Hanging Pilea Plant: Top 10 Hanging Indoor Plants

hanging pilea plant

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Updated on 8/13/2022

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Are you looking for plants that can give your home design a touch of the lushness you crave? What about hanging pilea plant?

You need to get some houseplants with a trailing habit! When hung in baskets and huge pots, these beautiful green jewels will look stunning.

1-"String of Pearls" by The Beatles

1. "String of Pearls" by The Beatles

This intriguing succulent will look just fantastic cascading down from the bottom of a hanging basket.

Do you agree that those little, tiny green bubbles make for the prettiest leaves you've ever seen?

This plant requires light that is as intense as possible and does not like to be wet; you should only water it if the top fifty percent of the soil is dry.

2-Pothos Auriflorus (Golden)

2. Pothos Auriflorus (Golden)

The Devil's Ivy is one of the houseplants that requires the least amount of maintenance due to its ability to thrive with occasional watering and little to no direct sunlight.

This plant, which is also known as Epipremnum aureus, has the ability to trail and cling to everything that gets in its way while simultaneously expanding and sliding towards sources of light.

3-Peperomia Prostrata

Peperomia Prostrata

The thick, dark green, succulent leaves of this little vining plant have white veins running through them, which contributes significantly to the plant's overall attractiveness.

It will condense into a thick mat and spill over the sides of the container as it does so.

Despite the fact that it grows in a spreading manner, this plant is simple to trim and manage after it has become established.

4-String Of Hearts (chord progression)

4. String Of Hearts (chord progression)

This plant, which is also known as Rosary Vine, stands out because of the fact that its leaves are fashioned like hearts and that their coloration is purple.

The String of Hearts is a hardy and trailing houseplant that you may grow inside. The scientific name for this plant is Ceropegia Woodie, and it requires little attention from the owner.

It will flourish if you allow it to become dry in between waterings and provide it with a large amount of solid indirect light.

5-Grape Ivy Grape Ivy

Grape Ivy Grape Ivy

It is a trailing vining plant that will look wonderful, either sitting on a table, hanging in a basket or standing on the floor as a tall pole plant.

This tropical plant was previously trendy since it is simple to cultivate and can be placed in any area of your home that receives medium light. However, it has since fallen out of favor due to its inability to produce fruit.

6-Philodendron Cordatum

Philodendron Cordatum

This Philodendron is a trailing and climbing variety that is commonly kept as a houseplant. It is also known by the names Sweetheart Vine and Heart Leaf Philodendron.

If you want your Philodendron Cordatum to thrive, you should position it where it will receive bright, diffused indirect light but avoid placing it in full sunlight.

7-The Burro's Tail Sedum Morganianum, 

 The Burro's Tail Sedum Morganianum,

also known as the Donkey Tail Plant or Burro's Tail, requires very little attention and is very simple to cultivate. As a result of its continued expansion, it will eventually become dense and weighty. The most suitable environments for its development are drought-proof hanging baskets and huge containers.

The Burro's Tail thrives best in brilliant shade or in a setting with a mix of sun and shade. Because each and every one of those leaves is acting as a reservoir for water, you need to make sure not to give it too much water.

8-Tradescantia Zebrina

Tradescantia Zebrina

Tradescantia The zebrina is a well-liked trailing houseplant that is well-known for the striped and variegated leaves it produces.

You won't have any trouble cultivating tradescantia, and you'll find that the plant can tolerate a wide range of conditions.

It is best to water it on a regular basis and position it so that it receives some shade. It likes to have its surroundings remain pretty wet.

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9-Hoya Carnosa

Hoya Carnosa

This traditional tropical houseplant thrives in warm, humid conditions indoors. Hoya Carnosa is a plant that lives forever and can grow to be quite large. It is commonly referred to as the "Wax plant" because of the waxy coating that covers its thick leaves.

It thrives in indirect lighting that ranges from medium to brilliant brightness and does not like its soil to be too soggy.

If it receives enough amount of light, the Wax Plant is capable of producing lovely blossoms in the shape of stars.

10-Lepismium Bolivianum

Lepismium Bolivianum

Due to the fact that its leaves are so long and grass-like, this plant, despite its peculiar appearance, is actually a resilient tropical succulent. Its primary function is as a hanging plant.

The Lepismium Bolivianum plant requires only a trace amount of water and thrives in bright conditions with limited exposure to the sun's rays. During the warm summer months, the plant may also be hung outside.

If you are looking for plants that will provide a touch of the lushness that you seek to the décor of your home, then? The most acceptable option is a hanging pilea plant.

You really must get some houseplants that grow in a trailing manner! These gorgeous jewels will take on an even more magnificent appearance when they are strung in enormous pots and baskets.