Best Robot Lawn Mowers In 2022 For A Perfect Yard

Robotic lawn mower at dawn

Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 8/13/2022

Have you given some thought to investing in a robotic lawnmower? Your grass may be grateful to you for all of your time. The reliability of automated lawn mowers has significantly increased thanks to their extensive development.

It's not simply an issue of saving time and energy with the proper robot lawnmower; it can also help enhance the overall health of your lawn and the way it looks. This might be attributed to the meticulous, organized, and picky manner they work.

In this buying guide, we will explain how robotic lawnmowing works, review the ten best robot lawnmowers now available, and show you what to pay attention to while shopping for one to make the best choice.

Are you at the point where you are prepared to hand over the responsibility of maintaining your lawn to a robot?

How Does A Robotic Lawn Mower Cut The Grass?

Robotic lawn mowers come equipped with sensors that allow them to navigate around obstacles while working within a space that is delimited by wire. The wire is typically laid buried, and the installation instructions are included in the package.

They cut the grass in an essentially random pattern, and they do not change course unless they come across an obstruction or reach the wire.

Important to note: Instead of collecting grass clippings, robotic lawn mowers scatter them throughout the yard after cutting. This is because they routinely mow the grass before it has a chance to grow to a tall height.

They might also install a rain sensor, which would cause the vehicle to come to a halt the moment it detected that it was about to rain. Even though most lawnmowers are constructed to be waterproof, it's not a good idea to mow the grass when it's wet.

The most cutting-edge robotic lawnmowers may generate a digital map of your yard and mow systematically rather than haphazardly. They may also be capable of doing both.

robot lawn mower

Users are typically provided with a smartphone app by the manufacturer that enables them to program, schedule, and operate the mower. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and even GPS can all be used to establish a connection.

This implies that your robotic lawnmower can be programmed to function during certain hours without the need for you to turn it on or off each time manually.

Important: The battery life and mowing area of a robotic lawnmower are directly proportional to the cutting width of the blades. The majority of models require at least an hour or two to reach their maximum charging potential.

robotic lawn mower

Top-of-the-line robot lawn mowers can manage a private lawn or a large backyard without any problems because they are now being used to maintain large amounts of grass in commercial or public settings.

Advantages Of Using A Robotic Lawnmower

 When compared to a gas lawn mower, an electric lawn mower, or a push mower, precisely what are the advantages of using a robotic lawnmower?

 Saves You Time

 Grass can be trimmed by robotic lawnmowers while at work, relaxing inside the house, or having a BBQ by the pool. They do not require any further attention after they have been set up. 

time saving robotic lawn mower

You won't receive the same level of cardiovascular workout that you would with a traditional mower, but you'll undoubtedly have more spare time.

Enhances One's Safety

 This sort of lawnmower has several advantages: it reduces the likelihood of being injured in an accident brought on by flying debris, cords, or fires.


debris free automatic lawn mower

Your toes won't also get stubbed because you won't have to walk alongside it as it goes around the grass.

Better Results

Even if the earliest models of automatic lawn mowers might not have been the most effective, the technology behind robot lawnmowers has made significant strides in recent years.


robot lawn mower

The most excellent robot mowers currently available can handle rough terrain, automatically change their cutting schedules, and provide recommendations for the best times to mow your lawn.

This results in grass that is in better condition and an improved lawn.

Requires Less Storage Space

Lawn mowers that are operated by a remote control typically have a more compact build to take up less storage space. You can store them in a variety of various garden sheds and containers.


robotic lawn moer

It Is Easier And More Convenient

Regularly cutting the grass may not be everyone's idea of fun weekend activity. Perhaps you enjoy having a good lawn, but you don't always have the energy or the willpower to mow it. 

robotic lawn moer working in the garden

A robot lawnmower provides an easy and comfortable alternative to completing the task without requiring much effort from the user. It relieves you of a routine responsibility, allowing you to devote that time to more enjoyable activities.

It Does Not Negatively Impact The Environment

 Although they may not be solar-powered, the most effective robot lawnmowers are currently powered by electricity. Compared to lawnmowers driven by gas, these types of mowers offer a friendlier choice to the environment.

Facilitates The Conduct Of Maintenance

 The only maintenance required for automated lawnmowers is the periodic sharpening and cleaning of the blades. There is no need to bother about getting the oil changed or changing the air filter.

robotic lawn moer needing cleaning

Your Health Is Kept Safe From Harm

 Grass allergies can be bothersome, but they are nearly impossible to prevent with the vast majority of models of lawnmowers. However, this is not the case with autonomous lawnmowers, which complete the task even when not around.

robotic lawn moer doing all the work

The rewards that accrue to you are determined by the model that you go with. Some models are more technologically advanced than others and give you more bang for your buck.

This takes us to our rundown of the most popular and effective robot lawn mowers now on the market.

Evaluations Of Robotic Lawnmowers

Because purchasing a lawn mower that operates autonomously can be a significant investment with a long-term payoff, you should make sure that your choice is well-informed.

The performance, the features, the requirements for maintenance, the user evaluations, the value for the money, and the quality of the customer service offered are some of the factors that we considered.

The following is a list of mowers that, in our opinion, currently provide homeowners with the most satisfactory results available.

1. A Husqvarna Robot Lawnmower Model 310 Automower

One of the most cutting-edge and user-friendly robot lawnmowers available on the market today is the Husqvarna 430XH robot automaker from Husqvarna. It includes many helpful connectivity features, including support for GPS, among others.

It can manage areas up to 0.8 acres in size and slopes that are steeper than those driven by the competition, and it even functions appropriately while it is raining.

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310, Robotic Lawn Mower
Noise level
Battery life
Tech Support

If you have a large yard, this may be the best robot lawnmower that you can get for your needs. In the long run, it can save you a tonne of time and maybe even some money on the cost of hiring someone to mow your lawn.

 Husqvarna Robot Mower Automower

The most advantageous feature is exercising command over it using a smart speaker such as a Google Home or a Google Alexa.


  • System for cutting that is efficient.
  • Mows an area of up to 0.2 hectares
  • Integrated anti-theft alarm and personal identification number code
  • Handles 24-degree slopes
  • Devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, and smartwatches can be used to exercise control over it.
  • Can mow the grass despite the rain
  • It is depicted for you on a map.

 Robot Mower Automower


  • Steep price
  • It's possible that you won't discover the need to use some functions if you don't have a smart home speaker or a smartwatch.


  • This robotic lawnmower from Husqvarna, the company's flagship model, has the connection, advanced capabilities, and efficiency necessary to cut grass on a larger property. It is an excellent option for enhancing the performance of an older lawnmower.

2. A Worx Robot Mower Model WR147 Landroid L 20V Equipped With A GPS Module

The Worx Robot Mower WR153 Landroid L is a popular option, which can manage up to 0.2 hectares (0.51 acres) of grass, comes with easy-cut height change settings, and has anti-collision control.

After it has been programmed, it will cut every portion of your lawn over a week. However, it will return to its charging station anytime it needs to be recharged or if it starts to rain.

Even if your land does not have a fence around it, you may still use this as long as you define the cutting perimeter of your property with the boundary wire that comes with the package.

We think it's a terrific addition, so we've made sure to include the model that comes with a cellular GPS module, which gives you the ability to operate it from your phone without having to first connect it to the WiFi in your immediate area.

worx robot lawn mower

If the gadget is taken, you will still be able to locate it thanks to this module, which is still another advantage it offers.

Please consider that this is the series's largest and most powerful model. You can downgrade to a less robust version that comes with fewer features.


  • Can manage 20-degree slopes
  • A built-in rain sensor sends it back to the charging base when it detects moisture in the grass.
  • You won't have to worry about figuring out when to mow the lawn because of convenient auto-scheduling options.
  • Good at navigating confined pathways

When the battery is running low, it will automatically head back to the charging base.

worx robot mower


  • The mobile application may be improved.
  • It is not possible to schedule nighttime mowing with it.


  • If you've never owned a robot lawnmower before, the Worx Robot Mower WR153 Landroid L is an excellent option because it's a capable and dependable mower. It's also a perfect choice for those who have more extensive lawns.

3. Husqvarna's 115H Automower, A Robotic Lawnmower From Husqvarna

The Automower 115H is one of the most well-liked and readily available items manufactured by Husqvarna, a market-leading name in the industry of robotic lawnmowers. It can mow an area that is as large as 0.1 hectares.

When it comes to purchasing your first robotic lawnmower, it can be helpful to take a strategy that prioritizes keeping things as straightforward as possible. To put it another way, that is the central focus of this paradigm.

The Husqvarna Automower 115H offers excellent value for the price, as it strikes a healthy balance between the necessary functions and the cost of the product.

husqvarna robot lawn mower


  • Charge times that are significantly less than those of comparable competitors in this price range
  • You will receive additional boundary wire, which may come in handy if you have a not quite rectangular lawn.
  • The do-it-yourself installation kit is simple to put together.
  • An efficient technique for cutting the lawn that allows for cutting adjustments of up to 3.6 inches
  •  robot lawn mower husqvarna


    • It won't avoid impediments that aren't immediately evident, like dog poop.
    • It utilizes Bluetooth, which enables it to be controlled from approximately 10 meters.
    • Lacks the ability to connect to the internet


    • You are looking at a Husqvarna robot lawn mower, an entry-level model capable of performing adequately in a lawn or backyard enclosed by fencing.
     husqvarna automower

    It is not equipped with the more sophisticated capabilities found on other mowers this company manufactures.

     4. Gardena 4069 R80Li Remote-Controlled Robotic Lawnmower

    The Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower is discreet and straightforward to set up. It can cut grass efficiently within the confines of an area delineated by the boundary wire provided.

    Other features that we appreciate about it are its anti-theft protection and its capability to cut grass even when it is raining, which is something that automated entry-level mowers typically do not offer.

    It does not support remote programming through a mobile app and instead comes with an in-built control panel that you can use to program it.

    gardena robotic lawnmower


    • Your neighbors won't be bothered if the surgery is carried out quietly.
    • Easy assembly in comparison to other lawn mowers.
  • Also effective while it's pouring outside, Built-in safeguards against theft.
  • Effective performance when cutting
  • Cons

    • It looks similar to that of a vacuum cleaner, which some people could find off-putting.
    • A more restricted cutting height in comparison to rival products (0.7 to 2 inches)

    It is impossible to remotely program it because it does not link to mobile devices.

    gardena lawnmower

    • Suppose you don't mind that you can't program the Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Lawnmower from a remote location. In that case, it's an excellent alternative to the robot lawnmowers that Huqsvarna or Worx sells, and it's also available for a lower price.

    5. A Robotic Lawnmower Powered by a Battery, the Robomow RS612

    The Robomow RS612 was developed specifically for small yards with an area of up to a quarter of an acre, which it can handle effectively given that it is set up correctly. It provides a superior cutting quality compared to versions that cost less.

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    It has a cutting width of 22 inches and is quite good at avoiding objects in its path that may have been dragged by a dog, such as a toy. It comes standard with a 22-inch cutting width.

    It can traverse slopes and other parts of your yard while being led by the supplied boundary wire. In addition to that, it incorporates many safety features.

    best robot lawnmower

    The Robomow RS612, even though it is not the most technologically advanced mower in this price category, can be a dependable option for a smaller yard.


    • An effective and efficient slicing mechanism
    • It is possible to wire it so that it moves to different zones, such as from your front yard to your backyard.
    • PIN-code anti-theft device that is silent enough to function during the day's more peaceful periods
    • A mobile app for remote control is made possible through Bluetooth communication.
    • The movable deck that floats above moves toys and other obstructions out of the path.
    robotic lawnmower


    • It only manages a quarter of an acre.
    • You won't be able to use the built-in GPS, but if your mower goes lost, you can call customer service and ask them to help you find it.
    • There is a possibility that you will experience compatibility issues with Alexa or the smartphone app.
    • The directions for the setup should be more understandable.


    • The Robomow RS612 may be an excellent option for first-time mower buyers with smaller yards. However, you should be prepared to exercise patience with it at times, mainly if you have never operated a mower comparable to the one you are using now.

    6. The Husqvarna 450XH Automower, An Automatic Lawnmower From Husqvarna (High Cut)

    The Husqvarna 450XH Automower is one of the best solutions available if you want the grass on your property to become longer. It uses a high-cut mowing technology that is perhaps the greatest one that can be found at the moment.

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    It offers the same level of connectivity and autonomy as the higher-priced line of goods provided by Husqvarna, so you won't need to worry about upgrading for either feature.

    You may exercise remote control over it from a greater distance because it is simple to set up, provides robust connectivity, and is compatible with Alexa. It is an excellent option for gas-powered mowers that do not produce emissions.

    robot lawn mower garden


    • Takes care of 1.25 acres of property, which is more than the competition.
    • Allows you to keep the grass up to 3.6 inches tall, giving your lawn a fuller and more luxurious appearance.
    • Navigation through GPS is effective.
    • LED headlights are featured.
    • Capable of handling complex layouts with careful boundary wire planning
    gps lawn mower


    • Uneven surfaces or low parts could cause it to move more slowly.


    • You are looking at a mower that is more powerful and effective than the typical entry-level robot lawnmowers, and it can assist you in maintaining taller grass.

    7. Husqvarna's Remote-Controlled Lawnmower, The AUTOMOWER 310

    The Husqvarna Remote Lawn Mower Automower 310 is an attractive choice for short lawns because it can handle up to 0.25 acres and slopes up to 22 degrees.

    Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 310, Robotic Lawn Mower
    Noise level
    Battery life
    Tech Support

    You may anticipate from it the same quality build, durability, and accessibility as you would from any other Husqvarna robot lawnmower; the only difference is that its operational range is going to be more limited.

    remote lawn mower

    If you choose a Husqvarna mower, one of the benefits is that you can have a person from the firm come and install the boundary wire for you. You won't have to worry about doing it yourself anymore.


    • Simple to assemble and fit into place
    • A fair price for the services provided
    • You can set it to operate at night, and despite its range of Bluetooth connectivity, it does not produce audible noise.
    • Functions correctly during wet weather.
    auto lawn mower


    • Avoid tracking through GPS.
    • There is no connectivity with Google Home or Amazon's Alexa.


    • Suppose you are interested in purchasing a robot lawnmower for the first time but are hesitant to invest in a more expensive model. In that case, you may get a feel for what it is like to use an automated mower by purchasing this one.

    8. Mower MowRo Robot Lawn With Install Kit RM24

    The Mower MowRo RM robotic lawnmower is one of the more reasonably priced choices available from the options presented here. It takes only a few minutes to set up and can handle lawns up to a quarter of an acre in size.

    The cutting height may be adjusted from one to two and a half inches, which works well for most lawns and allows you to experiment to determine which cutting setting gives the best results.

    It features a Samsung battery with a capacity of 28 volts and two ampere-hours that have a one-year warranty but may not need to be replaced for a more extended period.

    electric lawn mower


    • Can climb slopes up to 30 degrees.
    • You won't get headaches from the motor because it's so quiet.
    • Cons Simple, fully programmable mowing schedule.


    • Just 9.5 inches in terms of the cutting width
    best lawn mower


    • Looking for a simple lawn design that requires a robot lawnmower that is economical and compact? The robotic lawnmower known as the Mower MowRo RM is one option that may prove to be convenient.

    9. Robomow RX20 Electric Robot Grass Trimmer Robomow

    The Robomow RX20 is the larger sibling of the Robomow RS612; it has a design comparable to the RS612, but it can take care of larger yards. With the appropriate wiring, it can manage varied mowing zones.

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    Whether you've had a robot lawn mower in the past, this model is a dependable option for most yards because of its rain sensor, relatively simple setup process, and high-quality construction.

    It also contains a basic anti-theft system based on a pin, which discourages theft. If you intend to put it up, this is a valuable feature to have and then forget about it.

    green lawn mower


    • Capable of managing big yards up to 0.3 rolling acres
    • Efficacious and silent on slopes up to 20 degrees in angle
    • a cutting width of 22 inches
    • Simple to set up and use
    • Functions without a hitch on level terrain.


    • Charging can take up to 110 minutes, significantly longer than other models.
    • There is support for Alexa in intelligent homes. However, it is not yet optimal.
    • May require new parts over time


    • You are looking at a capable robotic lawn mower that can assist you in maintaining huge yards without any effort and can do it at a competitive price compared to other products in its category.

    10. The Robomow RX20 Is A Battery-powered Robotic Lawnmower From Robomow.

    Last but not least, the Robomow RX20 is a compact and easy-to-use robot lawn mower designed to assist with the upkeep of a yard that is either extremely little or not very large. Although it's not the most cutting-edge model on the market, it won't break the bank.

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    The actual installation shouldn't take too much time, but additional border wire might be necessary, depending on how your yard is laid out.

    It functions optimally on straightforward lawns that are flat and free of impediments, as these are more likely to cause it to become mired down than on more complex properties.

     lawn mower sale


    • Low noise levels
    • Authentication key for risk-free operation
    • Affordable
    • A straightforward introduction to autonomous lawn mowers


    • Cannot readily manage areas with trouble areas or loose material.
    • The 7-inch cutting width indicates that the cutting process will take longer.
    • No rain sensor
    • Starting with robotic lawnmowers requires a separate purchase of additional boundary wire and other accessories.
     lawn mower automatic


    • The Robomow RX20 robot lawnmower may let you experience the ease of a basic robot mower at a modest price, making it a good choice if you are searching for the most budget alternative available.

    How To Pick The Right Automatic Lawnmower

    If you've been following along thus far, you know that robotic lawn mowers can have many attachments and accessories to choose from.

    It is essential not to let oneself become sidetracked by the particulars; instead, one should concentrate on the aspects that truly differentiate one thing from another.

    Here is a step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through selecting a robot lawnmower that is a suitable fit for your lawn and that will not fall short of your expectations.

    First Step: Determine The Size Of Your Lawn

    the lawn size

    Do you need to maintain a quarter of an acre, a quarter of a third of an acre, or more? Entry-level models are mainly suitable for tiny yards.

    You will have to pay more for a lawnmower if you want one capable of mowing a large yard without any problems.

    A robotic lawnmower's cutting width, battery autonomy, and the amount of time it takes to recharge all play a role in determining how much grass it can cut at once.

    The Next Step Is To Take Into Account The Cutting Height

    cutting grass

    The majority of robot lawn mowers designed for residential usage feature a cutting height that can be adjusted from about 1 inch to over 2 inches. Cutting depths of more than 3 inches are possible with specialized high-cut versions.

    The appropriate height at which to cut your lawn will be determined by the variety of grass you have and your prior experience in caring for it.

    Step 3: Determine The Level Of Connectivity Necessary For Your Needs

    gps commercial

    Some robotic lawn mowers come equipped with Bluetooth or GPS capabilities, while others may link to your home's Wi-Fi network. Because Bluetooth has a limited range, you may be unable to remotely operate your device while you are at work or traveling if you use Bluetooth.

    However, the addition of GPS will increase the cost by several hundred dollars because the capabilities of your local network do not constrain it.

    The type of connectivity that your device possesses will also decide whether or not it can be operated through a mobile application, a web app, or a smart home speaker such as Alexa, among other methods. Additionally, it will affect the degree to which you will have control over it.

    Higher-end versions will typically include features such as improved connectivity as standard fare.

    Step 4: Is To Make Sure You Don't Overlook The Noise

    low noise robot

    If you want to feel comfortable letting your robotic lawnmower work while it's nighttime, it must be hushed. Although the best ones are designed to be silent, there may be some individual variation; therefore, it is essential to examine the requirements.

    Step 5:Find A Rain Sensor

    worx robot

    The rain sensor will tell the robot lawnmower to head back to its charging dock when it starts to rain. This is because cutting wet grass is not always the best idea.

    Most of the items on our list either have a rain sensor or are constructed to function generally in wet and rainy environments.

    Step 6: Providing A Warranty

    battery robot

    The majority of automated lawn mowers come with a limited guarantee for the battery, which may need to be replaced after a few years at the latest. It's a good sign if the battery comes with a longer than two years warranty.

    Step 7:Determine Whether You Require Theft Protection

    protection robot

    The most advanced robotic lawnmowers have safety measures such as PIN-code locks, auto-shutdown functions when the mower is lifted, and GPS tracking capabilities. GPS tracking is beneficial because it enables you to find a gadget that has been stolen from you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Efficient Are Automated Lawn Mowers?

    You can easily take care of a lawn of any size, from a tiny patch to an expansive estate, without making a dent in your bank account or giving you a headache if you invest in a high-quality lawn mower. The most important thing is to select the most appropriate robotic lawnmower for your needs, program it properly, and perform the necessary upkeep.

    How Long Do The Batteries In Robotic Lawn Mowers Typically Last?

    If they are cleaned regularly, and their blades are replaced when necessary, robotic lawnmowers can endure for years. Batteries have a short lifespan and may need to be replaced after only a few years, but this is usually not a problem. Discover more about the positive aspects of using a robotic lawnmower.

    How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Robot Lawn Mower?

    The price of a dependable robot lawnmower designed for use in the home can range anywhere from 800 to several thousand dollars, depending on its capabilities and the amount of pre-programming it needs. Check out our evaluations of robot lawnmowers to learn more about the top products on the market.

    Which Autonomous Mower Is The Most Effective?

    The Robomow RS612, the Worx Robot Mower WR153 Landroid L, and the Husqvarna Robot Mower Automower 430XH are now considered the three most excellent lawnmowers robots available on the market.

    It Is Time To Hire A Robot To Take Care Of Your Lawn

    Over the past decade or so, robotic lawnmowers have made significant advancements. You may depend on them to cut your lawn today, saving you both time and the inconvenience of doing it yourself.

    In addition to this, the performance of a robotic lawnmower can be superior to that of a conventional model in terms of the outcomes it produces.

    electric lawn mower

    Although the marketing, not every product now available offers the best possible experience. On the other hand, robotic lawn mowers such as the ones we have evaluated have the potential to be an excellent advance from either a traditional mower or an older automated one.

    Have you ever cut your grass with a robotic mower? Or do you plan to get one?