The Complete Beginner's Guide To Herb Garden Ideas


Emma Downey

Emma Downey
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Updated on 12/4/2022

Are you intrigued to find out what we bring to the table this time? These are some fresh mint leaves, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme leaves, and a couple of rosemary and thyme sprigs. To put it another way: You have it right—the next project you should work on is a herb garden.

Herbs are not only delectable and fragrant but also have a stunning appearance. Therefore, growing them is gratifying not only for the cook but also for the gardener. And the most exciting thing is. Herbs are widely regarded as superfoods due to their abundance of health advantages.

They can be grown well, either indoors or outdoors. You can plant them in conventional containers or get creative by using coconut shells, teacup planters, and wooden crates as alternatives.

indoor herb garden

This article will provide you with some fantastic ideas for a herb garden and a list of the most useful herbs to grow in your garden. But that's not the end of it.

In addition, we have compiled a step-by-step guide for creating your easy-to-manage herb garden and recommendations for the best herb gardening kits. Keep reading.

Why Should You Plant A Herb Garden?

A garden plant focused on growing herbs is an excellent way to start gardening. Herbs are straightforward to cultivate, whether they are grown indoors or outside. The vast majority of herbs are highly tolerant, they laugh in the face of drought, and they can thrive despite having poor soil conditions.

terrace herb pot

They do not require much room and can be started in a hanging planter, a container, or even a tiny yard. A savory reward is waiting for you after all the laborious work you have put in, so don't give up!

Planting a herb garden can immediately elevate your culinary to the level of a gourmet restaurant. Therefore, there is little justification for you not to start a herb garden.

Herb Gardening Ideas That We Love

When making tasty sauces, flavoring home-cooked pasta, or creating a gourmet salad, there is something special about using herbs that have just been picked from the farm. The right spices may completely transform a dish.

herb garden ideas

You will not be sorry that you decided to plant a herb garden and put your green thumb to use. Use the following ideas as a jumping-off point for your herbaceous garden, and get started!

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

There has been a recent uptick in the popularity of indoor gardens, which brighten your interiors and help cleanse the air. But herbs are a category apart from other typical houseplants. Why?

mini herb garden

Herbs are excellent for gardening enthusiasts who do not have access to a garden because they revitalize the interior of your home and the food you prepare.

The following are some concepts that are a must-try for your interior spaces.

Herb Garden By The Window

Choose some beautiful porcelain or terracotta pots for the planters of your indoor herb garden. It doesn't matter what size or shape they are; the more variety there is, the better.

herb gardening basics

Grow various medicinal plants in the containers, then place them near the window. Your herbs will not only look but also smell delightful.

Wooden Box Planter

Are you seeking an unusual addition to your indoor garden? Obtain a planter made of wood and fill it with various herbs. You can hang it on a wall in the currently unoccupied kitchen.

That way, you will always have access to fresh herbs for flavoring, and you may harvest them anytime you like.

herb gardening indoors

Idea: Grow flavorful mint, basil, parsley, and dill in your wooden box planter.

Porcelain Planters For Herbs

Placing herbs in miniature ceramic pots is just too adorable to pass up. And because herbs don't require a lot of room, they won't object if you fill your planters with space-saving containers to grow them in.

herb gardening pots

They work wonderfully as decorations for the top of a table or desk. Even if you have limited room, you will be pleasantly surprised when the herbs begin to mature and see what you can produce with them.

Soil-Free Herb Planter

Grow your herbs in the house without bringing any dirt or insects inside. How? With a contemporary planter that does not require soil! It has seed pods, a reservoir that can automatically water the plant, and built-in grow lights. That is very awesome to hear.

herb growing machine

This little greenhouse is ideal for someone just starting gardening. It is simple to use, there is no mess, and it removes all elements of uncertainty from the gardening process.

Balcony Herb Garden Ideas

Do you wish to begin by growing your herbs in a garden? But you're an apartment dweller? There is an answer to your problem, and it's called balcony gardening.

mini balcony herb garden

When cultivating a herb garden on your balcony, you can use trellises, railing planters, tabletops, and baskets. Take these creative suggestions to transform your patio or balcony into a stunning flower garden.

Takeaway Containers

Converting those plastic takeout containers into plants will allow you to use them to their full potential. First, make sure that they are spotless. After that, make a hole in the base of each one with a drill, fill the containers with potting soil, and plant your herbs. It's as simple as that.

herb gardening

Idea: Turn these takeaway containers into decor items. Place them on a table on your balcony. Decorate it with gardening tools like gloves, a toolbox, tiny shovels, and a watering can. Trellis Herb Garden

Herb Garden on Trellis

Go vertical! You may better use the space on your balcony by installing a trellis. You can hang planters made of tin or porcelain from it in any number you see fit.

herb gardening ideas

Your balcony's existing design can look even better by adding a vertical trellis garden.

Tip: Add lanterns, candles, fairy lights, and other “lit” pieces to your trellis.

Coir Planter

What about something kind to the environment? Planters should be made of coir rather than acrylic, and they are entirely degradable thanks to the fact that they are constructed of coconut fibers.

herb plant pictures

If you have any old coir pots, you can easily incorporate them into your garden rather than throwing them away. Additionally, doing so will improve the quality of the soil.

Idea: You can also convert coconut shells into offbeat planters for your garden.

Patio Herb Garden Ideas

Do you feel that your patio could use a makeover? Bring in some herbs to make it stand out as something special. In addition, the fresh rosemary, thyme, and mint growing on your patio will take your eating experience to the next level.

patio herb garden

Have a look at these creative suggestions for growing herbs on a patio.

Terracotta Planters

We use Terracotta pots in this uncomplicated yet aesthetically pleasing design for your patio. Please put them in any order you like, and your plan will be complete.

 herb gardening in pots

The best aspect is that you do not even require planters of comparable dimensions and forms.

Tip: Plant different herbs in different containers. This way, each herb has plenty of room to spread.

Pallet Herb Planter

You can give discarded wooden pallets a second chance at life by transforming them into lovely planters. It is possible to fill the pallet with soil and plant straight in it. Alternatively, as in the image below, you might fill clay planters with herbs.

 herb gardening tips

Idea: Paint the pallet a minty shade of green. With a bold marker, write down the names of the different herbs growing in your planter.

Elevated Herb Planter

Those who have trouble with their backs but enjoy gardening may find that elevating their plants in a planter is the ideal solution.

 herb plant box

If you're up for the challenge, converting a conventional wooden planter into an elevated one can also be done as a do-it-yourself project.

Small Herb Garden Ideas

It is unnecessary to have yards and open space to begin a herb garden; even the most minor areas would do. Include herbs, tabletop centerpieces, and even small outdoor furniture as decoration elements in your home.

small herb garden

The following are some things to think about when decorating a small room.

Herbs In Tiny Planters

You can cultivate anything and anything in the small pots you keep on your balcony, deck, kitchen garden, or even in your home's living room. These planters are so versatile that you may use them almost anywhere.

herb container gardening

Tip: Go with a color theme. Get black pots to contrast wonderfully with green herbs.

Teacup Herb Garden

Do you have any stray cups lying around pleading with you to utilize them? Or, are you more of a fan of flea markets, where things like vintage china are free for the taking? You are going to love this suggestion that we have!

Teacup Herb Garden

Teacups with no more extended use can serve as planters for your miniature herb garden. Place sprigs of rosemary, dill, basil, mint, and coriander in each cup.

Idea: Arrange your teacups in clusters, and they’re sure to give an old-world vibe to your space.

Miniature Planters With Trays

Using little pots is a wonderfully cute suggestion for your indoor or patio herb garden. They are available in various materials, including plastic, clay, and wood, among others, and they also come with a small tray in the package.

herb plant guide

Herbs, which don't require a lot of space to thrive, are ideal candidates for cultivation in containers like these. Therefore, you will have a herb garden, which can serve as a charming small ornament for your indoor or outdoor space.

Kitchen Herb Garden Ideas

The ever-popular vegetableation of a kitchen herb garden is a popular topic of conversation. Even if you have a small room, you can still have a garden. What could be more convenient than having fresh herbs growing right in your kitchen, you can pick them any time

kitchen herb garden

Have a look at these beautiful herb gardens that are located in kitchens.

Smart Garden For Herbs

This cutting-edge garden is the best answer for those who aren't exactly known for their green thumbs. It has built-in grow lights, plant pods, a self-watering tank, an indicator that shows the tank's water level, brilliant soil, and a timer.

herb growing kit

Insert it into an outlet, and it will start working. The planter will take care of the rest, leaving you free to do nothing except sit back and enjoy watching your herbs flourish.

Modern Micro-Garden

This space-saving planter is elegant and small and features an automatic watering system. It comes with soil and organic seeds, and you may grow a variety of herbs in it without breaking a sweat, thanks to the included dirt and germs.

herb pots for kitchen

If you place it near a window with plenty of sunlight, your little garden will produce fresh and green herbs throughout the year.

Vertical Kitchen Herb Garden

This miniature tabletop garden is not only cute but also practical. By filling these pots with various herbs, you can make colorful mosaics with plenty of varied textures.

herb pots

This planter has a built-in root watering system, making it ideal for gardeners prone to forgetting to water their plants.

Tip: Use tiny chalkboards to mark your herbs, as in the image below.

Tea-Box Garden

Do you have any empty sugar jars or tea boxes in your kitchen? Transform them into miniature gardens where you may grow your herbs. This is an economical method of cultivating herbs, but it also presents a relatively novel concept to the observer.

herbs pots with tray

Fresh herbs can be utilized to prepare chutneys and sauces if you place your boxes on the kitchen countertop.

Window Herb Garden Ideas

Do you have a windowsill that gets enough sunlight? Grow your miniature herb garden by making use of the available area. Put your containers on it, give them some water, and they'll take care of themselves from there on out.

window herb garden

The following are some suggestions from which one can draw ideas.

Planters On A Tray

Bring some miniature planters made of plastic or clay to your window garden. Plant your preferred culinary or medicinal herbs in them. Your window garden will quickly flourish if you provide sufficient sunlight and water it regularly.

indoors herbs

Idea: Place your planters atop a tray so they won’t leak on the floor when you water them

Window Stick-On Pot

These charming ceramic pots that stick on are the perfect solution for the limited growing area. They come with suction cups and will adhere securely to the glass surface of your window.

You can hang them up close to the window in the kitchen or use them as a decorative element in the living room. In either case, using these pots will guarantee that your herbs receive abundant sunlight.

Metal Planters With Tray

You can place tiny metal planters like those shown in the image below on the sill of any window. In addition to helping cultivate herbs, they can also be an attractive and tasteful addition to the interior of your home.

herb plots on tray

As an added perk, they come with a tray that you can use to put everything in its proper place. Because they are moveable, you can move them from one window to another to adjust the amount of sunlight your plants are exposed to.

Wall Herb Garden Ideas

Imagine that the walls of your home are covered in fresh herbs like parsley, sage, and thyme. A dream? You have the power to make it happen. A vertical herb garden is not only an elegant and cost-effective method to conserve space, but it is also a stylish way to save space.

Draw motivation from the concepts presented here.

Pretty Little Pails

Utilize old and unused metal pails to create a walled garden in a farmhouse style. Plant your herbs in the organic potting soil you've filled them with.

herb plant list

The next step is to acquire a wooden wall mount to hang your buckets. You may watch your aromatic culinary herbs develop if you attach them to an otherwise empty wall.

DIY Hanging Ceramic Tiered Planter

Bring in some ceramic pots for the tiered herb garden you have here. This tiered garden makes efficient use of available space is the most delicate part.

herb plant

Idea: You can let the kids get creative and help you with this tiered planter project.

Wooden Vase For Herbs

Create one-of-a-kind and aesthetically pleasing wooden containers for your herb garden that are shaped like vases. You can construct a display of herbs resembling a gallery by mounting them on the wall.

herb plots

Idea: You can hang them at different heights like in the image below.

Wall Pallet Garden

You can repurpose a dull old pallet into a beautiful garden for growing herbs. This space-saving solution that's easy on the money will win your heart in a heartbeat.

herb plant wall

Idea: Add a personal touch to the arrangement by naming all the herbs in your pallet using chalk.

Hanging Herb Garden Ideas

You can be as straightforward or inventive as you like with your hanging herb gardens. You can achieve a traditional look by suspending your pots from the ceiling or a wall, and hanging them on curtain rods is another option if you want to try something different.

I have some lovely suggestions for you to consider.

Curtain Rod Planters

You aren't sure where to hang your herb planters or how to do it, are you? Use the curtain rods to your advantage! People who dislike having holes in their living area but want to have some hanging vegetation may find this notion an excellent alternative.

herb gardening containers

Utilize the picture that can be found below as a guide, and hang white clay pots using metal holders. The arrangement is beautiful to look at and very organized.

Floating Rack

This rack is deceptively straightforward but manages to exude an air of sophistication all on its own. You can hang it in the backyard, on the patio off the kitchen, or even right next to the front door.

herb gardening

Tip: Bring this herb rack indoors during winter. This way, your herbs will survive the frost and leave you worry-free.

Hanging Shelves

Do you have an extensive collection of herbs in pots but not enough space to exhibit or store them? You can solve your problem by installing shelves on the wall.

herb plant stand

A rope is what holds these shelves together as one unit. In addition, they feature cutouts in the center to accommodate the pots, creating a lovely showcase for your herbs without taking up an excessive amount of room.

Outdoor Herb Garden Ideas

Put your outside space to good use by cultivating a herb garden that will turn heads. You only need to ensure the soil you plant the herbs is rich.

Provide them with the appropriate quantity of love and sunlight, and water. You will like the flavor of them and the aroma that they give out.

The following are some suggestions for your herb garden that is located outside.

Tiered Ladder Planter

An eye-catching ladder planter is a great way to expand the amount of gardening area you have in your apartment. It can be moved around easily, making it an ideal accessory for your balcony or patio.

herb grow box

Build the ladder out of cedar boards and use wooden crates as the rungs. Following that, begin tucking in other types of herbs.

Tip: If you’re leaving your ladder planter at the mercy of nature, apply a layer of food-safe mineral oil to it. Don’t use traditional stains as they will leak into the soil and affect the herbs.

Herbs In Pots

Our place will have an additional level of beauty thanks to the addition of potted herbs in the garden, regardless of the size or design of the pots. You'll want to spend more time outside because of the vibrant colors, textured surfaces, and fragrant aromas that they offer.

herb growing pot

Tip: Clay pots are porous and dry out quickly, making them ideal for growing Mediterranean herbs.

Rustic Herb Garden

What about giving your backyard a more country feel? Grow various medicinal plants in wooden vessels that have seen better days, such as baskets, barrels, or crates.

herb pots outdoor

This layout is ideal for a somewhat spacious room and has room for the creation of a little herb nook, as shown in the image below.

Idea: Add a wagon wheel to the arrangement with a rustic feel.

Raised Bed Herb Garden Ideas

The cultivation of herbs requires raised beds, which are ideal for this purpose. They are not difficult to maintain and may be positioned wherever the user desires. And the most exciting thing is that they are much easier on your back to work with when growing herbs.

Bricks, elevated planters, recycled wooden pallets, and crates are some materials you can use to construct a raised bed. Consider some of these beautiful suggestions for your horticultural space.

DIY Wooden Raised Bed

Build your DIY raised bed herb garden using the leftover wood you have lying around from other projects. Look at the image below for some ideas, then design some rectangular beds to meet your requirements.

herb growing guide

It will keep a tidy arrangement of your herbs. In addition, they will make your yard stand out (pardon the pun).

LED Raised Herb Garden

What about upgrading your herb garden with a contemporary raised bed? It is easy to carry, takes up little space, and can accommodate a variety of herbs. This modern planter is not only appealing to the eye, but it also comes equipped with a self-watering system and built-in grow lights. Even in locations that do not receive adequate sunlight, it is possible to cultivate a prosperous herb garden.

herb grow light

Wooden Crate With Legs

A raised bed supported by legs is a great way to keep your dog from digging up your herb garden, and this ensures that your rambunctious canine companion won't be able to undo all your labors by digging them up. The planter is nothing more than a wooden crate on which legs have been attached, and it doesn't cost much, is simple to put together, and works well even in constrained quarters.

herb plant stand outdoor

Herbs That Grow Well In A Herb Garden

Picking fresh herbs from your garden to use in savory meals is an experience that you cannot top. Herbs are among the easiest plants to cultivate and can survive when neglected, and they can be grown either outside the garden or brought inside and grown in containers. You want to be sure that you select the appropriate herbs, especially if this is your first time.

potted herb garden

The following is a list of the top herbs grown at home.

  •  Oregano
  •  Mint
  •  Sage
  •  Basil
  •  Thyme
  •  Parsley
  •  Rosemary
  •  Coriander
  •  Fennel
  •  Catnip
  •  Chives
  •  Bay leaf
  •  Chervil
  •  Stevia
  •  Lemongrass
  •  Bergamot

Making A Herb Garden At Home

The cultivation of herbs is a delicious and straightforward approach to gardening. In addition, you can set it up in a compact garden, a sizable garden, or even in the absence of a garden entirely.

Make your herb garden with the help of this straightforward step-by-step guide. There is no need for any specialized equipment.

Step 1 – Choose Your Location

Determine where you will be.

The ideal location for most herbs is partially shaded yet receives plenty of direct sunlight. Your herb garden would benefit significantly from being placed near the kitchen.

Balcony Garden

After all, if you make lasagna, you probably don't want to risk getting wet by going out to the front yard in the afternoon in search of oregano.

Step 2 – Prepare The Soil

Prepare the soil: Get the Ground Ready to Plant. Herbs thrive best when grown in soil that has been amended with compost. If your soil is too sandy or loamy, you should incorporate a lot of compost.


Tip: Avoid nitrogen-rich soil, and nitrogen will increase the herbs at the expense of their delicate flavor.

Step 3 – Plan Your Layout

The next step is to plan the layout of your herb garden. Many choices are available, including growing them in hanging pots, raised beds, containers, or by the window.

herb garden layout

Step 4 – Select the Herbs You Will Use

Consider which medicinal plants you would like to cultivate in your herb garden. You can choose from a wide variety of flavorful culinary herbs, and you have the option to either start them from seeds or grow them from mature plants.

big herb garden

Tip: Think rosemary, thyme, parsley, chives, and sage. They will provide not only aroma but also an ornamental display.

Step 5 – Start Planting

Planting shorter herbs closer to the margins of the garden bed (or containers) and taller herbs in the middle of the garden bed is an excellent general rule of thumb.

herb seeds

If you do this, you will ensure that all of the herbs receive the proper amount of sunshine, but you will also find it much simpler to reach across the bed to harvest or pull weeds.

Tip: When planting herbs, remember to leave space between them to allow growth.

Step 6 – Provide Basic Care

Your small herb plants will depend on you for maintenance until they are thoroughly established, and even after that, they will need occasional weeding and trimming.

watering herbs

Herbs require little attention and are simple to grow. If you provide them with the appropriate amount of water and sunlight, you can harvest home-grown herbs throughout the year.

The Best Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kits

Using a herb garden kit is the quickest and easiest method to get a herb garden up and running. These are the ideal solution for you if you are new to gardening, don't have enough outdoor space, or are intimidated by growing your herbs.

Check out these indoor herb garden kits that are available for purchase.

Organic Herb Kits

Growing herbs with an organic kit are the least harmful method to your health. These kits complete everything you need to start your organic garden, including a bundle of organic seeds, biodegradable growth pots, soil discs, and plant markers.

BUZZY Organic Windowsill Grow Kit | Kitchen Herbs
Our Opinion 🤔
Easy to use8
Easy to use
Easy to grow6.8
Easy to grow
Value for money6.8
Value for money

Indoor Herb Grow Kit, 5 Organic Herb Seeds Garden Starter Kit
Our Opinion 🤔
Easy to use6.6
Easy to use
Easy to grow4
Easy to grow

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit
Our Opinion 🤔
Instruction quality9.2
Instruction quality
Value for money8.2
Value for money
Easy to grow7.2
Easy to grow

Windowsill Herb Kit

These kits do not come with built-in grow lamps as standard equipment, so you must purchase those separately. As a result, you need to position them so they may receive an adequate amount of light from the natural environment. They have a classic and modern appearance, and their dimensions are suitable for fitting neatly on a windowsill.

9 Herb Window Garden - Indoor Herb Starter Kit
Our Opinion 🤔
Easy to use8.6
Easy to use
Value for money6.4
Value for money
Easy to grow5.6
Easy to grow

BUZZY Organic Windowsill Grow Kit | Kitchen Herbs
Our Opinion 🤔
Easy to use8
Easy to use
Easy to grow6.8
Easy to grow
Value for money6.8
Value for money

Smart Herb Garden Kit

Water needs? Soil? I was wondering about the temperature and the amount of light. This bundle will take care of everything, allowing you to kick back, relax, and enjoy watching your herbs thrive. The term "smart garden" was coined for this particular garden style for an excellent reason.

Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light
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Easy to use9
Easy to use
Easy to grow9
Easy to grow
Value for money8
Value for money

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System
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Easy to use8.8
Easy to use
Easy to grow8.6
Easy to grow
Value for money8.6
Value for money

iDOO Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Herb Garden
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Easy to assemble9
Easy to assemble
Easy to use8.6
Easy to use
Easy to grow8.2
Easy to grow
Value for money7.8
Value for money

Herb Seed Kit

You can start seeds inside by using a seed kit, and then you can transfer them to your garden or another outside place to continue their growth. These kits have a more reasonable price and include seeds encased in soil pellets, growth pots, plant markers, and a manual for novice gardeners.

Cultivating herbs is a relatively straightforward and forgiving endeavor compared to other plants. They have a pleasant scent and gorgeous blossoms and are handy in the kitchen.

REALPETALED Indoor Herb Garden 10 Non-GMO Herbs
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Easy to use10
Easy to use
Instruction quality10
Instruction quality
Value for money9.8
Value for money
Easy to grow9.8
Easy to grow

(12) Variety Pack Herb Garden Seeds | Basil, Cilantro
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Easy to grow8.4
Easy to grow
Value for money8.4
Value for money

14 Culinary Herb Seeds Pack - Heirloom and Non GMO
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Value for money7.2
Value for money
Easy to grow6.6
Easy to grow

But before you give in to the temptation and start planting your herbaceous garden, you should first read through these frequently asked questions and ensure you have all the information you need. They could be of some support to you in the gardening initiatives you are undertaking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spice Your Life With Herbs

What could be unappealing about these lovely plants?

They are not picky eaters, come in a wide variety of flavors and textures, and can improve the quality of your cuisine in more ways than one. They can flourish in full or partial sunlight, and the perennial types return in the spring of each year.

Herb garden

Herbs are the plants that need the least attention and care out of all other plants. Very little space, such as a planter, is sufficient for their growth; they do not require a particularly huge one.

Herbs are the source of their tantalizing scents, tantalizing flavors, and potent antioxidant qualities. Herbs are responsible for all three. Consequently, there is no need for you not to tend to the herb garden that you have.

Do you have any further questions concerning herbal remedies? Please leave any questions or comments below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.