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Garden Water Features

Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 10/1/2022

Adding a water feature to your garden can completely transform it. Your garden can be changed from pretty to excellent by adding a waterfall with its soothing murmur and trickle, the calming surface of a pond, or the play of light in a fountain.


Planting flowers, preparing the soil for growing vegetables, and possibly even planting one or two trees can all be very relaxing. Sitting down in front of a waterfall, fountain, or pond after a hard day's work can help you achieve a Zen-like state of relaxation.


Including water features in your garden might sound like a laborious and pricey undertaking. Creating a lovely waterfall, pond, or fountain does not require any strenuous effort on your part. And without making a significant dent in your finances.

In this post, we'll show you some of the most beautiful examples of outdoor garden water features that we've found online so that you can get ideas for designing your own.


Whether you choose to imitate these steps word for word or find inventive ways to apply them to your garden, the result will be fantastic!


Garden Water Features Inspiration

When selecting water features, it is essential to consider the size of your available space, the layout of your garden, and the materials that will be needed. To give one example, the availability of particular kinds of stone in your region may be superior to neighboring areas.


The following are some incredible water features that you can use as inspiration when designing your own.


1. A Circular Garden Water Feature Surrounded by Stone

Round Outdoor Fountain with Stone Edging

Allow the water to flow freely. A fountain like this one, which is round and quite large, is a classic component of the landscape design of many parks and gardens.

Garden fountains are famous for a reason, even though they may appear a little "old-school." Garden fountains can be purchased at garden shops and home centers, so finding one is not difficult. In addition, garden fountains are beautiful.


Tip: Stone water features such as the one pictured above can be used to fill an ample space that, in the absence of such features, would otherwise become overgrown with weeds and wildflowers.


2. Concept for a Large Circular Fountain in the Backyard

Large Round Backyard Fountain Idea

Ingenious water features, such as the one below, are frequently best suited for installation in the Backyard. This is especially the case for lots with larger backyards or those in desperate need of the sense of tranquility that a water feature can provide.

The image that can be found above provides an illustration of a significant outdoor water feature that does not have to occupy a lot of space. Nevertheless, you could put a pond around it, and including fish in the pond is another option for bringing more life to the environment.


3. Modern Water Feature Idea

Modern Water Feature Idea

You're not into the whole rustic thing, huh? No problem, and a design centered on water lend itself well to incorporating many contemporary design elements. Imagine straight, uncomplicated lines that lead to unique features such as a mirror.

Is something contemporary and up-to-date what you have in mind? You will want to select an item that has a smooth finish and a limited range of color options.


4. A Natural Stone Pond Connected to an Arching Wooden Bridge

Natural Stone Pond with Arched Wooden Bridge

Natural stone ponds are a popular feature in Japanese-style gardens because they resemble natural water features. Like this one, we are big fans of do-it-yourself garden projects that use natural stone.

The following is a picture of a stunningly gorgeous large natural stone water garden decorated with attractive elements and would make anyone in your neighborhood green with envy. If you already have a small pond, you can make it more distinctive by enveloping it in stones and creating a border around it.


A helpful hint is that you can choose from various rocks and stones to use in your landscaping. Make the most of the resources that are available in your immediate area. Availability and cost are typically the deciding factors in choosing your option.


5. Best Modern Garden Water Features

Modern Garden Water Features

If you are interested in contemporary garden ideas and plans, here is one more modern design that you might find appealing.

The use of stone, decking and water plants can drive up the cost, but the result is undoubtedly one-of-a-kind. It would be beneficial to be close to an outdoor patio.


6. An Idea for a Water Feature in Your Backyard That Has a Winding Staircase

Water Feature Idea with Spiraling Staircase

Both indoor and outdoor staircases can have distinct personalities. It's possible to take things to an entirely new level by incorporating stairs into a water feature in your Backyard.

In the illustration that was just presented, one of the aspects that particularly appeals to us is that the water feature is elevated off the ground. It is encircled by stones and incorporates elements of nature such as lily pads and plants into its design. The ideal combination!


7. Minimalist Garden Ponds

Minimalist Garden Ponds

Are you hoping to spruce up a garden area with the addition of a pond? It is not necessary to have the ideal environment to do so, and neither naturally growing indoor pond plants nor soil is required. To further illustrate the point, here is a contemporary and straightforward pond.

Incorporating water and even just a few plants into the mix can lend an air of gentleness to otherwise harsh elements such as rocks or marble. It doesn't need to be a costly endeavor, and you could begin on a low scale and gradually increase it as you progress.


8. Ingenious Garden Water Features Housed in Glass Containers

Garden Fountains in Glass Container

When viewed from afar, water features can be quite striking. If you want something that will stand out from the crowd, you might need to get a little creative with the type of waterfall you're using and go with something that is a little "outside of the box."

The top waterfall, which resembles a tornado, is contained within a glass cylinder and encircled by a circle filled with pebbles of contrasting colors. If you put some LED garden lights all around it, you'll be able to use it even when it's dark outside.


9. Tiered Garden Waterfalls

Tiered Garden Waterfalls

Ponds, waterfalls, and fountains are the three types of water features that, when combined, create some of the most stunning water features. This is a lovely illustration to illustrate what we are talking about.

A word of advice: Have patience with your various water features. It's possible that you won't be able to make them in a single day. Your outdoor space's water features, much like a garden, require some time to develop into their full potential.


10. The Idea of a Water Feature With a Spurting Face

Spurting Face Water Feature Idea

Are you at all interested in the mystical? If this is the case, you should consider incorporating some air of mystery into your design. The example shown below, which is a water feature, is very appealing to us. It depicts a man's face with water coming out of his mouth.

Even if your garden is on the smaller side, this does not mean that you are limited to dull water features as an option. Use your imagination and incorporate a feature that can serve as a topic of discussion, such as the one presented above. What kind of a tale could this possibly have to tell?


11. Zen Water Feature Idea

Zen Water Feature Idea

Decks are an excellent location for incorporating water features of any kind. The natural and man-made elements mixed in this way produce a beautiful and singular look.

In addition to that, it has the potential to bring about a more tranquil atmosphere. Your outdoor space may benefit from having a touch of Zen provided by vertical fountains.


12. DIY Cherubs Garden Water Features

DIY Cherubs Garden Water Features

Building your pond doesn't have to be dull or look like it costs a lot of money. You can create a pond that will be the object of everyone else in the neighborhood's envy if you can get your hands on some cherub statues or other similar decorative elements.

Finding suitable water features for you and your pond's design can be the most challenging part of building a pond. Take as much time as you need, and don't start working until you have everything you require; the process shouldn't be rushed.

13. A Very Large Splash The water feature is a tall stone gateway.

Big Splash Tall Stone Gateway Water Feature

Go big or go home! Do you intend to carry out a significant undertaking? Take a look at this breathtaking waterfall gate.

Take advantage of the natural sunlight that shines on your water features so that they can look their very best. The pond and waterfall combination requires careful planning and significant labor, but the result is well worth the effort.


Suppose the water in the water feature is allowed to circulate. In that case, even massive water features can have relatively low maintenance requirements (this is assuming you are not constructing an aquaponics system).


14. Traditional Fountain with Statues of the Muses

Classic Fountain with Muse Statues

Do you prefer the feel of something more classical? Stone fountains that also feature statues are an excellent choice for this endeavor.

This is a traditional fountain in the European style, but the setting is quite unbelievable. However, there are a great many alternatives. A pond or water feature is enhanced tremendously by adding statues, which can take the form of anything from animals to abstract designs.


15. Garden Waterfalls with Statues

Garden Waterfalls with Statues

The beauty of a garden can be significantly enhanced by adding waterfalls. If you're looking for inspiration for your design, whether it's a DYI project or not, this statue-centered water feature might do the trick.

Any garden can benefit from the calming and stimulating effects of the sound of water. It is recommended that you incorporate some seating into your arrangement to have a place to unwind and let go of all of your concerns.


The following is an illustration of a statue that you could put in your pond:

16. Water Features of a Watering Container in a Garden

Watering Can Garden Water Features

Your garden has the potential to become a lot more fun and enjoyable if you make strategic use of the water features that are available to you. Have you seen this fun waterfall that's made out of watering cans? It's cool, isn't it?

Watering cans such as the ones pictured above are available for a low price, and you can recycle any that you already own rather than letting them rust away in your storage shed. You can also give them a jolt of energy by giving them a new coat of paint.


17. Appealing Water Feature with Spouts of Water

Charming Water Feature with Spurting Jets

When we think of jets, we typically picture them inside a hot tub. However, that is not the only location where you can find water-streaming jets like the one pictured below in this article.

The water feature pictured above is a pond that features four water jets installed in such a way as to produce a unique water effect. The addition of flowers and stones improves the impact.


18. A Pond Surrounded by Numerous Other Garden Attractions

Pond with Lots of Garden Features

Now, this pond has a variety of water plants growing abundantly around it, producing an effect that is both natural and appealingly wild. This is an excellent example of natural pond design.

Ponds are an excellent way to bring peace and beauty to any outdoor space. Flowers planted around trees and shrubs help fill in the spaces and add texture. You can also give the pond an extra-special touch by stocking it with fish.


19. Stunning Corner Rock Garden Water Feature

Stunning Corner Rock Garden Water Feature

Small corner rock garden ideas. The visual impact of cascading water features in a garden is impressive regardless of whether or not they dominate the space or are relegated to a secondary location. For something of this nature, you might want to enlist the assistance of a landscape architect or designer.

Water in a garden waterfall feature can also be oxygenated, which can increase the amount of good energy in the area immediately surrounding it. If the quacking isn't too much of an issue, you could even throw in a couple of ducks.


20. Garden Pond with a Collection of Natural Stones

Garden Pond with Natural Stones

Garden or pond? You are not required to make a decision. Water ebbs and flows into and out of one another, creating an exciting dynamic in garden ponds.

Your pond can be covered in plants that float on the water, such as water lilies. You can also add other kinds of flowers to the arrangement, depending on your preferences and the weather in your area.


21. An All-Natural Water Feature Surrounded by Rocks

Natural Water Feature with Rock Edging

Another natural water feature that plants can surround to produce a calming effect is shown here. A rocky wall on all sides hems in this one.

Tip: Begin with a modest-sized pond, fill it with water, and then expand from there. You can extend the size of this kind of water feature year after year by including additional rocks and vegetation in the design.


22. The Most Recent Idea in the Trend of Tall Stone Water Features

Tall Stone Water Feature Latest Trend Idea

Think about setting up something like this if you have some extra stone. Your garden may become home to a naturally occurring rhythm of lovely, calming music thanks to the cascading effect of the water.

This is one of those designs that can easily be replicated on a smaller scale and adapted to fit the layout of your space.


23. Japanese Garden Water Feature

Japanese Garden Water Feature

You can give your outdoor area an Asian vibe by taking a page from Japanese design and installing a Zen garden water feature like the one shown below, made from bamboo pipes, and this will give your space an Asian flavor.

The enchanting music of flowing water has the power to calm the spirit. The creation of any water feature, regardless of the cost or amount of planning involved, is almost always worth the investment.


24. Artistic Water Feature Comprised of Several Layers

 Creative Water Feature on Multiple Layers

The illustration that can be seen below is a popular choice. The jug atop the fountain puts the cherry on top, as it was voted one of the most beautiful water features.

Jars and jugs are featured in some of the other designs, as you will notice when you look at them. This water feature is a popular addition to water gardens because it gives almost any type of water design a timeless quality.


25. A Rock Garden with a Pond Filled with Water Plants

Rock Pond Garden with Water Plants

Are you looking for something a little bit more out of the ordinary? Just take a look at this arrangement, which is uncomplicated but stunning.

If you want your garden to look and feel more complete, adding a water feature that produces soothing sounds is excellent. However, you shouldn't overlook the importance of scents.


Plants can improve the appearance of and the aroma in any outdoor space. It is impossible to create a replica of this using fake components.


26. Stunning Water Feature Decked Out with Rocks and Statues of Metal Birds

Elegant Water Feature with Rocks and Metal Bird Statues

Stones and rocks of various sizes, along with pebbles and metal sculptures, are incorporated into the design of this water feature. In the background, you can also make out a bench made of wood.

You might want to try developing a design analogous to this one if your yard already features a natural slope. If you cannot acquire that many rocks, you can substitute a more significant number of plants for them.


27. Beautiful Garden Filled with Antique Furnishings and Lotus Plants

Attractive Garden with Vintage Furniture and Lotus

If you want your garden to be as appealing as possible, you'll need to incorporate various natural elements, such as furniture, plants, water, and other forms of vegetation.

You can improve the appearance of your water features by planting pond vegetation like water lilies in them. It is unnecessary to perform much maintenance on them, so you can just abandon them and move on.


It is helpful to know that these lilies will also draw in a variety of insects and other small animals, which will help to improve the quality of the ecosystem in the area.


28. A Huge Waterfall Comprised of Rocks

Enormous Waterfall on Rocks

Building a massive waterfall might not be the best option if you want to show that you're up to the challenge of going all the way.

Do you believe that the time and money spent on the laborious process of constructing an impressive waterfall such as this one will be justified by the alluring sound of water tumbling over rocks?


29. Outstanding Water Attraction Comprised of Fish and Plants

Top Water Feature with Fish and Plants

One of this pond's most calming and relaxing aspects is this water feature, which is also one of our favorites. We adore the secluded bench, the koi fish, and the harmony between the plants and the rocks. If we were forced to give this location a name, we'd call it Relaxville.

The reflections and the sounds of the waterfall's trickling can make a significant difference in the big picture and produce an atmosphere that is more agreeable for the fish.

A helpful hint is to wait to add the koi until after setting up everything else. This way, you won't be upsetting them in any way.


30. A Classic Garden Design with Various Vessels

Traditional Garden Design with Vases

Why shouldn't there be even more jugs and vases? They can be the focal point of your round stone fountain or pond if you arrange them in various configurations and use them as the focal point.

Moving water in a garden is an easy way to attract birds, so if you want to make your space more lively, you should consider adding something like the fountain displayed in the top image.


31. Small Garden Water Features Statue

Small Garden Water Features Statue

Large pieces are not appropriate for display in every room. Even if you have a limited amount of space, that does not mean that it has to be uninteresting. One illustration is as follows:

Choose one or two focal points to draw attention to, such as the statue-inspired fountain pictured above, rather than placing a lot of different things in the area and making it look cluttered.


Knowing mosquitoes find it more challenging to breed in moving water is helpful, so selecting a fountain rather than a pond is wise. You should also consider planting some plants that are effective at warding off mosquitoes.


32. Miniature Garden Waterfall

Miniature Garden Waterfall

Here is yet another instance of a water feature that can be installed in a constrained space to make it shine.

This water feature is immediately noticeable due to the reflections that are created by the water. Even though it's just a single, modest fountain, it can easily overshadow other components.


33. Waterfalls Made of Crystal on a Brick Wall

Crystal Waterfalls on Brick Wall

Crystal waterfalls are an additional example of an optical illusion. Because it appears to be magical, this is one of the most exciting designs that has been created. Who doesn't enjoy a bit of mystery and enchantment?

Curious about how this thing operates? The lights in the basin make the water falling into it sparkle. This is a ridiculously straightforward solution that enables a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.


34- Stunning Natural Rock Waterfall with a Pool

 Natural Rocky Waterfall with Pond

The waterfall in this example appears to have been formed by nature due to the way the stones are stacked one on top of the other. However, it is a carefully planned arrangement, with each stone precisely placed where it ought to be.

The beauty of constructing water features and ponds in a Japanese style lies precisely in this aspect.


A word of advice: have you seen the fountain pump at the very top? It is a fantastic method for giving the appearance of a waterfall in your garden.


A stunning water feature that is deceptively uncomplicated.


35. Breathtaking Garden and Yard Scenery, Including Gazebos and Water Features

Amazing Backyard Landscape Water Features with Gazebo

With the help of water, you can turn your garden into a miniature paradise. An example of a lovely pond can be seen here; it is surrounded by plants and has a winding stone path that leads to a gazebo.

A stunning interplay of colors and textures is produced when stone, wood, and plants are used together. A lovely interplay of colors and textures is created. This makes each part of your garden appealing, rather than just the space's focal point.


36. Small DIY Water Garden

Small DIY Water Garden

You can transform an old cupboard or large drawer that you no longer use into an exciting water feature in your garden by using the materials. You can avoid wasting materials by upcycling them in this way instead of throwing them away.

Your garden may appear more personal if it contains a modest water feature. Sometimes, having fewer options is preferable.


37. A Tranquil Pond in the Backyard with Stone Edges

Cozy Backyard Pond with Stone Edging

There is something to be said for a location that has been allowed to retain its natural state as much as possible. If you already have wild plants and a natural water source and you want to maintain them in their natural state, all you need to do is add a stone edging, and you're done.

It doesn't matter how big or small an area you have when you have natural spaces like this one because you can still make it your own.


38. Asian Garden Style Indoor and Outdoor

Asian Garden Style Indoor and Outdoor

A striking Asian-style garden with a water feature that contributes to the overall sense of calm can be inspired by feng shui and bonsai trees, which can also serve as an inspiration.

An example of an Asian garden design can be seen in the picture that was just shown; it uses the natural beauty of the area to create an excellent spot for relaxation and mindful walls.


A helpful hint is that water features do not have to be restricted to the outside of a building, and you could incorporate them into the transition zone between the inside and the outside of the building.


39. A Water Feature Comprised of a Pond, a Wooden Bridge, and Rocks

Water Feature with Wooden Bridge, Pond, and Rocks

What is the first thing that catches your eye when you look at this picture? Is it the plants, the bridge, or the water that makes the difference? You will find more exciting things when you look for a more extended period.

The construction of bridges that span bodies of water is very artistic and makes quite a statement. In particular, wooden bridges look wonderful when situated over pods and next to stones.


40. Unique Artistic Fountain

Unique Artistic Fountain

Adding water features to your landscaping is an art form, and the results can be stunning. This illustration of a fountain reinterprets an old and traditional design idea.

Although it may look like a large vase, this object is, in fact, a fountain.


Choose one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items rather than mass-produced items for your garden, even though it may be challenging to locate this specific piece. The same principle can be applied to the other components of your garden.


41. Garden Water Features Comprised of Small Fountains Set Into the Ground

Small Sunken Water Fountains for Yards

There is the Backyard, the front yard, and the courtyard. You are free to locate a water fountain anywhere you see fit. If you genuinely care about something, there is no such thing as a good or bad location for it.

Yard waterfalls that are sunken into the ground, like this one, can be utterly undetectable once they are installed. You can use them even in open areas where there is wind exposure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find instructions on properly maintaining the water features in my garden?

There are now many resources available to you that will teach you how to incorporate water features into your garden design. Check out our water feature option guide for some creative pointers if you have access to do-it-yourself projects.

Is water features a costly investment?

If you want to build your water feature, you should spend at least $100 on a small pond or fountain that you install yourself, even if you do it yourself. Pre-assembled water features can cost upwards of $250 when purchased online or in physical stores.

Do you ever turn off the water features in your home?

If you have an automatic system (like hydroponics), you can leave your feature on for as long as you like without worrying about turning it off. However, if it is made of glass or metal, you will need to turn it off at regular intervals and wipe the surface clean of any water droplets to maintain its attractive appearance. This is because even a single water droplet has the potential to leave behind a permanent water stain or rust on these surfaces. You may need to turn off any running water features before winter arrives. Relaxing, Tranquil, and Complete with Water Features

Do you have any idea what the critical component elevates a lovely garden to a great one?

Frequently, it's the water features that do it. We hope that you have been inspired by the stunning water feature ideas and the spectacular water plants that are thriving due to these features and that you are now prepared to incorporate them into your garden. Adding a waterfall, fountain, or even just a plain old pond to your Backyard is an excellent way to make it feel alive. Every second you spend in your garden will feel like more of a treasure if you install a water feature, no matter how basic or elaborate it is, because the sound of water running or its peaceful stillness will surround you. Even though certain water features can be pretty pricey, you can save money by designing your feature and constructing it with inexpensive materials like landscaping rocks. After a long and stressful day, it's always nice to come home to a space in your house where you can kick back and relax. Or a hidden garden that is exclusively yours to tend to. The addition of a water feature will help make it stand out from other similar things.