Mother’s Day Flowers With 11 Best Choices

mother's day flowers

Emma Downey

Emma Downey
Gardening Expert

Updated on 12/4/2022

There are 43 million mothers living in the United States. When you consider that statistic, it's probably not going to come as much of a surprise to you that on Mother's Day, more flowers are sent, and more phone calls are made than on any other day of the year. Mother’s day flowers, the quintessential emblem of love and appreciation, have been utilized for eons as a means for individuals to convey how they are feeling.
This custom can be traced back to ancient Greece, and since the vast majority of people observe it, it is critical to be familiar with the most suitable flowers for Mother's Day. Particularly in the present day and age, when social distance and the demands of an ever-evolving world are continually redefining what it means to honor our mothers.

Mother Day Roses

Even though you won't be able to spend Mother's Day with your mom in person, that doesn't mean you have to ignore her favorite holiday. You're going to get a lot of advice from me, ranging from the kinds of flowers you should get to where you should contact them. I have some low-cost option suggestions and frequently asked questions for all of your questions about mother's day flowers. You might even choose to include a bouquet for yourself in the gift.

The Most Beautiful Mother's Day Flowers To Give Your Mom

There are many reasons why flowers are unique and special, and one of those reasons is that they carry profound meaning. They are like greeting cards in that the person who receives them will assign meaning to them. There are over 400,000 different species of flowering plants in the world, and more are being discovered every day. Because of this, the range of messages that can be conveyed through floral arrangements is virtually limitless.

Mother Day Flower Bouquet

Do you wish to communicate romantic love? Roses will accomplish what you want. Sympathy? Ask your florist for lilies. Some people even use flowers to convey negative emotions, such as deception (look out for snapdragons). But you wouldn't dream of doing something like that to your mom, would you?
There is a good chance that you will not be able to determine the name and significance of every plant unless you are a trained botanist or a flower expert. Therefore, one of the most valuable things to do is classify the meanings of flowers according to their respective colors.
When it comes to picking out flowers for Mother's Day, consider the following condensed list:

Flowers In A Red Bouquet For Mother's Day

Red is the color that represents love, passion, and courage, and it is associated with the heart. Since red is also the color that denotes respect, giving your mother red flowers on Mother's Day is an absolute must.

Red Flowers

If you want to show your mother that you will love her until the end of time, choose a deeper red than the traditional one because burgundy symbolizes eternal love. Burgundy is the perfect gift for mothers' day.

Flowers In A Darker Shade Of Pink For Mother's Day

Do you want to express your gratitude to your mom for everything she has done for you throughout your life? Pick a flower with a deep pink color.

Deep Pink Flowers

The deep color pink is considered a symbol of gratitude and appreciation and the love that flows from a mother to her child or, in the case of Mother's Day flowers, from a child to her mother. Something that every mother requires on occasion.

Flowers In A Soft Pink Hue For Mother's Day

Pale Pink Flowers

Similar to species that are a deeper shade of pink, flowering plants with a lighter shade of pink convey gratitude to the recipient. They also represent grace, so if the woman in your life is one of elegance, you should probably choose a bloom in a lighter color if you want to give her a flower. Pink is a color that rarely goes out of style, and this is one of the many reasons why pink carnations are so popular during May.

Flowers Of An Orange Color For Mother's Day

Even though orange isn't typically associated with Mother's Day flowers, that doesn't mean you can't start your custom with this color. I adore tropical plants, and I believe that giving one as a Mother's Day present is an original idea. This is especially true if your mother has a strong affinity for orange.

Orange Flowers

Orange is a color associated with pride and passion; therefore, giving a bouquet of orange flowers to a mother on Mother's Day is an excellent way to convey the sentiment, "I'm so proud you're my mom." Flowers with a peach coloration are also acceptable, given that the color peach connotes sweetness. Unless you're purchasing them for your significant other, you should probably avoid buying items in coral tones, symbolic of desire.

Flowers Of A Yellow Shade For Mother's Day

The messages of joy, happiness, and "I care for you" are delivered by bouquets filled with yellow-colored flowers. Since this color is also associated with friendship, I would recommend choosing it if you wanted to give flowers on Mother's Day to a mother who was not your mother.

Yellow Flowers

I will caution you, just like a yellow light, to check the actual meaning of each plant that has this coloration. Not all yellow flowers, like carnations, are associated with feelings of appreciation, and sympathy is more commonly associated with yellow flowers.

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Flowers Of The Lavender Variety For Mother's Day

One of my favorite plants is lavender, but I generally enjoy growing plants with a purple hue, and lavender is one of my favorites. When it comes to flowers, a light purple coloring is deeply feminine. Because of this, this shade is the ideal flower selection for Mother's Day.

Lavender Flowers

Lavender flowers, known for their delicacy and rarity, are said to be symbolic of a connection that is held in high esteem. When putting together a bouquet for a grandmother, lavender-colored flowers are an absolute must-have addition to the arrangement.

Mother's Day Arrangements Of White Flowers

In most cases, purity comes to mind when we consider the color white. However, white is also associated with faithfulness.

White Flowers

If you want to send your mother the message that "I'll be here for you no matter what," you might want to consider getting her a bouquet of white flowers. You could even include a little card that describes this in more detail for the recipient.

Carnations Are The Traditional Flower Of Mother's Day.

When discussing pink flowers, I brought up carnations for a specific reason: carnations are the flowers that are traditionally associated with Mother's Day. When it comes to Mother's Day, carnations have a long and illustrious history, and in point of fact, they were the first flowers to be delivered!


I'll save the story for the Mother's Day flower history section below, but I wanted to mention them first because they are one of my "go-to" flowers. I'll save the story for the Mother's Day flower history section below. This brings us to the only relevant inquiry: what hue of carnation should I send? It is entirely up to you, but if you had asked Miss Anne Jarvis, the woman responsible for establishing Mother's Day, she would have said white. According to a quote attributed to Jarvis, white carnations are the perfect flowers to give to mothers because they exemplify all of the admirable qualities of being a mother.

Official Flowers

Naturally, pink carnations are acceptable because, whether given as a gift or worn as an accessory, they stand for "living mothers." However, you should stay away from yellow and purple carnations if possible. The first one expresses profound sympathy, while the second one exhibits unpredictability.

Roses In Honor Of Mother's Day

When people go flower shopping for Mother's Day, one of the most frequent questions is, "Can I buy roses for my mom?" Since roses are commonly believed to symbolize romantic love, some sons and daughters may experience some awkwardness if they purchase a dozen roses for their mother.

Mother Day Roses

The truth is that red roses are:

  • A sign of respect and love.
  • Coming straight from the heart.
  • Symbolizing that love comes from the heart.
  • It also has cultural implications. 

Roses, for instance, are a common choice as the floral tribute of choice in Hungary. In South Korea, roses are traditionally presented to the birthday celebrant on the twentieth year of their life to signify "coming of age," In contrast, in Finland, roses are regarded as a symbol of friendship. Therefore, the tradition you establish for yourself and your family is the most crucial factor to consider.

You can undoubtedly purchase red roses for your mother, but keep in mind that Mother's Day roses come in various colors. You are not required to go with the conventional shade of crimson; alternatives range from white to pink, lavender to blue.

The Orchids

Oh, Orchids! From the beginning of time, or at the very least from the beginning of the ancient world, mothers have been given these beautiful flowers as gifts. Even though it was once interpreted as a sign of fertility, the actual meaning of the species was derived from the temple where Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, was worshipped.


In addition to this fascinating custom, the Greeks had yet another exciting practice regarding orchids. They believed that if they consumed particular varieties of orchid tubes, they would be able to choose the gender of their child. Orchids continue to be a popular option for presents, even though you probably won't buy any for your mother to eat. The pink ones stand for femininity, and the purple ones represent admiration.

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The Lilies

Lilies are popular for Mother's Day because their flowers are large and showy. Lilies represent success and can come in various colors, including red, white, yellow, pink, and orange. Therefore, if you want to wish your mother the best of fortune and luck, you should consider putting together a bouquet of lilies rather than roses or the more traditional carnations. This is especially relevant if your mother has a fondness for yellow.

The Lilies

Sun-kissed lilies symbolize gratitude, whereas yellow carnations may not be the best choice of flower to send to your mother during May. Sending your mother a bouquet of lilies on Mother's Day is the best way to convey your heartfelt gratitude for the role that you play in your child's life.

The Tulips

Tulips, much like roses, are universally recognized as symbols of love. Even though they are related to lilies, most people do not identify them due to their distinctive appearance. The color of the flowers you send should reflect the sentiment you wish to express, just as it should with any other type of flower. The color yellow is associated with happiness and sunshine, while red is associated with love and royalty.

The Tulips

I would recommend sending tulips to your mother rather than other traditional flowers, especially if your relationship with your mother is strained. Tulips are thought to represent rebirth and fresh starts, and the white ones represent letting go of grudges and moving on from the past.

The Irises

This flowering plant was given its name after the Greek goddess Iris, and it is well-known for the deep purple color of its flowers. The word's meaning, which can be translated to "rainbow," derives from the fact that the coloring can naturally take on various forms. According to Greek mythology, Iris served as a messenger who traveled between the earth and the heavens. This is why many people believed that irises could shield a woman as she went through the different stages in her life.


Irises are a beautiful addition to any bouquet, and you should consider them even if Greek mythology and its association with flowers aren't your things. Irises are the ideal flower to give as a present on Mother's Day because they symbolize both faith and wisdom.

The Callas

Called "Calla Lillies" due to their endearing appearance, Callas is not technically classified as lilies. Calla, which means beauty, is the name of a flower that I consider pretty exceptional. A stunning bouquet for Mother's Day can be put together using only a few calla lilies, in contrast to other flowers that need at least a dozen of them to make an impression.


Since they bloom continuously throughout the year, you should be able to give this flower to your mother regardless of where she lives. Every color of calla lily, from black and white to yellow and red, has a distinct meaning appropriate for Mother's Day celebrations. Select your preferred option and place an order for its shipment.

The Gerberas

The gerbera is the kind of flower that is more easily recognized by its appearance than its actual name. Gerbera daisies are a daisy that represents tranquility, beauty, and harmony. If you're looking for 'fresh' flowers for Mother's Day, you don't need to look any further because these start blooming in May.


Compared to other available choices, they feature a more vibrant color palette. A gerbera is an excellent choice for a gift to give to a woman in your life if you want to impress her truly.

The Gardenia

Gardenias are a virtual gift for husbands who want to show their wives how much they appreciate them on Mother's Day because they are traditionally given as an expression of love. Because it is also a sign of defense, giving someone gardenias when they are going through a difficult time is an organic way to convey your best wishes.


I see the gardenia as a 'well-rounded' flower that can be used in most Mother's Day bouquets, regardless of who the recipient is. In many Asian countries, the gardenia is seen as an icon of peace and clear perspective, and in other countries, it is seen as an icon of love and purity.

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Low-Cost Flowers For Mother's Day

Some individuals do not hold back when spending money on flowers for Mother's Day. But if you are concerned about your spending, there is no need to be. If you don't know what to look for or where to order them, purchasing fresh flowers can quickly become very expensive.

Those who would like to save a little money will be happy to know that excellent options are also available. The majority of flower deliveries also include a vase or gift that can be kept long after the flowers themselves have withered and died.

Bouquet with cheap mothers day flowers

Bouquet with cheap mothers day flowers

However, which of these options makes the most sense? To return to gerberas, these and other types of daisies make excellent alternatives. Carnations are also reasonably priced, which is why they are such a popular option for mothers' day flower arrangements.
If you are strapped for cash but still want to send more expensive flowers like roses or tulips, some options are available to you. You could combine just a few of these with other, more affordable flowers or greenery to create a bouquet. You could also ask your florist about the type of flower available at the lowest price from their inventory.

Mother day bouquet

Take roses, for instance; there is a wide variety available. When you call to place your order, if you are attempting to be thrifty, ask for the kind that is the least expensive. A rose is still a rose.

The Origins Of Mother's Day

Do you ever find yourself wondering about the origins of Mother's Day and why we even give flowers on this particular day, to begin with? In the previous section, I discussed how the practice of giving flowers dates back to ancient times; however, the giving that occurs in modern times is just as significant. It is a holiday celebrated in many countries all over the world. In the United States, its beginnings can be traced back to the late 1800s and the work of Anna Reeves Jarvis.


The "Mothers' Day Work Clubs" were started by Jarvis, and their primary mission was to educate local mothers on how to provide the best possible care for their children. According to, in 1868, Jarvis organized "Mothers' Friendship Day," which aimed to promote reconciliation by bringing together mothers of former Union and Confederate soldiers.
After her mother's passing in 1905, Jarvis came up with the concept of Mother's Day to commemorate the efforts made by all mothers and her mother in particular.
Jarvis did not make it official until 1908, when he also organized a celebration in two different states. She started a massive letter-writing campaign to get the word out, and thanks to her doggedness, the United States Congress finally recognized Mother's Day as a national holiday in 1914.


Then why do we even bother with flowers? In Jarvis's interpretation of the holiday, celebrations included donning a white carnation and paying a visit to one's mother or attending a religious service. However, it wasn't long before florists became involved, and not long after that, people worldwide began sending flowers.
Sending flowers to a loved one, whether it be your mother, wife, sister, friend, or someone else in your life, is a sign of connection and caring that cannot be topped. This is true even if you dislike the commercialized aspect of the holiday.

Ready, Set, Bouquet!

Now that you are fully informed about the background of Mother's Day, what the various colors and flowers signify, and where you can purchase them, you are ready to place your order for the ideal bouquet to give to the mother in your life. You may decorate this lovely bouquet with some Katniss flowers; the White Katniss plant will sparkle!
If you are reading this the day of, look for services that can be provided the same day. Visit the websites of a few different florists if you have some extra time on your hands, and spend some of that time looking through the available arrangements.
You can even search for available coupons and discounts if you place your order in advance.

Mother day bouquet

The mother in your life will be overjoyed to receive these flowers, which will only require a few minutes of your time. Still, mother’s day flowers will mean everything to her once they are presented to her, especially if she is like many other mothers and doesn't get daily recognition for everything she does for the people she loves, as many mothers don't.
According to the words of Luther Burbank, "Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the mind." [citation needed] On Mother's Day, you have the opportunity to be the reason that a mother's day is just a little bit brighter.

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