbs – Honorable Mention

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The Aqua combination of two plant watering bulbs has a reasonable probability of becoming one of the best plant watering bulbs that you can purchase in the year 2021. This prediction is based on the likelihood that it will be one of the best. With the help of these watering globes, you may have peace of mind knowing that your plants will keep their innate ability to hydrate themselves and hold onto moisture for close to two weeks' worth of time. You won't have to stress about the condition of your plants when you go on trips or spend time away from home because you won't be responsible for taking care of them during those periods. That will free you from this responsibility.

You can even use these pots for plants suspended from the ceiling and houseplants, patio plants, and other kinds of plants. In addition to this, you can control the set with a minimum of fuss because of its user-friendly design. The procedure is exceptionally straightforward; all that is required of you is to pour water into the glass globe and then place the world on the ground in some location. After accurately calculating the quantity of moisture already present in the soil, it will then proceed to inject water into the ground in a controlled manner.


  • The hand-blown stained glass that is utilized in the creation of the watering bulbs, which are available in various colors, is done by hand.
  • Hydration is delivered in a hands-free manner for a period of up to two weeks at a time.
  • When it is completely full, it can store up to 1.5 cups of water in its reservoir.


  • That will not prevent water from evaporating in conditions with lower relative humidity.

5- Brajttt Plant Watering Bulbs – Contender

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These high-tech glass water bulbs with built-in sensors for automatic watering are among the best plant watering globes you can purchase on the market. They are one of the best plant watering globes that are presently available. The box has a total of six bulbs for you to use. Because the watering of your indoor and outdoor plants, regardless of how small or large they are, is taken care of by this package. You won't have to worry about whether or not they are getting an adequate amount of water or whether or not they are getting an excessive amount of water. These self-watering bulbs will gradually release the required amount of water into the soil at a rate proportional to the soil's current moisture level. That will allow the ground to maintain the optimal humidity level for the plant's growth. Because of this, the earth can keep the ideal amount of moisture necessary for the plant's further development.

They are really simple to fill, and they have the capacity to maintain a consistent level of humidity for your plants for approximately two weeks. If you are leaving town for a trip, whether for pleasure or business, this option will provide you with the most significant level of convenience to bring along with you. Because they are made of high-density hand-blown glass, the watering glass bulbs have a long lifespan, and that is because their production requires hand-blowing. The bulbs' aesthetic attractiveness is enhanced due to this feature. They give off the appearance of being active while still having a sophisticated air about them simultaneously.


  • It is possible to use it not only with basins but also with hanging planters, which is in addition to its compatibility with basins.
  • A glass bulb that has been hand-blown is of exceptional quality and resilience and is long-lasting and durable.


  • Because of the neck's extreme tightness, there is a buildup of congestion.

6- Altom Plant Self-Watering Bulbs – Also Consider

All your plants, whether in potted plants, hanging plants, patio plants, or garden plants, will receive the appropriate amount of water if you use the automatic plant watering bulbs that Altom offers. You may use these bulbs in a variety of settings. These bulbs will provide your plants with around two weeks' worth of water, allowing them to continue their healthy growth. During the production process, they are constructed using a PVC material that is both non-friable and breathable at the same time. This material is durable. The lamps offer an unmistakable signal of the water level, allowing you to readily determine when it is necessary to change it and saving you time in the process.

These irrigation bulbs have a neck that prevents them from becoming blocked up when pushed into the ground, and placing them is pretty simple. A lot of irrigation bulbs come in two different sizes and are, without a doubt, the best quality that can be said to be linked with these light bulbs. Both sizes are rated for other water pressures. The amount of water your plant requires and the size of the pots available are two factors that can play a role in determining which option is best for you to go with.


  • The amount of moisture currently on the ground causes an automatic change in the rate at which water drips down, so the earth receives the optimal amount of moisture.
  • Because of the durability of their construction, high-quality bulbs won't shatter even if they are dropped on the floor.
  • A flip mechanism that is simple and easy in terms of its loading requirements.


  • Many customers were dissatisfied with how you drained the water from their spaces.


Watering Bulbs

Watering Bulbs

Plant owners are allowed to be human, enjoy their life without the constant guilt or anxiety of leaving their plants, and have room for error when caring for their plants because bulbs can forget to be watered. These opportunities allow plant owners to be human, to enjoy their life without the constant guilt or anxiety of leaving their plants. If you are going to be away from your plants for a considerable amount of time, using self-watering globes is a fantastic way to ensure that the soil will maintain the appropriate level of moisture. Because of this, it is a good idea to use self-watering globes if you are going to be out of your plants for a significant amount of time.

On the other hand, Watering bulbs is strongly encouraged that you assume full responsibility for caring for your plants and make the necessary efforts to do so on your own. To do so, you will need to put in the necessary action, and they still require our complete and undivided attention at all times and close supervision. Make it a habit to clean the watering bulb regularly, and educate yourself on the appropriate insertion angle for the variety of plants and soil you work with. That will guarantee that your plants get the ideal water for their particular needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use watering bulbs for outdoor plants?

Yes, you can. Because being exposed to sunlight causes plants to drink more water than when cultivated indoors, you will need to refill the bulb with water more frequently to accommodate the increased demand. Despite this, water bulbs are not a good option for succulents and should be avoided at all costs.

What are the benefits of watering bulbs?

If you are the type of plant owner who is prone to forgetting to water their plants or if you are just a generally busy person, you require a watering bulb to avoid your greens from going bad. That is because forgetting to water your plants can cause plant death. It is the most effective strategy for ensuring that your plants can keep themselves hydrated at healthy levels on their own and is, therefore, the one you should use. There is no need to worry about overwatering or underwatering the plants because either situation is entirely unnecessary.

Can you use a self-watering bulb without a special pot?

No. Because they water your plants in the same manner you would go by hand; you won't need to use a specific container for them because there is no difference in how the two methods work.

Which watering bulb is best for plants?

A plant needs a watering globe with a stem hole that is neither overly narrow nor overly broad, is constructed of a material that is simple to clean, and has a large enough world to hold a sufficient quantity of water. That is the ideal watering globe for plants.