Best Indoor And Outdoor Plant Stands For 2022

Best Indoor And Outdoor Plant Stands For 2022

Plant stand with a dracaena plant

Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 6/30/2022

For decades now, homeowners and interior designers have been searching in vain for the Holy Grail of plant stand: the ideal plant stand. Everybody indeed enjoys a beautiful, expansive, and colorful garden, but what about the plants you have kept inside?

Where do you store them, and more importantly, what do you put the pots on? What do you use to house them?

What could it possibly be? A plant stand, of course! And even though this may appear to be a simple enough chore, it is more complicated than it sounds.

After all, you want to choose something that complements the space's aesthetic while still drawing enough attention to itself (without drawing too much attention, of course, lest it steals the show from the plants themselves).

We want to make things as simple as possible for you, so we have compiled a list of some fantastic ideas for plant stands that you can utilize either indoors or outdoors. However, first

Why Should We Make Use of Planter Stands?

Every plant is unique. If a gardener is genuinely devoted to their plants and puts in a lot of time and effort to take care of them, then every one of those plants should be a source of pride for the gardener.

Caring for plants indoors

A plant stand allows you to demonstrate the beauty and delight that your plants bring you daily and the plants themselves.

It is only natural to want to put something on the show that you have grown from seeds, watched sprout, and grow vivid green leaves and exquisite blossoms when you have anything that you have grown from seeds.

Why shouldn't those plants get the care they deserve after all the hours you spend tending to them, pruning them, watering them, and arranging them the way you want them?

It is essential to note that the appropriate plant stand can enhance the appearance of the room it is placed in and "vibe" with the rest of the room. Planter stands make the plants more accessible, allowing for simpler tending and maintenance of the plants.

Hanging plant stand

If you have limited space on the ground, another option is to use a plant stand that hangs from the ceiling. You can continue to have plants even if you don't technically have the space for them if you do it this way.

You can see that there is a wide variety of merit to the idea that you ought to have at least one plant stand in your house.

And if you need one more, plant stands are works of art in and of themselves. At least the ones with the most merit.

Ideas For The Very Best Pot Planter Stands

Now that we've given you quite a good notion of why you might want to get yourself a plant stand (or ten), you might be a little stumped for ideas, but we've given you pretty a decent reason why you might want to do so.

It is not always easy, especially if you are not exceptionally skilled in the art of interior decoration. The good news is that we are here to assist you.

Ideas For Plant Stands To Use Indoors

First, let's look at some of the most creative suggestions for something that you can do inside. These will have a closer relationship to concepts such as the arrangement of colors, the amount of space, the size of the furniture, etc.

1. A Modest Plant Stand Made Of Copper

If you have a limited amount of room (for example, in a studio or apartment), but you still want to incorporate some elements of nature, this dark little jewel is the perfect solution. It's beautiful since black looks good with plants of any color, and fortunately for you, the same can be said about furniture.

Small Copper Plant Stand

2. A Planter Made Of Gold With A Stand Made Of Metal

This plant stand in gold will lend an air of regal splendor to your environment, but its placement in your room may be challenging.

Modern Brass Gold Planter with Metal Plant Stand

A helpful hint is that this one would look great in a room that is minimalistic, black and white (or, in any case, dark shades), but it would be utterly lost in a room decorated with bright colors.

3. Plant Display With Multiple Tiers

This stand's uncomplicated design makes it an excellent choice for a corner, particularly a brightly illuminated one, and it pairs particularly well with compact, bush-type plants. Larger plants would not work well in this environment because they would "stuff out" their more delicate neighbors.

Tiered Plant Stand

4. Minimalist Modern Metal Plant Stand

When they mentioned "minimalist," they weren't exaggerating at all! This stand features a straightforward design that works well with various interior design schemes. Whether you're decorating an all-black room or a brightly colored artist's studio, you can't go wrong with this metal treasure.

Minimalist Modern Metal Plant Stand

5. Black Metal Planter Stand

If you understand what we mean, this plant stand is lovely, but it runs the risk of being too straightforward. In an ideal situation, you should match it either with a room filled with vivid colors or, at the very least, a colorful plant to inject some life into the space!

Black Metal Plant Stand

6. A Tall Stand Made Of Copper For Plants

Despite its stunning appearance, this stand is made of copper and is a challenging piece to accept. Because of its potential to appear tacky in the wrong environment, we recommend choosing a white decorum, pot, and background (just like in the picture) to minimize the likelihood of this happening.

Tall Copper Plant Stand

7. Rustic Plant Stand In The Shape Of A Triangle With A Pedestal

It will be a charming stand that will prop up your plants in just the correct way for them to get seen, and it will do it in just the right way. This stand will be helpful in rooms decorated in a minimalistic style; it can be placed on shelves, coffee tables, or even straight on the floor.

Triangle Rustic Plant Stand Pedestal

A helpful hint: these are wonderful for Aloe Vera and the majority of other houseplants.

8. A Chic Plant Holder Made Of Leather That Hangs

Don't you have any room for a plant stand? You don't need to worry about a thing because we also have your aerial fashion needs covered.

Stylish Leather Hanging Plant Stand

This hanging stand made of leather gives it the appearance of an old-fashioned shoulder bag, which is kind of cool. This is a throwback to simpler times and futuristic addition to your home design!

9. Hanging Plant Stand

This wooden stand looks just like a swing. You can also use it as a temporary table to show off your beautiful smaller plant pots (make sure you never place a large, heavy plant pot on it!).

Hanging Plant Stand

10. Geometric Modern Plant Stand

You don't need to be a math genius to recognize that this plant stand is the ideal piece for your house because of its understated beauty and elegant design. These straightforward stands are perfect for you if you have a penchant for angular pieces of furniture.

Hanging Plant StandGeometric Modern Plant Stand

11. A Plant Display Rack Made Of Black Metal

Do you not wish for your plants to become the center of attention? No worries. These unobtrusive metal stands will provide your houseplants with the support they require without drawing undue attention or taking up an excessive amount of space.

Black Metal Plant Stand

12. Brass Vintage Roller Plant Stand

A brass stand that is understated but polished, perfect for pairing with plant pots in your home that ranges from dark to light in color. Since it can be challenging to find furniture that goes well with this stand, it is recommended to place it in hallways or rooms with either white or brownish tables.

Brass Vintage Roller Plant Stand

13. Plant holder In A corner, Made Of Black Metal

Don't let the name mislead you; this leaf-themed beauty is a perfect fit in nooks and crannies, and everywhere you put it. However, here's a piece of advice: you might want to line it up with a coffee shop with some shelves that are the same height.

Corner Black Metal Plant Stand

14. Chicken Legs Metal Plant Stand

This is a great topic to start a chat about at your next house party, but it's also a lot of fun for those of you who are into farming. When applied to these chicken plant stands, the phrase "lively plants" takes on an entirely new connotation.

Chicken Legs Metal Plant Stand

15. Vintage Wicker Mini Peacock Plant Stand

Doesn't it bring to mind the wicker chair that Grandma used to have on the back porch, where you used to visit with her? This vintage beauty looks well. Wicker furniture, but it also looks great in homes that are basic and monochrome.

Vintage Wicker Mini Peacock Plant Stand

16. Plant Stand Made Of Cast Iron

This device, which resembles delicate grate support, should never be used on a surface made of wood. On the other hand, it would be stunning if it were tiled throughout the floor, both inside and out on the patio.

Cast Iron Plant Stand

17. Plant Holder Made Of Hairpin-Shaped Metal

If you ask any woman preoccupied with her hair, she will tell you that a hairpin is never a poor decision; the same can be said for this stunning plant stand.

Hairpin Metal Plant Stand

It is a simple design that will provide a spot of light in your space, and it fits perfectly in nooks and crannies!

18. Desktop Mini Bicycle Planter Stand

Enjoy riding bicycles? If that's the case, this little stand is the one you should pick up. This desktop stand features a contemporary black design that looks great with furniture in lighter colors and looks great on shelves!

Desktop Mini Bicycle Plant Stand

19. Copper Plant Pot Stand Decorated With Tiles In A Moroccan Style

This simple plant stand in the shape of a staircase enables you to play with layers, which is a brilliant way to spruce up an outdated space and give it new vitality.

Copper Plant Pot Stand with Moroccan style Tiles

In addition to this, the Moroccan style injects a little bit of the exotic into your everyday life.

20. A Plant Stand Made Of Gold

The combination of gold and green has always been captivating and classic, which may be one of the reasons why this stand is considered so legendary.

Gold Plant Stand

Even though positioning this stand can be challenging at times (it does not go well in rooms that are brown or honey in color, nor in spaces that are brightly colored), you should agree that the trouble is well worth it in the end.

21. Spiral Hanging Basket For Air Plants

Do you remember what we mentioned about the colors gold and green? The same can be said for this, particularly with that gorgeous rose tinge. These affordable stands may give a dash of excitement to your home, and they perform exceptionally well in rooms with a brown foundation color scheme.

Spiral Air Plant Stand

Ideas For The Use Of Indoor Planters

We have discussed a little bit about plant stands on their own, but you must be wondering how to choose the correct pot for the stand. That is precisely what this section is about - both the pool and the stand already matched up for you!

22. Ceramic Planter Bowl From The Mid-Century Era With An Acacia Wood Stand

This straightforward combination has an enduring quality that makes it suitable for use in various environments, such as the one depicted here, which features wood-tiled flooring and glass coffee tables. An otherwise reasonably straightforward design is given an air of sophistication by using acacia wood.

Mid Century Ceramic Planter Bowl with Acacia Wood Stand

23. Stand For Plants With A Container

This is quite comparable to the one we were discussing; nevertheless, it will be more challenging to fit due to the taller stature. To draw the most attention to this particular piece, it should ideally be displayed in a space containing relatively few other furniture pieces.

Plant Stand with Pot

24. Ceramic Elephant Planter Stand

Okay, we are aware that this particular item will not be to everyone's taste. Still, if you seek to decorate a bright and colorful space, this exotic elephant-themed piece may be what you are searching for.

Ceramic Elephant Plant Stand

In an ideal situation, you should strive to complement it with a few other Eastern decorations and accessories so that it does not draw too much attention to itself.

25. A Plant Pot That Has Been 3D Printed With Characters (2 Options)

These charming happy face pots are the most acceptable option for you to go with if you are searching for something lively and, even better, if you have youngsters living in your home.

A Plant Pot That Has Been 3D Printed With Characters

A helpful hint is that they are compatible with a wide variety of design aesthetics and can look fantastic both on a surface and on the floor (the one that stands up!).

26. Gold-Filled Rimmed Pink Marble Ceramic Planter Pot With Gold-Filled Stand

We are not suggesting that this would be an attractive addition to a bouquet of pink roses. However, this is a stunning planter that would look fantastic no matter what you put inside it! If you care about what we think, utilize it in spaces with lighter colors.

Gold-rimmed pink marble ceramic planter pot and stand

27. Two Standing Planters With A Textured Surface

There is something delightfully uncomplicated about these copper planters. It gives the sense that you're utilizing a pot you found to keep your plants in a while at the same time, making them appear beautifully poised. This is a win-win situation.

Standing Planters With A Textured Surface

28. Stand For The Cubus Plant

If you are trying to outfit a room already packed with angular pieces of furniture, this stand is the perfect choice for you.

Cubus Plant Stand

If you try to cram it into a room already packed with circular items, you'll end up with a design disaster on your hands, even though the streamlined appearance makes it simple to organize.

Outdoor Deck & Patio Planter Stands

Even while we briefly touched on the idea of a patio before, the action starts to get up here. In this part of the article, we'll look at some of the most creative ways you may adorn your outdoor deck or patio with some plant life.

29. Butterfly 4-Tier Corner Rack

This butterfly-themed plant rack will win your heart, especially if you have a thing for flying insects. Because of its straightforward construction, it can fit in nicely with a white background, but it still stands out compared to other hues.

Butterfly 4-Tier Corner Rack

30. A Stand Made Of Metal For Potted Plants

Since we have already established that metal works well in a wide variety of environments, this sleek and uncomplicated stand will work well in various settings located outside.

Metal Potted Plant Stand

In addition to this, because black is such a dark color, it will not show any filth or wear and tear that may be caused by lengthy exposure to the outside environment.

31. Helix Wrought Iron Plant Stand

The fact that this stand manages to blend a smaller pot with a larger one so deftly, so producing a stunning impression of scale and contrast, is our pick for our favorite feature of the stand. Fill this one with a flowering plant to make a pleasing combination of colors.

Helix Wrought Iron Plant Stand 8″

32. Multi-Tiered Wooden Plant Holder

Okay, this is no longer a game; this one is for those of you plant enthusiasts who take your passion very seriously. The wonderful thing about this holder is that, as we can see in the picture, it can accommodate a wide variety of plant types and colors without causing any visual conflict.

Multi-Tiered Wooden Plant Holder

33. A Plant Stand Made Of Iron That Has Wheels

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It is a highly flexible item because it essentially lacks color (thus eliminating the chance of clashing), and it can handle any pot. If you change your mind about how you want your patio to look, you won't have any trouble moving it about!

Iron Plant Stand with Wheels

A word of advice: because this one is such a heavy-duty warrior, you shouldn't be scared to put larger plants on it.

Ideas For Planter Outside Stands 

Keeping with the great outdoors theme, the plant stands that you will see below are suitable for placement not only on your patio or deck but also directly on the grass in your backyard or even, if you so want, in the driveway.

34. Vertical Cedar Ladder Planter

If you want to hold many flower beds, this plant stand with a ladder motif is perfect. Your plants will be able to develop healthy roots if you utilize them because it has enough room for a significant amount of soil.

Vertical CEDAR Ladder Planter

Because of how the stairs are designed, you are free to experiment with a wide variety of plant designs.

35. A-Frame Plant Stand

This lovely plant stand is perfect for displaying potted plants outside and housing smaller plants in their respective containers (though the simplistic wooden design means it goes well indoors as well).

A Frame plant stand

The matter is that it is resistant to the elements, and it would be a shame to waste that quality.

36. Leisure Half-Round Wood Plant Stand

The nice thing about this stand is that it allows you to create a sequence in which larger plants are placed at the bottom, followed by progressively smaller plants as one ascends this half-round staircase.

Leisure Half-Round Wood Plant Stand

37. Stapleton Plant Stand (Stand For Plants)

Due to its grate-like shape, this antique is versatile and can be used with various outdoor furniture pieces. It is both elegant and lovely.

Stapleton Plant Stand

In an ideal situation, we recommend growing a bright green plant atop this one that does not flower to create more contrast between the two.

38. Malibu Three-Layered Plant Stand

It's been said that the most beautiful things are the simplest, and this multi-tiered plant stand is a perfect example of this statement. As was said before, this piece of wood is ideal for housing plants of varying sizes because it gradually decreases in size from the bottom to the top.

Malibu Three-Layered Plant Stand

Ideas For Garden Planters

Moving solely to the grassy portion of your land, the planters described in the following paragraphs are some of the most attractive, sturdy, and functional options for placing directly on the grass.

They are an excellent choice if you want the plants in pots to get some of that delicious sunlight.

39. Set Of Square Plant Stands Made Of Iron Cast

Do you know what makes this group of plant stands so stunning? The attention to detail and craftsmanship with which the iron was produced is both understated and elegant in just the perfect way to embellish your garden with any plant varieties!

Square Plant Stands Made Of Iron Cast

40. Corner Plant Stand Made Of Wood

This fantastic wooden piece will look excellent in virtually whatever part of your yard you place it in despite its name. Due to the structure's height, you need to truly complement it with a little planter and plant to provide a sense of harmony.

Narrow plant stand.

41. Corner Planter With Metal Tiers And A Corner

This is like a plant emporium—you can expect to find anything from succulents to gardenias on this highly versatile and extensive plant stand!

Corner Planter With Metal Tiers And A Corner

The construction is highly stable, allowing it to be positioned anywhere, even on terrain that is not level.

42. Potted Stander Flower Pot Constructed Of Wrought Iron

The design of this plant stand, which is reminiscent of wheels, creates the sense that the perspective is moving. The layers offer more depth to the arrangement and make it possible to present plants of varying heights without the appearance of visual conflict.

Potted Stander Flower Pot Constructed Of Wrought Iron

43. Victorian Kettle Planter Stand

This beautiful antique piece of adornment is perfect for use with older pieces of furniture. This is not a design that would work well in a minimalist environment; it is ideal for drawing further attention to a particular plant growing in your yard.

Victorian plant stand

44. Antique Planter Constructed With Wrought Iron

This one is a bit problematic because the design makes it possible for the earth to leak through the bottom, which is somewhat against what one would expect.

Vintage wrought iron plant stand

For this reason, we recommend that you place this straight on the grass to avoid making a mess!

45. Garden Wooden Box Planter

When you're working in the garden, you know how there are times when you can't help but feel like it's a little bit. Well, boring?

Garden Wooden Box Planter

We have a solution for you: this elevated wooden box planter will assist draw people's attention to the gorgeous flowerbed you have.

46. Macramé Garden Hanging Plant Stand

It is not necessary to have a passion for macramé to appreciate the sophisticated way this hanging stand pours light into any room.

Because the macramé diffuses the light, this stand will look good with any color scheme you choose to utilize outside. It's not too heavy, yet it's still solid enough to support the plant pots you have.

Macrame Garden Hanging Plant Stand

47. French Vintage Style Metal Planter

It can't be denied that this planter is a bit on the elegant side, can it? However, this does not imply that you need an elaborate garden in the old style to accommodate this lovely stand.

French Vintage Style Metal Planter

On the other hand, its understated beauty can mix beautifully with any setting.

48. Hanging Bamboo Planter

This straightforward and extended planter can only support the growth of a select few types of vegetation because of the complexity of its overall structure. However, to truly bring life to any external wall, you will first need to locate the appropriate plant for it.

Bamboo plant stand

Concepts For Wooden Plant Stands

You will most likely have difficulty selecting a wooden plant stand because the market is flooded with a wide variety of unique options.

What you need to think about is how many different plants you can fit on each stand and how well those plants would complement one another.

Another critical consideration is whether or not they are suited for the aesthetic you have chosen to adorn your home or whether or not they are compatible with the layout of the garden and the landscaping plan you have chosen.

49-Tier Stand Made of Bamboo Plants

If you want to put on exhibit plants of the same kind so that they don't compete, a considerable stand is a good choice for you to make.

You wouldn't want the one who sticks out to get all of the attention while the rest get left in the shadows?

3-Tier Bamboo Plant Stand

50. A Plant Stand Reminiscent Of The Mid-Century

On the other hand, if you want to draw attention to the most recent piece you've added to your collection, you should find a separate area.

Mid Century Plant Stand

A word of advice: Place it against a bright white wall and be sure to give it plenty of room to breathe. If you try to cram it between the sofa and the end table, you will throw it away.

51. Oak Plant Stand

The color "naked wood" looks great in homes that have been furnished stylishly. Because of its understated design, this kind of plant stand is an excellent option for displaying a lush plant that has large, luscious leaves and blossoms.

Oak Plant Stand

The stand serves merely a practical purpose and does not call extra attention to itself.

52. Bamboo Potted Plant Stand With 6 Tiers And 7 Containers

Having a stand with numerous tiers gives you the ability to construct a sort of vertical garden, which is useful when there are a lot of plants competing for space in your home. An excellent answer to the problem of restricted space.

Bamboo 6 Tier 7 Potted Plant Stand

The sizes and shapes of the pots might be different, but you should avoid having any too similar colors.

53. Deluxe Garden Planter Rectangular Plant Stand

This stand works wonderfully for plants that have blossoms that hang down. You can put it to use to liven up a section of your garden. Place it against one of the house walls, either on the porch or on each side of the entrance to the house.

When dealing with invasive plants that could take over your garden, individual stands are an excellent option.

Deluxe Garden Planter Rectangular Plant Stand

54. A Handmade, Adjustable, And Rustic Wooden Plant Stand

Unpretentious and able to fulfill its purpose. You should consider putting it on this stand when you believe that your lovely plant wouldn't get enough sun if you put it on the floor.

If you want to decorate a section of the room, one of the best places is in a corner close to a large window.

Rustic Adjustable Wooden Plant Stand

55. Wooden Plant Stand 6 Tier

Something that is a little bit dated but would look great in a garden with a more rustic vibe. This stand style is ideal for situations where you have several little plants but are unsure where to put them.

Wooden Plant Stand 6 Tier

Create a sense of equilibrium by using the different heights of the stand and the varying sizes of the plants.

56. Round Wooden Plant Stand

If you have a remarkable plant that you want to put on a show, you should seek a stand similar to this one. If you wish the plant to retain its attractiveness, you should make sure that it is larger than the stand it is on.

Round Wooden Plant Stand

57. Outdoor Hanging Plant Holder Wood Plant Stand

A plant stands with a highly creative and unique design, and it should be graced with a magnificent plant that immediately draws the viewer's attention.

Outdoor Hanging Plant Holder Wood Plant Stand

Tip: Make use of it to spruce up an area of the garden that appears to be too bare, or position it so that it cannot fail to attract attention.

58. Extra-Tall, Oak-Wooded, Mid-Century-Modern Plant Stand

The primary reason why you might require a plant stand that is exceptionally tall is so that you can establish equilibrium in the area.

Extra Tall Mid Century Modern Plant Stand in Oak Wood

It is acceptable to play about with different heights only to a certain extent. An excessive amount of it is taxing on the eyes and pretty bewildering, telling you the truth.

59. A Plant Stand Made Of White Oak

If you have a residence decorated in light colors, you probably don't want a plant stand that is dark in hue. And if there's anything that should be brought to people's notice, it should undoubtedly be the plant that you put on it.

White Oak Plant Stand

You can put a plant you are incredibly proud of on this stand, which is terrific to show it off.

60. Tall Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Wood with lighter tones is an excellent option for a plant stand since it complements the look of a home that is done in a contemporary style. Since it does not have a formal appearance, you can put it anywhere, including in the kitchen or the dining room.

Tall Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

If you're going to use a tall stand, you should always make sure to balance it out with a just as stunning plant.

61. Wooden Plant Stand

Because of how precious it is, you need to have one of them in your house. It is constructive when you want to get a branch to sprout roots so that you may plant it in another pot or give it to a friend who is always complimenting your gardening talents. You can do either of these things by using this technique.

Wooden Plant Stand

62. Wooden Plant Rack In A Rustic Style With Shelves

There has got to be a spot in your garden for something as small as this, doesn't there? It is excellent if you have some plants that require your attention as they mature towards adulthood.

3-Tier Rustic Plant Stand with Shelves

It is preferable to use smaller plants in this area because there isn't much room for something with large leaves.

63. A Tiny Plant Stand In The Mid-Century Modern Style

A home furnished classically will look fabulous with this plant stand. It is unobtrusive, which allows the plant itself to be the focus of attention.

Small – Shorty Mid Century Modern Plant Stand

Tip: This works particularly well with a showy pot in a vivid hue similar to the predominant shade in the carpet or the drapes.

Ideas For Large Planter Pots To Use

If you have a plant that you anticipate will eventually become huge, you should consider starting it off in a large container that offers plenty of room to expand. Larger pots are better ideal for the outdoors.

64. Large Succulent Planter Pots

Not only are cactus, not the only plants that may be grown in containers that look like stone, but the concept itself is very evocative. Stones that support the growth of plants. Additionally illustrative of the amount of labor you put into it.

The ideal setting for this piece of furniture is a sizable living room with plenty of open floor space.

Large Succulent Planter Pots

65. A Rustic Plant Stand With Three Tiers

This is the best option for wildflowers because they go very well with natural wood that has not been polished. It is not a good idea to decorate each tier of the cake with the same flowers because the overall effect could be considered monotonous.

Ladder plant stand

You should go to the store near you and get many different kinds of seeds, then combine and combine them!

66. Metal Hanging Flower Stand

A deck or porch is the ideal location for one of these hanging stands; however, you shouldn't place it directly over your rattan table and chairs. It works well for a plant with a rapid growth rate, ideally one with leaves that hang down.

Metal Hanging Flower Stand

A word of advice: do not utilize a plant with short leaves that would go unnoticed, and do not position it so that no one would be able to see it!

67. Large Plastic Planter

When you put this kind of plant stands in a prominent location, such as close to the entrance gates to your home or along a stone sidewalk, it looks fantastic.

Plant stand on rollers

Because the stand itself is unremarkable, you should decorate it with an eye-catching plant, especially one that has blossomed in vivid hues.

68. Large Round Plant Stand

This works wonderfully for a young tree or shrub that requires a lot of room for its roots to spread out and develop. It is possible to use it for a plant that is not yet mature enough to be placed in the garden.

Large Round Plant Stand

The stand is made of metal that has been given an ancient patina, making it more appropriate for a stone pathway or a wooden deck. It may look out of place on the tiled floor of the patio.

69. Cluster Round Plant Stand

By setting things out in this manner, you have the potential to unleash your inner gardener and your inner artist.

Plant stand with pot

Because the stand itself is a work of art, you shouldn't use these pots for large, vividly colored plants because those plants will entirely obscure the stand's beauty. Balance!

70. Oval-shaped, Tall-Standing Plant Displays

Because these pots look good together in this kind of arrangement, you will require quite a bit of room. If you decide to split them apart, they will become dispersed among your room's various pieces of furniture.

Homebase plant stand

This stand works exceptionally well in formal settings as formal as offices or homes done in traditional styles.

71. A Ceramic Container With Decorations

This lavishly painted vase is a work of art in its own right. You can set it on the floor or on a small table of a color that does not stand out too much, and it works well for bonsai!

Oriental plant stand

You want visitors to notice how lovely the tree is and how great the container is. Pick out a pattern in a shade that harmonizes with the rest of the room's accessories.

72. Contemporary Tall White Planters and Pots

Modern White Tall Planters Pot

This highly refined pot would look great in a location where it would be impossible for people not to take note of it.

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73. Vertical Tiered Wooden Planters Stand

This is the stand that would look fantastic set against a wooden porch or along a gravel path in a garden designed in a more traditional style.

Multi-tier plant stand

It is a good option for a small herb garden since it enables you to cultivate a variety of herbs without requiring a lot of space in the garden.

Creative Ideas For Planter Boxes

If you want to cultivate plants that need a lot of room but would be overcrowded in a typical pot, boxes are an excellent option for you to consider. This is a sampling of the planter boxes that we have available.

74. Rectangular Plant Box

If you want to avoid giving the impression that your garden is too crowded, using a box in a neutral color is the way to go. Since black is considered a more severe hue, it is most appropriate for use on an ornamental plant but not overly brilliant.

Rectangular Plant Box

75. Box Display Rack With Multiple Levels

It appears as though these boxes were used to construct this stand. If you cannot locate one to purchase, this is an excellent option for a do-it-yourself project. It is ideal for a free-form garden. But you should check to see that the plants of comparable size are used in it.

Garden Plant Stand

76. Garden Plant Stand

If you have a large garden, you should get a number of these plant stands and use them for cultivating tiny trees and shrubs in the space they provide. Arrange them around the patio, or space them out at regular intervals down the route.

Castello planter box

77. Large Rectangular Wooden Box

Along the edges of a lawn that has been meticulously maintained, a well-managed garden might benefit from having wooden boxes with straightforward designs.

Floor plant stand

Even if you don't desire an entire flower garden, you may still make your backyard more attractive by planting brightly colored flowers there.

78. Boxes with Raises in Their Rectangular Corners

A straightforward and tasteful strategy for cultivating certain vegetables in your garden without sacrificing too much room overall. You will be able to provide the appropriate level of care for each plant variety if you keep the plants in their containers.

Galvanised plant stand

Some may require more water while others thrive in a partially shaded environment; you can position each box accordingly.

79. Tall Rectangular Boxes

These containers were devised to occupy as little room as possible, making them excellent for gardens with limited areas.

Plant stand on wheels

They are mobile and can quickly move around because their wheels are a significant advantage. For instance, you could use them to shield your plants from the elements by moving them around.

80. Extra Large Rectangular Boxes

When you want to cultivate a large number of plants or veggies but yet give each one of them the room they need, these boxes are the ideal answer.

Extra Large Rectangular Boxes

The fact that they are black in hue makes for an interesting contrast when used with brightly colored flowers like white, crimson, or yellow.

81. Multilevel Rectangular Box

This is a highly sophisticated stand for your plants. It works beautifully for a tall plant that expands upward rather than outward as a typical plant would. It is the kind of thing that would look fantastic in a space that is designed in a more formal style.

Rectangular planter

Wall Planters Ideas

It is currently all the rage to use plants as wall decorations. This is popular not only because it helps you save some space but also because it allows you to create startling contrasts, making any area look more stylish.

82. Wall Planters Made Of Round Ceramic

These white wall planters are perfect for a space furnished in light or pastel colors, as white is traditionally considered an elegant color.

Round Ceramic Wall Planters

However, you should make sure that the plants you put in them have bold colors, such as dark green in this case, but anything with brilliantly colored blossoms would also look great.

83. Wooden Wall Planters

These planters are more suited for use outside, thanks to the fact that they are bare wood. You should only do so when you bring them inside if the space is not already too packed.

Wooden Wall Planters

A word to the wise: these are ideal for use with fragile flowers and miniature plants. You do not need to arrange them in a straight line; use your creativity instead!

84. Brass Oval Wall Planter

This type of wall planter makes a proclamation. Because it craves attention, you should only use it on plants that are just as noteworthy as it is.

Brass Oval Wall Planter

Make sure that the flowers you choose to put in the wall planter go well with the colorful color. It's best not to utilize too many of these in a single room because the effect could be overwhelming.

85. Bucket Wall Planter

A wall planter with a beautiful design. This kind of planter works wonderfully in a more naturalistic setting, such as a garden that features a lot of wood and wildflowers.

Bucket Wall Planter

Because the buckets will undoubtedly draw people's attention, you should ensure the plants aren't the boastful type.

86. Geometric Wall Planter

A fantastic suggestion for adorning walls. It's not so much about the plants as the cute tiny ceramic planter that hangs on the wall.

Modern plant stand

On the wall, you can construct a variety of patterns. A room decorated in a minimalist style is the ideal setting for this piece.

87. Decorative Elephant Wall Planter

Decorative Elephant Wall Planter

A lovely suggestion for a contemporary space that has been tastefully designed. The pattern is intriguing, and white ensures that it does not draw too much attention to itself.

Use for a smaller plant, as a larger plant could hide the decorative pot.

88. Rhomboid Wall Planters

Now here's something that might go nicely in a home decorated in a contemporary manner. The straightforward geometry of the design makes it possible to focus attention on the plants.

White plant stand

To make up for the fact that you can't use them for large plants, striking use colors.

89. Wicker Basket Wall Planter

Although it has a vintage vibe, a room furnished in a contemporary style looks great with this sort of wall planter. Functions admirably in a home that is predominately decorated in warm tones.

Wicker plant stand

You also can place a basket of this kind on the deck.

Ideas For Do-It-Yourself Pot Plant Stands

Why settle for a plant stand or wall planters available commercially when you can create something one-of-a-kind for your home? The most excellent part is that you can make something unique out of a wide variety of things that have been thrown away.

90. Vertical Plant Stand

Doesn't it look amazing? It is similar to a tree with flower pots blooming inside it. You only need a sturdy piece of wood and some creative thinking to find out how to hang the pots from it.

Vertical Plant Stand

A word of advice: you don't have to stick to black and white. Take risks and experiment with different hues!

91. Metal Plant Stand

All you need is a metal holder to get started for this kind of stand. It does not need to be a replica of the one seen in the picture.

Wire plant stand

No matter what you decide, the shape of the stands has to be comparable to one another.

92. Plant Stands Made From Plastic Bottles

Recycling is taken to an entirely new level by this method, and there is hardly any additional expense on your part. Make a hole in the side of the bottle, fill it with a tiny bit of soil, and plant whatever you'd like. Not very large plants, however.

Plastic Bottles Plant Stands

93. Ceramic Pots

There must be some old pots, mugs, and bowls around the house; who doesn't have some of those? There is just one guideline: to make sure all of the pots are the same size and color.

Ceramic Pots

If you have some simple ceramic bowls, you may give them to the children to decorate.

94. Vertical Crate Garden

You will need some old crates, whether they are painted or not, and a lot of creative thinking. It is entirely up to you to decide the order in which the crates are stacked on top of one another.

Vertical Crate Garden

Tip: If you want it to stand out, use pots of varying colors and shapes, but make sure none of them are very eye-catching.

95. Elaborate Vertical Wooden Planter of Great Height

Either make it yourself out of a few pieces of wood or use some old shelves that you no longer require.

Tall Vertical Wooden Plant Stand

A contemporary area with rustic undertones would benefit greatly from having this plant stand. Be sure to get a good sense of equilibrium by placing larger pots on the lowest shelf.

96. Wooden DIY Wall Planter

To construct this one-of-a-kind wall planter, you may use some of the drawers from an old cabinet. To maintain the look of the rustic shelves, avoid painting them unless they are in deplorable condition.

Wooden DIY Wall Planter

97. Ladder Plant Stand

It doesn't get any simpler to accomplish it. If you have an old ladder lying around that you no longer use, you may paint it in a color appropriate for this purpose and then use it to support your potted plants.

DIY outdoor plant stand

It looks beautiful when brilliantly colored flowers are used.

98. Table Plant Stand

If you can remove the plank from the table's center, this plan makes an excellent candidate for a wooden coffee table.

Table Plant Stand

The space should be filled with some soil, and then the ground should be covered with gravel to prevent the table from becoming muddy.

99. A Simple Wooden Stand For Your Plants

If you have some scrap pieces of wood lying around, constructing some stands is a simple task. It doesn't need to be fancy, just something high enough to keep the pots off the ground.

Low Wooden Plant Stand

A word of advice: you don't have to use spherical pieces of wood. It works just as well with rectangular ones.

100. DIY Plant Box Made From An Old Cart

If you find yourself in possession of an old cart similar to the one pictured, please do not be reluctant to transform it into a planter. It is going to be quite attractive in the garden.

Old Cart DIY Plant Box

Consider giving the corroded metal a fresh coat of paint if you decide to keep it.

101. DIY Metal Plant Stand

You can make an innovative stand for your plants by repurposing any little pieces of furniture or other materials from around the house that you no longer require.

Chromed plant stand

But you should check to see that the DIY plant stand you made goes well with the other pieces of furniture in the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Could I Possibly Use As A Stand For My Plants?

You can use anything you wish; the most frequent options are wooden, or metal plant supports, but you can also use elegant stone stands or ones that you make yourself. Check out our list of 101 options for planter pots for some inspiration.

What Do You Call A Place Where Plants Are Displayed?

There are a variety of names for a plant stand, including flowerpot, container, planter, plant pot, tub, and jardinière. Each of these names refers to the same thing. Explore our collection of planter pot ideas to uncover even more creative takes on this overarching concept.

How Do You Create A DIY Plant Stand?

This is dependent on the method you choose to employ. An old shelf or ladder can be repurposed without any additional work being required on your part. Alternately, you may construct wall planters out of recycled materials such as old tin boxes, bags, or plastic bottles. If you can put a little bit of dirt in it, it can be used as a flowerpot! Check out our guide for some ideas on making your pot plant stands.

Does Home Depot Have Plant Stand?

At Home Depot, you can get a wide selection of plant stands crafted from various materials, so the answer is yes. You can purchase one there if you do not feel like preparing your own. But before you get started, you should look at some do-it-yourself pot plant stand ideas.

Plant, Stand, Match

Lovely china, interesting wall art, or a collection of glass figurines are all wonderful additions to the home as decoration, but plants give the space a sense of vibrancy and warmth. A plant or two can do wonders for the atmosphere of a room, and they don't even have to break the bank to accomplish so.

We have high hopes that, at the very least, some of the plants that stand on our list have inspired you to reimagine the layout of your outdoor or indoor area, whether it be a garden, patio, or even just your bedroom.

Keep in mind that you want to find something complementary to your environment.

However, this does not imply that you need the expertise of an interior designer to assist you in planning this; all you need to do is exercise your creativity and look for something that embodies who you are.

Do you currently have any plant stands that you use? And which of the goods on our list particularly piques your interest?

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