Things You Didn't Know About Planting Larkspur Flower 

Larkspur Flower

Larkspur Flower

Updated on 2/20/2024
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Flowers of the larkspur plant bloom in the spring, bringing a welcome splash of color to otherwise colorless winter gardens. Keep this in mind the following time you have to wish someone a happy birthday in the month of July, as they are the birth flower for that month.

Planting larkspur may be rather challenging because the seeds require a period of cold before they can be sowed, not to mention that these toxic beauties can be harmful. However, after they have developed into plants, they require little attention and are simple to keep alive, even if you are inexperienced in gardening.

How To Cultivate Flowers Of The Larkspur Genus

Larkspur flowers are almost always cultivated from their respective seeds. They can be transferred and transplanted, but it is a delicate process that needs to be treated with care, despite the fact that it is possible to do so. This is due to the fact that the plant's taproots, which are responsible for its amazing growth, are readily injured when the plant is moved.




Before the seeds can begin the process of germination, they must first experience a period of cold. Putting the seeds in the refrigerator for two weeks before planting is the safest and most effective way to reduce their temperature. Store them in a Ziploc bag along with some perlite to maintain their moisture level. If the temperature is higher than 18 degrees Celsius, the seeds will not be able to germinate. It should take the seeds about three weeks to germinate after they have been planted.

It is crucial to water the seeds on a consistent basis, but you should take care not to overwater them or keep them sitting in water for an extended period of time. After the roots have begun to develop, you can then transplant them into their final locations.


When planting larkspur, you need to make sure the soil has adequate drainage, so the roots don't rot and die. Because the flowers do not thrive in dry and warm conditions, you need to make sure that the soil is always moist in order for them to flourish to their full potential. They can also flourish in bright sunlight, which means that you will need to pay close attention to the soil's moisture.


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Flowers of the larkspur plant can reach great heights and frequently need additional support to stand up straight, particularly when the weather is windy.

In most cases, they propagate themselves by scattering their seeds, which indicates that it won't be difficult for them to return the following year. However, this makes it much simpler for the plants to take over your garden if they are not properly managed and if the garden is left unattended.


When the growing season has come to an end, and the blossoms have turned brown, the plants should be taken down. Only a few should be left behind to ensure that they will grow again next year.

How to Complement Larkspur Flowers with Other Plants



In any garden, larkspur flowers will grow to a height of about 1.8 meters, which is why they are typically cultivated along a fence or with the assistance of a stake to keep them from toppling over. It is possible to provide some support and structure for them by planting other tall plants in the area around them.

The following types of flora complement the larkspur flower very well:

  • Sunflower.
  • Hollyhock
  • Tall grasses
  • Joe Pye weed
  • Filipendula
  • Echinacea
  • Phlox
  • Foxglove
  • Rudbeckia
  • Lilies

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  • Chamomile
  • Chervil
  • Peony
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Aster
  • Iris
  • Daylily
  • Allium
  • Roses
  • Blazing star

Keeping Rodents Away



The larkspur flower is prone to root rot, mildew, slugs, and snails, just like the majority of other plants. Slimy creatures can be discouraged by using snail traps; however, affected plants should be treated whenever it is practicable to do so. If they cannot be preserved, they should be removed and thrown away to stop the infection from spreading.
The flowers will also begin to droop if exposed to excessive extreme summer heat; however, this is a cosmetic problem that will disappear as the temperature begins to fall again.

Are Delphiniums And Larkspur Flowers The Same Thing?

Although they are not the same flower, larkspur and delphiniums are distantly related to one another. They are similar in that they both grow vertically, have fluffy and green foliage, and feature clusters of blooms that can be either blue, white, or pink. Larkspur flowers are annuals, whereas delphiniums are perennials. Therefore this is one way in which they are distinct from one another.

Despite this distinction, the annual species of the genus Consolida and the perennial species of the genus Delphinium are both referred to together by the common name larkspur.

Are The Flowers Of The Larkspur Poisonous?

Sublime Larkspur

Sublime Larkspur

Sadly, this lovely thing can be really dangerous!

Due to the ease with which the plant can be disseminated, it may make its way into fields in which livestock graze. The unfortunate reality is that this can lead to the death of the animal that consumes it. Because the plant's seeds are toxic, they should be stored somewhere inaccessible to children and animals. If the younger sections of the plant are consumed, it can induce severe stomach troubles; if it is handled, it can cause severe skin irritation. Both of these effects can be caused by the plant.

After contacting the plant in any way, you should always wash your hands.

Different Varieties Of Larkspur Flowers

Larkspur: Skies Covered with Clouds

The height of these larkspur blooms can reach up to 90 centimeters, and they come in a variety of colors, including silver, white, blue, and purple.

Imperial Larkspur

The imperial larkspur, which is still another tall kind, can reach a height of about 1.2 meters. It can be found in white, blue, purple, pink, and rose colors, among others.

Sublime Larkspur

The sturdy branches and vibrant colors of magnificent larkspur make it ideal as a fresh-cut flower and in dried flower arrangements. This is in addition to its use as a fresh flower. It comes in a wide variety of colors and may reach a height of approximately 1.2 meters when fully grown.

What Does It Mean When You Regard A Flower Called A Larkspur?



There is a common belief that the larkspur flower stands for love. Additionally, it denotes a positive attitude, an attachment to another person, and an open heart.

In order to further unpack the meaning behind the larkspur plant, the color of the flower is an important factor to consider. The blue flower is a representation of grace and dignity, whilst the pink bloom is a symbol of contrary nature.

The History Of The Larkspur Flower

Crushing the plant seeds was an effective treatment for head lice in ancient Greece, Although the plant itself is poisonous. Poultices produced from larkspur, similar to a sticky porridge, were traditionally applied to open wounds and hemorrhoids for treatment. The blooms were also used to manufacture a dye and as an insect repellent by the native Americans.

There is a common belief that this flower, like certain jewels, possesses protecting qualities. When warriors went into battle, it was common to practice utilizing larkspur as one of the components of their protective spells. According to some sources, these spells are still employed to assist public safety personnel, such as police officers, firefighters, and humanitarian workers, in maintaining their safety while working in the field. Additionally, the flower is presented to the deceased as a token of respect.

It was believed that the blossoms of this plant, which are fashioned like horns, might ward off scorpions, robbers, ghosts, and other evil spirits. Dried larkspurs were frequently strung around the perimeter of residences to provide security.

A Lovely Species That Can Cause Harm

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You should grow the larkspur flower with extreme caution due to its toxic characteristics. However, the larkspur flower is a stunning addition to any garden.

After you have conquered that obstacle, you will be able to go on to choose the color of the larkspur flower you want to plant. The next step is to choose whether you want to begin by sowing seeds or planting seedlings that are already a few inches tall. If you have a light touch with the green, we suggest you go with the latter option!