Finally, A Tour At Ina Garten Garden!

Ina Garten's Garden

Ina Garten's Garden

Updated on 12/3/2023
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Ina Garten films every Barefoot Contessa episode at her lovely barn in East Hampton, New York, so if you've ever watched an episode, you've probably seen a peek of it. On the grounds, the internet-famous chef also owns a gorgeous farmhouse-style home where she has resided since the 1990s. As it turns out, Garten's outdoor living area is just as enticing as her interiors, but for some reason, we're not shocked.

We were completely smitten when Garten gave her Instagram followers a tour of the property's gorgeous grounds yesterday. Here is everything we saw growing that we hope to add to our planting list for the upcoming season.

Lush Vegetation In A Garden With Shade

The trip begins by strolling along a gravel path in Garten's "shadow garden," which is brimming with vibrant foliage and a profusion of ground-covering plants. In regards to a few shady places in my yard, I'm definitely making notes.


Ina Garten's Garden

Ina Garten's Garden

The quantity of ferns, whose fronds are extending into the path, is the first thing Garten draws attention to. Many various types of ferns, many of which are fairly hardy, may grow in the shade and are therefore perfect for low-maintenance ground covers.


The back of Garten's beds also had a number of sizable hostas. These lush plants are a terrific addition to any garden because they thrive in the shadow and have a wide range of colors.

Trees With Crepe Myrtles

Crepe Myrtle Trees

Crepe Myrtle Trees

The crepe myrtle trees in this section of Garten's garden, according to her, are known for their frequent summertime production of pink, purple, or white blossoms.

Lysimachia Of The Valley

Along the side of the route, in the oasis's abundant shade, it also appears like the lily of the valley is flourishing. These plants do well in the shade, and the springtime bell-shaped white flowers they produce are one of my favorites!

Herbs And Vegetables In The "Secret" Garden

Our tour guide leads us down a sloped walk lined with substantial stone pavers from the shade garden to what she refers to as her "hidden garden." It's clear how it gained its name given that tall concrete walls enclose the area and that entering requires opening a big arched entrance. (I believe it's ideal for deer and other hungry animals, in addition to adding mystery to the overall experience.) What she hides inside is as follows.


Ina Garten's Garden

Ina Garten's Garden

The first thing you notice while entering the inner garden is a large, gorgeous tomato plant being supported by a tomato teepee, which is simply a cage made of many wooden poles joined together at the top. She claims to have both cherry and full-sized tomatoes, which she will utilize in tomato salads. It's noteworthy to note that short, calf-height hedges encircle both plants.


We can see numerous lavender plants in full bloom in Garten's yard as the internet phenomenon moves the camera across them. Garten claims she enjoys the scent of lavender. If you need another reason to grow lavender in your yard, it also aids in repelling fleas, moths, mosquitoes, and a variety of other insects.

Ina Garten's Garden

Ina Garten's Garden

Fiddle Trees

There are two enormous fig trees in the garden that are laden with budding fruit and along the property's perimeter walls. Although common fig trees tend to thrive in warmer climes, certain types are cold-tolerant and may endure in hardiness zones 6 and 7. I'm envious of the wonderful meals she will undoubtedly prepare with figs because they're one of my favorite fruits. (Grilled cheese with figs and bacon, anyone?)

Herbs Aplenty

Ina Garten garden is brimming with fresh herbs that she employs in her cooking, as one might anticipate from a chef of international reputation. She points out sage, chives, thyme, and tarragon and says that if you don't have an outdoor place, you can simply grow these plants on your windowsill.