Types And Amazing Ideas For Landscaping Rocks


Emma Downey

Emma Downey
Gardening Expert

Updated on 12/4/2022

Why are rocks used in landscaping? They are available in various forms and dimensions, and each one brings its unique quality to the garden. You are free to use them in any combination that strikes your fancy, or you can opt to maintain a more traditional appearance. You won't have any trouble incorporating them into the design of your garden, regardless of how much space you have available or how little greenery you already have.

Explore with us now some ideas for using rocks and craft stones in landscaping and the various kinds of stones you can use and flat rocks for crafts.

Since the beginning of time, people have used rocks as decorative elements in their homes.

We use landscaping rocks to make our yards look nice, just like the troglodytes did when they carved pictures into them, the ancient Europeans did when they built monuments out of them (think of Stonehenge), and even today.


Rocks can be used in various ways, and they give a yard both texture and contrast without the need for ongoing maintenance or recurring costs.

But because there are so many different kinds of rocks, the possibilities for your design are practically endless. The problem is that infinite means are incredibly overwhelming.

To save you some time and provide you with some helpful information, we will now discuss the most modern approaches to incorporating rocks and stones into your landscaping design. Let's not waste any time and dive right in!

How To Determine Which Rocks Are Best For Your Garden

Stones are a fantastic element to incorporate into your new landscape design if you want to give your outdoor area a one-of-a-kind look and feel.

You can put them to work for you in various ways, including embellishing a fountain, constructing a path, or covering a wall with them. The opportunities are truly limitless!

It is essential to carefully choose rocks for your landscaping because they will set the tone for the rest of your yard or garden.

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Ask yourself the following question before you rush out to buy the first pretty stones you see to avoid wasting your money:

How Do I Want people To Feel When They Enter My Space?

Your response will assist you in determining the rock shape, color, and texture that you want to go with. It will also save you a significant amount of time.






Other helpful hints to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Do you want your garden to have more of a welcoming feel? Use rocks from a river or pebbles from the beach.
  • Do you want to bring some light into the shaded part of your yard? You might want to use white marbles.
  • Terracotta stones are an excellent choice in a tropical landscape, but they might not be the best choice for a more formal garden.
  • A contemporary garden may benefit from the addition of dark lava rocks.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's look at the most popular landscaping rocks that discerning gardeners use in their yards. It's the best place to begin your investigation into the matter.

Rocks Of The Highest Quality For Landscaping

The act of landscaping can be very relaxing and enjoyable. However, if you allow it, it can also be a great deal of laborious work. This is a word of caution.

You will save a lot of time and effort if you are familiar with your choices and have a game plan prepared. Both your hands and your back will thank you for it in the end.

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with these essential types of landscaping rocks to get the planning process underway if you are contemplating the addition of stones to the mix.

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Granite That Has Been Decomposed

Decomposed granite is a type of granite that has been eroded to the point where it no longer consists of larger chunks but instead of tiny and fine particles.

It is available in various colors and works wonderfully for do-it-yourself pavements! You should have no trouble acquiring 20 pounds of decomposed granite for less than thirty dollars, as it is relatively inexpensive. It can serve as an excellent launch pad for your brand-new rock garden.


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Granite Is A Crushed Form.

Everything you need to know is in the name when it comes to crushed granite. The fact that these earth-toned rocks are loose and small makes them an excellent addition to your yard, and you won't have to worry about puddles being created due to them.

People like to use crushed granite along the edges of their pathways because it has such a natural appearance and helps create a nice blend between the path and the Stepable Plants.

If you properly stabilize it and make sure there is adequate drainage, crushed granite might be a little more expensive than some of the other options presented here, but it has the potential to last for a very long time.


Pea Gravel

Pea gravel consists, you guessed it, of pebbles the size of peas that have been worn down and smoothed over time by the action of water continuously moving over them.

These pebbles can be found in various earthy tones close to bodies of water and streams, and they are found there.


Pea gravel is fine-grained gravel found in areas such as dog parks and playgrounds, and it is also sometimes used underground. The pea gravel cost is relatively low, and it can be purchased in several distinct hues.

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River Rocks

River rocks are fragments of larger rocks that have been rounded off and have lost all of their jagged edges due to water continually moving over them and wearing them down. These rocks would be an excellent addition to any water features in your garden.


River rocks are another option that can be used in place of mulch. In contrast to mulch, these rocks do not decompose over time. Therefore, even though they might be a little bit expensive, you might not have to replace them for a very long time.

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Lava Rocks

Lava rocks are a type of volcanic rock made from natural lava that has hardened and crystallized after being exposed to the elements. The price of lava rocks is very reasonable, they are not very heavy, and water can easily pass through them. Ideal for use in your garden, both in the winter and the summer

In addition to this, they can assist in retaining some water at the surface and distributing this water to the plants, such as when it rains. In addition, they are significant barriers against weeds and insects.


Chips Made Of Brick

Brick chips are fragments of broken brick that are typically very small. They stand out from the crowd more than the other varieties of landscaping rocks due to the unique color they possess.

If you decide to use them, the first thing you should do is lay down some landscaping fabric to prevent the pieces from sinking into the ground and keep the weeds under control.


Brick chips are an excellent substitute for mulch because, unlike mulch, they do not decompose, do not attract pests, and help the plants located nearby retain water.

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Flagstones Are you familiar with those beautiful stone walkways and paths? In most cases, flagstone is used in the construction of these.

This kind of rock is flat and, more often than not, square or rectangular. There is always the option of beginning with a bed of sand and then laying the flagstone on top of that. However, if you are looking for something that will last for a long time, you should set the flagstone in concrete.

If you avoid damaging it and install it correctly, flagstone can last for a very long time without showing any signs of wear.


Ideas For Landscaping With Rock In Some

They say that "diamonds are forever," but the same thing can be said about stone landscaping designs. Stone can last for generations. Be sure to pick the one that is not only on trend at the moment but also one that will continue to look great in the future.

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The following suggestions for using rocks in landscaping are both current and classic.

1. A Rock Path Among The Landscaping In The Backyard

A bluestone sidewalk can be an ingenious addition to your space if you already have a lot of greenery in shrubs, bushes, or other types of vegetation.


The contrast between living and nonliving creates a strong appeal that can't be achieved by rock or plant alone; it's only possible when living and nonliving elements are combined.

A helpful hint: If you don't like the vibe of bluestone, other types of landscaping rocks can be used for a walkway instead of bluestone. Bricks and pavers are both viable options for this project.

2. Rocks For the Garden That Offer Visual Variety

Again, contrast is the most important! Why limit yourself to a single variety of rock when there are so many others from which to choose? This landscape design demonstrates how excellent the appearance of an outdoor area can be when two or more different kinds of stones share the same space.


When choosing complementary rocks to feature in your yard, one helpful hint is to look for differences in color, texture, shape, and even size between the rocks.

3. Ideas For A Water Garden That Incorporates Landscaping Rocks

One of the reasons rocks are used so frequently in landscaping is their authentic appearance, and they are not offensive to the visual senses.


However, rocks by themselves can be, shall we say, uninteresting. Adding water to the mixture has the potential to make things more interesting! If you can muster the determination (which we doubt you can! ), why don't you give the design you see above a shot at being reimagined in your unique way?

It is possible to create a small pond or water garden for significantly less money than you think, mainly if you do most of the work yourself.

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4. Leveled Garden Beds

One of our favorite ways to spruce up any outdoor garden is using this method! Stones, bricks, rocks, and pebbles add visually appealing and texturally varied elements to a landscape while also contributing to its overall functionality.


There is an incredible variety of permutations possible with this. You have the option of creating square beds, rectangular beds, or even a maze in the style of Alice in Wonderland. There is no limit to the possibilities.

5. Landscaping Rock Waterfall Garden Design

Building a rock waterfall in your backyard is one of the most impressive examples of rock landscaping that can be found anywhere.


If you have a garden waterfall that looks something like the one in the above picture, you will envy all of your friends when they see how calm and peaceful your outdoor space has become. Or maybe you're the kind of person who finds peace in the absence of sound; it all depends on your personality.

Do you not know where to begin? You wouldn't believe the number of rock waterfalls that are easy to build yourself! Create a rough outline of your plan by first drawing it out on paper.

6. Budget-Friendly Landscape

The majority of the time, the cost of landscaping rocks is relatively high. Despite this, they are a good investment for the long term. Before placing an order, it is essential to do some price research on the rocks you intend to use in your landscaping project, especially if you are on a tight budget.


For instance, the cost of decomposed granite is fifteen times higher than the cost of Mexican Beach Pebbles, and the price of stone pathways is significantly higher than that of brick.

Advice: If you want to save money, consider using rocks from the landscaping only in a limited area for the time being, such as the primary pathway. You always have the option to expand later.

7. Various Rocks For The Landscape

Some of our favorite places are those that appear to be made up of a mishmash of different kinds of rocks. This landscaping method does not appear to be forced and recreates what we find in nature, which are haphazard collections of various things.


A helpful hint for creating an eclectic look in your landscaping design is to pick rocks that vary in color and texture for the landscaping. For instance, the jagged brown rocks that are higher up are juxtaposed with the smooth white stones.

8. Creative River Rock Landscaping Designs And Ideas

River rocks are an excellent option to consider if your outdoor space already contains water features or if you intend to install such features shortly.


The natural beauty of river rocks more than makes up for that. They are not remarkably inexpensive and are not always straightforward to acquire. This is especially the case when you compare them to plants that grow in water.

9. Breathtaking Scenery With A Steep Incline

Having a home where one can relax in the garden and backyard is an essential component of the "American dream." If you have plenty of room, adding a slope to your green space may be something you want to think about doing, and it will make going for walks much more enjoyable.


However, you shouldn't simply disregard the above landscape design as unimportant. What exactly do you enjoy most about it? What aspects would you alter? What would you change about it?

Use your imagination! If you allow yourself to relax and enjoy the process of designing your garden, the result will be lovely.

10. Inspiring Asian Garden Design

There is another post dedicated to teaching you how to use feng shui in your garden, but it's something you should look into. This is especially the case if you're interested in a zen garden or other Asian landscaping and design.


Gardens, in general, have a calming effect on visitors, but an Asian garden can take that effect to an entirely new level. They have the potential to be the optimal strategy for relieving stress.

Tip: Rather than focusing on features such as Japanese steps, consider incorporating Asian plants and perhaps even a gazebo in an Asian design.

11. A Landscape In The Traditional Style

Those searching for a design with a more traditional air will find this one very appealing. If you have lush green grass and want to show it off, creating contrast with light-colored bricks that are placed closely together can create the ideal walkway for you.


A helpful advice is not to be afraid of simple designs because they can be wonderful. There are times when you can make the design of your garden more beautiful not by adding things to it but by taking something away from it.

12 Creative Concepts For Patio Landscaping Using Rocks

Don't forget that you can incorporate rocks from your landscaping into elements of your garden lounge, such as a fireplace, fire pit, or even the canopy pillars (like in the image above).


The ideas for landscaping that you decide to pursue should be determined entirely by your individual preferences. For instance, if you don't like the furniture above you, you can swap it out for something more to your taste. Always ensure that the design is unique to you!

13. Tropical Garden Design

Adding a water feature to your garden can have a calming effect, so consider building one if you don't already have one. So can tropical plants!


Check your hardiness zone before purchasing many exotic trees and plants to showcase with your landscaping rocks. This type of design will only work if you have the appropriate climate, so be sure to do this before you make any purchases.

A contemporary pond might be just the thing to complement the lushness of some tropical plants.

Best Landscaping Rocks For Sale

Let's look up some landscaping rocks you can use to finish off your design now that you have a better idea of the different types of rock landscaping designs you can achieve by using gravel and stone. Here are some of the most impressive examples.

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1. Decomposed Granite Along The Gold Path

The color of decomposed granite is typically a reddish tan, but it will eventually fade to a lighter shade of tan as more time passes. It works exceptionally well for walkways and patios.



  • Decomposed granites may become affixed to the soles of your shoes as you travel along the pathway.
  • The weeds that have grown between it can be difficult to remove.

2. Pea Gravel In A Grey Color

Pea gravel does not contain particles of the same size as peas. These rocks used for landscaping come in various sizes, including 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, and 5/8 inch. They can also be white, tan, or other colors besides brown and white.

The best material to use for patios and pathways is pea gravel. However, it can also be used as a filler between flat smooth rocks such as flagstones, which is another use.


  • It has gorgeous colors reminiscent of earth, making it an excellent choice for planters and pots.
  • It works very well as a drainage system.
  • The cost of pea gravel is not excessively high.


  • It can be challenging to maneuver a lawnmower along a gravel path. It's possible that this is not the best option for you if you have a large amount of grass to cut around the area where you want to put your landscaping elements.

3. River Rocks From The Rainforest

Pea gravel is typically much more significant than river rocks, and they are available in a range of sizes and colors. Both drainage and the prevention of dry creek beds are improved with their use.


  • They have a quality that can be described as earthy.
  • There is a wide variety of permutations and choices available.


  • Getting rid of the weeds that have grown up around these stones can be challenging.
  • Weeds can grow in the spaces between them.

4. Pebbles From The Mexican Rainforest Beach

Because of their sophisticated appearance, Mexican beach pebbles are a popular choice among homeowners. These are small round rocks with a very smooth surface all over them.

They typically have a color that is somewhere between gray and black. Pebbles collected from Mexican beaches are ideal for gardens and decorating the areas around boulders and edging patios. You can use them in any of these ways.


  • It has the potential to make your outdoor space look more elegant.


  • It is expensive and difficult to locate, mainly if you do not live in a metropolitan area.

5. Flagstone Stepping Stones

The use of flagstones in constructing patio floors and pathways is highly recommended. If they are strategically placed, a collection of flagstones can also serve as an accent to the landscape. Utilizing flagstone to construct retaining walls is an excellent way to achieve an impressive visual effect.


  • It comes in various asymmetrical shapes, giving it a more artistic and creative appearance.
  • It can last for one's entire life.


  • Because of their distinctive shapes, it may be challenging to fit them in some locations.

6. Cobble Found On San Marcos Beach

Beach cobbles are an excellent option for use as a ground cover in traditional or contemporary gardens. They have the potential to add texture to the concrete pavement while also providing contrast.

When it comes to absorbing water for your plants, we believe that they are outstanding. Cobbles are an excellent option to go with whenever there is a need to replace an outdated lawn or boundary with something more visually appealing.


  • Simple upkeep requirements
  • It can be installed in a relatively short amount of time.


  • The surface of individual pebbles can have a wide range of different textures.

7. Decorative Rock From The Southwest, Comprised Of Boulders And Stone

Decoration for the Ground Cover Pea gravel is much smaller than rock, and it functions most effectively when applied to ample open space. In addition to that, it can serve as a color foundation for your plants and boulders.

Because they combine gray, white, and beige shades, these glacier pebbles offer the highest possible polarity. You can think of them as the yin and yang of rocks, and they complement each other well.


  • Excellent for walkways and paths
  • It looks like natural rock and doesn't won't fade


  • Natural variation can make it less ideal, particularly if you want the coloring to be very uniform.

8. River Rocks

River Rocks are rounded rocks that can be used to create the illusion of a dry creek bed running through the front yard of your home. They have a high density and come in various sizes to choose from.


  • Compact and straightforward to manipulate
  • There is a diverse selection from which to pick


  • The outward appearance can be very different depending on the lot.

9. Sandstone That Is Natural For Landscaping Purposes

Your landscape may benefit from the addition of monoliths in strategic locations. To make the environment appear more natural, you can give the appearance of having grown naturally by planting shrubs around them, partially burying them, or covering them with ivy.


  • a presence that commands attention in your garden
  • Numerous inventive applications


  • It can be challenging to deal with

A helpful hint is selecting a color that will go well with the other nearby components.

10. Polished Exotic Pebbles And Gravel With Exotic Pebbles

Although landscaping rocks are likely to be more expensive than mulch, they offer many advantages when used in place of the latter for groundcover. Gravel polish can last for a long time, unlike mulch, which needs to be replaced every season.

Pebbles like these can also create a striking contrast with the dark-colored foliage in your garden. They can also bring brightness to any areas of your outdoor space that are shaded.


  • The color is very dark and draws the eye in.


  • Within the same pack, there can be significant variations in size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rock-Bottom Line

Your yard or another outdoor area could benefit tremendously from the addition of landscaping rocks. If you are willing to get creative, there are many different gardening designs you can recreate that won't break the bank.

And if you've got the money for it, there are also many extravagant ones to choose from.

In contrast to mulches, rocks do not deteriorate; when correctly used in landscaping, gemstones have the potential to last a lifetime.

Since we have investigated various ideas for landscaping rocks together, we would be very interested in learning which ones are your personal favorites and how you intend to incorporate them into your projects.