Best Hand Saw In 2022: The Best Buys For Pruning Trees And Shrubs

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Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 10/4/2022

You have come to the right place to keep your garden neatly trimmed, organized, and looking its best.

Keeping your garden in tip-top shape requires using the best hand saw, in conjunction with a good pair of secateurs, which are essential tools you should have in your arsenal to keep your garden in top form. A good hand saw will not only provide you with the ability to prune trees and shrubs with ease, but it will also help you deal with any branches that may be out of control and remove any infected or dead branches from your garden if they have become infected.

Having the best handsaw is precisely what you need when you trim back a few branches but don't want to drag out a powerful power tool from your shed or garage. That's because a hand saw can handle tasks that other devices, like secateurs and loppers, cannot. When trimming back a couple of branches, the best hand saw is just what you need.

handsaw is precisely what you need when you trim back


To enable you to select the hand saw that is most suitable for your needs, we have compiled a list of our favorite models, both manual and electric, to assist you in making the best choice. You need to know that each of these hand saws is versatile and can be used for various cutting and pruning tasks. You will also find some helpful shopping tips at the end of this page to assist you in narrowing down your options and choosing the best product for you.

We have compiled a list of the top hand saws currently available in the market, each labeled with generous benefits and drawbacks to make your life easier when buying one. Scroll down to see the top hand saws available in the market today. The widget buttons on our site will allow you to navigate directly to the best deals currently found on the internet if you see something that catches your eye and wish to learn more about it.

If you want to know which products we recommend purchasing to keep your garden looking its best throughout the year, we recommend reading our guide to the best hedge trimmers. If you're looking for something that can handle more extensive gardening tasks, we recommend the following brands.

The World's Premier Hand Saw 2022

1. Flora Guard Folding Hand Saw

Flora Guard Folding Hand Saw


This is the best hand saw for general use because it is easy to hold, and the blade is extremely sharp; it will assist in keeping the garden tidy.


Best for Trimming branches of all sizes, both small and large
Materials: The blade is made of high carbon steel
Dimensions: H2.03 x W7.39 x L26.92cm

Why You Should Purchase

+Triple cut blades

+User-friendly and easy to operate


Reasons to Avoid

  • Impractical for extremely woody limbs and branches

This hedge trimmer's space-saving and collapsible design will allow you to keep shrubs neat and trim back any overgrown tree branches in your garden.

Super Sharp

Due to the blade's foldable design and rust resistance, you can bring it camping with you. The blade measures 17.7 centimeters in length and has three layers of teeth arranged to make cutting easier and faster.

Sturdy Grip

This handy non-slip grip ensures that you have a more secure grip while pruning. It also makes the handle ergonomically designed, so long pruning periods won't make you feel uncomfortable.

Lockable Design

Unlike other similar products, this one features a safety latch that locks the blade into place regardless of whether it is open or closed, making it safer to use and store than other products of this type.

2. Wilkinson Sword Bow Saw

Wilkinson Sword 21


This is the best hand saw for tree pruning because it is both lightweight and powerful and can easily handle larger garden tasks.


Best for: Trimming trees and making firewood
Materials: The blade is made of steel
Dimensions: H2.5 x W21.5 x L62cm

Why You Should Purchase

+Blade guard for safe storage


+Excellent value for money

Reasons to Avoid

  • Likely, you'll also need a more compact hand saw.

Using this excellent value handsaw for trimming thick, overgrown branches in a garden with many trees that need to be kept in shape regularly is straightforward. This is very useful if you have a garden with several trees that you need to keep in good condition.

Hardened Molars

As a result of a powder coating on the steel blade, the blade will not rust, and the triple-ground teeth on the 60-centimeter blade have also been subjected to additional heat treatment to last longer.



Due to its tubular handle design, the saw only weighs a little over a half kilo, which makes it a relatively lightweight tool since it only weighs just under a half kilo. Because of all of these factors, you will be able to use it for a more extended period without feeling tired.

Safe Storage

As part of the package, it comes with a plastic storage guard, which you can use to cover the blade when it is being stored away or not actively used. As part of the package, this guard is included in the price.

3. Draper Expert Soft Grip Pruning Saw

Draper Expert Soft Grip Pruning Saw


This curved saw is an excellent choice for avid gardeners looking for a hand saw that can cut larger branches. It is ideal for those who like to garden regularly.


Best for jobs that require a lot of effort 
Materials: The blade is made of steel
Dimensions: H11.5 x W21.4 x L105.4cm

Why You Should Purchase

+Both significant and insignificant teeth

+Curved blade

+Soft-grip handle

Reasons to Avoid

  • It May be challenging to handle tasks of a lesser magnitude.

This cleverly curved design allows you to cut through larger branches and smaller tree trunks easily.

Take on Difficult Situations

Because of the curved blade of this particular bow saw, it can be used in areas other bow saws cannot reach because of its curved edge. However, in some areas where a bow saw may not be as convenient as it should be. In addition, it can also cut diameters of a considerable size, which is a great plus.

Quick Cutter

There are five teeth on the blade, which measure 50.8 centimeters in length, and a combination of small and large teeth. Its smaller teeth handle straight cuts, whereas its more prominent teeth are designed to grip and slice through wet wood easily and quickly.

Simple to Operate

It is designed with a cushioned grip and an ergonomic shape to provide the user with maximum comfort while using this saw. It only weighs half a kilogram, so working with it means you will not have to experience as much muscle fatigue as you would if you were working with a heavier saw.

4. Spear & Jackson Kew Gardens Razorsarp Folding Pruning Saw

Spear & Jackson Kew Gardens Razorsarp Folding Pruning Saw


The best folding hand saw this ingenious tool would quickly work the trimming and fold up neatly afterward.


Best for: Efficient use of space
Materials: The blade is made of carbon steel
Dimensions: H3.5 x W7 X L25cm

Why You Should Purchase

+Locking blade

+Teeth ground to a precise degree

+Extremely lightweight and transportable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not appropriate for very thick pieces of wood

Designed with the help of the Kew Gardens in-house team of horticulturists, this folding hand saw has gained the stamp of approval from those horticulturists as it was developed in collaboration with them.

The Top Layer

In this saw, the blade measures 17.8 centimeters in length and is made from carbon steel, while the teeth are made from hardened and tempered steel. As well as cutting old wood, it is also ideal for cutting new lumber.

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Portable Design

Because it can be folded up, you can easily carry it around in your pocket while working in the garden, as it is a portable tool. When you have finished using it, you can easily and quickly store it in a toolbox after you have finished using it.


Due to the ultralight weight of this saw, you will not be slowed down by it or experience muscle fatigue as a result. You will also not have any problems with how it feels when you use it either.

5. Bosch Keo Electric Cordless Li-ion Garden Saw

Bosch Keo Electric Cordless Li-ion Garden Saw


You will find that this electric design, which is cordless for your convenience, is the best electric hand saw and is designed to cut more wood in a shorter amount of time.


Best for: Reducing the amount of effort required
Materials: These are made out of metal and plastic
Dimensions: There is no information about the dimensions of this item

Why You Should Purchase



+A guarantee good for two years.

+Lock for security

+Rust resistant

Reasons to Avoid

  • A more expensive choice

You probably hate pruning or find it difficult due to a lack of ability or strength, so let me introduce you to a cordless garden saw that will make your life much easier.

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Cost Vs. Benefit

No matter how hard one tries, it is impossible to escape the price of this cordless hand saw is significantly higher than that of a standard manual hand saw. If, on the other hand, you're looking for something that will make your life a lot easier, this handy helper will be able to cut branches with a diameter of up to 8 centimeters, so the price may well be well worth the time and effort it saves you.

Keeping a Grip

As part of the package of this model, you will find a handy 'A-Grip' that can be detached and removed, which allows you to hold branches still while you cut through them as quickly as you would with a hot knife.

Fueled to the Max

The hand saw comes with a battery that, once fully charged, can be operated for up to three and a half hours without needing to replace it. After fully operational, a single charge will allow you to make anywhere from 30 to 190 cuts, depending on how deep the cut is.

6. Gruntek Barracuda Pruning Saw

Gruntek Barracuda Pruning Saw


Undoubtedly, this is one of the most comfortable hand saws to use. It has an ergonomic handle and sharp teeth that make quick work of any cutting task you may have.


Best for: Getting the job done efficiently
Materials: Blades made of carbon steel
Dimensions : H2.5 x W13 x D52cm

Why You Should Purchase


+Capable of being used by either the left or right hand.

+Handle with a padded surface

Reasons to Avoid

  • Won't cut huge branches even if they're pruned

In addition to its bright green and yellow color scheme, this hand saw makes it easy to identify because it is constructed to make cutting easier and faster.

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Cut Through

The blade of this saw has a length of 30 centimeters and is constructed from high carbon steel with seven teeth per inch on the saw blade. Three cutting edges are provided to ensure that the work can be done more quickly and efficiently and prevent any annoying clogging that might occur during the project.

Ergonomic Design

A curved, soft-touch handle makes it comfortable to hold, and the grip has a slight bend to it so that it won't slip out of your hands while you are using it, making it a safer tool.

On the Go

A protective sleeve and a belt loop are included in this model, allowing it to be carried comfortably and safely around the garden and up ladders in a way that will enable it to be carried comfortably and safely.

How To Choose The Best Hand Saw

How To Choose The Best Hand Saw


To select the best hand saw for your gardening needs, you must consider precisely what you need to prune when choosing the best handsaw. Also, suppose you need to prune large trees and shrubs and trim smaller branches, likely. In that case, you won't be able to accomplish everything you need with just one tool because you'll need to purchase additional equipment to do your work effectively. In combination with the best secateurs and loppers, if you buy a hand saw and the best secateurs and best loppers, you will have all the tools you need to perform the pruning and trimming required of you.

Handle Design

Handle Design


To ensure a comfortable and stress-free working environment, it is always a good idea to choose a handle with an ergonomic design and a grip that won't slip. Additionally, it would be best if you considered wearing a pair of high-quality gardening gloves.

Precautionary Measures

Precautionary Measures from hand-saw

The blades of the hand saw are incredibly sharp. As a result, if you have children or if you tend to be a little clumsy, it might be worthwhile to look for a design that features a locking mechanism and a safety sheath to offer you additional protection. If you tend to cut yourself on things or if you tend to drop something, then this is especially important for you to keep in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds of Hand Saws are There to Choose From?

f you spend most of your time cutting branches off trees and large shrubs as part of your job, you might want to consider buying a bow saw. With one of these, you can not only cut with the push stroke as well as the pull stroke, but you can also hold it in a variety of different ways so that you can hold it in a way that suits you best, making it a much more versatile tool. Furthermore, it is suitable for you if you frequently regularly cut down branches or gather wood for your fireplace. Alternatively, if all you need is something to trim back smaller branches, then a pruning saw will be a much better choice as it can fit into areas that a larger blade won't reach, unlike a brush cutter, for example. It would be a good idea to consider purchasing one if this is all you need.

Which is Better: A Straight or Curved Blade?

Two blades are used on hand saws that are operated manually: straight edges and curved blades. If you frequently find yourself cutting areas parallel to the upper half of your body, the best knife to choose for you is straight. The blade with a curved edge is the best option if it looks likely that you will be reaching upwards (or downwards) because it will allow you to apply more pressure to each cut you make since the curved edge will allow you to apply more pressure to each amount.

Foldable or Not?

If you don't have a lot of storage space or regularly go camping or hiking, you may find that a design that folds up into itself is a much more convenient and versatile option to choose from, especially if you don't have a lot of storage space. Despite this, these blades are best used for smaller tasks, as it can be challenging to cut larger branches with an edge of this size, so they are best used for smaller jobs.

Electric or Manual?

Are you performing light and frequent pruning in a small garden? A manual design will be the most suitable choice for your requirements if this is the case. If, on the other hand, you have a sizable plot or a garden that is densely populated with a variety of bushes and trees, investing in an electric saw will do the amount of work you need to do much more manageable.