41 Best Planters And Pots For Indoors And Outdoors

41 Best Planters And Pots For Indoors And Outdoors

Planters And Pots For Indoors And Outdoors

Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 6/30/2022

There is more to consider than aesthetics when selecting plant containers than just shape and size. The correct container may enhance drainage and reduce the likelihood of the plant becoming root-bound by providing space for the plant's roots to spread out. Don't let chance determine your plant containers for you.

This post will provide you with an outstanding selection of the best spots you can use for your indoor plants and potted gardens. You are prepared to go whenever you are! The American dream is transforming. In the past, most people envisioned themselves living in a ranch-style house complete with a white picket fence and a backyard garden. Apartment and condominium rentals are becoming increasingly prevalent in today's society.

The requirements for getting a mortgage are stringent, and the interest rates are high. As a direct consequence, not everyone can afford to purchase a home. It is common knowledge that residing in a tiny dwelling, such as an apartment, condominium, or house, typically results in a lack of available space. Despite this, you don't need to abandon your green thumb completely. It's also possible that you have the area necessary but dislike growing in beds. Gardening in plant pots is the answer to all of these problems, regardless of the situation.

The Many Advantages Of Having A Garden In A Pot

 Potted Garden

A significant number of gardeners have already transitioned to growing plants in containers. We can only use the driveway, porch, veranda, or the limited space in our backyards for gardening, and it is up to us to make the most efficient use of that area.

Consider some of the following advantages of utilizing a container garden rather than a traditional one:

  • Accessibility Because gardening in pots rather than in beds is easier to perform, even young children and those with back difficulties may participate.
  • Portability If you are renting the space you live in, you may take the pots with you when it is time to move. This feature is handy when you have plants that need to be transplanted.
  • When you work with plant pots, you have the flexibility to cultivate a wide variety of flowers, herbs, and veggies despite the constrained space that you have available.
  • Advantages of Having a Potted GardenOne advantage of having a potted garden is its flexibility. You may quickly rearrange your pots to suit your preferences, the weather, or the season.

Having a potted garden is beneficial to your health, which brings us to our last point. It is fantastic to see all of those plants develop right before your eyes. Believe us when we say that.

a Potted Garden

The Finest Flower Pots For Your Container Garden

Best Plant Pots for a Potted Garden

What is the first thing that springs to mind when you hear "potted plant"? In the past, practically all containers that housed potted plants were drab and uninteresting in appearance. However, no rule says you have to use boring old brown pots for your yard. If this is the case, your creative juices are dry!

Jars, cups, buckets, cans, and other containers, combined with a bit of ingenuity and resourcefulness, can be repurposed into functional plant pots. Here are some of the best plant pots for your container garden to get an idea of how you may go about achieving this goal.

1. Mini Cactus Plant Pot

Mini Cactus Plant Pot oa

This little cactus planter has drainage holes and a walk-up construction for easy access to the soil within. Since not all plants will require significant moisture, drainage holes are essential. Additionally, to ensure that air can freely circulate throughout the pot, the bottom holes allow for drainage.

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2. Mini Ceramic Succulent Plant Pots

Mini Ceramic Succulent Plant Pots

Ceramic plant pots have several advantages, one of which is that they permit water and ventilation at the edges of the container. Because of the formation of roots, your plants will grow stronger and healthier. This ceramic pot is the perfect addition to any succulent plant collection. They are both beautiful and functional. Just take a look at those vibrant hues!

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3. Planters Made Of White Ceramic, With Gold And Grey Detailing Within The House

White Ceramic Indoor Planters with Gold and Grey Detailing

If this is the case, your container garden will appear particularly refined when displayed in these planters in gold and grey. These ornamental pots do not have any holes in them. Therefore, take care not to overwater the plant. If you believe you have overwatered the plant, gently tilt the container so that the excess water may drain out. But please don't put it on the carpet or the window sill!

4. Macrame Plant Hanger Indoor

Macrame Plant Hanger Indoor

When you utilize plant hangers, you may grow more plants in your yard, even if you have a small area. The fabric is made entirely of cotton, ensuring that it is biodegradable and beneficial to the environment. Because of the nature of this arrangement, you mustn't neglect to provide your plants with sufficient water consistently.

5. Glass Hanging Terrariums

Glass Hanging Terrariums

To reiterate, the size of the area available should not preclude you from having a garden. Consider using a hanging terrarium is a space-saving solution to your dilemma. Your terrarium plants will look stunning when displayed in one of these hanging planters. In the same vein as the last example, don't forget to water your plants consistently to avoid them from drying out. Your terrarium plants will look stunning when displayed in one of these hanging planters. In the same vein as the last example, don't forget to water your plants consistently to avoid them from drying out.

6. Designer Hanging Orchid Pots

Designer Hanging Orchid Pots

This hanging pot was handcrafted, and it will look fantastic both inside and outside your house.

Plastic, which does not absorb water, is used in its construction, even though it appears to be made of wood. This characteristic is a significant benefit for those who cannot water their plants regularly. Another advantage is that it does not easily succumb to the elements. If you don't particularly care for the color red, you can choose from various other patterns.

7. Geometric Hand-Painted Terracotta Planter With Hand-Painted Pattern

Hand-Painted Terracotta Geometric Pattern Plant Pot

In addition to giving pots a new coat of paint, you may also adorn them with whatever pattern or design strikes your fancy. The clay jar, which features a geometric design, is an excellent example.

Terracotta, the pot's material, promotes air and water circulation within the container. Root rot won't be an issue if you use it.

8. A Hanging Garden Pot Made Of Wooden To Mount On An Interior Wall

Wooden Indoor Wall Planter for Hanging Garden

Not every pot that is hanging must be hung from the ceiling rafters. Consider this wall planter as an illustration. Isn't it an impressive display of ingenuity? You could be wondering how to turn the potted plants on the wall. Although most of them come with instructions, several videos on YouTube explain how to use them. In all honesty, it's not much more challenging than mounting a big mirror on the wall.

9. Hanging Handmade Macrame Plant Hanger

Hanging Handmade Macrame Plant Hanger

Are you looking for something natural and sustainable to use as a pot for your plants? Have a look at this plant hanger made from macrame.

Even if you have loud children or pets, you won't have to worry about your plants being harmed thanks to this arrangement, which protects them from harm. Align three to four of them side by side, and you will have an immediate verdant wall! By going in this direction, you will be able to contribute to the protection of the natural world by using environmentally responsible resources.

10. Modern Face Planter

Modern Face Planter

It's a common misconception that for plant pots to have a natural appearance, they have to be made in an antique style, but this couldn't be further from the reality. You only need to locate the appropriate set. The above vertical planter is perfect for modern interiors, in our opinion. It will promote the growth of your houseplants, but it will also make for fascinating conversation at the dinner table.

11. Storage Basket With Geometric Pattern Used As A Plant Pot

Geometric Storage Basket Plant Pot

Many people are taken aback when they discover that baskets are helpful in indoor house plants. The geometric pattern on this storage basket makes it practical and quite attractive.

12. Hand-Painted Terracotta Container

erra-cotta Hand Painted Pot

If you have a passion for art deco furnishings, you should decorate your potted garden with a terracotta plant pot that has been hand-painted. Among the many options available in this design, each is the antithesis of dull and drab.

13. Extra Large Cylindrical Planter With A Mid-Century Modern Aesthetic

Extra Large Cylinder Pot Mid Century Modern Planter

The mid-century modern planter is another time-honored option available from our selection of plant pots. Because of the extra-large size of this container, you won't have to water the plant as frequently as you might otherwise. In addition to this, if you use a larger container, your plant will be able to grow a more robust root system.
This one is fantastic for two reasons: its form and its hue. You are free to employ it in virtually any location or environment.

14. Indoor Plant Container With Vibrant Colors

Colorful Indoor Plant Pot

Gardeners with a creative flair are guaranteed to love these bright and unique plant containers. These vibrantly colored pieces are a pleasant alternative to the standard neutral paint colors typically used. You'll find them even more suitable if you are already a fan of seaside decor. To choose this particular option, you have to select the design you want. The marigold is one of our favorites!

15. Family-Sized Holders For Vases And Plants

Family Vase Plant Holders

This pair of human face potted plant holders is one of the most unusual items we have come across on Etsy, and we adore it. They are so intriguing that it is difficult to take one's eyes off them for even a moment. You can buy just one or two of them, or all of them together. Even though they come from China, most customers have reported that they are delivered promptly and are of excellent quality.

Remember that you can acquire them singly or as part of a whole family set. Therefore, you may begin with a modest purchase and gradually build up your collection.

16. Extra-Large Brass Container For Houseplants

Brass Large Indoor Planter

Let's be honest: those folks don't like vibrant colors. This planter is perfect for you if you like the look of metal or want to embellish your space with metal objects. You may purchase more of them and place them in various locations. You'll be able to brighten up your living room or kitchen with some greenery in this method.

17. Ceramic Planter With A Matte Black Finish With A Stand

Matte Black Ceramic Plant Pot with Stand

When you choose a container of this kind, you won't have to worry about the color of your plant competing with any of the other hues in your house. It makes a very striking statement when displayed on its separate stand. Snake plants are a fantastic addition to the aesthetic value of black plant containers. Do not be afraid to experiment with different colors if the form is something you like, but the color does not.

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18. Wooden Orchid Baskets

Wooden Orchid Baskets

On the other hand, gardeners who want their container gardens to have a rustic appearance can either make their wooden baskets or purchase ones that look like these. I am sure you will be delighted to learn that the basket is made from recycled materials, which is wonderful news. It is either possible to hang your plants in this basket or to place them on your front porch to hold them. If you use these planters, you won't have to worry about the soil being overly saturated if you use these planters since the water will be able to run freely, and the growers include drainage holes. Potatoes and other vegetables will grow well in these planters.

In addition to that, the wooden appearance lends it authentic country air.

19. Geometric Planter Made Of Plastic Used As Feng Shui Decoration

Plastic Geometric Planter Feng Shui Decor

Plant enthusiasts looking for little pots that they can keep in a secure location on their homework table or conveniently next to a window may select one of these round plastic pots.

As was said previously, plastic does not take up water as other materials do. Because of this, the ground won't become dry very soon. You won't have to worry about them breaking as you would with clay or ceramic pots because of their design, making them a stylish choice.

20. Handmade Succulent Concrete Planter Pots

Handmade Succulent Concrete Planter Pots

These sturdy plant pots made of concrete are worth purchasing to store your cherished collection of succulents. As seen in the image, the design is simple, making it ideal for drawing attention to your beautiful plants.

In addition to this, the bottoms of these plant containers include anti-slip cushions that will keep them from sliding no matter where you put them. You don't need to worry about the quality because the company that creates the plant pots shown above is of the highest caliber and has made more than 4,000 sales.

21. A Planter Made From Recycled Wine Bottles

Recycled Wine Bottle Planter

A glass of wine daily is beneficial to one's health according to research. If you have a collection of wine bottles, you could recycle them and put them to good use by making wine planters like the ones seen here.

Because of this setup, the plant will take care of its watering, making its maintenance much more accessible.

22. Large Chicken Succulent Planters

Large Chicken Succulent Planters

Cluck, cluck. Putting together your container garden should not be mind-numbing labor. Gardening can be a delightful hobby, particularly if you have these delicious chicken planters at your disposal.

This strong porcelain was utilized to craft the planter that you see here. In addition to this product, you will receive a card that provides instructions on properly caring for the plant you have purchased. And aren't they just the cutest things ever? These are the ideal plant pot additions, especially considering how popular the farmhouse design is right now.

23. Caramel Cecilia Planter

Caramel Cecilia Planter

On the other hand, if the weight of solid containers is too much for the work table that you have at home, you may use this adorable ceramic pot instead. If you are a fan of taking "selfies," this is the ideal option!

24. Large Ceramic Plant Pots with A Splatter Pattern

Large Splatter Ceramic Plant Pots

In contrast to most people who decide to use adorable tiny jars made of ceramic, you can choose to incorporate a giant ceramic pot in your potted garden. Since this specific pot is handcrafted, you can rest assured that each pattern will be entirely one of a kind. Because ceramic has a propensity to absorb moisture, the plant container you have chosen to use as a protection against light overwatering is ceramic.

25. Planter For Window Sills Made Of Concrete

Concrete Windowsill Planter

We have at number ten a concrete planter box. Choosing this container is the best choice if you want a sturdy and durable container you can place on a deck or veranda. It ensures the health of your plants by providing drainage holes at the bottom of the container.

Inspiration And Ideas Regarding Plant Containers

Plant Pots Inspiration and Ideas

It is almost certain that you have seen one or two intriguing plant pots. But in addition to that, check into some do-it-yourself solutions for plant containers.

26. A Planter That Holds 5 Gallons

5-Gallon Plant Pot

You may use the more conventional dark brown or black pots for your container garden to achieve symmetry in the space. Even if it could seem a little bare at first glance, all you need to do is tie a small rope around it, and voila!

27. Piano Plant Pot

Piano Plant Pot

Do you enjoy listening to classical music? Make a statement about your creative sensibilities by repurposing an old post into a piano pot. You only need paint! If you don't like music, there are a lot of different patterns you may paint instead of a musical instrument.

28. Ceramic Plant Pots

Ceramic Plant Pots

Do you intend to place your garden in a pot and bring it inside? Consider using ceramic pots. Because the patterns are so clear and easy to understand, there is no reason to believe that you could not paint these on your own.

29. Plastic Plant Pots

Plastic Plant Pots

Even though plastic pots can quickly get damaged, they can be given a new lease of life by being painted with spray paint. Pick some vivid colors, and sprinkle on some dots for emphasis!

30. Planters Made From Mason Jars

Mason Jar Plant Pots

You may use your mason jars as ornamental pots while waiting for the paint to dry on some other pools that you will be painting. It doesn't matter which jars you use, so long as you recycle as many as you can!

31. Tall Plant Pots

Tall Plant Pots

Because these plant pots are both solid and tall, you won't have to worry about straining your back again. You can make your own from wood if you're adept with it, and you can customize the design to suit your preferences.

32. Plant Containers Stacked Together With Their Support

Clustered Plant Pots with Support

More specifically, pots are available in various hues, forms, and materials. You may decorate it with a wide range of flowers and plants, and it will always have an energizing appearance. Including plant support in each container may undoubtedly help your outdoor space stand out even more.

33. Modern Large Plant Pots

Modern Large Plant Pots

How many of your plants are too big for their pots? You can make the greens stand out with these enormous white plant pots. When purchasing huge jackpots, the only thing you need to think about is whether or not you have enough plants to fill them. It's best to err on caution and go for the larger size whenever possible.

34. Rice Basket Indoor Plant Pots

Rice Basket Indoor Plant Pots

It has already been proven that you do not need to use the typical containers for your garden. Do you see how well this rice basket functions as a plant pot? These may typically be found in more affordable iterations at retailers like Walmart and dollar shops. It's even possible that you may locate secondhand versions of these at a thrift store.

35. Low-Cost Plant Containers Constructed From Colanders

Cheap Plant Pots Made from Collanders

You could also put your spare colanders in the kitchen to use as containers for your plants, and this is one of the concepts that we like the most. If these are kept inside, however, there is a possibility that they will drop water, which presents a concern.

36. Garden Pots

Garden Pots

Do you not plan on purchasing anything new? If you have any old pots lying around, you may give them a makeover by painting them with some new color. You can get paint that is good for almost every kind of plant pot material, including plastic or clay, and many options are available. Just make sure you research the characteristics of the paint or question the person selling it.

37. Mixed Size Gardening Pots

Mixed Size Gardening Pots

Those who have plenty of room will have many options to choose from regarding the sizes and contours of the plant containers they use. The design below is fantastic since it consists of various components, which we appreciate. It is made much more intriguing by incorporating stones and bricks into the mixture.

38. Durable Small Plant Pot

Durable Small Plant Pot

Look for a container similar to this one that is not too cumbersome to carry about. Despite its seeming size, it is capable of housing a sizable plant or perhaps a young tree.

39. Ideas Derived from Disney

Disney Inspired

When children see this pot with white polka dots on a red and black background, it will undoubtedly bring to mind Minnie Mouse. Everyone enjoys a good narrative, and Disney-inspired pottery is excellent for decorative items. These are versatile enough to be employed in the living room and the bedrooms for children.

40. Textured Clay Container For Plants

Textured Clay Container For Plants

Your potted garden will have a more natural appearance and feel with the addition of a clay pot with texture. The fact that it is neutral in tone makes it an excellent choice for decorating any area, especially the bedroom. Create a great appearance by combining it with a couple of other neutrals.

41. Orchid Flower Plant Pot

Orchid Flower Plant Pot

We have one more suggestion for you, and it comes in the form of a silver pot, in case none of the previous banks have piqued your attention. You might also try using other bright metal pots instead. It's totally up to you to decide!

Several Suggestions For Container Gardening In Pots

You should by now have an idea of the kind of plant containers you wish to acquire for your garden at this point. Nevertheless, to help you choose your pot, here are a few pointers.

The Size Of The Pot

Size of Pot

First things first, it's essential to keep in mind that it's best to nurture your plants using larger pots rather than smaller ones unless you're growing succulents. Large banks allow you to insert more soil, which means that your plants or flowers will keep their moisture for a significantly more extended period. Additionally, larger plant pots can better endure extreme shifts in temperature.

Keep this in mind if you opt to use miniature hanging baskets as pots, and keep them moist twice a day to avoid them from drying out.

Type Of Plant

Type of Plant

Another essential consideration to consider in selecting the species of plant you intend to nurture in each of your containers. Different plants demand different containers. Learn more about cultivating flowers by consulting one of our many guides.



Another critical consideration is how you will set up your container garden. Will there be sufficient sunlight? Is it protected from the wind in any way? Some kinds of pots may be superior to others, depending on your responses. For instance, vast and heavy banks will not be affected by the wind.

On the other hand, plastic ones have the potential to become harmed when exposed to UV light.

Get Started Cultivating Your Garden In Pots Today

A lovely plant in a nice pot? If not in paradise, then at least in your container garden, this pairing will be successful. Choosing the appropriate containers for your plants is about more than aesthetics; they may contribute to the plant's overall health and stoke your enthusiasm for gardening.

Remember that your plants and flowers, whether they are in a traditional garden or plant pots, require adequate care, which necessitates a commitment of your time and energy. It is essential to remember to eliminate weeds and dead leaves from your container garden and water them regularly.


If you want your container garden to appear its best, you should remove and reposition any plants or containers that compete or don't go together very well.

Now the floor is yours. Is there a particular one of the pots that we showed you that had piqued your interest? Let us know the details.

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Until the next post!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Get The Most Suitable Plant Containers?

The best plant containers have adequate drainage and are long-lasting; they are not prone to cracking or warping. Besides that, you can choose their color, texture, and style when it comes to the materials.

Do Plant Containers Require Holes To Be Drilled In The Bottom?

Yes. Because of the holes on the bottom, there will be enough drainage. Excessive watering is likely the leading cause of death for houseplants. When it comes to indoor plant pots, you should always be sure to position them on a tray to prevent extra water from running down the ledge or into the carpet.

What Do You Put Under Plant Pots?

Most of the time, a drainage saucer or tray will do the trick, providing the plant pots have drainage holes on the bottom. You may also place a layer of gravel or stones on the bottom of outdoor planters if you want to. Check out our collection of ideas for plant containers for even more motivation.

Where Can I Get Inexpensive Plant Pots?

You have several different options: you may buy them in bulk, upcycle containers into pots, or alter existing posts by painting them with a new coat of paint. You might also inquire at the garden centers in your area to see if they give free plastic containers. You may personalize them in whichever way you choose by painting them or putting them in rice baskets. There is no requirement that you spend significant money on plant containers.

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