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Best Gardening Websites & Blogs to Become a Garden Expert

Emma Downey

Emma Downey
Gardening Expert

Updated on 12/4/2022

This is cool! You've decided that you want to increase your gardening expertise, and now you're seeking the best resources to help you become an excellent gardener.

When we were just getting started, we were completely thrown off by the abundance of gardening websites and blogs that were available online. To make matters worse, the vast majority of these sites either did not provide the appropriate information, communicated it in complicated terms, or were only concerned with making money.

After perhaps spending more than a year reading and filtering through the majority of the gardening blogs available online, we have picked and ranked, in our opinion, the top gardening resources that are now available to you.

It will save you a significant amount of time, but you won't have to worry about killing your plants and wasting your time because you took terrible advice!

It is strongly recommended that you narrow your focus to a select group of educational resources rather than attempting to keep up with everyone and everything all at once. Believe me when I say that there is very little time left over for actual gardening after doing so.

Websites, Blogs, And Resources For Gardening

In the interest of not wasting any more of your time, we have compiled a list of the top gardening blogs and websites (other than Planted Well, of course), which have been arranged into various categories and were chosen by members of our community.

Top 10 Gardening Websites For Beginners

This is our selection of the top gardening websites for those just starting in the hobby. They were a significant source of motivation for us when we were first getting started; as a result, we owe them a great deal of respect:)

1. Skill In Landscaping And Gardening

Gardening Know How is a website devoted to gardening established by Heather Rhode 17 years ago. At the time, there were not many resources available that were user-friendly.

Know how

Today, Heather and other experienced gardeners have responded to over 75,000 questions, which have been of assistance to over 160 million people who have visited the website.

2. Tasteful Gardena 

Tasteful Garden is a modest certified organic garden that has been in operation since May 1996. They are very generous in their instruction of beginning gardeners on how to cultivate their food.

The tasteful garden

Recycling yard and farm waste are one of their favourite activities because they are fans of the traditional gardening practices known as "heritage gardening." Visit their website right now to acquire additional knowledge regarding gardening.

3. A Method For Gardening

In 2007, one of the most prominent garden writers at Martha Stewart Living, Margaret Roach, who has worked in the industry for more than three decades, came up with the idea for this book.

A way to garden

Her unwavering commitment to the subject matter undoubtedly led to the recognition she has received, most notably from the New York Times, which named her blog "The Best Garden Blog."

A Way to Garden has presented gardening content appropriate for both novice and experienced gardeners. Even people who do not read can learn something from listening to her podcasts, lectures, and tours.

4. You Grow Girl

Gayla Trail established this gardening website in February of 2000 to assist people who garden in urban areas but have a minimal budget.

You grow girl

Because she has such a restricted budget and amount of space, Gayla has developed innovative approaches to gardening, which she generously shares on her website with other individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in urban gardening.

Today, you can finally free yourself from the confines of conventional gardening! Learn everything you need to know about gardening with her Beginner Gardening Guide 101 and the extensive resource section on her website.

5. Garden Beast

There is no question that Garden Beast has made effective use of technology to disseminate information beneficial to gardening. The company has produced seven ebooks devoted explicitly to the subject.

Garden beast

You can download any ebooks, after which you can choose to either print them or load them onto your kindle. To receive their newsletter, all that is required of you is to sign up for it.

6. DIY Garden

DIY Garden is a resource for do-it-yourself gardening that aims to assist people who live in areas that receive insufficient sunlight and have limited space. This resource guides on building small outdoor spaces, pruning plants, and even tree houses!

Diy garden

Get ready to turn your space into a gorgeous urban garden in just a few short weekends by following these simple steps.

7. Penick

Pam Penick, author of the books "Lawn Gone" and "The Water-Saving Garden," established this online resource in 2006, intending to write about her gardening adventures at her property and in other places she visits.


She shares her experiences in coping with the problematic climates found in central Texas and the Southern Plains of the United States.

Live in an area that experiences long, hot summers, highly alkaline soil, mild winters with deadly freezes, and occasional flooding amid a drought. You will be able to relate to the content that she creates highly.

8. Almanac

The Old Farmer's Almanac is a publication that has been of great assistance to farmers ever since it was first published in 1792.

the old farmers

As a result, it has accumulated helpful advice and insights that have been validated over time.

9. Chiot's Run.

They previously owned a green space located in a small suburban neighbourhood of Ohio, but in 2012, they uprooted and moved to Liberty, Maine.

Chiots run

In Maine, they had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge across 153 acres of land there. Could you have a look at them? They are giving away a free e-book on starting seeds, and you should not pass up the opportunity to read it!

10. BBC Gardening Guides


The BBC has created a helpful webpage that covers a variety of essential gardening techniques and broad topics related to the health of lawns, the cultivation of vegetables, organic gardening, and do-it-yourself construction, including sowing, pruning, and cuttings.

The Best Websites For Plants, Including Databases And Resources

The following are some of the best websites devoted to plants that offer massive databases.

11. Current Methods In Plant Care

Gary Antosh established this plant website in 2012, but he has been working in the industry for more than 47 years. In the beginning, he had a passion for collecting rare plants, which forced him to teach himself how to cultivate them on his own.

Plant care

Today, questions pertaining to plants can be directed to his website to be answered via a free newsletter. Feel free to get in touch with them if you have any further questions!

12. Garden Org

This National Gardening Association was established in 1971 by Lyman Wood with the intention of encouraging gardening. They communicate their enthusiasm for planting, as well as their growing knowledge and environmental awareness.

You have arrived at the right location if you were looking for a comprehensive collection of plant resources. Discover a variety of resources including articles, garden research, community features, and software tools for gardening.

national garden association

Best Garden And Landscape Design Websites

Do you appreciate exquisitely beautiful things? It is possible that you do not simply want to construct a garden but rather a breathtaking landscape that can draw people's attention. The websites that follow are helpful resources for landscape design.

13. Garden Guides

The website is a resource for gardening that ten team members and twenty contributors have put together. It is undoubtedly an excellent place to find information about gardening.

garden guides

Their plant database contains 750 129 plants for effective plant identification. However, they also teach how to identify various kinds of pests and diseases and provide you with knowledge of harmful weeds that can be found in the garden.
The most attractive feature is that they provide do-it-yourself instructions for constructing garden structures that will significantly improve the visual appeal of your outdoor area.

14. Garden Design

Dayna provides a variety of pointers and advice for gardening in containers and in the shade, which can be helpful whether you have a small garden or live in an area with limited sunlight. In addition, she provides guides on landscape design for the construction of front yard landscapes and backyard landscapes.

garden design

She also writes about the various types of plants, such as annuals, perennials, shrubs, flowers, succulents, trees, and vegetables, that you can include in the type of garden you decide to create. These plants can be incorporated into your garden in a variety of ways.

15. Pith And Vigor

On her website, Rochelle Greayer discusses various topics related to gardens, including garden designs, garden styles, garden inspiration and trends, and plants. She has a passion for passing on her knowledge about design. She has made no secret that she has shared everything she has discovered with the readers of her website, including everything she has learned from The English Gardening School in London.

pit and virgor

Be sure to sign up for her Garden Design Bootcamp if you want to find out how she came up with the garden designs she created for the countless private gardens and hospitality properties located worldwide.

Best Home And Garden Websites And Blogs

Are you thinking about starting a quaint little home garden? The following is a list of some of the most helpful resources and websites for home gardening.

16. Better Homes And Gardens

Edwin Meredith was the original founder of the publication in 1922. Today, their website offers a wealth of information that is applicable to both novice and experienced gardeners alike.

Best home and garden

You are going to adore their section on vegetable gardens!

17. Growing The Home Garden

Dave started the website in 2007 so that he could have a more enjoyable way to share his experiences with home gardening. Since that time, he has published more than two thousand posts on various aspects of home gardening, such as cultivating vegetables and the propagation of plants.

growing the home garden

He also provides novice indoor gardeners with information and resources to get them started on his website. Read through the information he has provided right now, and you will have a fruitful home garden up and running in no time.

Best Microgreen Websites And Blogs

Microgreen gardening is here to save the day for those who lack the luxury of space in our abodes, so there is no longer any need to worry about this situation. Check out these great websites dedicated to growing microgreens!

18. Balcony Garden Web

It is easy to lose hope in building a nutritious garden with limited space. Fortunately, the Balcony Garden Web is here to help us plant our first microgreens.

Balcony garden

Their microgreen planting guide will teach you how to harvest the most nutritious microgreens by providing instruction on the best containers to use, the best plants to grow, and the required plant care.

19. Bootstrap Farmer

The Bootstrap Farmer was established by Brandon and Brad Youst, along with the assistance of other individuals interested in microgreens and gardening.

bootstrap farmer

They provide others with a comprehensive guide to growing microgreens and other resources to help them do so successfully. They offer everyone the help they can give, including the cost-effective materials that one may need to get started with a microform, intending to promote hyperlocal food on a national scale.

20. The Micro Gardener

Anne Gibson established The Micro Gardener not only to cultivate microgreens but also to assist others in cultivating their healthy lifestyles. She discusses topics related to the simple, speedy, and straightforward cultivation of microgreens, intending to require as little time, effort, and financial investment as possible.

The micro gardner

You should look into them as soon as possible if you are interested in learning how she grows organic microgreens and, more importantly, how to get started on better health.

Best Horticulture Websites

Looking for in-depth knowledge in horticulture? The gardening websites below will suffice your needs.

21. Horticult

In 2013, Ryan Benoit and Chantal Aida Gordon established the Horticult. They began by posing numerous inquiries to professionals working in the horticultural industry and travelling to a diverse range of gardens, including those belonging to private individuals, public institutions, and botanical gardens. They documented everything they discovered on their blog the whole time it was going on.

The horticult

They have collaborated to maintain the gardens they have created over the years. Look them up on their website right this moment.

22. RHS Beginners Guide To Gardening

The terminology involved in gardening can be intimidating. The RHS, fortunately, contains a wealth of information about gardening that is simple to grasp.

rhs best

They have an accommodating glossary on their website that translates gardening lingo into words anyone can understand. The website also provides information on essential gardening topics such as planting, weeding, fruit and vegetable growing, and planting in containers.

23. The Survival Gardener

In 2012, author David The Good established the website Florida Survival Gardening, which he later renamed The Survival Gardener in 2015. He offers advice on cultivating food in a manner that requires the least amount of effort possible.

The survival gardener

Even though he does not use pesticides in his garden, he does not consider himself an organic purist. The main reason for this is that he gets impatient with the slow growth of fruit trees. Despite this, you will pick up much helpful information from his content and books.

Best Vegetable Garden Blogs And Websites

The following vegetable gardens can be of tremendous assistance to you if you want to cultivate vegetables to have a constant supply of nutritious food.

24. Growveg

Wouldn't it be great if our resources for gardening were simpler to navigate? To put it simply, GrowVeg has made this opportunity available to us. An application that enables individuals to plan a garden from the convenience of their smartphones has been developed by a group of tech specialists who also have a passion for gardening.


In addition to an app, they offer written gardening guides, information on plants, and data on common garden pests on their website. What are you holding out for exactly? Get started right away by downloading the app and giving it a go!

25. Vegetable MD

Vegetable MD online is a comprehensive resource that is especially useful in recognizing and avoiding plant diseases. It is a project of the Department of Pathology at Cornell University.


They cover fact sheets on diseases that affect vegetables, virus hosts in weeds, diseases that affect tomatoes, and more. Even in Spanish, they have it written down there.

26. Bifurcated Carrots

Even though neither Steph Mandell nor Patrick Wiebe owned land or a garden when they started the site, they still wanted to share their gardening knowledge and experiences with others. They have honed their gardening skills by volunteering on friends' land and in community gardens, which has been beneficial.


If you go to their website, you will find much information that you can use if you are interested in learning more about heirloom gardening.

Best Urban Gardening Blogs

Living in the city and gardening has not always been an easy or successful one; however, thanks to websites dedicated to urban gardening, city dwellers now have an idea of how to begin growing houseplants and how to be successful at it. For further details, have a look at the resources that have been provided below.

27. Young Wife’s Guide

Apartment Gardening, a book written by Jami Leigh, is something that the vast majority of people living in urban areas will most likely find helpful.

Young wife guide

This guide focuses on how to practically use limited space to your advantage to achieve maximum gardening potential. She also demonstrates to novices how they can maintain their financial stability while gardening. Aside from that, she discusses topics such as selecting soil and seed and the ideal location for cultivating plants.

28. Urban Gardens Web

Are you interested in exploring a variety of strategies for urban gardening? This gardening blog might have what you are looking for in its archives. Container gardening, no-dig gardening, shade gardening, raised garden beds, square-foot gardening, and hydroponics are among the topics that can be covered in this section and rooftop gardens.

urban gardens

In addition to that, they discuss topics such as guerilla gardening, indoor gardening, herb gardens, terrariums, window boxes, and even more!

Best Plant Information Websites

It would be best if you had a place to look for information about plants, given the wide variety of plant species that exist in the world. Several websites have already invested time and energy into developing one specifically catering to your requirements to your good fortune. The following are some of the most informative websites on plants found online.

29. Dave’s Garden

In the year 2000, Dave established the garden website. It has since become one of the most comprehensive online gardening resources. It provides more than 200,000 gardening files containing informative encyclopedic entries about insects, plants, birds, and grow guides.

Daves garden

In addition to that, the website is tailored to meet the requirements of all gardeners, be they professionals, amateurs, or hobbyists. They have developed a sizable community that is ideal for the exchange of knowledge and recommendations and the commerce of seeds and plants.

30. CornellCals

CornellCals is an extensive resource that is particularly helpful in identifying poisonous plants that can harm livestock and other animals. It is a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences project at Cornell University, which is located in Ithaca, New York.

ansci best plant

If you have pets or a home mini-farm, it is in the best interest of your animals to read through some of the information that is provided on the website. Doing so could save their lives.

Best Flower Information Websites

Those of you who enjoy growing flowers may find it helpful to peruse the resources that have been provided below.

31. Flowerona

In December of 2010, Rona Wheeldon established the website intending to encourage flower growers and the floristry industry.

flowerona best flower

As a previous student and floristry industry worker, she has shared floral inspirations, flower knowledge, and floristry courses with everyone on her website.

32. Floretflowers

Floret Flowers specializes in growing uncommonly unique heirloom flowers, a family-run flower farm. Their website offers helpful flower growing resources from planting seeds, preparing the soil, and growing with landscape fabric.


Additionally, the website provides a wealth of information regarding various kinds of flowers, including anemones, biennials, carnations, asters, cosmos, dahlias, narcissus, poppies, ranunculus, sunflowers, tulips, and zinnias, to name just a few. Additionally, they have an online workshop up and running.

33. Higgledy Garden

The blog maintained by Benjamin Ranyard is loaded with flower-growing guides. 

They cover a wide variety of flowers, including achillea, amaranthus, ammi majus, ammi visnaga, borage, bupleurum, calendula, bells of Ireland, cerinthe, and cleome, as well as many others!

Higgledy Garden

In addition to that, he provides a free ebook with information on planting flower seeds. Visit his website to find out more about flowers and other plants today.

Best Organic Gardening Blogs

Do you plan on cultivating your organic garden? The following is a list of our preferred websites for gathering information on organic gardening.

34. Martha Stewart

If you are looking for gardening tips, tricks, and techniques, the extensive collection that Martha Stewart has compiled has you covered in every way. Her methods are tried and faithful and have been of great assistance to gardeners worldwide.

Martha Stewart

Visit her website to gain a more in-depth comprehension of the fundamentals of gardening, and read up on the various gardening tools and tips and tricks that will help your garden thrive.

35. Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News is one of the online publications that has been around the longest and covers topics such as organic gardening, homesteading, and livestock. It is one of the most popular sustainable lifestyle magazines.

Mother Earth News

Aside from those, they also discuss topics regarding environmentally friendly homes, environmentally friendly transportation, ecologically friendly food, and natural health. 

When encouraging environmentally conscious living at home, the best place to begin is with a garden.

36. Smiling Gardener

Phil Nauta established the website intending to assist organic gardeners all over the world who are interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of how to cultivate food that is high in nutrients. 

He provides in-depth instructions on creating an incredible soil environment in which organic plants can thrive.

Smiling Gardner

In addition, he provides a free ebook that is 92 pages long and is about holistic gardening. In it, he discusses the use of compost and microbes, soil testing and fertilization, and the management of pests and weeds.

37. Veggie Gardening Tips

This website is an excellent resource for anyone looking for gardening advice, particularly regarding the cultivation of vegetables. 

They discuss organic gardening methods that can be used for growing herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Best Veggie Gardening

Kenny started the website so he could write about how much he enjoys working in his garden. 
In addition to this, he makes an effort to protect novice gardeners from his errors and experiences.

Enough Gardening Resources To Get Started?

Gardening has definitely become more accessible to people interested in it than it was in the past, thanks to the abundance of gardening websites, resources, and apps available to use online.

You'll find everything you need to know about planting here, regardless of whether you want to grow flowers, fruits, or vegetables.

Be sure to check out our grow guides in addition to sharing the beautiful resources that are listed above, and let's work together to create a garden that thrives for everyone!

Additionally, we would adore it if you could tell us which gardening resources are your absolute favorite and why.