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Updated on 10/1/2022

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The act of gardening may be soothing to one's mind, but it's frequently taxing on one's knees. Utilizing a garden kneeler is recommended since potting, weeding, and other gardening activities that require you to work near the ground place significant stress on your joints.

When kneeling in the garden, this handy outdoor cushion is meant to relieve some of the strain you're putting on your knees by providing a cushioned filling and an exterior that is resistant to the elements. Some of them also have other helpful purposes, such as being able to be turned upside down to create a stool or storage box.


Even though the majority of garden kneelers are intended for use just in the garden, the fact that they are also useful for a wide range of other activities speaks to their adaptability. In order to maintain their level of comfort throughout a variety of activities, including house repairs, festivals, and sporting events, many individuals utilize them.

We have done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the top garden kneelers that are currently on the market. These garden kneelers range from cushions to multi-purpose stools with textured handles. Continue reading to discover our best choices.

Best Garden Kneelers


Celina Digby Luxury Garden Kneeler

  • You can get a Welsh Meadow pad from Etsy UK for the price of £26.99, and Not On The High Street for the price of £27.99.

The garden kneelers and cushions that Celina Digby creates are stunning and come in various intricate designs. These are convenient to carry since they feature a handle with a design that is on both sides. You may also remove the cover and wash it in your washing machine, despite the fact that it is water- and stain-resistant.

Denim Garden Kneeler


  • You can get it right now at Not On The High Street for £29.50.

The kneeler for the garden is made of denim with a faux leather accent and a bag for holding gardening equipment seen in a garden.

This garden kneeler is equipped with a convenient storage pouch that can use to keep smaller gardening equipment and seed packs secure until it is time to utilize them. It has an appealing fake leather accent and is constructed out of dark-washed denim. Additionally, there are a few accessories that can purchase separately to go along with it.

Purchase the kneeler from Not On The High Street so that it may be monogrammed with the letters of your choice. You may also place your order for it through Etsy if you want to customize your basket with gloves, a bag, an apron, or a range of copper hand tools.

Kneeler And Seat Made Of Draper


  • You can get it right now on eBay (for £25.43), Robert Dyas (for $26.99), or The Range (for $28.63).

If you want to get more out of your garden kneeler, try this alternative that serves many purposes. It includes built-in hand grips that will assist you in getting into position, and it can be inverted and used as a seat despite being able to support up to 14 stones in weight. In addition to that, there is a practical storage box located at the very top.

This garden kneeler is made out of durable plastic and rubber, making it ideal for use on rainy days when the ground is sloppy and muddy. When you are finished, you may simply wipe away the dirt.

Garden Kneeler Seat And Tool Set


  • Get it today at Vonhaus for just $22.99.

The design of the garden kneeler and seat in one, complete with an integrated chair and support handles, is one that is quite popular.

May purchase this durable model from Vonhaus. It is constructed from powder-coated steel and features foam padding on either side of the seat. The kneeler's spring-loaded release mechanism makes it simple to snap the kneeler up into an upright position and then fold it back down again. Your purchase will also come with a rake, trowel, and storage bag in addition to the rake and trowel.

Garden Trading Canvas Garden Kneeler


  • Buy it today at Garden Trading for £22 or Joules for the same price.

This garden kneeler is made of canvas that is waterproof, and it is completed with a fake suede backing and handle for a look that is both elegant and long-lasting. The khaki and brown coloring makes it stylish enough to leave out on the grass, but the handle makes it simple to transport and put away when the day is done.

Kneelo Knee Pads

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  • You can now purchase it from eBay for $15.95 or Crocus for $16.99.

Knee pads, as opposed to cushions or multi-purpose stools that you have to lug around with you, offer the greatest degree of portability and convenience. The core of these pads is made of memory foam, and they are lined with waterproof material. Additionally, they include adjustable Velcro straps that may use to hold them in place during the day.

Gardening Kneeler From The National Trust For Nyman's Foliage

  • Obtain today from The National Trust for the price of twenty pounds.

The English gardens at Nymans, which is one of the properties owned by the National Trust and located in West Sussex, have served as the inspiration for a variety of products that the organization sells. This kneeler with memory foam is constructed from nylon and neoprene, and it includes an eye-catching pattern that was designed in-house by the brand's product designers.

If you enjoy the Nymans collection, you may find further products in the line, like gardening gloves and an apron, on the website of the National Trust. If this seems like something that interests you, go here.

RHS Burgon & Ball Flora & Fauna Kneelo Kneeler

In order to design its garden kneeler, the Royal Horticultural Society, much like the National Trust, looks to the organization's own properties for ideas. The RHS Lindley Library in London houses a collection of Chinese watercolors and hand-colored engravings from the 19th century, and this beautiful one is reminiscent of those paintings. Memory foam is included on the inside, and there is a handy slot on the side for transporting it or hanging it up.

Kneeler Cushion Covered With Sicilian Lemon


  • You can get it right now from Crocus for £16.99 or eBay for £18.99.

This cheery garden kneeler has a design of bright Sicilian lemons, which is meant to be interpreted as a nod to the warm climates of the Mediterranean. However, despite having such a cute image, the cushion is also really useful. It has a foam core that is comfortable to sit on, and it also has two excellent carry handles that make it simple to move around.

If you find that your gardening gloves have worn out, why not get a new pair that coordinates with the other?

Strata Garden Kneeler With Storage For Your Tools And Padded Seat

  • You can get it right now from Argos for 12 pounds or from eBay for 24.99 pounds.

Strata also offer a kneeler made of polypropylene that is both durable and versatile for use in the garden. If you place it under your knees to provide support, the legs may also be utilized as beneficial supports that will assist you in standing up and crouching down. But if you flip it over and use it as a chair, it comes equipped with convenient storage spaces on either side of the seat where you can keep your equipment.

Tweedmill Garden Kneeler

Choose this clever alternative if you're looking for a quality garden kneeler that features comfortable padding. The fact that it is stuffed with recycled fabric, trimmed with a tweed top, and finished with a waterproof backing makes it an appealing piece of design that is also functional. In addition, there is a handy carry handle that you may use to hang it up after the day is done.

If the brown kneeler does not appeal to your sense of style, you might like this item's olive, heather, or Buchanan tartan variations instead.