Best Ways To Use Rock Sculptures For The Garden 

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Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 8/13/2022

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Want to think about putting in an abstract sculpture in the style of Isamu Noguchi. 
The midcentury artist, who is perhaps best known for designing a coffee table in the shape of an amoeba, utilized the medium of stone quite frequently in order to investigate dualities such as weight and weightlessness, nature and civilization, as well as the relationship of individual things to the whole. 
He explained his point of view by explaining, "I like to think of gardens as a sculpting of space."

Your eyes will have a peaceful place to rest if you incorporate an abstract sculpture or an exciting rock into your landscape design. This is one of the many tremendous benefits of doing so. 
Additionally, depending on the shape, it could serve as a place to sit, offer some shade, or organize your picnic supplies. 
Here are ten pieces of three-dimensional artwork (including some one-of-a-kind pieces) that would look great in your garden if you took them out of the gallery and put them there:


The image above is a moment of tranquility in Long Island City, home to the Noguchi Museum. The artist Isamu Noguchi, who frequently worked on public spaces, built and designed the museum himself.

As stated previously, let's take a few more seconds to appreciate the genuine article. On the secondary art market, you can find a good number of Noguchi's works for sale. On 1st Dibs, we came across a galvanized steel piece from 1983 titled Kaki-Persimmons that was being sold for $32,000. The piece was numbered 5/26. (Check the price: an additional Kaki-Persimmons piece, numbered 14/26, was sold at auction in 2008 at Bonhams for $10,800.)


Rock crystals, silica, cement, and coffee grounds are some of the materials that were used to create rock crystal end tables and tables by AMMA Studio in Brooklyn, New York. These are not typos. Check out AMMA Studio for details on pricing and availability.


Granite is used to create a variety of abstract garden sculptures by the artist David Therriault, such as the one pictured above. Get in touch with Alden Farms for further details and pricing information.

Rock Dispenser

The artist Nicole Wermers intended for this to evoke the image of a vintage candy dispensing machine, which you see above. The online art marketplace Zabludowicz sells scaled-down versions of the piece for the price of £275. 

Mattew Chambers

Sculptor Matthew Chambers, who hailed from the United Kingdom and attended the Royal College of Art in London, is shown above transforming clay into pinwheels and vortices. 

Soma Stones

Above: Concrete Works in Oakland's Soma Stones are modeled after genuine stones and come in widths ranging from 42 to 60 inches (they are comfortable enough to sit on). 

Mecox Shagreen seat

Above: Mecox Gardens charges $495 for a Low Concrete Seat that has a height of 15 inches.

Garden Bench – Natural Sandstone Appearance
Easy to assemble
Light weight

 Lava Stone Spheres

Above, you can see that the Lava Stone Spheres each have their own unique pattern of speckles. At Restoration Hardware, they come in sizes and prices ranging from 5 inches (which cost $31) to 11.5 inches (which cost $80).


Above: If you want a Noguchi-like piece for a price that won't break the bank, a rock quarry is a place to go. This photograph was taken at The Stone Store in Harmans, Maryland, and depicts the stone yard there.


Above: Columns of limestone, cement, and marble waste with Spanish moss by Australian artist Jamie North, entitled "The Inconstant Ones." These columns can be purchased at the Sarah Cottier Gallery.