Here Are 11 Beautiful Ideas For Your Backyard Picnic Bench

Backyard Picnic Bench

Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 8/13/2022

Who among us does not feel the urge to drink wine and eat food while sitting outside when the weather is nice? You can set up a table in your backyard with some armchairs, ottomans, and a flowery blanket, or lay a beautiful floral blanket. Or how about a family-friendly picnic bench for the garden that everyone in the family can enjoy together?

A picnic seat is much more than just a hip place to have a barbecue. It is where friendships are forged; small talk is exchanged, relationships blossom, and memories are created. In addition to being a sunny office or a reading retreat on certain days of the week. Let's not waste any more time, so let's go ahead and go through this collection of lovely garden picnic bench ideas that you can use as a source of inspiration for your backyard.

Beautiful Garden Picnic Bench Tables

Picnic Bench Tables

Your physical and emotional well-being can benefit tremendously from time spent in natural settings. Then why not invest in a picnic bench that will inspire you to spend more time outside and in touch with nature?

When it comes to locating a picnic seat appropriate for your backyard, you won't have any trouble finding selections. A picnic seat is designed to fit your aesthetic preferences, whether you like something large or tiny, traditional or contemporary, attached or removable, rectangular or round (and space). Do you think that having a lovely picnic set in your garden would be something you would enjoy? Have a look at these picnic benches equipped with tables, and decide which ones will work best in the area you have available.

Bench Made Of Rustic Wood For Picnics

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Are you looking for something that is both old and reliable? Choose a picnic bench set made of wood for your garden that exudes an air of timelessness. You can put it on your front porch or put it by your flower beds; either way, the benches will encourage you to spend time outside. These benches are not only extremely sturdy but also quite suitable for hosting get-togethers. If you just let them over to mother nature, the courts will develop a lovely patina over time.

If you are looking for outdoor wooden furniture, western red cedar is the best option. The wood can withstand attacks from insects and won't rot. And if it is not treated, it will age to a stunning silvery grey over time.

Picnic Table With Benches Made Of Wood And A Cooler

Invest in a picnic table equipped with a cooler if you frequently hold get-togethers in the open air with your close friends, and you will be set for the rest of your life. The table is equipped with a cooling trough for ice and drinks and a couple of hardwood benches where you can relax after a hard day's work. But where can one locate a picnic table worthy of a dream? You can buy it online at Etsy, Amazon, and others; or, if you are feeling very daring, you may give a used table a new lease on life by attaching a watering trough to it.

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Traditional Picnic Set In A Dark Brown Color

Walker Edison

Those lovely outdoor luncheons with friends and family are the perfect opportunity to enjoy a traditional picnic set made of dark wood. If you put it in a location that overlooks a beautiful view or beside a pool, you won't want to go back inside. This picnic set will win you overeating meals outside, whether you like to dine more traditionally at tables or buffet-style tables.

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If you want an uncomplicated look while still elegant and tidy, choose a dark brown finish.

Bench And Table Set Or Informal Picnics

 Bench and Table

A laid-back picnic table set will shine the focus on your backyard or front porch. This set is durable enough to withstand the harsh elements thanks to the polished oak tops and iron legs. Choose a collection that is easy to move around by picking lightweight and small one. Depending on how you feel, you can put it on your deck, patio, or yard.

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Easy to assemble
Light weight

What is a picnic table set up for the summer without a vase filled with flowers? Collect some of the season's flowers to add beauty and scent to your home.

Three-Piece Walker Edison Contemporary Outdoor Dining Table

3 Piece Acacia

You want to add something to your outdoor space, but you want something simple. Choose a picnic set with simple design elements, such as straight lines. It can draw attention to practically any area and provides a beautiful dining setting. If you want a picnic table in two different colors, you can choose between a dark brown one and a white one. The color brown exudes an air of sophistication, whereas the color white exudes warmth and modesty.

To get the look of true minimalism, you need to keep everything simple and not go crazy with the layout. What is a picnic table set up for the summer without a vase filled with flowers? Collect some of the season's flowers to add beauty and scent to your home.

Set Comprising A Picnic Bench And Table Designed For Children

picnic table kids

Provide your children with a brightly colored children's picnic table set to join in on the fun in the backyard. It may be a cute little addition to your outside play area, and it might be the ideal spot for your children to do their homework, eat their meals, and play. During the summer, you and your children could enjoy working together to construct a children's picnic table set. It should be painted in vivid colors, and then a rainbow-colored patio umbrella should be placed on top of it.

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You may feel confident that your children will have a wonderful time here, whether snacking or playing. In addition, there is no need to be concerned about the chairs falling over because there are benches already built in.

Park Benches That Can Be Moved Around

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Do you adore the concept of a picnic bench but find that you have little space for one? Bring home a picnic bench with multiple seating options! The advantage of this set is that it can be easily converted from a garden bench into a picnic set and vice versa. This flexibility is a great feature to have. Like the one shown in the illustration, a two-in-one group is an excellent choice for a patio or yard with limited space. In addition to this, these sets typically come with an umbrella hole that can accommodate patio umbrellas of a standard size.

Interchangeable Picnic Bench

Picnic Table With A Round Table Top And Six Wooden Seats

Table Top And Six Wooden Seats

Replace the conventional rectangular picnic bench with a four-person capacity with a modern bar with six seats. A spherical table made of wood is included, with curving benches and a hole for an umbrella. Sets of round picnic tables are space-efficient and comfortable to use. In addition to that, there is plenty of room for the legs. People who enjoy intimate social get-togethers in the fresh air will find these an excellent option. These sets come pre-assembled and are ideal for rustic gardens and wooden patios because of their natural appearance. You can use them in place of traditional garden furniture if you choose.

Picnic Table With A Walk-In Octagon Shape

Octagon picnic

Another one-of-a-kind option for your garden is a picnic bench in the shape of an octagon. The set has four courts for eight comfortable seating positions, making it an excellent choice for larger get-togethers. This picnic set is easily accessible on foot and is one of its most appealing features. When we say this, we mean that a newcomer will not need to slip in or step over the already sitting people to take their seats.

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If your table does not already come with a parasol hole, you can drill one yourself. The shade will be helpful on those hot summer days when you want to eat outdoors.

Set Of Folding Picnic Tables That Are Portable

Portable Folding

With a portable folding picnic table set, you can take your get-togethers and picnics wherever you go. In most cases, it has a structure that can be folded up quickly and easily, and it has hardwood tops and iron legs. Please note that to make these picnic benches more portable, they are designed to be a little narrower than the typical wooden benches. In addition, they do not need any assembly, and their system for setting up and breaking down is quite simple.

Choose a set that is made of pine, fir, or spruce. Because these softwoods are more lightweight, it will be much simpler for you to either store your benches or transport them from place to place.

Picnic Table Made Of White Cedar Logs With A Separate Benches

white cedar log

A picnic table in the style of white cedar logs can be a lovely addition to any outside space, be it a garden or a backyard. Because it is resistant to decay, insects, and weather, cedar is an excellent choice in outdoor settings. In addition to this, there are no splinters. Another advantage of cedar is that it is relatively lightweight. Because of this, you won't have to worry about giving yourself a backache when it comes time to move your picnic table set about.

Staining the white cedar will be necessary if you want the wood to maintain its lovely appearance over time.

How To Determine Which Garden Picnic Bench Is Right For You

You adore the concept of dining outside, and you may have already started looking for a cute little picnic table set that you can place in your garden. But because there are so many choices, it could be difficult for you to decide which one is best for you. When shopping for a picnic set, the most important factors to consider are the set's weight, portability, material, shape, and size. Have a look at the buyer's guide that's provided down below.

weather-proof bench


On gloomy, overcast days, you won't need to lug those big benches to a protected spot because most outdoor furniture is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions. Despite this, you cannot afford to ignore this very vital facet of the situation. Materials range from wood and aluminum to plastic and concrete to construct picnic benches, ranging from wood and aluminum to plastic and concrete. The advantages and disadvantages of each material differ, as well as specific characteristics such as durability, ease of maintenance, and level of comfort.

Despite being readily available and cheap, softwood is not very long-lasting, and it does not fare well in natural environments. On the other hand, Hardwood is resistant to wear but requires frequent varnishing to maintain its appearance. The longevity of plastic and metal sets is another reason many people choose to purchase them. However, the aesthetic appeal of these metal picnic benches cannot compare to that of wooden picnic benches.

Consider getting a set of picnic benches made of teak for your lawn. The wood is exceptionally long-lasting and can be kept exposed to the elements throughout the entire year.

Form And Measurement

When shopping for a picnic set, another essential consideration to bear in mind is the set's overall form and dimensions. These are dependent on two different aspects. First, how much accessible space do you have to work with? The second factor is the total number of guests you intend to host. Your backyard may become somewhat cluttered as a result of your picnic set. Taking measurements of your area in advance might assist you in making a more informed decision. You have quite a few alternatives to pick from when it comes to the shape you want. The most typical shape for outdoor furniture, rectangular sets, lends an air of timelessness to any setting. You may even go for something slightly different and select octagonal, hexagonal, or spherical picnic sets.


Your picnic bench's color can significantly impact the overall aesthetic appeal of your backyard. Choose hues that are vivid and eye-catching if you want to create a lively atmosphere for the children there. You will require a little bit of yellow, red, and blue in your mixture. When going for a more traditional look, browns and greys in neutral tones are the way to go.

Picnic brown

If you're going for a minimalistic and contemporary look, you might choose to use two-toned sets in black and white.

Both In Terms Of Weight And Portability

When shopping for a picnic bench, you should think about how portable your set is and whether or not you will be able to move it about. A solid bar made of Hardwood will be a good choice if you intend to keep your outdoor furniture outside throughout the entire year. We anticipate it to be long-lasting, but we also expect it to have a minimum required level of care.

When you need something that is more portable, the piece of furniture that is most suitable for your needs is a bench made of lightweight softwood. You can take it with you to a picnic location or a public garden so that you and your friends can eat there.

Picnic Time


You are aware of what people say, right? When a family eats together, they tend to stay together. Invest in a picnic seat for your backyard so that you can foster stronger relationships while enjoying a cup of tea and some sandwiches. Gatherings with friends and family, as well as quality time spent with children, should be prioritized. You can also take some time for relaxation and reflection by sitting on a park bench, allowing you to get outside and spend more time in the natural world. The presence of a water feature in your garden is desirable.

No matter how you decide to put your bench to use, you should not pass up the opportunity to connect with other people and the natural world around you. Get a picnic seat for your garden to take a break from all the work you have to do in the park. What do you prefer, in your opinion? The traditional or the cutting edge? Tell us in the comments section below.

benches time

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Going Rate For A Picnic Bench?

The price of a picnic bench could range from one hundred to three hundred dollars or even more. In general, the price is determined by the brand, size, and material factors. Look through our several suggestions for picnic benches to better understand the cost. To avoid unnecessary costs, you might also make it on your own. Less than one hundred dollars' worth of materials is required to construct it.

How Should A Picnic Bench Be Painted?

To begin, remove any dust particles from your bench by cleaning it with a gentle detergent and little water. Sand the surface to make the surface as smooth as possible and remove any splinters. Before beginning to paint, it is essential to apply a coat of primer and then wait for it to completely dry. You can now use your picnic bench outside as soon as you're ready! You could get a new picnic bench to save yourself the hassle if you want to avoid the hassle.

How Does One Bring An Old Park Bench Back To Life?

Ensure that your benches are spotless by scrubbing them before you bring out your toolkit. Now it's time to fix the damage; look for nails that are protruding and planks that are wobbly. You need to replace the rusted and exposed nails and then screw the boards back into place if they were loose. After that, you should sand the table to make the surface even, and then you should clean up any dust from the sanding. Last but not least, paint and embellish the table in any way you see fit! But if your table is too old, perhaps you should consider purchasing a new one.

How Should A Picnic Bench Be Assembled?

You may have some assembly work to complete after purchasing a wooden picnic table set. Collect the necessary items; you may require a drill, a saw, a screwdriver, and some screws, bolts, and nuts. You can begin laying out the individual boards that will make up the bench. Place them in the desired position on a level surface, and then secure the battens to them using screws. Attach the legs to the outer battens and then turn them upside down to test their stability.