The 5 best push mowers: Top Gas, Electric, And Manual Mowers

The 5 best push mowers

Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 8/13/2022

What is the most effective push mowers? The Honda HRN 166cc, which runs on gasoline, has been selected as the best product by ZDNet. People with yards on the more compact side will find a push mower an excellent choice. For those interested in finding a method that is less harmful to the environment, we also covered reel push mowers powered by batteries or manually operated.
The cutting decks of push mowers are typically narrower, and the machines are more basic in design than their ride-on tractor kin. As a result, push mowers are an excellent choice for trimming the grass in areas with a smaller footprint. If you are looking for a means to care for your lawn that is less harmful to the environment, you may choose from a large selection of traditional gas-powered models, as well as electric and manual reel mowers that come in a wide range.

Powering the blades and any self-propelled transmissions on an electric mower are accomplished through rechargeable batteries. Electric mowers offer power levels comparable to those of their gas-powered counterparts. The disadvantage is that they have relatively short run times — often just up to an hour — so you'll need to keep a backup battery charged and ready to go if your yard is on the larger side or has a lot of obstacles to mow around. That is especially important if your yard has a lot of blocks to cut about.

the 5 best push mowers

The use of manual reel mowers has experienced a recent surge in popularity among homeowners who have tiny lots, typically less than a quarter of an acre in size. Because they have more compact cutting decks and do not require the user to maintain fuel or batteries on hand, they are ideal for more space-efficient storage when not in use and during the off-season. They do not emit any form of exhaust and do not require any electricity; all that is needed is some good old-fashioned muscle power on your part. That means that they can also assist you in lowering your overall carbon footprint.

I've compiled this list of the five best push mowers available in the market as a resource for you while you search for the ideal machine to maintain your lawn. I broke down their features, power sources, and pricing points so that you can choose the most appropriate for your budget and the requirements you have for lawn care.

Honda HRN 166c

Best push mower overall

Cutting width: 21 inches; gasoline is used as the power source; the machine is self-propelled; a bagger is included, who may adjust the speed.

The Honda HRN 166cc push mower not only earned a spot on our list of the finest lawn mowers money can buy but also took home the prize for being the best push mower on the market. The 166cc engine gets its power from a combination of two-cycle oil and gasoline, and the 21-inch cutting deck is equipped with two blades to produce ultra-fine clippings. Who can collect these clippings in the bagger attachment included with the mower, or they can be discharged through the side discharge chute to re-feed your lawn. For the perfect property every time, you can also vary the cutting height using the simple levers located on the handle. There are seven different cutting height configurations.

Honda HRN 166cc

You can control the mower's speed with an intuitive push throttle to match your natural walking speed, and the rear wheels work with the mower's self-propelling drive train to make the mowing experience easier for you. You won't have to worry about replacing broken or worn-out parts due to frequent use because the Honda HRN push mower comes with a warranty that covers them for three years, which ensures that your mower will continue to serve you well season after season.


  • Twin slicing blades that operate independently of one another
  • Bagger attachment is included Variable speed throttle is included in the purchase


  • Some users may find that the rip-cord start is an incredibly irritating feature.
  • Requires an oil/fuel mix
  • Does not fold for storage

Ego Power+ 56V

Best electric push mower

Self-propelled: yes | Bagger included: yes | Variable speed: yes Cutting width: 21 inches Power source: 56-volt battery Self-propelled: yes Bagger had: yes Variable rate: yes

For a good reason, we ranked the Ego Power+ 56V as the best electric mower overall and gave it the top spot on our list of the best electric mowers. The rechargeable battery provides up to an hour of run time at full power, which is ideal for yards up to half an acre in size. You won't have to deal with the aggravating rip cords when you have a push-button start because the engine will switch over nearly instantly. That will allow you to mow your lawn only a few seconds after setting up the mower.

It comes with a bagger attachment that you can use to gather grass clippings, but you can also use the mulching feature to make ultra-fine cuttings that you can use to re-feed your lawn in between visits from a professional. As a result of the Bagger's capacity to hold up to two bushels of trimmings, you will be able to devote more of your time to tending to the yard rather than emptying the container.

Ego Power+ 56V

Who can adjust the cutting deck on the 21-inch self-propelled mower to one of six different heights using the short lever, and the self-propelled speed can be adjusted using the user-friendly squeeze throttle allowing for rates ranging from.9 to 3.1 miles per hour. Traditional steel cutting decks can be destroyed by rust and corrosion, but this deck is made of long-lasting plastic that has been molded. Additionally, the entire mower can be folded into a more compact and vertical storage configuration, making it an ideal choice for storage in garages and tool sheds on the closer side. If you need to cut your grass in the wee hours of the morning or the late hours of the evening, the dual LED headlights on your lawnmower will illuminate the cutting row, making your operation much safer.


  • Having a folding design makes it possible to store it in less space.
  • Included in the package is a bagger attachment capable of holding two bushels.
  • Ability to move on its power and with varying degrees of velocity
  • Resistant to the elements cutting deck


  • It's possible that a plastic deck won't hold up properly on uneven ground.
  • Extremely burdensome (63 pounds)

Craftsman M110

Best push mower for smaller yards

The cutting width is 21 inches, the power source is gasoline, it is not self-propelled, a bagger is included, and it does not have a variable speed.

If you have a lawn that is on the more compact side, the Craftsman M110 push mower is an excellent choice for you. It comes with a 21-inch steel cutting deck that allows you to use a conventional side discharge chute, a bagger attachment, or a mulching kit, depending on your preferences and requirements. Who may do mowing throughout the entire season thanks to the blades' ability to adjust their height to one of six distinct positions?

Craftsman M110

The power provided by the 140cc Briggs and Stratton engine comes from a combination of two-cycle oil and gasoline, and it is capable of mowing lawns measuring up to.25 acres in size. Because the lawnmower comes with a warranty that lasts for two years, any of its components, such as the belt, the blades, or the spark plugs, can be replaced if they become worn out or damaged in the course of regular usage.


  • Excellent for use on modestly sized lawns
  • Six different cutting heights are available.
  • Bagger and mulch kit compatibility


  • Bagger and mulch kit compatibility
  • Not self-propelled
  • No variable speed
  • Pull the ripcord to get started.

Snapper XD 882V

Best commercial push mower

Self-propelled: yes | Bagger included: yes | Variable speed: yes | Cutting width: 21 inches | 82-volt battery as power source | Self-propelled: yes | Bagger included: yes | 21-inch cutting width

The Snapper 82V electric push mower is the best alternative for those who work professionally in landscaping. It comes with two 82V rechargeable batteries and a charging station, which allows you to have a backup power source ready to change out with a drained battery to maintain uninterrupted power. You may mow up to.5 acres in size with an ultimately charged battery lasting up to 90 minutes, or you can use it as an auxiliary mower to handle difficult sections around garden beds, lawn decorations, or steep ditches. You have complete control over the speed at which the mower moves, thanks to the brushless motor, which collaborates with the drive shaft for the rear wheels to make this possible. As a result, the mower can perfectly match the pace you would typically walk, making it significantly safer to use.

snapper XD

When cutting tall or thick grass, who can adjust the 21-inch cutting deck to one of seven preset heights, and load-sensing technology allows the power levels to be automatically adjusted to ensure optimal efficiency. You can either turn the cutting deck into a mulching machine to re-feed the lawn with ultra-fine cuttings, or it comes with a bagger attachment with a capacity of 1.7 bushels, making it easier to clean up after trimmings.

With a push-button start, you can say goodbye to those annoying rip wires and speak hello to nearly instant power. Because the Snapper 82V push mower has a warranty that is good for five years, you can have peace of mind while working with customers because you know that your mower will continue to function healthy year after year.


  • Intelligent mowing
  • Along with a self-propelled 
  • Bagger included
  • Run time of ninety minutes


  • No blade stop system
  • There is no mechanism for adjusting the handle of the push button.

Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordless Electric 21" Push Lawn Mower, Includes Kit of 2 2.0 Batteries and Rapid Charger
Easy to assemble
Light weight
Easy to use
Noise level
Battery life

Troy-Bilt 16-inch reel mower

Best reel mower

Cutting width: 16 inches; manual power source; not self-propelled; not included with a bagger; not variable speed; cutting height: 16 inches.

The use of reel mowers has witnessed a boom in popularity among homeowners with tiny yards in recent years, and the Troy-Bilt 16-inch reel mower is an outstanding choice in this category. Because it is powered by a person pushing it, you do not need to worry about keeping additional fuel on hand or keeping track of batteries that need to be recharged. Instead, it is powered by the person pushing it.

The 16-inch blade barrel can be set to nine cutting heights, ranging from a low of 0.75 inches to a high of 2.5 inches. This allows you to re-feed your lawn between professional treatments by cutting the grass exceptionally finely. 

Troy-Bilt 16-inch reel mower

The frame is made entirely of steel, which gives it strength and longevity season after season, and the 10-inch wheels provide you better traction on uneven terrain, which allows for a more uniform cut overall. Because of its space-saving design, the Troy-Bilt reel mower is ideal for tool sheds and garages where storage space is at a premium. Additionally, the handle's ability to be adjusted makes it simple to select a cutting height that is both safe and comfortable.


  • There is no need to worry about gas or batteries at any point.
  • Composts the grass cuttings into mulch.
  • Compact steel design


  • Cutting grass that is taller than three inches requires a significant amount of effort.
  • This product is not recommended for lawns bigger than a quarter of an acre.

Which push mower is best?

The Honda HRN 166cc is, in my opinion, the best push mower money can buy. You can get it at any local Honda dealer. It is self-propelled, making mowing more accessible, and it comes with a bagger attachment, making it very easy to clean up after mowing. The cutting deck on this 21-inch machine has two blades, and it can be adjusted to one of seven different heights, making it suitable for mowing during the whole season. The adjustable throttle makes use on virtually any terrain significantly safer by allowing you to tailor the mower's pace to your average walking speed.

Which push mower is best?

  • A mower that you push is a Honda HRN 166cc, Price $469 Deck width is being cut down 21 inches Power Gasoline.
  • A mower that you push is a Ego Power+, Price $499, Deck width is being cut down 21 inches Power Battery.
  • A mower that you push is a Craftsman M110, Price $319, Deck width is being cut down 21 inches Power Gasoline.
  • A mower that you push is a Snapper 82V, Price $550, Deck width is being cut down 21 inches Power Battery.
  • A mower that you push is a Troy-Bilt reel mower, Price $139, Deck width is being cut down 21 inches Power Manual.

What kind of push mower would work best for you?

Finding the right push mower can be a time-consuming and aggravating procedure. Finding out how big your lawn is should be your first step if you want to reduce the amount of stress you're under. You will be able to select from a more manageable pool of options once you have determined the size of your lot in terms of either acres or fractions of an acre.

Due to their shorter run times and the fact that they are manually powered, electric, and reel push mowers are the ideal choices for less than half an acre in size lawns. A gas-powered lawn mower can mow lawns up to 0.75 acres in size, but, to achieve peak performance, it needs to undergo routine maintenance such as oil changes, refueling, filter replacements, and spark plug cleaning.

What kind of push mower would work best for you?

  • Choose this push mower Honda HRN 166cc If you need A well-rounded gas push mower for yards up to .5 acres.
  • Choose this push mower Ego Power+ If you need An electric push mower for yards up to .5 acres.
  • Choose this push mower Craftsman M110 If you need A gas push mower for yards less than .25 acres.
  • Choose this push mower Snapper 82V If you need An electric push mower that can handle commercial use.
  • Choose this push mower Troy-Bilt reel mower If you need An eco-friendly lawn care option for very small lots.

Why did we pick these push lawn mowers?

I chose gas, electric, and manual-powered push mowers to satisfy a wide variety of customers' budgets and their lawn maintenance requirements. I also considered the customers' preferences regarding the appearance of their lawns. Given that manual lawn mowers, particularly ones powered by batteries can be rather expensive, I also attempted to choose models on the more practical side of the price spectrum. 

Why did we pick these push lawn mowers?

For anyone looking for a way to mow their lawn that is less harmful to the environment or who might have a tiny lot and not require a full-sized push mower, I thought it would be helpful to include a manual reel mower. That would be the case for anyone who might be looking for a way to mow their lawn that is less harmful to the environment.

How efficient are lawn reel mowers that are run by hand?

People with a tiny yard and only a limited storage space may discover that a manual reel mower is a perfect solution for them. Because they do not use gas or batteries, you do not need to worry about maintaining additional fuel or charges on hand to do yard work because they do not require any of those things. Due to the compact nature of their designs, they are ideally suited for use in spaces such as small garages and tool sheds.

The fact that the user powers them makes them an environmentally preferable alternative, even when compared to battery-operated push mowers; there is no toxic exhaust to inhale, no oil spills to clean up, and no increase in the carbon footprint caused by charging the batteries. The fact that the user powers them also means that there is no increase in the amount of energy used to produce carbon dioxide.

How efficient are lawn reel mowers that are run by hand?

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that certain drawbacks are also associated with them. When used on longer grass, the barrel blades have the potential to become entangled, which means you will need to mow the lawn more regularly. Additionally, because nearly the entire structure is made of steel, they are often quite heavy and difficult to maneuver. That is because practically, construction as the whole is built of steel.

What is a reasonable expectation for the lifespan of a manual lawn mower?

Regardless of whether it is powered by gas or batteries, you can expect that the push mower you purchase will serve you for at least ten years if you adhere to the maintenance schedule that it comes with and as long as you keep it in good working condition. Gas-powered mowers require regular maintenance, including replacing spark plugs, spark plug wires, and oil at the beginning of each cutting season. Alternately, depending on the kind, you might also need to swap out the filters. When you store your push mower for the winter, you should also treat the fuel with a fuel treatment such as STA-BIL. That will prevent the energy from becoming contaminated. That will protect any extra power you have stored in the tank or jerry can from becoming tainted by moisture and rendering it useless.

You won't need to perform as much maintenance on an electric mower to keep it in good working order. However, you should still check the battery connections and housings, as well as the wiring, at the beginning of the mowing season to ensure that nothing has become corrupted or damaged. At the same time, it was being stored over the winter, allowing you to get the most out of your mower for as long as possible.

What is a reasonable expectation for the lifespan of a manu

Before you use your mower for the first time, regardless of the kind of mower you have, you should sharpen the blades so that they cut the grass more efficiently. You don't want them to be razor sharp, but you should make a few runs down each cutting edge with a metal file to get them back to an authentic edge, bringing them back to their original shape. If your blades are sharp, you can anticipate making cleaner cuts, which will lead to grass in better condition once it has been cut.

Is mowing the grass when it's acceptable wet practice?

It is never a good idea to mow wet grass, particularly with a push mower, and this is true regardless of the source of the moisture in the grass—whether it came from rain or the morning dew. If the grass is wet, it may become slippery, which raises the danger of ankle twists on uneven ground or a steeper incline. 

Additionally, the likelihood of more severe injuries increases if you fall onto your push mower while it is wet. Moist grass tends to bunch up in your mower's discharge chute, making the engine work harder to cut the grass. Because of this additional effort, the engine may overheat, the belts may break, and the blades may wear out more quickly. 

Is mowing the grass when it's acceptable wet practice?

Clumping will also force you to stop often to remove chute jams, which can lead to horrific cuts or even the loss of fingers and hands if the blades aren't destroyed. Clumping will demand you to stop since it will cause the material to clump together. Clumping is another factor that will force you to make frequent stops to clear chute obstructions.

Because they can quickly assemble into enormous masses that block out air and sunlight, clumps of wet grass can also cause damage to some areas of your lawn. The grass will perish as a result of this. You won't be able to accomplish an even cut-over wet grass because, in addition to the Clumping, the blades of the mower will quickly become less sharp. That will make it impossible for you to obtain an even cut. It will look like you skipped whole mowing passes because your lawn will wind up with towering stripes and patches all over it. As a direct consequence, you will have to trim your grass twice.

When it comes down to it, it is in your best interest to wait until the grass in your yard has completely dried out before cutting it. Doing so won't risk injuring yourself while working on the push mower, and it will also keep the mower in good shape.

Would it be possible to look into purchasing a different sort of push mower instead?

Would it be possible to look into purchasing a different

You have access to a broad array of options on the market if you are interested in acquiring a new push mowers for your lawn. Reel mowers are available from various renowned manufacturers, including Worx, Kobalt, and Craftsman, and there is a large selection to choose from. You have a lot of different alternatives to pick from, including ones powered by gas or electricity or even ones that you have to operate manually. The following is a list of several other push mowers that I thought were fantastic and can be found on Amazon.