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Outdoor Fireplaces

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Updated on 12/4/2022

Several things might bring out the beauty in your backyard or garden. However, the addition of certain elements, such as an outdoor fireplace, may turn it into a warm and inviting atmosphere ideal for reliving cherished experiences. The majority of outdoor fireplaces are built like that an inside fireplace. Brick, stone, concrete, or metal are the most common materials used to construct these fireplaces. They have a chimney, a firebox, and logs, either genuine or simply ornamental. Even though many fireplaces still use wood as their primary fuel source, newer designs often include gas burners for convenience.

An outdoor fireplace provides the warmth of the fire and the captivating display of the flames. Although specific fireplaces may be used for cooking, fire pits are often better suited. This guide will let you explore many diverse interpretations of an old idea, and it will come in handy whether you are looking to replace an existing fireplace or purchase one for the first time. In addition, we have included a guide for constructing your fireplace using do-it-yourself techniques and seven of the most impressive outdoor fireplace kits now available for purchase.


So, are you ready to get your blood pumping?

Unique Outdoor Fireplace Ideas And Designs

Outdoor fireplaces may be found in various sizes, configurations, and designs, including traditional and contemporary options. Explore a few of the fireplace designs that we've found to be the most intriguing and attractive.

1. Realistic Fireplace For The Outdoor

An outdoor living area with a fireplace is unrivaled in comfort and ambiance. Look at this magnificent illustration of a stone fireplace to see what we mean.


2. Outdoor Stone Fireplace

The variety of options available to you might be bewildering when planning the backyard layouts of your outdoor living area. However, everything will become much simpler if you center the design around an outdoor fireplace, such as the one shown in the image below. A wonderful ambiance may be created around an outdoor fireplace by incorporating elements such as chairs, a water feature, or plants into the surrounding area.


3. Ideas For Designing An Outdoor Fireplace

Which, an outdoor fireplace or a fire pit, should you install first? There is just one thing that can be said with absolute certainty: fire characteristics are unquestionably quite warm. You could find this pretty fantastic corner fireplace helpful in deciding on anything.


4. Outdoor Kitchen Pizza Oven Wall

If you have an outdoor eating area, it would be good to use a stone pizza oven that you have converted into a fireplace. An example of a lovely design, including a pergola.


5. Unique Rock Outdoor Fireplace

This huge outdoor fireplace is complemented well by the traditional seating provided. The end product is not just sophisticated but also rather cozy. A helpful piece of advice is not to be frightened of going large and building an outstanding fireplace if you have the room for it. Your home's value will go up as a result of this improvement.


6. Unique Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

The outdoor fireplace is conveniently located next to the hot tub. Isn't it awesome, or should I say, sizzling!? Even the slide has a great appearance to it!


7. Brick Outdoor Fireplace You Can Build Yourself

Brick fireplaces have an appearance that has stood the test of time and can impart a great deal of allure into any environment. A fire pit similar to this one has the potential to take center stage in the area you have outside in your yard.


8. Beautiful Outdoor Stone Fireplace

This particular outdoor fireplace appears to have been transported from the distant past to a contemporary backyard setting.


9. Magical Outdoor Fireplace

Your pool in the backyard might benefit from the addition of a fascinating ornamental feature like a fireplace. To illustrate my idea, below is an example that is quite exaggerated.


10. A Remarkable Outdoor Fireplace Complete With Seating

An outdoor fireplace may serve as the focal point of a cozy sitting area, which is ideal for spending time with friends and family and hosting gatherings.


11. Design For The Fireplace That Is Understated And Relaxed

When constructing your first fireplace, it's good to use a strategy that prioritizes ease of use and familiarity with the materials.


12. Patio Outdoor Fireplace Design

When you have a tall stone fireplace on your patio, it is lovely to simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the ambiance and comfort that it provides.


13. Elegant Classic Fireplace Design

Do you have a rooftop or patio with a fantastic view of the city? Include a sophisticated fireplace in the mix, and pour a glass of wine each for you and your significant other.


14. Exceptional Fireplace Featuring A Gazebo

This is a beautiful concept for an outdoor fireplace that resembles a gazebo! The whole seating seems comfortable and would be just suitable for evenings and nights spent outdoors. A magical atmosphere may be created in your outdoor lounge area by installing garden lights in the area around your fireplace.


15. Fireplace Made Of Stone, Fitted With Lights

On cold nights, added warmth and terrific company from a patio fireplace are welcome additions to the space. The incredible scene that has been created here is centered on the fireplace, which is framed by lamp posts.


16. Outdoor Gas Fireplace

The design of your patio might include a large contemporary outdoor gas fireplace like the one shown above, which will allow you to create an atmosphere that is both attractive and exciting.


17. Elevated Hearth

The following is an example of a massive classical fireplace design that works very well with its surroundings. On days when there is a lot of wind, the smoke from a tall fireplace won't be a problem for you to deal with.


18. Ideas For A Stone Fireplace

Adding texture to your stone patio and helping to create a fantastic space by giving your stone fireplace a rough, unfinished appearance.


19. Decoration For A Country Fireplace

Your next go-to outdoor buddy could well turn out to be a hulking, well-constructed fireplace that sits against a background of trees.


20. Brick Fireplace Designed For Use Outside

This tall and impressive corner fireplace is masterfully crafted out of a combination of bricks and stones.


21. Outdoor Fireplace Plans

A fantastic sense of being outside may be created with the help of a fireplace, mainly when it looks as lovely as this one does.


Instructions On How To Construct An Outdoor Fireplace

You may make a simple do-it-yourself wood fireplace out of easily available materials by stacking stones or bricks, using concrete, and without breaking the bank or your back in the process. To construct a simple do-it-yourself outdoor fireplace in your yard or garden, follow these instructions. You're going to require the assistance of at least one more person with both hands.

First, Sketch Up A Simple Pattern

Draw a Simple Design for fireplace

Take careful measurements of the outdoor fireplace's width, length, height, and depth you choose. You should also think about the overall appearance that you are going for. Bricks are an excellent option for achieving a more classic aesthetic. Use stones that are piled to get a more contemporary appearance.

The Second Step Is To Construct The Base

Build the Foundation for fireplace

If you do not already have a level concrete surface, you will need to create one. First, you should dig a trench and then pour some concrete. You should let the concrete at least one day to cure since the weight of the fireplace might cause it to split during the curing process.

The Third Step Add Cinder Blocks

Cinder Blocks  for fireplace

After the foundation has had time to dry, the next step is to lay cinder blocks made of concrete and then pour mortar between them. Make sure that there is a gap at the top. Cinder blocks provide a quick and simple solution for constructing an outdoor fireplace. You may look for them at HomeDepot or Lowe's – or the equivalent establishment in your area.

The Fourth Step: Build The Outer Shell Or Facade

Construct the outer shell. The 2x4 timber, or more significant pieces, should be cut to size before being assembled with either nails or screws. Make any adjustments to the dimensions of the lumber depending on the measurements you took.

In The Fifth Step, Add The Cement Board To The Structure

Attach the cement board in place. Cut the cement board to size, and then use concrete screws to fasten it to the frame.

The Sixth Step Is To Prepare The Mortar


Combine the ingredients for the mortar, then apply it to the cement board. It is best to use it in parts to not get dry.

In The Seventh Step, Add Either The Stones Or The Bricks


When placing the piled stones or bricks, check to see that there are no empty gaps between them.

The Eighth Step Is To Install The Chimney


Install the chimney and top it with a metal cover to prevent precipitation from entering the fireplace once it is operational. Check that it is secure on all sides before using it.

10 Best Outdoor Fireplace Kits Reviewed

Are you looking for a straightforward method to construct an indoor fireplace? Consider using an outdoor fireplace kit. In time for the upcoming holidays, we've compiled a list of the top outdoor fireplaces currently available.

1. Jasper Fireplace By Sunjoy, Model No. L-OF134PST-B

The Sunjoy L-OF134PST-B Jasper Fireplace is adaptable, and it boasts a design that will never go out of style. It is long-lasting and risk-free, and it comes with a spark shield that stops embers from flying out of the device. Additionally, we appreciate that it includes a removable pan that makes it simple to dispose of the ashes. This contributes to its already excellent simplicity of use, which earns it top ratings overall.

Sunjoy Gwendolyn Outdoor Patio Heavy  Wood Burning Fireplace
Our Opinion 🤔
Easy to assemble8.8
Easy to assemble


  • Beautiful yet lasting
  • The surface of stones does not get very heated
  • After initial configuration, it is simple to use


  • To successfully manage it, you'll need the assistance of at least two other individuals.
  • It takes a little bit of time to get everything set up.


This stunning fireplace would be an excellent addition to your outdoor area, and it would be something that you and all of your loved ones would be able to enjoy together if you find that your backyard is a little dull.

2. Stone Fireplace From Sunjoy, Model Number L-OF083PST-2

This massive and regal fireplace is created from manufactured stone, and it goes by the name of the Sunjoy Stone Fire Place. It has a sturdy construction and has the potential to make the room in which it is put a warm and inviting space for the whole family. This one has the traditional appearance of a stone fireplace, but it also has metal features and gives room for decorative items like flower pots and other such things. Put another way, and you may make it seem like it belongs to you!

Sunjoy Atticus Wood Burning Fireplace, Copper
Our Opinion 🤔
Easy to assemble9.2
Easy to assemble
Value for money7.6
Value for money


  • Produces a great deal of heat
  • Looks fantastic (at least according to our taste)
  • A solid non-metal foundation makes it easy to install


  • There is no option to remove the lid to clean it.


If you have a big space and want a fireplace that stands out, you can add your unique decorations and other personal touches. This is the best option for you to go with.

3. Tabletop Fire Pit With Propane And Gas Burning For Outdoor Use By Outland Living

Patios are the perfect setting for the Outland Living Gas Fire Table. This is an alternative to a traditional fireplace with a foundation that is both large and sturdy, and it generates 35,000 BTU/HR. You will enjoy how it functions, how little care it requires, and how simple it is to clean. This one has the sense of a high-end product thanks to the practical flame adjuster and the black wicker appearance. The arctic ice glass pebbles placed on the fire table are yet another detail that we like.


  • Elegant and multi-award-winning design
  • System of igniting that is both quick and easy and completely smoke-free.
  • Wicker made of UV-resistant DHPE plastic is dependable in every climate.


  • Both the wind guard and the glass lid may be purchased individually.
  • When compared to other fireplaces, the flame could seem to be lower.


This one can be a good option for you if you're looking for a substitute for a fireplace that captures the spirit of a traditional fireplace while maintaining its functionality. It is simple to implement in a variety of environments.

4. Fireplace With Cal Flame Gas For Outdoor Use

The Cal Flame Gas Fireplace comes included with both lava rocks and a fire log set in addition to its 55,000 BTU burner. This fireplace may be converted to run on either natural gas or liquid propane. Although it has the appearance of an inside fireplace, you are free to use it securely outdoors in any kind of weather. We are fans of the attractive appearance and sturdy construction.


  • Strong burner with 55,000 BTU capacity
  • The log set is a lovely addition.
  • Strong and aesthetically pleasing traditional fireplace design


  • Compared to other fireplaces, it has a less amount of rock.


This dependable outdoor gas fireplace can be just what you're looking for if you want to recreate the appearance and atmosphere of a fireplace found inside your home outdoors.

5. Freestanding Outdoor Fireplace With A Rustic Chiminea Design By Sunnydaze

An attractive oxidized rustic finish may be given to a freestanding chiminea fireplace that burns wood instead of the traditional fireplace. This is yet another clever alternative to the traditional fireplace. Because this chiminea has so much personality, it is easy to overlook its flaws, such as its lower heating capacity compared to that of a larger fireplace.


  • When compared to a traditional fireplace, it is far simpler to relocate.
  • A remarkable impression may be achieved in your backyard or garden using an exciting design.
  • The rain cover prevents any moisture from entering the chimney.


  • There is still a chance that wind may spread smoke.


The Sunnydaze Rural Chiminea offers a unique and unusual spin on traditional fireplaces in a rustic setting at an affordable price.

6. The Landmann USA 25722 Outdoor Redford Fireplace Is 28 Inches In Diameter

Metal fireplaces have an intriguing appearance and are easy to build and relocate once in place. This one by Landmann combines all of the most important advantages that metal fireplaces provide in one convenient package at an affordable price. Most stone fireplaces are green with envy when they see this metal fireplace because it performs such a wonderful job of directing the smoke upwards and gives an overall view of the flames via the grating.


  • a view of the fire in every direction
  • Hassle-free setup
  • The ash pan's ability to be removed simplifies cleaning and maintenance.


  • You may need to repaint it to avoid rusting over time.
  • When opposed to traditional options, having open sides results in less radiant warmth.


Choose this model if you want a fireplace made of metal that is easy to move about and doesn't need to be maintained very often. However, bear in mind that this one is more concerned with its appearance than generating heat.

7. Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace

What about a remote-controlled electric fireplace that has infrared lighting? We do not advocate putting this fireplace outside in the rain since it is not a genuine outdoor fireplace. However, it may be an incredible experience when enjoyed on a patio or under a pergola. The three-dimensional flame effect looks great, and its hue, brightness, and speed can all be modified by remote control. This fireplace stove has a great overall design, and we genuinely like the way it looks, feels, and acts in our home. Just make sure that you don't abandon it to the mercy of the weather.

Duraflame Infrared Quartz Electric Stove Heater with 3D Flame Effect, Navy
Our Opinion 🤔
Easy to assemble9.4
Easy to assemble
Easy to use9.2
Easy to use
Remote Control8.8
Remote Control
Heat output8.8
Heat output
Temperature Control8.8
Temperature Control


  • Because this design lacks vents, you no longer need to worry about the smoke.
  • Integrated safeguards against falling from above
  • The use of a digital thermostat enables you to maintain temperature control.


  • A heater with 5,200 BTU might not be sufficient for everyone.
  • Needs to be protected from the elements by a patio or a pergola.


This is a contemporary and practical alternative to traditional fireplaces that can be attractively incorporated into an outdoor space that has some cover.

8. 50,000 BTU Propane Gas Fire Pit Table By Tacklife, Designed For Outdoor Use

This gas fire pit table is adaptable, and we genuinely like it. This one is versatile enough to serve as a fireplace table, a fire pit, a lounge bar table, a dining table, or even a workshop. Even though it is not constructed of wood, the top of this fire table has the same sturdy appearance as wood and is built to last. This fireplace is resistant to corrosion and severe weather conditions.


  • Because it was designed to serve several purposes, it is exceedingly functional.
  • It can be put up in a forty-five-minute window.
  • Stylish appearance and user-friendly cover


  • Because of its design, it is difficult to use as a fireplace on days when there is a lot of wind.


If you want a fireplace that is integrated into a table and that table can be used in various ways, this is an excellent option. Even when it's not lit up, it may still serve as a functional piece of furniture.

9. Bessemer 01471 28″ Portable Patio Fireplace

This movable fireplace has a charming appearance and is simple to transport from one location to another, such as from the patio to the garden or the pool. It works well for both of you. Its spherical shape gives the impression of being a hybrid of a fire pit, a fireplace, and a brazier.

Fire Sense Bessemer Patio Bonfire Fireplace Black
Our Opinion 🤔
Easy to use8.4
Easy to use
Easy to assemble7.4
Easy to assemble


  • The fireplace is the most portable on our list.
  • A porcelain enamel bowl offers an excellent level of protection against corrosion.


  • Because the architecture is open, heat is wasted, and as a result, you could need alternate forms of warmth.


This circular outdoor fireplace from Bessemer is about as convenient as outdoor fireplaces get. It doesn't matter whether you have a working fireplace already or if you're in the market for your first one; this offers terrific value either way.

10. Amantii BI-30 Extra Slim Indoor Or Outdoor Electric Fireplace

Last but not least, here is an electric fireplace that you may imaginatively include in your covered outdoor deck or patio. The slick flames and variable hues—for example, if you desire purple flames, you can have them—may help create a relaxing atmosphere in your surroundings.


  • Stunning presentation of beauty
  • Slim design
  • Convenient remote control


  • Requires a watertight environment, making it unsuitable for sure gardens and backyards.


Suppose you are interested in purchasing a highly contemporary fireplace for an outdoor space covered. In that case, you will discover that this particular model is simple to assemble and is an excellent option.

Fire Pits In The Backyard, And You


Creating the ideal environment for socializing with loved ones and good friends is made easier with the addition of outdoor fireplaces. It is also possible to be an incredible compliment to your outside area. During the colder months of the year, outdoor fires may keep you warm and help make the Christmas season more memorable. Additionally, you may use them throughout the year, even on the somewhat chilly summer evenings. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing one, we encourage you to go ahead and do it!

Now the floor is yours. Have any of the fireplaces that we've shown you piqued your interest? We hope that you will get in touch with us.

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