Outdoor Furniture: 12 QVC Garden Furniture You Shouldn't Miss

QVC Furniture

Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 10/4/2022

It is helpful to know where to look for outdoor decor, lighting, patio furniture, and other items like these, regardless of whether you are considering ways to improve your outdoor space so that you can make better use of it this spring or you simply want to spruce it up to be a cozy retreat all year round. Although several businesses meet the requirements, we will be focusing on QVC today. The home shopping network website that airs on television sells various products for the garden and outdoor life, such as necessities for maintaining the yard, live plants, and patio accessories.

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We've picked together the most popular QVC garden furniture, so you won't have to waste time looking through each category individually to find something to improve your outside space. We hope that these goods will motivate you to make the most of your outdoor area this spring and help you achieve whatever goal you have in mind, whether it be to master the art of grilling, to try your hand at gardening, or just to spend more time in the fresh air (and whenever the weather permits).

1. A Fire Pit That Propane Gas Fuels

QVC Furniture

In the next colder months, cozy up next to this fire pit to keep warm.

Who doesn't enjoy being all warm and comfortable in front of a fireplace? Choose this popular option for starting a fire using propane instead of using wood and matches to save yourself the hassle of starting a fire from scratch. According to customers, the propane option is straightforward to set up. This circular fire pit has a width of just about 3.5 feet and comes complete with the cavity, lava rocks (which are primarily for aesthetic purposes), a tank, and a PVC cover for when it is not in use. You can light the pit to create an eerie atmosphere, use it as the focal point of a night filled with spooky stories, or even roast marshmallows over it.

2. An Elegant Outdoor Area Rug

QVC Furniture

You may use this rug both indoors and outdoors without any problems.

It is becoming fashionable to move traditionally indoor furniture and floor coverings outside using weather-resistant materials or Lanai Flooring. Do you think that you could be interested in giving it a shot? The best place to begin is with this modest-sized area rug. The rug is available in three different colors. It is manufactured entirely of polypropylene, which means it may be used indoors or outdoors without the risk of the elements wearing it down. Customers are ecstatic to mention that it is not only simple to clean but also simple to care for.

3. A Comfortable Chair And Footstool

QVC Furniture

Enjoy the warmth of the sun while lounging on this top-rated lounger.

Do you wish to transform your outside area into a warm and inviting retreat where you can relax with a good book, catch up with friends, or just lie back and soak up the sun? This patio chair, which comes with an ottoman that pulls out from underneath it, is destined to become your go-to spot in the backyard or other outside areas. The chair and ottoman are constructed to endure the weather since they are made of plastic and metal. One thing to bear in mind is that it only has a weight capacity of 176 pounds; nonetheless, one customer says that it seems "quite strong" and hasn't moved even with some of the severe gusts that she's seen.

4. A Warm Chair Swing In The Form Of An Egg

QVC Furniture

The ideal spot for some quiet reading.

You may wish to spend more time outside, but you wish you had a more comfortable cocoon to wrap up in. This egg-shaped chair swing has received 4.7 stars from previous customers and is sure to capture your heart. The hanging weaving egg is composed of metal that has been powder-coated and is wrapped in nylon; hence, it is built to withstand severe weather. Everything that you see here, including the cushy cushions that will undoubtedly make it challenging for you to want to get out of the swing, is included in the purchase price of the product.

5. An Outdoor Deck Storage Box

If you need more seating, you may use this storage box instead!

Do not let the products you use to maintain your yard disrupt the tranquility of your outside environment. Add one of these weather-resistant deck boxes with a capacity of 30 gallons to your existing setup instead. You may make use of it to store hoses, gardening equipment, pool accessories, or anything else that you deem appropriate to put in there. The best part is that it may be utilized as a table or a casual seat in addition to its capacity to support up to 200 pounds. There is widespread consensus among reviewers that it is straightforward to assemble, robust, and able to endure the effects of weather.

6. A Collection Of Vintage Chairs Made Of Metal

QVC Furniture

Make your available seating selections more interesting by adding some color.

How adorable are these patio seats that are shaped like shells? Because of the one-of-a-kind structure, the chairs, which are offered in four different colors, have a slight bounce, making sitting outside in them an experience that is even more joyfully lulling. An individual who has evaluated them has stated that they are “extremely well-designed durable chairs that are both spacious and comfy.”

7. A Bright Hummingbird Feeder

Shrdaepe Hummingbird Feeder, Glass Bottle Bird Feeders
Easy to assemble
Easy to clean
Suction power
Value for money

This hand-blown glass feeder is sure to attract a variety of hummingbirds to your porch.

To improve your outside space, you don't just have to think about how it will help you and the other people in your life; think about how it will benefit the birds, too! Because it has four feeding ports, this highly rated hummingbird feeder will not only make your outdoor area more visually appealing but will also help you attract more hummingbirds to the area around your home. The rainbow-blown glass that does an excellent job of capturing the sun is a massive hit with the customers.

8. A Smoker-grill Hybrid

QVC Furniture

You may either smoke them or grill them. The option is yours.

Are you prepared to take on the role of grillmaster? Or perhaps you have a long-standing passion for barbecuing and now finally have the room to put up the outdoor grilling equipment of your dreams? Regardless of the circumstances, this dependable wood pellet smoker grill is an option worthy of consideration. This grill is not only equipped with a PID controller, which maintains a steady temperature, but it also features adjustable heat settings, which makes it incredibly simple to prepare delectable meals. More than a hundred customers of QVC have praised the grill's performance on the barbecue, its sophisticated features, and its simple maintenance.

9. An Electric Grass Clipper And Weed Eater

QVC Furniture

Everyone in the neighborhood will be green with envy when they see your hedges.

A well-kept hedge is one of the few things that may improve the appearance of a yard. Keeping this in mind, you should consider including an electric hedge trimmer in your arsenal of lawn care tools. The spinning head of the trimmer, which customers like for its lightweight design and strong engine, makes it possible to trim bushes in a way that is both simpler and more effective than ever before. (Before getting your hands dirty with the motorized tool, just be sure you read the directions first.)

10. A Peaceful Water Feature With Tiered Levels

PeterIvan Outdoor Relaxing Water Fountain
Easy to assemble
Light weight

Your backyard will resemble an oasis a little bit more after this transformation.

Adding a water element to your outdoor space can give it a more tranquil atmosphere. Customers who buy at QVC particularly like this rust-proof tiered fountain because it has a look that is more similar to nature, and it has the capacity to be lit up. Keep in mind, however, that because it has to be plugged in, you must place it near a power outlet. One satisfied patron wrote in, saying, “The fountain is built to last and is of excellent quality. Adding this lovely fountain to my garden has increased the time I spend sitting outside.”

11. An Aesthetically Pleasing Lantern

QVC Furniture

This lantern is a versatile piece that may serve as a stunning accent in practically any house area.

Who's to say that the only time you can enjoy your backyard is when the sun is shining? You'll be able to illuminate your outdoor area to turn it into a cozy location to spend the night with only one (or a few) of these chic lanterns, which will provide you with the option to do so. It is also important to note that even though these lanterns can withstand the elements, they are also suitable for use indoors. This means that you can switch between outdoor and indoor usage of the lanterns depending on your preferences. Nearly 250 satisfied QVC customers have voiced their agreement that these lanterns attract comments 

12. A Pair Of 12 Garden Stakes

QVC Furniture

Your garden bed could use a dash of whimsicality, couldn't it?

The purchase of this set of vibrant garden stakes is a worthwhile alternative to consider if you are seeking methods to brighten up your environment without having to spend a significant amount of money. You will immediately fall in love with the way they shimmer in the sunlight, regardless of whether you want to group them in one pot or put them throughout your garden. In addition, there is always the possibility that they will entice real birds, dragonflies, and butterflies to visit your area.

Advice On How To Shop For QVC Garden Furniture For Your Outdoor Space

With the help of our vital suggestions for shopping for outdoor furniture, you can transform your patio into your new favorite place to hang out. Your outdoor spaces may benefit from both comfort and functionality when you invest in high-quality patio furniture. With the addition of a sizable table and comfy patio seating, even the most basic stone patio can be transformed into an inviting spot for dining al fresco. During the warmer months, a porch can quickly become a second family room if it is furnished with a wicker sofa and a traditional rocking chair. Both of these pieces of furniture should be topped with plush cushions. When matched with the appropriate patio furniture, small areas like balconies and pocket gardens will pull you outside to enjoy the fresh air. Choose the most comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture for your patio by following the following advice. With careful preparation, your backyard may become your new go-to place for sitting, dining, and hosting gatherings of friends and family.

1. Create A Shopping List Of Necessary Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

To get started, give some thought to the many uses that you have in mind for your outside space. Do you want it, for instance, to function as a dining space when the weather is nice and warm in the summer? Do you want to use the room for an upcoming dinner party or to celebrate the birthday of one of your children? Or do you picture a tranquil reading nook hidden within your outdoor space, complete with welcoming patio seating that is both comfortable and inviting?

Create a list of the things you want to accomplish in the area so you can use it as a point of reference when deciding what kind of outdoor furniture is required. For instance, if the primary purpose of your 12 by 16-foot patio is to have informal evening cocktails, there is no requirement for a dining table to be placed in the space. Choose instead to have many comfy sitting options, several side tables, and a fire pit.

2. Test Out Some Outdoor Seating Before You Buy It

Outdoor Seating

Take a seat before you buy outdoor furniture like sofas and chairs when you're out shopping for it. It is crucial that the sitting be comfortable because it will likely be used frequently, especially during the warmer months, and because patio furniture will be used. If your patio is furnished with unappealing pieces, you and your guests will be less likely to take advantage of its space and enjoy it. If you want the ultimate comfort from your furniture, look for pieces with backs and comfy cushions on the seats, or cozy up metal and wood furniture with fluffy pillows. Ensure that all the materials you use are resistant to the weather to prevent the colors from fading or mildew from growing.

3. Invest In Outdoor Furniture That Is Easy To Maintain

Outdoor Furniture That Is Easy To Maintain

You should spend most of your time outside enjoying your living area rather than keeping the furniture. Find patio furniture that requires less maintenance by looking for options like these. Most components made of metal, teak, cedar, and all-weather wicker can withstand anything that mother nature may throw at them. The furniture constructed utilizing these forgiving materials can maintain its beautiful appearance for many years with little effort and frequent cleaning. You may also embellish patio furniture with outdoor cushions and pillows that have coverings that can be removed and are designed to be easily laundered.

4. Think About Getting Storage For Your Outdoor Furniture

Getting Storage For Your Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture will last many more years if you store it in a dry, safe spot when the warm weather season is over. Protecting components from the elements in a location such as a garage, cellar, or shed will help avoid damage or further wear. Even the most durable outdoor furniture, such as teak chairs or a wrought-iron settee, will have a longer lifespan if it is stored properly when it is not being used. If you have limited storage space, you should choose patio furniture that folds up or can be easily disassembled for storage. When the patio season is over, stackable chairs can also help maximize the space available for storage.

5. Coordination Of Colors With Outdoor Decorations

Coordination Of Colors With Outdoor Decorations

When making your selections, you are not constrained to selecting patio furniture in neutral hues or in the natural tones of wood. Pieces made of wicker, wood, and metal are now available in an extensive range of striking finishes. Look for outdoor furniture that brings out the colors already present in your landscaping, your home's façade, or any other outside decorations you have. If the desired shade is not readily accessible, a do-it-yourself painting project using any color can rapidly refresh patio furniture. Cushions and accent pieces are where you should use more bold tones. These things are likely to be less used regularly, resulting in less wear and therefore requiring less money to replace.

6. Invest Your Money In Patio Furniture Of High Quality

Patio Furniture Of High Quality

When it comes to patio furniture, the phrase "you get what you pay for" is accurate for the most part. For example, plastic resin chairs or side tables might seem fantastic on the shelf and will preserve their good looks for a year or two out in the sun, but with time, they will become brittle and lose their brilliant coloring. This is because plastic resin breaks down over time. The same may be said about wicker furniture and certain wood items. Be careful when shopping, and always read reviews and consumer reports before making a significant purchase. Plan to splurge on things that will be used the most often, such as comfy patio seats or a sturdy dining table, even if you are trying to stay within a specific financial limit. You can get a better deal on little decorations like throw cushions and accent tables if you shop carefully.

7. Rugs Should Be Used Outside To Add Color And Comfort

Rugs Should Be Used Outside To Add Color And Comfort

Patio furniture can be secured to the ground on an all-weather rug. In recent years, textile industry improvements have led to producing many outdoor carpets that dry quickly. A patio or deck might feel more like an extension of your home when you add an indoor rug because of its plush feel and varied texture. Choose colors and patterns that match your furniture and decorations if you want your outdoor space to look cohesive. Before making a purchase, check if it has an outside rating.

8. Look For Patio Furniture That Can Serve Two Functions

Patio Furniture That Can Serve Two Functions

You should look for multitasking furniture to get the most out of your space and your money. Items that can be used for more than one purpose will save you from having to buy more furniture and give you more space for engaging in activities you enjoy doing outside. For instance, an ottoman or garden stool can double up as an additional seat for guests on the patio. A short bench can be used independently or to create extra seating at an outdoor dining table. If you want to get the most out of your regularly utilized outside places, you should get patio furniture that serves multiple purposes.

What Characteristics Distinguish Furniture Purchases For An Indoor Environment From Furniture For An Outdoor Location?

Even though you want your design to remain unchanged for as long as possible, you should pick sturdy materials that can last very long. The cost of outdoor garden furniture may quickly add up, so you want to make sure it lasts for as long as possible. Or to be forced to replace it once every two years as a mandatory requirement.

Is Any Home Outdoor Garden Furniture That Can Withstand Rain And Other Wet Conditions?

outdoor garden furniture waterproof

The majority of the time, rattan, aluminum, or treated wood used in the construction of outdoor garden furniture makes it waterproof. Despite this, it is strongly recommended that you do not expose it to rain because doing so may lead it to lose some of its lusters over time or may cause it to become damaged.