The best outdoor garden lights to brighten up your garden

The Best Outdoor Garden Lights To Brighten Up Your Garden


Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 6/30/2022

Your garden is filled with shadows, and the stars have come out. Your yard is illuminated by the Moon in an enchanting manner but not very even–you can hardly make out the walk. You can't blame the Moon when you have the option of installing some outdoor garden lights in your garden.

Outside garden lights are helpful, but they can also completely change your garden as the sun goes down. They have the potential to motivate you to spend more time outdoors and increase your sense of safety. The most significant part is changing them to fit whatever arrangement you choose.

LED exterior lights powered by solar technology are becoming more widespread today. However, the quality may vary greatly, and pricing alone is not always the most fantastic method to determine whether or not anything is worth purchasing. Because of this, we decided to compile a buyer's guide for outdoor garden lights and chose many of the most high-quality items currently available on the market. We researched for you to concentrate on coming up with unique solutions. What I'd want to do now is throw some light on this topic; would you all agree to that?

Best Outside Garden Lights Reviewed


There is a wide selection of garden lights available, making it difficult to choose the most suitable one. Among the many things that stand out, a few are noteworthy. When it comes to garden lights for the exterior of your home, factors such as brightness, durability, and energy economy are all key considerations; we have taken these factors in mind when compiling our list. So, what are the finest choices you can make at this time?

1. Balhvit Glass Extremely Brilliant Solar Lights For Outdoor Use

The Balhvit Glass Solar Lights Outdoor set is first on our list of recommendations. It has a higher brightness than others and is constructed from glass and stainless steel, making it more resistant to damage from any climate. We like how lovely the design is despite its seeming simplicity.


  • Outstanding work throughout in every respect
  • Outstanding brightness to the cost
  • We were charged for a total of 12 hours of use.
  • Beautiful light patterns


  • Fewer color choices than usual

2. TomCare Solar Lights Flickering Flames 43 Inch Waterproof

Now here are above and beyond: these TomCare solar lights put on a risk-free display of dancing flames and don't produce any smoke. Your garden or backyard might benefit from having an intriguing set like this one.

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  • Maintains a charge for up to 12 hours on its own.
  • LED lighting of the highest caliber
  • Lovely layout and effects visually.


  • It would be beneficial to strengthen the support poles.

3. Brightech Ambience Pro Waterproof Solar Outdoor String Lights

Brightech has created a set of string lights that may significantly improve the ambiance of your garden, lawn, patio, or gazebo. Particularly appealing to our eyes is the retro appearance of the lamps.


  • Lightbulbs that are shatterproof
  • The chord is flexible.
  • Heavy-duty construction Limitations


  • Because light is more mellow than brilliant, its use is mainly limited to cosmetic reasons.

4. Solar-Powered LED Outdoor Lights With Moonrays

The Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar LED Outdoor Lights are a solution that fits within your budget. There are eight solar LED lights with a black motif included in each set, and each of the path lights can illuminate an area 12 inches in diameter.

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  • Very easy to set up and configure.
  • enticing appearance reminiscent of hammered glass
  • The option that is economical for constructing extensive garden walkways


  • Mowing the grass has the potential to cause harm.

5. Lampat Outdoor Waterproof Wireless Solar Garden Lights

Lampert's water- and the weather-resistant solar outdoor garden light system comes with the necessary anchors and screws for a safe and secure installation on a wall or fence. It is both tiny and solidly constructed, and it comes with a motion sensor already installed.

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  • Heatproof \sWeather-resistant
  • Capable motion sensor
  • Protective covering that lasts.


  • When not in use, the light may flicker 

6. LITOM Solar Spotlights with 12 LEDs, Wireless And Outdoor Use

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The Litom 12 LEDs Wireless Outdoor Solar Spotlights are an option that is dependable and won't cause you any problem when it comes to lighting up certain aspects of your garden, such as walls. You will enjoy how the options of brightness may be adjusted and the general build quality.


  • Adaptable lighting modes to suit your preferences
    It can be relocated from the garden to a wall or the wall to the park at any time (keep the mounting accessories!).


  • It's possible that a lighting angle of 120 degrees won't be optimal in all situations.

7. Outdoor String Light Globe Patio Lights with 104 Edison Glass Bulbs for a Low Voltage

One such pair of string glass bulbs that ranks high on our list of preferred outdoor garden lights is this particular one. It is adaptable to most situations and has the potential to completely change the atmosphere of the room it is used in.


  • You may turn them down to save money on electricity.
  • Each set comes with up to one hundred hanging sockets, much more than other sets.
  • Beautiful design perfect for sophisticated surroundings


  • Because of their fragility, the bulbs must be carefully installed.

8. Two packages of the Toodour Solar Christmas Lights Solar String Lights with 72 Feet and 200 LEDs and 8 Different Modes

Without including a set just for the holiday season, our inventory of lights for the outdoor garden would not be complete. This string of multicolored lights that is 72 feet long is simple to connect to trees, gutters, and other buildings, but it also has a charming appearance.

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  • You can alter the blinking pattern.
  • LED lights of high quality have a very long lifespan.
  • Here we got a lot of bang for our buck.


  • Reduced brightness during periods of gloomy or wet weather
  • Putting the sensor nine too close to the street lights might cause it to malfunction. 

9. Voona Solar LED Outdoor Lights

The Voona Solar LED Outdoor Lights run up to six hours on a single charge and come with three different illumination settings that the user can select. When you choose the on mode, all lights will come on. The lights will start to come on by themselves once the dusk mode detects that it is becoming dark outside. After seeing any movement, the lights will switch on by themselves thanks to a feature called motion.

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  • A remarkable amount of light intensity
  • Stainless steel design


  • Light travels in parallel, thin bands.

10. Zenith HZ-4133-OR Shaker Cove Outside Garden Lights

 Zenith Shaker Cove Outside Garden Lights The motion detecting mechanism in the Shaker Cove Outside Garden Lights can detect movement from 150 degrees. It can see any movement at a range of up to 30 feet. Metal and transparent glass make up the sturdy construction of this item. The 60-watt bulb is capable of providing enough illumination for safety purposes. Because it automatically lowers its brightness after sensing no motion for thirty seconds, this system has a relatively low overall power usage.

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  • Attractive metal design
  • Durable and transparent glass coating 


  • Not included: a standard incandescent light bulb (you have to buy it separately)

11. LED Spotlights With A Watt Of Power From The Moonrays

Moonrays 95557 1-Watt LED Spotlight Outdoor Lights are a reliable option if you want to focus the light on a specific object, such as a wall, sculpture, tree, or flower bed. This auxiliary light has a low-voltage LED bulb that only requires 1 Watt and has a lifespan of several years. Each measuring 7 inches in height, two spotlights are included in a single set.

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  • Simple to assemble
  • Durable die-cast black aluminum design
  • a spotlight with an adjustable


  • To a greater extent, a floodlight than a spotlight 

12. Solar Motion Sensor Integrated AmeriTop 128 LED 800LM Wireless LED Outdoor Lights

You can successfully light up a dark region of your outdoor space by mounting these solar motion sensor lights on the wall of your home or shed. It is an option that is dependable and efficient, and it comes with a powerful motion sensor that will not be activated by the weather or by other lights.

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  • 270 degrees lighting angle 
  • 128-LED design (more than other products in this price range)
  • Even in the cold, good efficacy of the photocells 


  • It's not the best option for working at great heights or in continuous motion.

13. LED Garden Lights Powered by Solar Energy from GardenJoy

The GardenJoy Solar Powered LED Outdoor Lights come in a set of ten miniature lights with a black motif that can operate independently. It is simple to put up and can illuminate for up to eight hours, and it is ideal for walkways and lawns.


  • Simple and readily available
  • Excellent resistance to the elements


  • Plastic construction is easily broken, so use caution while handling it.

Outside Garden Lights Basics

LED technology is often used in outdoor garden lights. However, there are noteworthy variations in the way these lights are designed. One size does not suit everyone! There are many types of outdoor garden lights available today, but here are a few of the most popular.

Task Lights


Task lighting is lighting intended to bring attention to a particular region. It is often fitted with a motion detector and is mounted on the wall at a higher height than the user's head level. This kind of outdoor garden light is often installed at the top of steps, entryways, or in front of other buildings like patios or sheds.

Decorative Lights


Decoration Lights An outdoor space, such as a patio or another kind of sitting area, might benefit from adding ornamental lights to enhance the atmosphere. As a rule, it emits glow light rather than concentrated lighting; thus, you may need to combine it with other light sources.

Accent lighting


Accent lighting is an excellent tool you can use whenever you want to highlight a garden feature or draw attention to sound quality. It often takes the shape of spotlights that can be directed upon things like sculptures, trees, and the like.

A helpful hint: Using accent lighting to divert attention away from unattractive features such as clotheslines may assist.

LED Lights Versus Halogen Lights


You can use either halogen lights or LED lights when putting lighting in an outdoor garden. Landscapes often have lighting made using halogen bulbs, and they emit yellow light and use a greater amount of energy. When in operation, halogen lights may produce a surface temperature that is uncomfortable to the touch. LED lights to provide a clear white light, which is ideal for outdoor areas like gardens and backyards. Because it can be run off of the energy from solar panels, it also has a lower overall cost.

Solar energy is a renewable resource, making it more environmentally friendly than other energy sources. Outside garden lights powered by solar energy store energy throughout the day and then switch on automatically at dark to offer lighting after nightfall. Solar-powered lights don't need any additional cords is another benefit of using them. Plant the lights in the ground and keep your fingers crossed that they will be illuminated by the sun. However, the light they emit is not as bright as the light produced by electric lights, and the quality of their light is dependent on the set that is purchased.

If you are looking for the most efficient kind of lighting that is currently accessible, electrification is the way to go. However, setting up a system that requires an outlet might be a pain in the neck. You can conclude that there is a good chance that you will need a transformer at the site where the lights are to be connected. To prevent the fuse from being blown out, you will need additional transformers if you want to install more than one light.

Cables and wirings are required for electrical lighting. You should ensure that you understand the process, whether you are doing the installation yourself or hiring a qualified technician. In a nutshell, outdoor garden lights powered by LEDs are almost always the superior option since they are less difficult to set up and present no dangers to users in an atmosphere often saturated with water.

Instructions on How to Put Outside Garden Lights in Place

Outside lights illuminate your walkway and deter thieves and allow you to identify who is knocking on your door. In addition to that, they may provide your yard with a lovely appearance after dark. The following instructions will assist you in the efficient and risk-free installation of outdoor garden lighting.

Step 1: Choose Lights That Can Be Put Up Quickly And Easily


Solar-powered garden lights that use wireless LED bulbs are often the easiest to install in a garden. They can be stuck in the ground, wrapped around a tree branch, or mounted on the wall using the provided mount. Continue reading for more on electrical systems using wires.

Step 2: Preserve Your Safety


Always remember to practice proper safety precautions before beginning the installation of wired outdoor lighting. The fuse box must be turned off before turning off the primary power source. Turn off the circuit breaker, and attach a notice to the outside of the box to inform your neighbors that you will be working on the electrical line. Utilize a socket tester to determine whether or not all circuits have already stopped working. When it comes to the safety of electrical systems, you should never take any chances or be negligent.

Step 3: Utilize A Low Voltage System 


Installing low-voltage systems that operate on 12 volts is what we suggest you do for your do-it-yourself garden lighting project. These are risk-free, don't cost a lot of money, and don't need a lot of energy. This kind of arrangement ought to be sufficient for most gardening lighting endeavors. The transformer, the lights, the low-voltage electrical line, and the accent fixtures are the essential elements that must be present for this system to function correctly.

Step 4: Installing the System 


When installing a standard lighting system, there are three primary stages. The grounding of the cable comes first, followed by installing the transformer in its proper location. In the end, you should connect the lights. Watch the video that has been provided below to get a rundown of the main processes.

How to Install Landscaping Lighting

The Light at the Bottom


In the end, you shouldn't expect the light provided by the Moon to be sufficient for your garden. Find the solar-powered outdoor garden lights that are most suited for your area and get some LED-powered outside garden lights to make your landscape even more stunning. The mood of your outside area may be enhanced by using outside garden lighting, and they may improve the look of your garden and make spending time in the backyard with family and friends that much more enjoyable.

The most fantastic thing about outside garden lights is that you can also use them as décor for parties or Christmas around your outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or lounge area. The following templates may be modified to suit your needs and implemented in inventive ways at any time. Now the floor is yours. Which of the lights located outdoors are some of your favorites? And do you already have any lighting installed in your garden?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which kind of outdoor lighting is the most effective?

The very best outdoor lighting is uncomplicated to set up, long-lasting, risk-free, and energy-efficient while producing adequate light. LED lights are often regarded as the most effective outdoor lighting option for various gardens and backyards.

What do you name lights that are placed outside?

Sconces, strings, spike lights, wall lights, LED candle lights, deck lighting, and spotlights are the names for the many types of outdoor lighting. Find out more information on how garden lights are installed.

Which outdoor lighting is the most effective?

Some of the greatest outdoor garden lights on the market include the Balhvit Glass Super Bright Solar Lights, the Ambience Pro series, and the TomCare Solar Lights 43′′ Waterproof Flickering Flames. Please read our garden light reviews.

What voltage is landscape lighting?

You may use solar-powered outside garden lights instead of the standard line voltage of 120 volts for outdoor lighting.

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