How to Build A Garden Shed - 9 Best Garden Sheds Reviewed

How to Build A Garden Shed - 9 Best Garden Sheds Reviewed

 Garden Sheds

Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 6/30/2022

Have a green thumb? Then you'll require a shed. And not just any garden shed, but the correct one for your needs and space. This article will help you find the best storage solution for your outdoor space. Planting a garden is a great outdoor activity. It can also give you a wonderful sense of pleasure and success since you can see how your hard work pays off in such delicate and lovely ways.

However, as any gardener knows, it's easy to amass an extensive collection of tools and equipment over time. As a result, selecting the ideal shed for your garden is critical.

Considerations For A Garden Shed

A Garden Shed

Apart from pricing, several factors to consider while purchasing a garden shed. Most shelters on the market may appear similar in appearance, but that is only superficial. It would be helpful if you first determined how much space you'll need to store everything. In other words, when shopping for your ideal shed, consider the items you'll be storing and how you'd like them to be organized. Do you already have a garden storage solution? Take that into account.
Another thing to consider is whether you'll need a permit for your new shed. Consult your local authorities to determine whether there are any size or height restrictions. Last but not least, think about the materials used to construct the shed and how long they will last. Wooden sheds are attractive, but if the wood has not been adequately cared for, you may need to replace it in a few years.

Consider the shed's footprint as well as the storage space it provides. Those are two different things!

Review of the Best Small Garden Sheds

Small Garden Sheds

We've chosen some of the top sheds on the market to help you save time and make an informed purchase. These are well-liked, highly rated products that will not disappoint, and find them right now.

Big Max Junior Storage Garden Shed By Rubbermaid

Would you like a lot of storage without taking up a lot of space? The Rubbermaid Big Max Junior Storage Shed makes it feasible. We chose it because it's so easy to assemble. It has a robust double-walled design that protects the goods inside. There will be no rust, rot, or other difficulties because it is all-weather resin.

It comes with the most up-to-date wall anchor system for quick and easy installation on shelves, pegboards, and other accessories.


  • The floor is heavy-duty and impact resistant.
  • You can lock the doors to keep your valuables even safer.
  • It is both appealing and long-lasting (weather-resistant, dent-resistant, leak-resistant).
  • There is no requirement for upkeep. It has two doors for a spacious entrance.


  • It can be tough to assemble on your own.

6402 Storage Garden Shed By Lifetime

Based on its appearance, size, durability, pricing, and other qualities, the Lifetime 6402 Outdoor Storage Shed is our second choice for garden buildings. Sheds from Lifetime come in a variety of sizes and types. However, we find that this one is the most practical, as it eliminates the need for future growth. With 620 cubic feet of interior capacity, you can easily store your 4-wheeler lawn mower while still having plenty of room for other supplies. 

According to the instructions, this shed should be erected on a raised platform to be level with the ground. Overall, if you're searching for a stylish and robust garden shed with complete accessories and a warranty, this is the one to get.

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  • It is made of high-density polyethylene double-walled shed.
  • A slip-resistant floor that won't discolor, chip, or scrape is included.
  • Appearance is appealing.
  • It includes a complete set of accessories.
  • A ten-year warranty comes with it.
  • When compared to vinyl sheds, these are more durable.


  •  There are numerous pieces to assemble, and they should go on the ground level.

Garden Shed Rubbermaid Plastic Large Outdoor Storage

Rubbermaid sheds are well-known for their easy assembly, long lifespan, and sturdy structure. Our final choice is this spacious outdoor shed, which is ideal for a home with a large backyard. It may also hold a large number of tools. It boasts wide double doors that make storing mowers, wheelbarrows, and extensive tools a breeze. Although no indoor shelving is included, the wall anchor system allows you to quickly add a customized shelf, pegboards, and hangers to meet your storage needs.


  • Bicycles, ladders, snowblowers, and extensive tools may all be stored behind the double doors.
  • Rubbermaid is known for its double-wall design and durability.
  • This shed is resistant to the elements, leaks, and dents.
  • There is no need for maintenance because it will not rust or rot.


  • It's pretty pricey.
  • Because it's composed of plastic, it's not very fashionable.
  • Shelf included.

6405 Lifetime Outdoor Garden Shed

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Our fourth choice is the Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed, which comprises high-quality materials and provides ample storage for all of your garden equipment.

Because it is rot-resistant and waterproof, it requires little care. This hut has a tall roof and a 6'8′′ internal dimension. It contains a slip-resistant flooring constructed of high-density polyethylene that will not peel, chip, or break. It's also stain and grease-resistant. For further strength, it incorporates steel-reinforced doors with a high arch. Skylights screened vents, and shatter-proof windows give natural lighting on the inside. This shed will last longer, and you will not have any troubles with it.

6405 Lifetime Outdoor


  • Internal locking mechanism and configurable interior shelves are among the benefits.
  • This shed is both high-performing and long-lasting.
  • It has four large skylights, two screened vents, and one shatter-resistant window.
  • It has a 4'W X 6′ H high door opening.
  • The roof slopes to let rain and snow drain quickly.


  • Not the cheapest option available, and it will require some assembly.
  • Adding more shelving is also expensive.

How To Assemble Your Lifetime Storage Shed

6446 Outdoor Storage Garden Shed By Lifetime

The Lifetime 6446 Garden Shed is an excellent choice if you want a high-end shed with plenty of storage. It has a tall A-Frame roof with a headroom of 6'8". This shed has steel wall supports and is made of high-density polyethylene. It has two shatterproof windows that open to provide additional ventilation.

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  • They are made of rot- and rust-resistant weather-resistant polyethylene.
  • More ventilation comes via six skylights, two shatterproof windows, two vents, and two shutters, among other features.
  • It has a UV-protected dual-wall construction.
  • This shed requires little upkeep.
  • It includes heavy-duty steel trusses for further roof strength.
  • A 10-year limited manufacturer warranty comes with this product.


  • It is not as appealing as wood, and this shed has to go together.
  • For installation, a significant and stable level ground must be available.
  • It has a pleasing appearance and layout.
  • The steeply pitched roof allows rain and snow to drain quickly.

Steel Garden Shed Arrow Woodlake

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Arrow Woodlake is our sixth selection because of its appealing appearance and reasonable pricing for what it provides. It's a medium-sized garden shed made of pre-cut and pre-drilled metal, and it has easy-to-open, lockable doors on the outside. This shed's wood texture and forest green exterior make it perfect for any backyard with landscaping timber. You may have a convenient storage area where you need it in your yard with this garden shed. It's an excellent shed for garden tools, modest patio furniture, and sports equipment.


  • The wood grain panels on this shed are lovely.
  • Because it is composed of pre-cut and pre-drilled materials, it is simple to put together.
  • Because it is made of galvanized steel, it is more sturdy and may endure longer.
  • Limited 12-year warranty
  • The slides on the track door are smooth and non-sticky.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Internal storage compartments and shelves do not come with it.
  • Metal construction has a propensity for bending.
  • The flooring requires a complete pad.


Outdoor Storage Garden Shed By Lifetime 60057

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Our seventh choice is the Lifetime 60057 Outdoor Storage Shed. It's the perfect size for storing mowers, wheelbarrows, and hoes. Long-handled garden tools, hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers can be stored on the robust walls using hooks. Although this garden shed is not the cheapest, we appreciate its high-quality construction. It has thick steel-reinforced walls for added strength, and a skylight provides natural lighting. Overall, this is a sturdy plastic garden shed that looks great next to your garage or porch.


  • Low maintenance is required.
  • This UV-protected shed is built to last.
  • A 10-year limited manufacturer warranty applies.
  • The steeply pitched roof allows rain and snow to drain quickly.
  • For added robustness, the roof is composed of heavy-duty steel trusses.
  • It has a padlock loop and a latch.
  • Very simple to put together.


  • A flat, level base is required.
  • It will be impossible for you to paint it.

 Outdoor Storage Garden Shed

Rubbermaid Large Storage Garden Shed In Plastic

Rubbermaid Small Vertical Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Shed, 5x2 Feet, Brown
Storage Capacity
Easy to assemble
Value for money

Our number eight pick is the Rubbermaid Plastic Large Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed, and it's the ideal storage solution for garden tools with long handles and other supplies and accessories. This shelter consists of double-walled heavy-duty polycarbonate that resists dents, leaks, and the elements. Unlike wood or metal, this plastic shed can never rot or rust, and it's pretty simple to put together (no power tools required). It lacks indoor shelving, but Rubbermaid wall anchors are available to mount shelves, hooks, and other storage items.

Outdoor Garden Storage Shed  Brown


  • It boasts impact-resistant flooring to keep your belongings safe.
  • Two people can assemble this shed using only standard home equipment.
  • No upkeep is necessary.
  • This room is big enough for lawn and garden items like push mowers.
  • You can effortlessly organize your belongings with a customized wood shelf (sold separately).


  • When compared to wooden sheds, it lacks style.
  • It is not suitable for colossal machinery.
  • Manufacturer's one-year warranty.
  • This shed is quite pricey.

Garden Shed 2X4 Basics 90192

2x4basics 90192MI Custom Shed Kit with Peak Roof
Value for money
Easy to use
Easy to assemble

belongs to our ninth shed kit collection. It is a cost-effective Do-It-Yourself alternative. It's a rugged kit that includes 39 connector brackets constructed of 24 gauge galvanized steel. Inside the packaging, you'll find a list of the supplies needed, a lumber cutting list, and assembly instructions. One kit should be enough if you're aiming to build a 7'x 8' shed. Two kits are required for an 8'x 14' shed, while three are needed for a 10'x 22' shed. The construction is straightforward, requiring simply straight and 90-degree cuts. No miter or detailed measurements are required. This shed kit is simple, even if you are not a carpenter.

 Shed Kit with Peak Roof


  • Allows you to pick your shed size.
  • It's simple to put together.
  • This shed is solid and long-lasting.
  • Good value.


  • You'll need to buy many materials, such as wood, paint, and other materials.
  • Assembly is required.
  • It takes two people to put together.
  • Only a two-year warranty.

How To Make A Garden Shed At Home

Would you prefer to build your garden shed than purchase one already made? You might save money while having fun (assuming you have simple access to the materials). You don't need to be an expert builder, but you should be comfortable with basic DIY skills.

1. Make The Area Clear And Level

Make sure you level the land before building your shed. If you're laying a wood floor, keep it away from the ground to avoid decay. The foundation might be built using cinder blocks or on top of gravel (3-4 inches thick). The cinder blocks or stones will assist in preventing moisture from entering the earth.

2. Build The Foundation

A pressure-treated 2x6 timber usually serves to construct a wood foundation. These portions are known as the band on the ends and the joist in the middle, and they generally are 16-24 inches apart. The foundation frame will support itself with 44 pressure-treated posts known as skids. The skids will be placed atop cinder blocks or on the gravel to avoid rot.

build the foundation garden-shed

3. Put Up The Walls

Building the wall frame on the leveled floor is simple once the floor is complete. 24 timber can construct the wall frames, and plates refer to the top and bottom 24s. Nail through the leaves and into the wall studs, spacing the 24 wall studs 16-24 inches apart. You can apply the siding while the wall frame is still on the ground to make things easier. Raising the wall and nailing it to the floor is the next step after it's finished.

Put up the Walls

4. Put The Roof Truss Together

The roof truss can be made out of 24 or 26-inch lumber. The most typical method of constructing the truss is cutting out the rafters and joining them with gussets. Using plans to construct the roof truss will be the most convenient option. Another method is to lay the 2x4s or 2x6s on the level floor, arrange them how you want your roof to be, and build a template. You can build the rest if you're happy with your plan and the appearance of your template.

5. Install Windows And Siding

You must cut out the wall and frame it for the size of the window if you want to add one. You must install the siding according to the manufacturer's directions.

6. Construct A Garden Shed Door

You can use plywood to construct the shed door—14 trim around the door and the door opening. Install hinges on the door opening trim and fasten it to the door. Additionally, make sure that anyone who uses the shed can get in without stumbling over the entryway by making sure it's broad enough. The larger the opening, the more goods you'll be able to carry in.

7. Paint And Install Trim

When the shed is finished, you can add trim and paint to make it seem prettier. Trim the four corner walls and where the siding meets with 14 frames. After the shed has been built, you will need to cover it with some material, which is usually unnecessary if you buy a metal or plastic shed. A decent quality stain and water sealant or paint for wood, on the other hand, can make the shed survive for years.

Install Trim garden-shed

A Place Called Sanity; A Garden Shed Of Reality

We hope you love this collection of favorite sheds as much as we do. These structures are practical and excellent to have, whether used to store yard items or give a peaceful space to go away. A garden is a relaxing environment where you can unwind. And, as previously stated, no garden is complete without a shed. Furthermore, storing all of those tools without a shed might be troublesome!

workshop shed

Don't want to spend money on a shed? Don't mistake not constructing your shed because you've never done so before. Remember that if a shed you prefer has poor access, not all of your belongings will fit inside, and it will effectively defeat its purpose. It's important to make the most of this shed and, most importantly, that you love it and that it serves as a source of organization and sanity.

Do you own a shed or intend to purchase or construct one soon? Let us know what you think. Contact us right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Garden Shed For The Money?

The Rubbermaid Big Max Junior Storage and Plastic Large Outdoor Storage Garden Shed and the Lifetime 6402 Storage Garden Shed are all solid and long-lasting choices. For additional information, see our complete list of the best garden shelters.

Do You Require Permission To Construct A Garden Shed?

It truly depends on where you live; however, if the place where you build or install the shed is on your property and does not touch your neighbor's house or fence, you won't need permission.

How Much Would A 10x10 Shed Set You Back?

If you already have some of the materials and can handle most of the labor yourself, you'll probably need at least $4000-5000. Instead of building a shed, you might be able to achieve the same amount of storage space by purchasing one (or two smaller ones). Please take a look at our top-rated garden shelters for sale.

Is It Possible To Live In A Garden Shed?

You can live in it temporarily, at least during the warmer seasons, if it's large and well-insulated. However, keep in mind that not all garden sheds provide adequate ventilation or lighting for a human to live comfortably. If you plan to live in a DIY garden shed, make it to your specifications.

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