How To Build A Plant Wall & 41 Awesome Plant Wall Ideas

Plant Wall Ideas

Plant Wall Ideas

Updated on 12/3/2023
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As opposed to staring at a blank wall, As opposed to staring at a blank wall, staring at a green wall may be relaxing and energizing. Why not use a plant wall to create a relaxing atmosphere in your patio, porch, or living room? It will not only add the proper amount of foliage to your wall and spice it up, but it will also provide you with a garden to enjoy if you have limited room. No matter if you're a novice gardener or a seasoned pro who wants to get started on a plant wall, we've covered you.

What Is A Plant Wall And How Does It Work?

Plant Wall

Plant Wall

As the name implies, a plant wall is a vertical wall of plants. Consider plants growing on free-standing or wall-mounted structures. Your plant wall is complete. It's also known as a living or green wall, and it's a great way to start gardening even if you don't have much space. You can grow floral plants, lush flora, herbs, succulents, and even vegetables in your living fence—the possibilities are unlimited.

Indoor Plant Wall

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Indoor green walls help to add interest to any room in your home or workplace. Greenery can help to filter the air while also reducing anxiety and tension. You may always experiment with an indoor plant wall, whether you have a blank wall in need of some cheering up or are an avid gardening enthusiast constrained by your little rental abode.

Plant Wall Outside

Concrete environments look fantastic with plant walls. Many workplaces, supermarkets, and shopping malls have them. In addition, they can insulate buildings at a low cost. You may also use these live walls in your garden. A statement-making plant wall can hide an ugly fence in your garden or backyard, and it can also be used as a privacy screen when combined with your borders.

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Plant Walls Advantages

Plant Wall Benefits

Plant Wall Benefits

Plant walls are easy to transform drab spaces into something more natural and appealing, and they are simple to construct and even simpler to maintain. They're also an excellent option for gardeners with the limited horizontal area.

Makes A Powerful Visual Statement

Most people construct a green wall to make a stunning statement in their homes. Lush green walls are appealing to the eye, can add value to your home, and attract birds and butterflies to your garden. They can also transform bare, unattractive walls into beautiful elements. What's more, the best part? They also work in small spaces!

Helps To Improve Air Quality

A green wall is known as the "lungs of your home." Plants can act as natural air filters if they grow closer together. Plants will aid in absorbing air pollutants and release oxygen into the atmosphere. As a result, to improve the air quality in your house or office, create a green wall.

Enhances Mental And Physical Health

Green views have proved to provide uplifting and relaxing benefits in studies. Are you worried or stressed? Begin caring for the small plants on your living wall. Cleaner air comes from indoor plants. Also, inflammation of the eyes, headaches, and fatigue are less likely to occur.

Reduces Noise And Ambient Temperature

Living walls can aid with energy conservation. Plants absorb sunlight and help chill the environment during the summer, and they help insulate the building throughout the winter, lowering energy expenditures. A living wall serves as a sound barrier as well. Plants can successfully block high-frequency sounds, making your space calmer and more tranquil.

Enhances Productivity

Green walls

Green walls

Green walls have become popular in many offices to boost employee productivity. Greenery can help students study better and make better decisions.

Plant Wall Designs

Green walls Plant Ideas

Green walls Plant Ideas

To create a green focal point, you don't have to limit yourself to the outdoor garden space you have at your disposal. Simple walls can become lush gardens, and you can use anything from old furniture, straw baskets, metal scones, and wooden pallets. Consider hanging a frame of live, thriving art on your wall based on these inspirational plant wall ideas. Let's get started!

Living Wall

Plant a variety of thin to broad-leafed plants near, and give your wall that obvious wow effect. Create depth and texture by experimenting with different colors, shapes, and sizes. Replace traditional artwork in your living room with green art, as shown below.

Make sure your wall and fasteners are strong enough to support a living wall of this size.

Garden Plant Wall

What about a lush, jungle-like wall? You'll need ferns, vines, and leafy plants to layer. It will give your home a natural aspect, but it will also encourage you to spend more time outside. This living wall is ideal for the perimeter of your garden or patio, displaying nature in its most natural state. It can also provide you with much-needed privacy from that obnoxious neighbor.

Select plants that require the same microclimate conditions to thrive for your living wall.

Living Plant Wall In The Living Room

Opt for an eye-catching living wall with octagonal oak frames. It has a modern appearance, is simple to maintain, and will provide freshness to your living area. This arrangement is ideal for the empty wall over your couch. Fill your wooden frames with trailing and beautiful plants and hang them on the wall. Water them once in a while, give them plenty of sunlight and affection, and prune them.

Kitchen Plant Wall 

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Is there no room outside for a bit of kitchen garden? Don't be concerned. Indoors, bring your kitchen garden! Hang ceramic pots on the kitchen wall and fill them with unusual herbs you can't get at the store. Dill, sage, basil, thyme, and rosemary are all easy-to-grow herbs. Your herb wall will not only look fantastic but will also make your home smell wonderful.

Hanger For Plant Wall

Are you looking for something simple but striking? A hanging planter could be the solution. Fix a wooden hook to your wall and use a leather or plastic cord to hang a ceramic pot on it. If you put a leafy plant in it, your plain ceramic pot will become a gorgeous piece of wall art. It won't take up much wall space, so don't worry if you're short on room.

Shelves And Plant Wall

Shelves aren't just for displaying books and artwork, and you can use them to make a striking plant wall. Combine different shapes and sizes of terracotta, marble, and ceramic pots and carefully arrange them on your wooden shelves. Start adding texture with succulents, perennials, climbers, and leafy plants.

Your plants will "shine bright like a diamond" even at night if you decorate the shelves with fairy lights.

Potted Plant Wall

A green wall made of various beautiful plants is well worth the effort. First, put a metal mount on a blank wall and insert planters into its spherical holders. Choose black spots of various sizes. Plant a variety of split-leaf philodendrons, elephant's ears, dumb cane, and umbrella plants to give your arrangement a tropical feel.

Vertical Plant Wall

As seen in the image below, weave together a palette of leafy plants to create an interesting texture and pattern. Such an arrangement demands a lot of room and is ideal for a blank wall in a home or business. Avoid different kinds of flowers or green plants. Once mature, your plants will undoubtedly make an eye-catching scene.

Make Your Own Plant Wall

Do you want to make something from the ground up? Consider creating a trellis-like effect with a DIY plant wall. Your DIY project will produce a gorgeous screen of green above your patio or lounging area, which is ideal for subdued backdrops. You'll need some wooden poles, nails to join them, a planter, leather strings, and trailing plants like pothos or ivy. Be patient with your plant; climbing from one corner to the other will take some time. It will be worth your time when it is done.

Wooden Plant Wall 

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Your plant wall does not need to be elaborate. A green wooden fence in one part of your home will keep things simple. Attach neat racks to four to five wooden planks that screw to the wall. Place potted plants on the shelves regularly for some subtle and appealing greenery. Hardcover books, vintage photo frames, candles, and other items may decorate the racks.

Wall Of Succulent Plants

To make a spectacular focal point in your living room, all you need is a succulent wall with concentric circles, like the one seen below. Plant various succulents, including hens and chicks, jade, donkey's tail, and houseleek. You may also add a little moss to make it more appealing. The exhibit is an excellent piece of art, and it would need a lot of light to stay that way.

Allow 4 to 10 weeks before hanging your work on the wall. Your succulents will need this time to establish strong roots.

Wall Of Air Plants

A green wall comprised solely of air plants is ideal for those with a black thumb. It's low-maintenance, durable, and can transform your home into something out of a whimsical woodland. Because air plants do not require soil to thrive, you can place them in a steel cable net and watch them flourish. For a more dramatic appearance, frame your arrangement or group numerous frames together.

Plant Hanger Made With Macrame

A macrame plant hanger is the ideal combination of classic and bohemian. You may purchase a hanger like this online or try to create one yourself. Hang varied lengths of earthen pots from the hanger. A plant wall like this will bring warmth and texture to your room. Furthermore, the proper amount of foliage will boost attractiveness.

Green Plant Wall

In your bathroom, how about a green plant wall? Why not? Any bathroom can benefit from it. Aside from its natural aesthetic, such a wall will also serve as an air purifier. Watering, pruning, and seasonal upkeep are necessary for your luxuriant wall. On the bright side, it will make you smile every time you see it.

Climber Plant Wall

With eye-catching trailers and climbers, create a green tapestry in your garden. But don't go too simple. Create a zig-zag design on your wall with a trellis. The park will look beautiful once the climbers have covered the entire frame. Furthermore, garden trellises come in various styles, sizes, and materials, giving you many alternatives.

Wall Of Planting Pockets

Try colorful creeping roses, bougainvilleas, and morning glories if you want to break away from conventional green vines.

Metal scones with vines and trailing plants are perfect for something genuinely different. You may create a beautiful green space, even on a wall. As seen in the image below, hang a couple of old scones on a neutral-colored wall. You can also plant trailing jade, a string of nickels, maidenhair ferns, and golden pothos in the scones. Your design is complete!

Hanging Plant Basket

To make plant containers, repurpose old or discarded straw baskets. Straw basket planters are ideal for compact settings and can also give off a beautiful country vibe. Place your arrangement next to a doorway, hang it on a garden wall, or use it to liven up an otherwise uninteresting location indoors—the design is exceptionally adaptable.

Color your garden with various flowering plants in pink, purple, red, and yellow.

Wall Art With Plants

To construct an artsy plant wall, get your art supplies and let your imagination run wild. This project is ideal for the empty wall above your sofa set. Consider a tropical atmosphere, a desert setting, or mountainous greenery. Alternatively, use the image below as inspiration and paint many banana leaves on your blank canvas.

By installing a lamp on the wall, you can also draw attention to your artwork.

Wall Planter Box

What about a living wall that is both stylish and environmentally friendly? To construct boxes for your wall, you can utilize wood leftovers from previous projects. That's not all, though. Old pill bottles and glass bottles can serve as attractive plants. In these planters, grow ferns, succulents, and climbing flowers to display on your handmade boxes.

It will create a strong visual impact by increasing the height of the wooden boxes.

Wall Sconces with Plants

Metal scones with vines and trailing plants are perfect for something genuinely different. You may create a beautiful green space even on a bit of a wall. As seen in the image below, hang a couple of old scones on a neutral-colored wall. You can also plant trailing jade, a string of nickels, maidenhair ferns, and golden pothos in the scones. Your design is complete!

Hanging Plant Stand

A little wall ornamental stand can add a touch of fun to your landscape. Paint it any color you desire, attach it to a brick wall, and decorate it with potted plants. Reviving ancient stands could not be easier. You may also use the frame to draw attention to a bare wall on a small balcony or patio.

Interior Plant Wall 

For something genuinely unusual and eye-catching, grow plants in test tubes. Attach wooden test tube holders to your wall, as seen below. Then, in the test tubes, grow the plants of your choice. Additionally, you can use your test tube wall to jazz up a dull space by cultivating plants.

Low-maintenance climbers such as pothos and philodendron are great since they require little maintenance.

Wall Plant Rack

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What about a living wall inside a wooden rack? Build or purchase a frame to attach old jars and other containers. The containers plant leafy greens, flowers, veggies, and herbs. You may also use fairy lights and LEDs to spice up your arrangement—the possibilities are endless.

Plant racks are portable, so that you can move them around. Put one in your living room or outdoors.

Plant Wall Divider 

With rich green borders, you can create a lovely forest. These living wall dividers may offer a breath of freshness to your room while also serving as privacy screens, ideal for cafeterias, restaurants, and eating establishments. Grow a plethora of green plants and accent them with seasonal blooms for a splash of color. These dividers are sure to catch people's attention.

Ivy Plant Wall

Allow ivy to climb up a bare wall to add a touch of class. The plant is well-behaved, hardy, and low-maintenance in general. However, it is a robust climber, so bring your pruners. The ivy-covered walls lend a "classic novel" feel to them. It can be grown in a mellow room, as shown below, or used to disguise an unattractive wall outside.

In addition to English ivy, Nepalese ivy grows in the mountains. It's great to have so many choices!

Wall Of Money Plants

A green waterfall will provide a wow factor to your wall—plant pothos, often known as money plants, for their rich green foliage and ease of maintenance. Metal holders are used to hang bare porcelain or plastic pots. Choose a neutral-colored wall to serve as your canvas. It will bring out the green in your plants.

Wall Plant Frame

Paintings and photographs aren't the only items worth framing and hanging on a wall. Plants with bright colors look great in muted-colored frames, which would have a powerful visual impact. Fill the shelves with a variety of small, resilient succulents. They will not only add a fascinating splash of color, but they will also create the impression of 3D photos.

Wall Art With Live Plants

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Make a wall mosaic of succulents, air plants, moss, and other brightly colored vegetation. It will increase the wow effect and cause folks to take a second look before you wall. You'll need a frame for this project, which you can either buy or make yourself. Fill it with dirt and begin growing plants nearby. Consider it an art form, and create a design that best represents you. Fill in the gaps with moss, and your mosaic will be complete!

Plant Wall Painting

Consider a wall with a gorgeous "framed" greenery riot for a botanically-inspired fence that doesn't require watering. You'll discover practically unlimited alternatives to experiment within a living room or library. For your wall, frame flowers, forests, tropical leaves, and more. Go for frames of all sizes and try out alternative layouts when you're bored.

Bedroom Plant Wall

Do you want to add plants to your bedroom wall but don't know where to start? Put ceramic planters on a wooden board attached to your bedroom wall for starters. Plant fresh and vivid houseplants like Chinese evergreen, asparagus fern, the string of pearls, and creeping fig in your pots once you're satisfied with the design. They'll give your bedroom a stunning focal point.

Ensure your pots have a saucer, so they don't leak on the floor or bed.

Pothos Plant Wall

A pothos plant wall is an excellent way to add greenery to your room. But what about Pothos? Well, the plant has lovely heart-shaped green leaves with slight white shading. It's very robust and adaptable to any environment. You can use it to decorate an interior wall, a garden barrier, or the entire front of your house.

Place tiny nails or clips on the trailing stems of your pothos.

Pallet Plant Wall

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Wall Hanging Planters made from wooden pallets are ideal. A pallet plant wall is simple to construct, and you'll need to fill it with soil, plant it with your preferred plants, and then secure it to your wall with a metal chain. You can use your pallet planter to display lovely summer blossoms, and you can use it to store veggies and herbs for use in the kitchen. And you can put it as wall hanging plants outdoor and wall hanging planters indoor.

Brighten up your pallet planter by painting it in vibrant colors.

Metal Plant Wall Hangers

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A vintage-looking plant hanger will add greenery to your wall for a waterfall appearance, plant pothos, English ivy, or any trailing type. Hanging planters can quickly create a plant wall at home. You don't have to go huge with them, and they take up very little room. You can customize them in terms of style and size and the plants you cultivate in them.

Bamboo Plant Wall

It's not for nothing that they say excellent fences make good neighbors. So, how about making a unique green fence out of bamboo? Bamboo stalks will make a lovely green wall to hide an unsightly area or create a privacy screen. Bamboo stalks can also serve to create a stunning doorway, and they will not only appear unusual but will also last a long time.

Office Plant Wall

Many companies and workspaces have begun incorporating green walls to enhance air quality, insulate buildings, and boost productivity. Greenery in your workspace will instantly lift your spirits. Why not create a green wall in your office? You may make it as big as you want, and you can also do it with your coworkers as a team-building exercise.

If you want to ensure that your plants are watered from top to bottom, you might want to install an irrigation system. Perhaps you can take turns watering the green wall?

Plant Wall System 

It is essential to include an autonomous plant wall system in any list of green wall ideas. Take inspiration from nature to construct one with a unique mix of plants, such as the one seen below. An aquaponic plant wall system can instantly add greenery to any place, whether your apartment, office foyer, or commercial project.

Add a splash of color with red and yellow flowers for a more dramatic effect.

Plastic Plant Wall

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Enjoy a beautiful green wall in your living area without the hassle of maintaining it. Just how? With a plastic plant wall, it's easy! They're low-cost, low-maintenance, and visually appealing. What makes them particularly intriguing is that they appear to be living walls. So, if you don't have a green thumb but have a dull wall that could benefit from some greenery, go for it!

Air Plant Wall Display

Are you seeking a more modern-looking living wall? Display air plants unconventional, as shown in the image below. Wooden boards, nails, rope, and the tillandsias you wish to exhibit are all you'll need. Use the string to suspend the boards and hammer the nails into your chosen wall or surface. The arrangement is perfect for small spaces and will brighten up dull corners.

Plant Wall Mural

With paints, create a tropical garden in your living room. Make your living room wall your canvas, sketch out a mural, and work! You might also play around with wall stickers, and you can achieve an edgy, sleek look with a mural. Plus, you may enjoy some greenery indoors without working on the ground or worrying about plant maintenance.

Blend in a couple of easy-to-grow houseplants with your mural for a stylish touch.

Rustic Plant Wall 

Hang a few geometric wooden planks from the ceiling to create the rustic plant wall effect. This design is excellent for small spaces and backgrounds that need to be updated. Bring the spirit of nature within with air plants once your planters are ready. They take little maintenance and will add a welcome splash of color.

Minimalist Plant Wall 

A series of copper pipes will add some minimalist flair to your plant wall. Because air plants do not require soil to grow, they make excellent planters. Choose various styles and hang them with a string, nail them to the wall, or set them on a shelf. While this arrangement appears exceptionally trendy, it is also an excellent way to brighten up an empty area.

The Easy Way To Create A Plant Wall

wall grow

wall grow

Do you want to "green" your home without spending a fortune on professionally managed plant walls? With a fun DIY plant wall, you can create your green masterpiece. Follow this simple step-by-step tutorial to get started on your plant wall project on a budget.

Step 1: Select Your Style And Location

Please look at the many fantastic ideas we've gathered for you. Choose a style, then decide where you'd like it - inside or outside, on a solid wall or a garden fence.

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Step 2: Select A Display Option

Next, decide how you want your wall mounting plants on a trellis, the most common option, or hanging pots, baskets, wooden shelves, hydroponic panels, or hydroponic panels. There are pre-made wooden, metal, and plastic trellises readily online. It can also be built by you if you consider yourself a DIYer. Now screw or arrange the plants on your preferred display option.

Plant wall home

Plant wall home

Step 3: Selecting Plants

Now comes the exciting part! Choose the plants that will appear on your living wall. Succulents, mosses, air plants, and lichens are low-maintenance and appealing. After that, carefully place them into the pots. Consider the color palette that will brighten or accent your environment, indoors or out. Take into account the climate and the plant's water and light requirements.

DIY Plant Wall

DIY Plant Wall

Step 4: Take Care Of Your Living Wall

Once your living wall is up and running, it will need to be watered, pruned, and cleaned regularly. Because plants attract insects, you should remove them once a month and sprinkle them with a moderate insecticide. If your plants aren't getting enough natural light, you can also add grow lights—water your plants with a hand, mister.

There's Always A Way Around A Wall

You've probably noticed them on office walls, hotel lobbies, store facades, highway pillars, and footbridges. Plant walls are incredibly fashionable, adaptable, and appealing to the eye. The most excellent part is that you can have them delivered to your house or office. Do you have a dull, unattractive wall? Maybe you'd like to add some greenery to your space? Or perhaps you wish to improve the quality of your indoor air? A plant wall is the best solution.

No matter how limited your space is, a plant wall is the best option. You can still fulfill your gardening aspirations if you don't have access to an outdoor garden or live in a limited urban environment. Because there is always a way around a "wall." So, are you ready for your walls to blossom and grow? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below! And if you have any more, don't hesitate to ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Construct A Plant Wall?

A plant wall is simple to construct. To begin, you'll need some essential tools and equipment, such as nails, a screwdriver, pots, dirt, and plants. See how to make your green wall with our simple DIY plant wall instructions.

What Is The Name Of A Plant Wall?

A living or green wall is another name for a plant wall (if you go with natural plants). These walls are often hydroponically grown and irrigated with drip irrigation, and you can even cultivate them in soil and water them manually now and again.

What Kind Of Plants Grows On Walls?

Plants that aren't finicky and have a wide range of tolerances are ideal. Hardy perennials, ornamental grasses, and seasonal flowers are good places to start. Scented plants make good choices because they will sense your home. Note that the plants grown indoors differ significantly from those produced outside.

Why Do Plants Require A Barrier?

Plants grown vertically require substantial support, which a wall can give. Furthermore, hanging your plant containers on the wall is an excellent approach to using vertical space. Find out more about the advantages of a plant wall.

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