Wall Planter Ideas: The Following Are 45 Creative DIY Ideas That You Should Try

Wall Planter Ideas

Emma Downey

Emma Downey
Gardening Expert

Updated on 12/4/2022

Best Wall planters are equally at home in traditional and contemporary settings, and you have undoubtedly come across them adorning the walls of historic homes located in the countryside. On the other hand, they are also turning into the best friend of the modern gardener.

They can transform the look of your walls into a work of green art without taking up any of your valuable floor space. In addition to being a house, your home also serves as an art gallery. To top it all off, to get started with gardening in a wall planter, you don't even need to have a mainly green thumb (or a spacious backyard). You can do it without any special equipment. Planters of this type can be used in various ways, come in multiple forms and colors, and are presented to you in a user-friendly, inexpensive, and endearing way. You can choose to ignore them or continue reading.

Why Should One Utilize A Wall Planter


You will be able to free up a significant amount of floor space by using a wall planter. These are excellent options if you are interested in gardening and living in an apartment. Additionally, you can grow anything in them, from succulents to salad greens and everything in between. Your area will look (and smell) like a meadow if you plant seasonal flowers and herbs and grow them there. A dash of color can also liven up a wall lacking in inspiration. Additionally, there are many options to choose from, and which one you choose will depend on the size of your wall and your preferences.

Finally, but certainly not least, you can bring your small wall planters indoor, where they will improve the air quality and help you get a more restful night's sleep. And finally, we don't see any reason why you shouldn't give them access to your time and wall, and we don't see any problems with that. They are beyond your wildest expectations in every possible way.

Ideas For Wall Planters That Are Sure To Inspire You


Now, let's look at some of our most beloved wall planters. Many different things can serve as sources of inspiration for your walls, including wooden and metal pots, planters made from pallets, and brackets. If you'd instead make something by hand, we even have a straightforward do-it-yourself wall planter that comes together in about an hour. Take a look.

Planter For An Outdoor Wall

Outdoor Wall Planter

Outdoor wall planters are an excellent way to bring some greenery into your space, especially if you live in an apartment. People with the limited living area are especially likely to benefit from this. You can make an empty, unattractive wall look more colorful and blooming by hanging your outdoor planters on the wall in question. You could use traditional wooden planters like the ones shown in the previous example.

Planter For An Interior Wall

Planter For An Interior Wall

Your living room can benefit from just the right amount of greenery with the addition of an indoor wall planter, which does not take up much space. When it comes to choosing farmers, wood is always a reliable option. All you need to fashion your wooden planters are a few wood plants and some creativity.

Wall Hanging Planters

Wall Hanging Planters

Wall hanging planters outdoor plants that trail down the sides of their containers, such as donkey's tail, spider plant, golden pothos, and common ivy, thrive in hanging planters. These plants will have a low amount of upkeep and will give the appearance of a beautiful green waterfall. Additionally, wall hanging planters are a great way to spruce up almost any wall in your home, patio, or wall hanging plants outdoor and wall hanging planters indoor

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Vertical Planter

Vertical Planter

You can save space with vertical planters, which are aesthetically pleasing and straightforward. What else could you possibly want in a vertical garden? Could you maybe use the correct containers? Choosing a planter made of lightweight and durable plastic is the best option when working with vertical space.

Planter That Mounts On The Wall

Wall Mounter Planter

Put some personality into a plain wall by mounting adorable little pots. You can choose to go with pools that come in various pastel shades for a splash of color here and there. Grow whatever plants you like as long as you provide them with sunlight and water. Your wall will morph into a stunning living work of art over time.

Planter For Living Walls

Living Wall Planter

You can create an impressive display by having a multitude of plants growing out of the walls of your home. Yet what would the process look like? You can begin by installing a metal mount on your wall and then hanging planters in it. It is possible. You should cultivate ornamental plants with leaves of varying shades and shapes, and you should be fine.

Succulent Wall Planter

Succulent Wall Planter

Succulents on a wall can create a living work of art. They are admired not only for their good looks but also for their resiliency. Cultivate succulents in various colors, ranging from dark green to rusty red. Your wall will have a lovely texture and depth due to their addiction.

Planter Shelving For The Wall

Wall Planter Shelf

Are you looking for something straightforward that will take up less room for your plants? The good news is that you can satisfy both of these requirements with the design of a planter shelf. Here's a beautiful example. You can finish it off with a nice touch by covering the soil with pebbles or light gravel, adding cacti or other ornamental plants, and protecting those with stone.

Planters For The Walls

 Wall Planter Pots

Wall planter pots are the ideal solution for any situation in which you want to add some greenery to an existing wall, whether that wall is on a balcony or in a garden. Several sizes and designs are available. In addition to this, you are free to mount them in any location you choose.

Planter For The Wall Of Flowers

Wall Flower Planter

Consider using daisies, geraniums, petunias, and pansies to paint your walls in soft summer colors. Isn't it simply lovely? Therefore, why not designate a spot for at least one or two wall flower planters in your home? They will instantly lift the atmosphere in your home and improve your disposition.

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Planter Made Of Wall Blocks

Wall Block Planter

With their angular lines and geometrical forms, block planters are an excellent choice for contemporary interior design. In them, you could grow various plants, including succulents, air plants, and green leafy vegetables. If you creatively arrange your wall planters, they look lovely when placed in an outdoor environment.

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Garden Wall Planters

Garden Wall Planters

Are there dull walls in your garden that you are unsure how to make more interesting? Create something floral to go along with the rest of the flowers in your garden. To ensure that the vibrant plants you cultivate in the planters get the attention they deserve, you might want to keep the wall painted a subdued color.

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Planters For Metal Walls

Metal Wall Planters

Putting your plants inside metal planters will help them to stand out more. In addition to that, your space will get an antique look and feel from these planters. In addition, compared to planters made of wood or plastic, their durability and longevity are significantly improved.

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DIY Wall Planter

DIY Wall Planter

After you have grown your plants in the containers of your choice using potting soil, you can mount them on the wall by directly screwing them in or suspending them using a rope using whichever method you prefer.

Hook For Mounting On The Wall

Wall Planter Hook

Grow petunias, pansies, and daisies in your vertical garden to make the most of your available space. Hooks for planters should be used on the wall rather than simply nailing regular farmers to the wall. There are many themes available to you, such as ring hooks, wall mount hooks, basket brackets, etc. Pick the one that complements the look and feel of your home the best.

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Planters For The Wall Made Of Ceramic

Ceramic Wall Planters

A straightforward ceramic planter, which works equally well indoors and out, is a foolproof method for giving any space an exciting new vibe. Choose a traditional farmer made of cream-colored ceramic. You could also go for vivid ones and come in various exciting designs. You can nail or use string to suspend them from your wall space.

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Planter That Is Mounted On The Wall

Wall Mounted Plant Holder

Planters mounted on the wall will lend a sophisticated air to the area you have vertically available. In addition, they are an excellent choice for use if you want to create a pretty setting for some of your favorite plants. Be sure, however, that the plant holders you pick are compatible with the rest of the furniture and decor in your space.

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Planter For The Green Wall

Green Wall Planter

Why limit yourself to using paintings and photographs to decorate your walls? Utilizing wall planters allows you to exhibit your newly propagated plant offspring elegantly. There is a lot of space filled with rectangular wooden planters without requiring a significant financial investment.

Herb Wall Planter

Herb Wall Planter

Not the most talented gardener, are you? No problem! Your planters are the perfect place to cultivate low-maintenance herbs like thyme, basil, rosemary, and dill. If you give them enough water at the appropriate times, you will soon have a beautiful assortment of herbs that you can use in your cooking. In addition to that, they have a pleasant aroma that will revive you.

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Ikea's Planter For The Wall

Ikea Wall Planter

Are you interested in vertical gardening using planters, creating a hanging garden on a wall, or hanging your plants from a windowpane? You are likely to discover the ideal planter at the Ikea store in your area. Ikea wall planters are versatile enough to be used indoors or outdoors and perfect for cultivating seasonal flowers, herbs, and even vegetables.

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Wall Planter Basket

Wall Planter Basket

You cannot go wrong with hanging a basket planter on the wall because it has a classic appearance. The most beautiful plants for wicker baskets are trailing pansies, dwarf lavender, and moss rose. Plant flowers in your baskets and use them to decorate the walls of your empty rooms to put on a spectacular floral display.

Wooden Wall Planter

Wooden Wall Planter

Using wooden planters is an excellent way to exhibit your foliage and flowers. They have a refined appearance and are adaptable to almost any indoor environment. Also, their durability is second to none. You can conceal empty wall space with wooden planters by mounting them on the wall. You could also paint them a color that complements the furniture and the rest of the decor in your home.

Wall Pocket Planter

Wall Pocket Planter

As their name implies, pocket planters are a type of planter containing pockets suitable for gardening. But what kinds of things can you cultivate in them? To put it simply, almost everything. Begin by growing some simple herbs, and once you've gotten the hang of that, move on to flowering plants like petunias and pansies. Additionally, if you believe that you are prepared, you can cultivate lettuce, salad leaves, tomatoes, and strawberries inside them.

Planter For The Wall Box

planter box

Planter boxes are available in various sizes to accommodate a wide variety of wall types, including those that are narrow. You can select either a traditional wooden box or a modern ceramic planter to hold your flowers. You can create a container for herbs, a box for succulents, or a hamper of trailers and ramblers with the help of a planter box.

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Planter For The Galvanized Wall

Galvanized Wall Planter

Why do you recommend using galvanized planters? First of all, they won't rust, and two, they have an antique appearance. And finally, they are the ideal way to inject some contrast into the environment you have created. You can go with the traditional bucket-shaped planters that have the appearance of a wall bouquet. You can also choose a chic look by selecting farmers with straight, clean lines.

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Planter Made From A Pallet Wall

Pallet Wall Planter

On the lookout for something that won't break the bank but will be kind to the environment? Make planters out of recycled wood pallets. You can mount them by nailing them directly onto your wall, but a metal chain will provide a much more secure mounting option. A pallet planter is suitable for cultivating various plants, including flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

Planters Made Of Plastic For Walls

Plastic Wall Planters

When it comes to selecting plastic planters for your walls, you have a wide variety of options. Plastic planters come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from plain buckets to tiered vases and designer pots. You could also use plastic bottles that have been cut in half, just like the clever example that I gave earlier.

Modern Wall Planter

 Modern Wall Planter

Geometric and streamlined plants look modern on a wall display. A variety of shapes are available, such as square, hexagonal, conical, and rectangular. Plant leafy greens instead of flowers. Mount your planters in threes or fives for a more finished and contemporary appearance.

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Terracotta Wall Planters

Terracotta Wall Planters

Terracotta planters that are whimsical and cute can add personality to any wall in your room. Plants will need less water while housed in these terracotta planters because the material absorbs moisture. You can also cultivate fake trailing plants inside of them, even if the interior of your home doesn't get enough sunlight.

Planter For The White Wall

White Wall Planter

As far as indoor furniture, decor, and planters are concerned, white has replaced black as the color of choice. In addition, white is neutral and goes well with any interior or exterior design scheme. Look for plants like pothos, peace lilies, and spider plants to add to your garden so you can enjoy your garden while also cleaning the air.

Planter For The Black Wall

Black Wall Planter

To highlight the planters and draw attention to them, hang them on a wall that is a neutral color. These planters are ideal for cultivating a few houseplants to fashion your very own vertical garden or living wall. Your room will have a more contemporary feel whether you align them flush against one another or stagger them.

Planter With A Half-Round Wall

Half Round Wall Planter

Half-round wall planters are a great way to bring life and color to your walls. They are simple in design, not overly heavy, and straightforward to hang. The planter frames come in the form of a circular structure with openings for soil placement. If you add a little moss and a few pebbles to the mix, succulents will look great growing in them.

Planter For Wall Sconces

Wall Sconce Planter

Sconce planters that have been handmade can make for striking wall pockets that are perfect for growing plants. Installing them on walls is as easy as filling them with soil and getting started with your planting. Even though you are free to plant whatever you like in your sconce planters, the most visually appealing plants to have in them are trailers and ramblers.

Planter For The Geometric Wall

Geometric Wall Planter

Planters with geometric shapes are an intriguing option that undeniably lends contemporary air to whatever space they adorn. White geometric planters sure look elegant. However, don't overlook the possibility of adding some eccentricity to the area by using planters of varying patterns and neon colors.

Bracket For Mounting On The Wall

Wall Planter Bracket

To hang your pots, baskets, and containers, you can use planter brackets made of metal or wood. Styles range from traditional to contemporary to streamlined styles. Shelves and hooks are an excellent way to conserve floor space and produce visually appealing vertical horticulture.

Planter For Wall Troughs

Wall Trough Planter

Trough planters are not only creative but also low-cost and long-lasting. Metal is an intriguing material for something like this, and you can consider it finished after you have planted some fresh herbs and vegetables in the soil you have prepared for your kitchen garden.

Glass Wall Planters

Glass Wall Planters

Planters made of glass have an elegant and refined appearance, and they are ideal for displaying air and water plants and the intricate root systems that they have. Working with glass containers can be challenging at times. Therefore, check that the planters attached to the wall are secure. It is also possible to err on the side of caution and put them on the shelves.

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Wall Planters That Water Themselves

Self Watering Wall Planters

For gardener who is prone to forgetting to water themselves, self-watering planters are a godsend. You can adorn your walls with greenery without worrying about providing them with water or maintaining them. They come equipped with a water reservoir at the base to keep the soil moist for several weeks.

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Planter For The Gold Wall

Gold Wall Planter

This gilded planter is proof that investing in some gold decor is not a decision you will come to regret. Gold is a timeless and elegant metal. In addition, gold planters will highlight the beauty of the plants they contain. You can give your wall that undeniable "wow" factor by adding some gold farmers to it in the shape of simple round or rectangular planters.

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Planter For The Hexagonal Wall

Hexagon Wall Planter

They are trendy, up-to-date, and unconventional. Your office, kitchen, or living room should have a wall displaying hexagonal planters. You won't need any other wall decor if you fill them with succulents, air plants, or cacti and then plant them in them.

Planter For Rock Walls

Rock Wall Planter

Have you ever thought about mounting a rock planter on one of your walls? If you haven't seen it already, take a look at this illustration. Rock planters are the latest and greatest trend in the world of gardening. They have an appearance that is both contemporary and natural, and most of the time, they come with a hook that is already built-in, which gives the impression that the flower pot is floating.

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Planter With An Iron Wall

Iron Wall Planter

Iron is a material that is long-lasting and looks very fashionable. And iron planters are a step above the rest because they can take a drab wall and make it look fantastic in a matter of minutes. Mounting iron planters on an exterior wall or fence can help create the atmosphere of a tropical setting while also serving as a decorative element for an entryway.

Wall Planters That Are Decorative

Decorative Wall Planters

Planters in the form of birds, animals, or even the heads of Greek gods and goddesses are an elegant way to infuse your space with a touch of understated artistic style. You don't require anything else now that these ornamental planters are enhancing the appearance of your area.

Wall Planter Made Of Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron Wall Planter

Planters made of wrought iron are a fantastic alternative to the plastic and terracotta planters typically used. A variety of styles and designs are available, giving you an abundance of options. These planters are ideal for trailing and winding plants in addition to traditional succulents and seasonal flowers.

Large Wall Planter

Large Wall Planter

Large planters work both indoors and outdoors. When you use them, it is possible to cultivate multiple plants in a single farmer. You could also use them to cover an entire façade. You will be able to choose a few different plants without worrying about where you will eventually plant them. Large planters and equal heavy farmers will put a significant amount of pressure on your wall. Check that your fence is strong enough to support the weight of the shelves.

Wall Planter Edition: Going For The Environment

Being environmentally friendly can be achieved in several ways. One option is to stop using plastics designed for one-time use, and another is to decorate your walls with live plants. Wall planters will help you add just the right amount of greenery to your space, lift your spirits and alleviate headaches and fatigue, all at the same time. The only maintenance your plants will require from you will be occasional watering and trimming of their branches.

Planters are an excellent choice for gardeners with limited space and apartment dwellers because of their adaptability, and they don't require a lot of room or time to store. In addition to this, you can cultivate flowering plants, herbs, and even vegetables in them.

Wall Planter im

In conclusion, putting paintings and photographs on your walls is cool, but it's time to start hanging some plants instead. Have you had the opportunity to decorate your walls with live plants? Please share with us the types of artwork featured on your walls.

In addition, if you have any inquiries regarding planters, please ask us in the comments section below.

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