Here Are Some Easy DIY Holiday Porch Signs You Can Make

diy christmas signs

diy christmas signs

Updated on 12/3/2023
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Nothing will make your visitors feel more at home during the holiday season, like being welcomed to your home with some festive brightness in the shape of holiday porch signs. Words are far more potent than any wreath or string of blinking lights. (Although we recommend that you get rid of them as well!) The problem is that Christmas signs may be pretty expensive, notably bigger wooden ones designed to be displayed on porches or yards during a time of year when our finances are already stretched to their limits. Take a chance on making your own Christmas signage instead of spending a lot of money on Christmas decorations. Spread the cheer of the holidays with your words! You may use these ideas for porch signs to help everyone in your neighborhood get in the spirit of the season. Let's get ourselves prepared for the holidays, shall we? Go!

DIY Christmas Porch Signs That You Can Make Yourself

Christmas Wood Signs

Christmas Wood Signs

Christmas Wood Signs

Oh my! This personalized tree farm Christmas wood sign would be the most precious ornament you could put on your front porch throughout the holiday season! Make your personalized sign by following the guide and entering your family name! From the website “Cutesy Crafts.”

Find out how to paint this lovely and welcoming snowman sign to hang on your front porch during the Christmas season and use it to greet visitors as they arrive.

Who wants some buffalo check? Actually, yeah! Paints and contact paper are used in the tutorial that Toni from 'Design Dazzle' provides for us so that you can construct a Merry Christmas sign for your front porch.

Shelly, who blogs at 100 Things to Do, created this do-it-yourself Christmas sign using vinyl letters that were hand cut. However, you may just buy notes for your "saying" from a craft shop and continue to carry out her instructions in the same manner. And in addition to that, she offers a guide on how to make a frame in the farmhouse style.

Signs Of Joy For Christmas

Check out the step-by-step instructions for making an outdoor Christmas porch sign at "Fynes Designs." Her "Joy" sign is created from an old piece of wood that she recovered, some scrap wood, and a natural evergreen wreath!

Brooke created this do-it-yourself version of a "Joy" Christmas porch sign at "Re-Fabbed." It has an alternative design for the word "joy." This was a super simple and affordable project to do! Have a look at her instructional video!

DIY Vintage Christmas Signs



Donna of the blog Funky Junk provided this step-by-step instruction for making a Sleigh Rides Christmas sign. Even though she transformed it into a Christmas card holder by attaching some old-fashioned hardware, I think it looks great simply as a sign. You should keep in mind that if you want to be sure that you understand the stenciling technique completely, you should not ignore her more in-depth tutorial on how to stencil if you would like to ensure that you fully understand it.

These adorable Do-It-Yourself Christmas signs are from the blog 'Whipperberry' and were created using chalk paint powder and a stencil cutting machine. You need to buy a stencil for one sign or stencil letters to get the effect you want. (Except in the case when you want to manufacture every one of those signs, in which case, investing in a Silhouette machine would be entirely justified!)

From Jamie at 'Anderson + Grant.' Anyone who walks by and sees these weathered DIY Christmas signs will immediately feel more in the festive mood. Simple instruction using items that are not pricey. I like the concept of this Christmas sign!

I just like this do-it-yourself woods sign that Marie of Blooming Homestead created for the 'Live Laugh Rowe' blog. It's a simple concept for a Christmas porch sign that you can do yourself, and I believe the little touch of wrapping the twine over the top distinguishes this project from all the other Christmas porch signs out there. It's incredible what such a small item can do.

Santa's Workshop Is A Sign For The Christmas Yard

Amy, who writes the blog 'The Happy Scraps,' has provided us with this adorable tutorial that your children will like... On the evening before Christmas, her do-it-yourself Christmas arrow signs would make any one of us feel like staring up towards the sky.

DIY Reversible Holiday Sign

Liz, who blogs at Liz on Call, created this do-it-yourself reversible front porch Christmas sign. This is a beautiful idea! One side is for autumn or Thanksgiving, and the other is for the winter holiday season. And with that, the whole Christmas season is wrapped with wishes of joy and well-being.

Merry Christmas Porch Sign

Last but not least, Melissa at 320 Sycamore has provided us with this adorable suggestion for anybody who is put off by the prospect of dealing with timber. This concept for an outdoor Christmas sign was crafted by Melissa using an old door that she purchased from Habitat for Humanity. However, the brilliant red paint is unmistakably associated with Christmas, and the blackboard paint applied in the two recesses enables these do-it-yourself holiday signs to be easily personalized. Even as the season progresses, you may make adjustments to them.

Merry Christmas Lighted Sign

Ok. So it seems like this person gets into the Christmas spirit! DIY Dreamer host Christine offers a comprehensive tutorial for her outdoor countdown marquee Christmas sign that you can find here. When I say "complete," I mean that she even provides the font she used to make the letters for the sign. Because completing this job is not nearly as difficult as it seems, and the results more than justify the work involved. Who else but you would have anything like this on their front porch?

Ho Ho Ho Sign

Do you like the appearance of the illuminated sign? Good! (It does an excellent job capturing the season's mood, doesn't it?) Then you should try out this Ho Ho Ho Christmas marquee sign that Heidi provided at 'Honeybear Lane.' I like her tutorial because she goes into great depth about how she built the character that she is demonstrating, even down to the specific brand of painter's tape that she used to obtain those perfectly spaced stripes. I also really like the scale of this sign, which is just suitable for creating a bold statement with your front porch Christmas decorations. We have some great ideas for holiday porch signs we hope you'll use on your front porch this holiday season.