The Best Vertical Gardening Systems That Will Amaze You

vertical gardening systems

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Updated on 10/4/2022

Vertical gardening Systems are a unique approach to utilizing your yard's vertical space. We've compiled a list of the top vertical gardening ideas we've come across in this post. When you're ready, go! Vertical gardens take up less room than formal gardens and are easier to harvest and maintain.

Vertical gardening is not a new concept. Frequently showed Hanging gardens in Babylonian towers throughout ancient times.

Can use Vertical flower beds or hanging containers to exhibit flowers on walls or fences. Trellises are also a terrific addition to your vertical garden if you're growing ivy or other climbing plants.

mini vertical garden

To cultivate a healthy vertical garden, ensure your plants are easily accessible. You'll also need strong support and a wall with plenty of natural light.

Once you've ticked off all those boxes, buckle in and prepare to have a great day!

Plants To Use In Vertical Gardens

The plants you choose to grow in your vertical garden are among the most significant components. The plant you use will depend on what you're attempting to achieve and the climate in your area.

Do you want to develop an edible garden, or are you more concerned about beauty? Is the location where you're growing exposed to a lot of light, or is it shaded?

Beauty and location factors should be considered and will influence your selected plants. With that in mind, here are a few of the most popular vertical garden plants.

Edible Plants

Vertical gardens with edible plants like basil and parsley are a terrific option. Edible Plants are ideal for planting in a small place because they don't take up much room.

Edible Plants

They grow swiftly and don't require much maintenance in general. At Planted Well, we adore edible vertical gardens because they are functional and attractive.


Ferns are an excellent choice if you're searching for a show-stopping vertical garden. The ferns' leaves droop over the vertical frame's borders in a vertical garden layout, creating a lush, forest-like impression.

vertical garden beds with ferns

Ferns are a great choice to brighten up the appearance of a wall, and you may even use them to divide spaces in your backyard. We can't recommend ferns enough if you want to turn your backyard into a flora paradise.


So you want to establish a vertical garden but lack a green thumb (yet)? We understand that killing the plants you worked so hard to plant and care for is never fun.

Succulents have arrived. Succulents are an excellent choice for gardeners of all levels of expertise.

vertical succulent plants garden

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Succulents are desert plants, so if you neglect to water them for a few days, they will not suffer. Some succulents come in a wide range of hues, allowing you to mix and match.

Unique Vertical Gardening Ideas 

Are you prepared to begin your very own vertical garden? We'd love to share some creative ideas if that's the case. As you can see, there are many choices available to you! Let's see them right now.

Tower Of The Garden

Because of Tower Of The Garden's many characteristics, the Garden Tower is the best performing vertical gardening system.

1. Tower Of The Garden

Only four square feet are required, and you can already grow up to 50 different plant species.

Hydroponic Vertical Gardening

Hydroponics is a low-energy method of growing plants vertically while accelerating their growth.

2. Hydroponic Vertical Gardening

 may readily rotate A vertical gardening hydroponic system for convenient access and sunshine. You can also use Kitchen leftovers to generate organic fertilizer.

Terra Cotta Vertical Garden Peeking

Terra Cotta Vertical Garden Peeking is simple to use, suitable for seniors, and can help you save water; it's essentially the ideal rooftop and porch farm.

3. Terra Cotta Vertical Garden Peeking

Whether a novice or a seasoned gardener, you may rely on the Terra Cotta technique for vertical gardening. Select a high-quality planter, such as Terra Cotta's best-selling model.

The Gutter Garden

Another intriguing type of vertical gardening is the gutter garden, and it's an excellent method to repurpose your old gutters.

4. The Gutter Garden

Check out our rainwater gathering guide and our article on using rain gutters to recycle water while you're at it.

Space Saver: Vertical Vegetable Garden

Space Saver's tiered technique for vertical gardening resembles a window box and can be readily altered to any space, whether a small nook or a large room.

Space Saver-Vertical Vegetable Garden

When installing gutters, ensure enough space between them to allow sunlight to reach the plants.

Gutter Vegetable Garden

Gutters once more! However, the Gutter Vegetable Garden option requires a little more room than the others we've discussed thus far.

Gutter Vegetable Garden

Gutters with holes at the bottom are essential for proper drainage, which can aid in preventing water clogging.

Upcycled Pallet Hanging Garden

The most basic kind of vertical gardening is hanging pots. You only need a few containers or pots, fill them with soil and poke a few holes at the bottom.

Upcycled Pallet Hanging Garden

Place the pots against a sunny wall. For further stability, consider installing a fence or a pallet.

Garden With Hanging Grids

Here's another method of hanging plants that look great while remaining subtle.

Garden with Hanging Grids

Amazing Creation Stackable Planter, Vertical Garden Pots
Easy to assemble
Value for money

It is critical to have appropriate support when developing your vertical garden so that a Garden With Hanging Grids can resist adverse weather conditions.

Garden Of Vertical Bottles

Make a vertical garden out of someone else's waste. Fill empty plastic soda bottles with dirt and hang them on the wall. You may create a herb garden this way.

Garden of Vertical Bottles

Keep in mind that because the plants are in a small container, they will not all grow to their maximum potential in this arrangement.

Vegetable Garden On Stairs

Vegetable Garden On Stairs vertical garden is designed in a minimalist manner and is suitable for any location. You can cultivate any plant, including herbs, flowers, and veggies.

10. Vegetable Garden On Stairs

Cedar boxes can be constructed to fit a specific wall or fence. You can also select from various wood varieties and ensure they are resistant.

Garden With Hanging Baskets

Why not use any unwanted things in your home, like baskets, for your DIY vertical garden?

11. Garden With Hanging Baskets

Purchase some herbs and bright flowers and have fun crafting them!

Traditional Hanging Planters

You can conserve space while creating an explosion of color with hanging pots. As an example, consider the following.

It's a simple and clever method to exhibit annual flowers on your front porch.

Holder For Trellis Planters

Do you want to make your dull window more interesting? If that's the case, attach some planters and a trellis.

13. Holder For Trellis Planters

Trellis Planters are perfect if your youngster enjoys plucking the leaves of your plants for no reason.

Planter Pallet

A planter Pallet is a low-cost method of constructing a vertical garden, and Pallets come in handy in the garden. You can make seats, planters, pot holders, raised beds, and more out of them.

Planter Pallet

You may cultivate various plants, including herbs, ornamentals, and succulents, even if you only have a tiny space.

Succulent Gardens Photo Frame

Have an old fence that you don't want to paint or replace? Make a succulent garden in a photo frame, like this one.


Repurpose outdated picture frames and fill them with vibrant succulents. If you don't have any old structures, you may easily create one out of wood.

Edible Checkerboard Garden

You may make an immediate vertical garden by stacking several boxes. Even if you live in a densely populated area, you can still have your edible garden.

Edible Checkerboard Garden

You may make Edible Checkerboard Garden as tall or as long as you desire. However, make sure the plants have adequate ventilation.

Vertical Pipe Garden

Pipes, like gutters, can be used to grow vegetables. Punch a few holes in the bottom for adequate drainage.

Pipes for Vertical Vegetable Gardening

Modern pipes are lighter than older ones and can easily be hung from a fence, as shown above. Older lines are more challenging to work with.

Lettuce Garden Made With PVC Pipes

If you wish to replace your old rooftop gutters, keep them since you can use them to grow vegetables. Consider anything along these lines.

Lettuce Garden Made with PVC Pipes

Because lettuce has small roots, it is ideal for gutters, pipelines, and even bottles.

Coconut Shell Planters On The Wall

Plants can also be grown in coconut shells and empty bottles. Coconut Shell can be hung anywhere that receives direct sunshine.

Coconut Shell Vertical Gardening

Coconut Shell is an excellent option for small indoor gardens, and it's also one of the most eco-friendly options on our list. It's fantastic!

Flower Garden Ascending Pyramid

For tiny plants and flowers, a pyramid garden is ideal. Flower Garden appears to be quite fantastic, at least to our eyes.

Pyramid of Vertical Gardening

You may make Flower Garden Ascending Pyramid out of wood and adjust the size to fit your area and the plants you wish to grow.

Shoe Garden With Privacy Fence

Even if you have a tiny place, you can develop a garden and grow healthy plants, as we keep saying. Look at their containers for proof that these blooms aren't the only ones with vibrant colors.

21. Shoe Garden With Privacy Fence

When it comes to vertical gardening, you can be as creative as you want and utilize anything on hand.

Wall-Mounted Veggie Garden

If you want something more elegant, consider another vertical gardening idea.

Wall-Mounted Veggie Garden

Remember that a vertical garden has aesthetic value, and you may use it to improve any portion of your backyard or garden.

Hanging Pallet Garden In Bright Colors

Many people utilize wood pallets for their DIY projects since they are convenient and straightforward to adapt.

23. Hanging Pallet Garden In Bright Colors

Wood pallets may be used for various projects, like these colorful planters.

Gardening In Vertical Containers

You can cultivate various plants or a specialized set of plants for your vertical garden. There are many options, from herbs and vegetables to succulents.

Gardening in Vertical Containers

You may bundle them all together in containers, as shown, to form a privacy wall!

Gardening Systems For Vertical Vegetables

Any terrace or patio can benefit from the addition of vertical gardens. For your garden, you can choose either native or exotic plants.

Gardening Systems for Vertical Vegetables

However, as seen in the example above, you can keep things simple. Starting small is a fantastic idea if you're new to vertical gardening.

Mini Gutters With Strawberries

Healthy strawberries can be grown in shallow containers and do not require a deep container.

Mini Gutters with Strawberries

You can cultivate fresh strawberries in your garden by using gutter planters.

Terracotta Planters On Walls

Make a bare wall more inviting by adding bright flowers. The contrast between the flowers and the wall can be spectacular. Here's an illustration of what we're talking about.

Terracotta Planters on Walls

You can add even more variety by using different colors or sizes of pots. Be inventive!

Vertical Cloth Garden In Bright Colors

Do you have any old dresses or pants that you don't intend to wear again? Do you remember something your ex gave you?

As shown in the image, why not use them as pots for a vertical garden hanging from the ceiling? It's ideal for herbs and other lightweight plants.

vertical garden planters made of multicolored cloth

While using waterproof cloth may be tempting, utilizing materials that allow any surplus water to drip is preferable. Also, make sure your vertical cloth garden is out of the way of severe gusts.

Vertical Black Plastic Garden

Plastic containers are inexpensive and easy to come by, and you may arrange them in a vertical garden on your balcony, like in the image below.

vertical planters made of black plastic

Black is a safe choice for all settings and makes a good contrast with the foliage of the plants when it comes to container color. However, if you want to experiment with different hues, go ahead!

Vertical Garden In Front Of Tiny House

The vertical garden in front of this tiny house is one of our favorites, and it can add an interesting touch to an otherwise unattractive facade. The fading red wall serves as the ideal backdrop for the three-dimensional containers.

30. Vertical Garden In Front Of Tiny House

You can always customize Vertical Garden In Front Of Tiny House for your outbuildings, and you might, for example, scale down the layout for your shed, garage, or outhouse. There are so many possibilities!

Vertical Wooden Garden

Adding a brick wall to a wooden frame to showcase your vertical garden offers a stunning interplay of textures and hues, as shown in the image below.

vertical wooden garden

Vertical gardening ideas that include wood are ageless and, in our opinion, well worth the work and money. If you want to duplicate the above example, ensure the dividing frame gives the plants enough support so they don't topple over.

Vertical Apartment Planter (DIY)

Don't you have a lot of room? No worries. You may use Vertical Apartment Planter's clever vertical gardening idea to grow herbs, cherry tomatoes, and other plants. You'll need some sturdy plant supports and a brightly lit window.

vertical plants for the apartment

Aluminum pots are used in the Vertical Apartment Planter example, but you can experiment with different types of plant pots. For obvious reasons, make sure you buy lightweight ones.

Vertical Garden Of Bok Choy

Have you ever attempted to grow Chinese cabbage? You can start immediately with the Vertical Garden Of Bok Choy vertical gardening idea. A grow bag or equivalent container made from old sackcloth is required.

33. Vertical Garden Of Bok Choy

Notice how the side holes in the image above allow the plants to grow out of their container. It helps them to get the necessary sunlight while conserving space. Isn't that clever?

Vertical Garden In Galvanized Steel With Pot Inserts

Galvanized steel can be your friend in vertical gardening, especially if you want to create a garden that runs over a long wall like in Galvanized Steel example.

bokchoy vertical garden

For Galvanized Steel project, you may need to enlist the assistance of someone skilled in using a weapon to help you prepare the steel frame support for the pots. We believe it is worth the effort because the frame will survive the plants for decades!

Vertical Aquaponic PVC Pipe Garden

Vertical gardening and aquaponics work well together. As seen in the image below, using aquaponic PVC pipes to support your plant pots is one of the simplest methods to combine the two.

vertical hydroponic PVC pipes garden

The roots of the plants receive the nutrients they require in a system that circulates water continually. Plant growth is accelerated, and yields are increased. Another advantage is resource efficiency.

Vertical Garden On A Minimalist Indoor Wall

A vertical wall garden in your kitchen and dining area may completely remodel the room that sees the most traffic in your home. Here's a great example of what we're talking about.

Vertical Garden On A Minimalist Indoor Wall

The foliage contrasts beautifully with the white wall. Note how the various plants are layered to provide texture and a unique vibe to the wall.

Outdoor Full Wall House Vertical Garden

As shown in the image below, you can go big on vertical gardening if you're building a new house. Evergreens or other climate-adapted plants can be used to cover a whole wall.

outside vertical garden entire wall tiny house

The most crucial aspect of Outdoor Full Wall design is to guarantee that the watering system accomplishes its work without spilling water inside the house or on other surfaces, causing unwanted damage.

Succulent Vertical Garden On The Front Door

Consider the impact a vertical wall of succulents and other plants will have on your visitors. They wouldn't mind if you kept them waiting at the entrance for hours!

 Succulent Vertical Garden On The Front Door

We recommend choosing plants for the Succulent Vertical Garden vertical gardening idea based on how much direct light is available. Succulents are a safe bet because they thrive in the sun, and this configuration may provide too much light for other plants.

Vertical Solar Aquaponic Garden

Aquaponics was already mentioned. The vertical Solar Aquaponic Garden futuristic concept uses solar panels to power the water flow, resulting in an autonomous system.

vertical solar aquaponic garden

Although the Vertical Solar Aquaponic Garden example is too large and experimental for most houses, you can alter its main concepts to fit your needs. You can use smaller panels and a smaller water container.

Vertical Gardening's Benefits

No matter where you live, you may take advantage of the fantastic benefits of vertical gardening, including hydroponics and aquaponics. Here are several compelling reasons to do so.

Vertical gardens are ideal for tiny areas

  1. Vertical gardens can help you make the most of a small yard. You can utilize a variety of approaches, such as stacking raised beds.
  2. Can use Vertical gardening to hide unsightly vistas. It can also provide you with extra privacy, particularly from nosy neighbors.
  3. It can aid in the health of your plants by increasing air circulation. Because the plants will be simpler to reach, they will be easier to water, fertilize, and harvest. Back discomfort is no longer an issue!
  4. It has the potential to make your outdoor space stand out. Window boxes and hanging baskets can help your property look more appealing.
  5. You can get more benefits. In your vertical garden, you can also expand the number of plants you can grow. Some veggies can be grown on a trellis, which takes up very little space.
  6. It benefits your health. Plants have been shown in tests to enhance indoor and outdoor air quality significantly. There are also health advantages to gardening.
  7. Vertical gardens are simple to set up. To make one, you don't need to be an expert gardener.

Questions And Answers About Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening can be both relaxing and entertaining. It is well-liked by many individuals.

solar vertical garden modern

Considering Vertical Gardening, consider the following questions and answers that individuals interested in vertical gardening frequently ask before getting started.

Creating A Vertical Garden Will Change Your Life

Vertical gardening isn't just a simple way to get started in gardening; it's also a way to relax and add quiet to your life. Also, you can grow your favorite crops and plants!

All you need are some containers and a few essential tools to make your vertical garden. The possibilities are endless with recycled soda bottles, pallets, pouches, and so on.

a low-cost vertical garden

Vertical gardens require less maintenance than traditional gardens and don't require much investment. What do you have to lose?

We hope you find our suggestions helpful. Before we begin, tell us about your favorite vertical gardening system or design. Feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email to introduce yourself! It would be a pleasure to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Vertical Gardening?

Vertical gardening is exactly what its name implies. Rather than working with a flat ground flower bed, your garden would be made up of vertical installments. For example, you may utilize a hanging planter or an old pallet to complete your desired design. For ideas on how to get started, check out our vertical gardening inspiration guide.

Is It Difficult To Grow A Vertical Garden?

Most of the fundamental gardening concepts apply to both vertical and traditional gardening, so there shouldn't be much of a learning curve if you already have a green thumb. You should, however, remember to water your plants more often. A vertical garden will dry out faster than a typical flower garden since there is less soil in it than in the ground.

Which Plants Make the Best Vertical Gardens?

Numerous plants can be used for vertical gardening, and the selection is entirely up to you. Basil and cilantro are excellent choices for beginning a herb garden. Consider ferns or succulents if you want to make a large statement.