Garden Storage Solutions: 7 of the Best

Garden Storage Solutions: 7 of the Best

Garden Storage

Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 6/30/2022

Do you have things stashed away in your garden? Why shouldn't they? Convenient garden storage solutions allow you to store a wide variety of items, including gardening implements and accessories, along with many other things. 

You won't just free up more room; you'll also have an easier time finding things when you need them. Continue reading to learn about our selection of garden storage options suitable for a wide variety of gardens and yards.

There are times when we have a lot of things to put away, and none of them will fit into the smaller boxes. Or we do not have a shed, the funds necessary to build one, or the time to do so.

It is a common issue, and to tell the truth, it has the potential to drive a gardener completely insane. However, there is a solution, and no, we are not suggesting that you construct a shed or reimagine your basement.

Utilizing Garden Storage Has Its Advantages

When they are not cluttered and disorganized, gardens can be quite lovely. Despite this, your slice of paradise in the green can quickly become a jumbled mess if you use many different tools to tend to it. 

Garden storage solutions are available to help with this issue. And when we refer to them as "solutions," that is what we have in mind, and they have the potential to be a real lifesaver at times.

Garden Storage1

Simple Positioning

You can position a garden storage box wherever you like and then relocate it to another location. Or bring it indoors. Alternatively, store it in the shed once you have constructed it.

Easy Placement

You do not get the same level of portability with a shed or any other storage construction analogous to a shed when you go with this storage option.

Simple Gained Entry

Not only does having garden storage help you keep your garden clear of clutter, but it also enables you to more efficiently organize your gardening tools and supplies, making them more readily available.

A helpful hint is that some outdoor storage boxes open up to a right angle, allowing you to see everything inside at once and quickly find what you need.

Easy Access

Some of the available storage options are very well organized and give you the ability to store various items. Because of them, it will be much simpler for you to recall which items you positioned in which locations.

It will be a lot simpler for you to retrieve the things you put in the box once you know which ones you put there.

Saving Time

You'll Save Time Having storage for your neatly arranged and organized garden can go a long way. When looking for a specific gardening tool, it can save you time to use this. And that's not even mentioning the stress. After all, a chaotic environment is stressful, and it can't be denied.

Save Time

You don't need to waste time wandering all over to locate a trowel, a shovel, or a fertilizer.

Save Energy

It is possible to spend less time and effort looking for something if you already know where to find it. Why not spend your energy on activities that will provide you with more pleasure, such as growing vegetables, planting flowers, or doing some garden edging and landscaping?

Save Energy

You can choose to spend your time accomplishing things rather than looking for something you need to finish a task. You will be able to enjoy the many positive effects gardening has on one's health in this manner.

Protect The Gardening Equipment

Garden storage can protect your gardening tools from various hazards, including the elements, dust, rust, and even animals. A helpful hint is that you can find storage boxes that are resistant to water, weather, and UV rays and leak-proof, dent-resistant, impact-resistant, and leak-resistant.

Protect Gardening Tools

Keeping your gardening tools in good condition will make even the most challenging tasks easier to complete. Less work means more time for fun.

Save Money

If you take precautions to protect your tools, you won't have to buy new ones frequently. If it rains on specific gardening equipment, such as an electric lawn mower or a lawn aerator, the kit may become damaged and unusable.

The more manageable ones can be tucked away in more extensive garden storage solutions. And in doing so, you will ensure their safety.

Dual Purpose

Many garden storage boxes can also be used as seats, and they can be a more budget-friendly alternative to garden furniture or benches made of wood.

Dual Purpose

The vast majority of storage boxes offer seating for two individuals, though some models offer seating for as many as three or even more. If you want to go all out and show off your sophistication, you can even add some cushions. 

Voila! You pay only one price for brand new outdoor furniture and storage simultaneously.

Best Garden Storage Solutions Reviewed

By storing items in your garden, you can help keep your garden tidy and reduce clutter inside your home. However, you can't just put things in any old box and call it good.

You certainly can give it a shot, but there's always a chance that the items you're storing will be ruined by the elements, insects, or other natural forces. If you are going to keep things outside, you might as well do it in the most efficient way possible.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the seven most effective garden storage solutions, including the essential features of each and the benefits and drawbacks of each. Continue reading if you want to find out more about them.

1. The Extra Large Deck Box From Lifetime

Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box, 130 Gallon, Desert Sand/Brown
Easy to use
Storage Capacity
Easy to assemble

The Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box is our top pick because it has a substantial storage capacity and the industry's best warranty. The lid will not slam shut because it is attached with a spring hinge, and for the price, this is a relatively uncommon feature.

Even though finding a place to store toys can be a daily struggle, storage chests aren't just for children (for tidy parents, at least).

This large deck box is a good option for putting away Christmas lights, tools, or other miscellaneous items, and it's also a good option for storing odds and ends. In addition to this, the lid can be opened to a maximum angle of ninety degrees, making it simple to remove items from the container and place new ones inside.

This garden storage solution has a roomy design that allows you to customize it with interior shelving or dividers, which is another feature that we adore. It is made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), and it is also protected from the sun's ultraviolet rays. Because it is resistant to the weather, it can withstand various elements. The water-resistant seal ensures that everything contained within it remains undamaged and uncontaminated.


  • Limited warranty from the manufacturer for ten years
  • Fashionable appearance
  • The lockable lid with the spring hinge prevents the top from slamming shut.
  • Hinge hardware made of powder-coated steel


  • There are fewer color options available compared to some other models.

2. Wicker Decker Box Plastic Garden Storage

Even though many people have sheds where they can keep their gardening equipment, this isn't always an option. Purchasing a shed can be an expensive endeavor, and constructing one on your own requires time and effort.

We ranked the Wicker Decker Box Plastic Garden Storage in second place because it is more reasonably priced than the other options. This storage box is a beautiful example of high-quality patio garden furniture that can be used outside.

It works well for storing things like gardening tools, sporting goods, cushions, and pool supplies, among other things. You can rely on it to meet your essential storage needs, no matter how big or how small.

Its construction using polypropylene resin makes it both long-lasting and resistant to the elements.


  • Extra-large capacity of 120 gallons for storing garden produce
  • Compatible with every conceivable kind of climate
  • Design that is both attractive and robust
  • Simple in its construction


  • Not waterproof

3. Suncast Wicker Resin Garden Storage

Are you interested in wickerwork as much as we are? If this is the case, you should consider purchasing this storage unit. The Suncast Wicker Resin Garden Storage box is ideal for storing garden tools, cushions, and other patio accessories, and it also looks great in the garden.

It is designed in a contemporary style and has handles on both sides. It also has a design that prevents moisture from getting in, so your belongings will be safe and sound. This weather-resistant storage box has the potential to make your outdoor area more attractive and harmonious. The color is natural and works well with deck furniture in any shade of black. It is a mocha brown.


  • It can be put together in less than five minutes and does not require any tools.
  • Modern design that keeps you dry inside and out
  • Robust construction with two separate walls
  • The wide opening of 90 degrees
  • Handles are molded so that there are no pointed edges.


  • Occasionally, the wicker basket pattern can (occasionally) act as a magnet for dirt and dust.
  • Because of the curved design of the lid, some items may roll off of 

4. Suncast Elements Outdoor Cabinet

Suncast BMOC4100 97 Gallon Resin Extra Large Deck Storage Cabinet, Brown
Water resistance
Storage Capacity
Easy to assemble

You can select an outdoor cabinet in place of so-called "deck boxes," which may remind you of oversized toy boxes. The Suncast Elements Outdoor 40-Inch Wide Cabinet is the following product found on our list. This cabinet would look fabulous on your patio or balcony if you decorated it appropriately. It is constructed from a durable double-wall resin that is resistant to rust, denting, and rotting.

Its modern wicker design has the potential to make your outdoor space appear more elegant and refined. You can store your gardening tools, barbecue utensils, and any other outdoor accessories that you have in there.

We are particularly fond of the appearance and the fact that it opens "out" rather than "up." This can prevent things stored on the bottom from becoming misplaced and then never being located again.


  • Includes a shelf that can be adjusted to provide additional storage space
  • A stylish appearance coupled with ample storage space.


  • To assemble it, you might need to drill holes into it.

5. Rubbermaid Extra Large Garden Storage


Getting back to the use of boxes, here is yet another fantastic possibility for storage in the garden. Thanks to its dual functionality, the Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box is an all-in-one solution for outdoor seating and storage needs.

Additionally, it can be utilized as seating for up to three adults comfortably. Therefore, if it is challenging to locate a place to sit outside, this box might be an option worth considering.

In contrast to wooden or metallic pieces of furniture, this resin deck box will never rot or rust. It features a double-walled construction to keep your belongings safe, and this construction also makes it relatively stable when used as a seat.


  • Extremely simple to put together.
  • unable to leak and resistant to denting
  • There is no need to perform any maintenance, and it will never rust or rot.


  • It does not come with a lock (you have to buy one separately)
  • A little bit pricey in comparison to the other available choices.

6. Keter Brightwood Plastic Garden Storage

At least according to our preferences, this is undeniably one of the most eye-catching garden storage options currently available.

The Brightwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box has a nice appearance and solid construction. It works wonderfully as an item of patio furniture and as a container for outdoor storage.

With the help of this firm and pleasantly rugged plastic deck box, you can make your patio look more appealing and organized.

In addition, you can store all of your outdoor supplies in a single container for easy access, which is a great time saver. Overall, it is something that can go very well with the decoration you have outside.


  • It has more of the appearance of seating than a box would.
  • Large capacity for storage considering its size.
  • Produced using environmentally friendly materials that are UV-resistant


  • The actual color may be slightly different from what is shown in the image.
  • The latch is not as secure as it could be in this position 

7. Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed

We are big fans of well-built garden sheds. However, since wooden ones can be pretty pricey to construct and quickly deteriorate, we constantly look for alternatives.

Rubbermaid offers one more reliable option for storing items in the garden in the form of their Large Outdoor Storage Box. Inside it, you can tidily store anything about the park or the outdoors.

It helps store various things, including large pieces of equipment, bicycles, lawnmowers, trash cans, and more. You can easily open it vertically thanks to the rollers built in.

It comes with eight wall anchors to keep everything in its proper place. It will not rot, dent, or rust the same way that wood and metal sheds do.


  • Construction with two layers of wall material
  • Flooring that is resistant to impact
  • Maintenance-free


  • Requires assembly using typical tools found in households

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Determine Which Method Of Garden Storage Will Be Most Effective For Me?

Think about how much space for storage you'll need, where you'll put it, and how much the area will be exposed to the elements. Consider whether it will stand out or blend in with the natural environment. Check out the curated collection of our favorite ways to store gardening supplies for some ideas.

Should Outdoor Storage Solutions be Resistant To The Elements?

This is dependent on where you intend to place it. Choosing a weatherproof storage container is an absolute necessity if you plan on leaving it exposed to the elements throughout the entire year. The most effective solutions for storing garden items are typically waterproof.

Is It Possible For Me To Construct My Garden Storage Solutions?

The decision made by many individuals to create storage solutions for their gardens is an excellent one. It can save you money, but it also gives you more control over the amount of space you have available. Because you have complete control over the dimensions and contours of your storage, it is also an excellent choice if you need an item to fit into a particular area. Check out our collection of the best ideas for a small garden shed for some inspiration.

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