How To Buy Extra Large Planters On Wheels And Castors

How to Buy Extra Large Planters On Wheels And Castors

Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 10/4/2022

Bigger is better! Adding extra-large planters on wheels and castors, which carry an equally significant wow impact, may benefit any green paradise. These planters offer a larger-than-life experience that is unmissable owing to their massive size and defining character, which enables them to dominate commercial spaces. As a result, you cannot miss out on this opportunity.

Whether you want to grow trees, flowers, herbs, or fruits, a prominent planter may help you generate a focal point in your garden. That is true even if you want to grow anything else in it.

Huge pots are a fantastic alternative when creating divisions and walkways in an outside environment such as a garden, patio, or rooftop garden.

planter on wheel

Using gigantic planters is another fantastic option for successfully bringing the outside inside. These planters offer ample area for growing a wide variety of plants, such as flowers, herbs, and even enormous houseplants like trees or shrubs. With the assistance of an extra-large planter designed for commercial usage, it is possible to accomplish quite a few of the design goals set forth.

Growing plants in pots allow one to modify one's landscape to reflect the changing of the seasons, tastes, or the requirements of one's company with little to no additional effort.

The problem with using extra-large planters is that some of the benefits they provide are diminished as a result of the larger size and greater weight of the farmer. That is a concern with extra-large planters, and using planters of this size comes with an inherent problem.

Planters On Wheels And Castors

Installing castors equipped with wheels at the base of each of your planters is the solution to this issue. They will have greater use for it as a result.

Advantages Of Extra Large Planters With Wheels And Casters

Whether you're looking to spruce up your residential or business area, an extra-large planter may be an attractive and functional addition.

The large planters, popular among corporate clients of hotels and restaurants, are sometimes used to partition off regions, such as the reception area from the elevator lobby, to create outdoor eating zones, or to adorn locations such as patios, rooftops, or even just plain spots.

Are you interested in receiving ideas for commercial planters? Check out our guides to the hotels and rooftops in the area.

Extra Large Planters

Putting wheels on your planter can improve its utility and design, but the size of the casters needs to match the proportions of the farmer. Adding wheels to your extra-large planter makes it possible to transport it to any spot you choose, regardless of size. The practice of redecorating is no longer confined to containers to a lesser extent!

Find out more about the many sizes of pots available, as well as how to pick the one with the dimensions and shape that are the most suitable for your needs.

When It Comes To Huge Planters, Who Often Adds Wheels?

It is not common for the end-user to customise huge and extra-large commercial planters by adding wheels or castors to the feet of the planters. That is because installation requires tools and expertise that can only be provided by a professional.

When It Comes To Huge Planters, Who Often Adds Wheels?

Companies that specialise in landscaping and architecture, for example, may offer a wider range of services than others, depending on the nature of their business, and even distributors of plant pots would typically have the ability to customize items specifically for individual customers.

What Are Some Reasons Why Adding Castor Wheels Might Be Helpful?

Customers will notice that larger and heavier planters benefit from having wheels attached to the bottom of the container when the wheels are mounted to the farmer's base.

This post-purchase improvement results in tremendous happiness because of the convenience it brings; both our residential and commercial customers have found castors to be helpful in the situations outlined below.

What Are Some Reasons Why Adding Castor Wheels

  • Seasonal Gardens Even the Vietnam CDM planters are all-weather planters and can be put out in every season; some plants can only purchase at particular seasons of the year. That is because these planters were designed to withstand various weather conditions. If you want your flowers, herbs, or fruits to continue flourishing during the fall and winter, you will need to give them in warmer conditions. After that, the planters would need to be relocated indoors or to a more hospitable place, which is a chore one can quickly complete thanks to the castors attached to the bottom of the planters.


  • You may have a location that requires a different setting at various times, which would need moving the pots to a new location each time. In this scenario, you will be required to reposition the banks in their respective areas. For instance, you could find that it is necessary to rearrange the furniture in your workroom occasionally, or you could see that it is required to relocate the plants on your patio to make room for various-sized gatherings. Both of these scenarios are examples of situations where you could find yourself needing to rearrange the furniture.
  • Planting in front of or on top of an access point to a utility Planters is frequently utilized to conceal an unattractive place, such as a drain, a utility meter, or even your internet modem. It may accomplish this in several different ways. Under these conditions, the planter would need to be moved away from the corner desired to make place for the required routine inspection and maintenance.


  • Other Requirements: You may want a flexible and easily portable container garden due to the requirements of style and design, or perhaps the planters need to be transferred when business hours are done, or there is a risk of theft. These are all examples of other requirements.

There Are A Few Things To Consider Before Installing Wheels On Planters 

Before adding casters to your planter, you need to make sure that it satisfies the criteria for each of the following categories, regardless of which type it belongs to:

  • Ensure the planters do not have a disproportionately high weight for their dimensions.
  • That minimal quality is considered acceptable for the ground surface being proposed. Consequently, the wheels will continue to deliver satisfactory performance for a respectable amount of time after their initial purchase.

There Are A Few Things To Consider Before Installing Wheels

  • That installing wheels will not result in a breach of the conditions of a warranty that is currently being offered to you. Make sure you get all the details from your service provider by asking them. If you are the product supplier, you need to discuss the issue with the manufacturer before making any modifications to the product.

What Specific Kind Of Wheels Are Required?

Keeping the preceding information in mind, let's move on to what you should be aware of before shopping for casters.

Establish The Size Of The wheel

The larger the wheels necessary for your casters, the heavier the planter you want to move. Check the size and weight of your planter to ensure that the wheels can handle the load and increase the margin of room for safety. If you increase the diameter of the wheels on the farmer, it will need less effort to roll it, which is another benefit of doing so.

What You Absolutely Must Be Aware Of Concerning The Caster Rig

Industrial casters that have been well constructed may come at a higher price, but they will require significantly less upkeep during their lifetime and will serve their owners for many years.

What You Absolutely Must Be Concerning The Caster Rig

Always get items from trusted vendors, and don't be afraid to ask questions about the available design options, such as the leg thickness and breadth and the swivel portions.

Castors That Can Be Locked And Those That Cannot Be Locked

Compared to lockable casters, non-lockable casters, also known as freewheeling casters, have a lower price point and a more visually attractive appearance. That is because locking castors come with a brake mechanism that needs to be accessible. As a result, the planters need to have ample clearance from the ground, and the wheels will be visible.

The minimum ground clearance required for non-lockable castors is 5 to 10 millimeters, whereas lockable castors need the approval of 70 to 100 millimeters to be manufactured.

In circumstances where it is debatable whether or not it is essential to lock the wheels, we recommend that you go with the option that costs less.

3 Excellent Containers For Plants That Can Be Used With Wheels

Are you considering using a large planter to hide an unattractive portion of the surrounding landscape? Do you want to be able to move the plant container to the location of your choice without too much trouble?

3 Excellent Containers For Plants

Please look at these three great Vietnam CDM pots that will look amazing in any environment, whether inside or outdoors, and perform when placed on wheels. These pots can be seen at the Vietnam Cultural Heritage Museum.

1. Montroy Cube Planter

The Montroy is the wine that tends to be the most popular among our clients. The Montroy is a contemporary-looking pot that, owing to its square form, which is always in great demand, can easily be included in any interior or outside area design. That is because equitable conditions are pretty versatile. Because they are available in 11 distinct sizes ranging from 12 to 60 inches, it is simple to plant everything from little flowers to enormous trees in these pots. The sizes of the pools range from 12 inches to 60 inches. Adding casters to them also boosts their performance to a very high level.

2. Tolga Rectangular Planter

Because of its square shape, the Tolga has rapidly become a favorite among people who have a passion for gardening. This appeal is largely attributable to the fact that Tolga is reasonably priced. Because there is so much room for planting, your landscape architect will have plenty of room to be creative with the planting owing to all available areas.

2. Tolga Rectangular Planter

To provide a more pleasing visual impact, select a plant that bears fruit, such as the Jujube, or a hanging plant, such as the heart-shaped Philodendron. Both of these choices are open to consideration.

3. Selenge Extra Wide Large Rectangle Planter

The considerable container width that our Selenge planter can accommodate justifies the high cost of the product. It is a vast rectangular planter with square edges, offering a substantial amount of room that may be utilized for planting purposes.

It is long enough to plant a hedgerow or a row of indoor plants to divide a working space, provide a sense of privacy on a patio, or adorn a walkway. Having wheels as an additional will unquestionably prove to be of great assistance if it comes time to rearrange your partitions.

3 Places To Buy Planter Castors

Are you convinced that castors, when used in the capacity of accessories, make for excellent additions to extra-large planters? You don't need to look any further because I'm going to give you a list of the three websites you can use to get them right now. There is no need for you to go any farther. Get used to the idea that your verdant hideaway's design will undergo some alterations.

3 Places To Buy Planter Castors

1. Caster Concepts, Michigan United States Of America

Caster Concepts is the undisputed leader in the business when it comes to delivering solutions for industrial casters and wheels. They promise to provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction that is humanly feasible to resolve any problems associated with a motion you might be having. Caster Concept allows you to select casters from a comprehensive catalog or have them manufactured to order according to the parameters you provide, which may customize casters to meet your needs.

2. Screwfix, United Kingdom

More than ten nations across Europe are home to the retail chain Screwfix, which specializes in home improvement products and services. There are 766 Screwfix stores located alone in the United Kingdom. They have over one hundred distinct castor and wheel products available for purchase, many of which come with multi-directional options that make it feasible for your plants to spin and move about without any issue.

2. Screwfix, United Kingdom

3. Homebase, United Kingdom

Homebase is a company that was founded in 1979 to support clients with their do-it-yourself gardening projects. These casters can move weights that weigh up to 103 kilograms thanks to the heavy-duty swivel caster wheel that measures 100 millimeters in diameter and features a heavy-duty bearing.Because there are four of them tied to your plants, you should find that it is rather simple to handle the most of the loads.

Our Recommendations

A professional always recommends that wheels and castors be fitted by a professional to prevent harming the planter and declare the warranty from the original manufacturer worthless. That may be avoided by having wheels and castors installed by a professional.

Square Plant Pot Stand Steel with Wheels
Easy to assemble

Please let our customer service representatives know if you are confused about whether or not you want to add wheels to your purchase so that they can assist you while you are completing your order.

Wheels or castors are not required to be added to any of our planters; however, if you would like them, they are sold separately and are available for purchase. We may rapidly move the farmers we sell to the area of your choice thanks to the fact that they are constructed of fiberglass and have a low weight because they are lightweight.

Repeat Going Around In A Circle Several Times

After reading our buyer's guide to wheels for planters, It is our sincere wish that you will no longer find yourself debating whether or not to make a purchase after reading this. If you are, please let us know in the comments section below. It is not necessary to make a sacrifice in terms of visual quality to increase the design freedom of planters by providing them with wheels. It helps in the creation of a garden within a setting that emphasizes circulation by offering an element that is both appealing and practical.

Repeat Going Around In A Circle Several Times

The Value Of Creative, Designed, And Manufactured Products

To meet the requirements of your project, Creative Design Manufacturing provides hand-made fiberglass planters that may customize in their dimensions, shapes, and colors.

Our planters have been subjected to stringent quality assurance testing and come with a warranty for three years. This is done to ensure that they are of the highest possible standard and to circumvent the common issues associated with extra-large planters, such as structural integrity and durability issues.

The Value Of Creative, Designed, And Manufactured Products

The quality of construction of our fiberglass planters is so superior that they come in second place behind the most well-known brands in the United States and Canada. Learn more about our distribution partners.

What do you feel is the most significant challenge you are facing now regarding locating planters? If you could get in touch with us, it would mean the world to both of us.

Sending us a message will allow you to obtain answers to your questions in a large planter on wheels. Alternately, you may browse through our selection of conventional fiberglass planters in the interim (and just so you know, we also offer bespoke planters!).