How Do You Hang Garage Door Christmas lights?

How Do You Hang Garage Door Christmas lights?

How Do You Hang Garage Door Christmas lights?

Updated on 2/20/2024
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I had no idea that having the best display of garage door Christmas lights on your property was such a competitive endeavor until recently. Nobody in our community wants to be the owner of the house that looks the most run-down when Christmas rolls around.

Garages are great places to decorate for the holidays, regardless of their direction. But how exactly do you string Christmas lights across your garage door?

One of my favorite things is to stroll along a neighborhood street where each house is brightly lit. As a result, I can get into the outdoor Christmas spirit much more quickly.

christmas lights

christmas lights

Use the appropriate hooks and clips to successfully hang Christmas lights on a garage door. The garage door will be safer and easier to turn since this will prevent the garage door from being damaged. You should also avoid using hanging methods that risk starting a fire due to frayed or exposed wires.

A more in-depth analysis of the procedure will be presented in the following sections of this article. Because electric lights risk starting a fire, please continue reading for some fire safety advice to assist you and your family in observing a healthy level of precaution throughout the holiday season.

Beginning The Process

It would be best if you decided whether you would hang your Christmas lights using lights from the previous year or whether you would purchase new ones.

Beginning The Process

Beginning The Process

Take Out The Old Christmas Lights

You need to check the condition of your lights and ensure they are not tangled up and in good working order. Old Christmas lights are an excellent idea to make sure that all of the bulbs still function correctly by making sure that they are stretched out entirely on the floor of your garage and then plugging them in.

I can't tell you how many times I've hung up lights on my house or Christmas tree, only to find that one segment of the lights didn't work. What obtained a valuable education.

Wrapping a Column in Christmas Lights

If you discover a string of lights that aren't working correctly, you might want to think about replacing the old Christmas lights. Wires that have been cut, frayed, or burned pose a fire risk. LED lights are a great option to use in place of traditional light bulbs when you have a string of lights with some of the individual bulbs that have burned out.

Led lights would also help if you stayed away from connecting an excessive number of lights. Alternately, the lights should be arranged so that just three of the strands are connected.

Purchase A New Set Of Holiday Lights

You can buy Christmas lights for your garage at a local store or online if you don't already have any, and you won't be able to decorate your garage for a holiday. The most typical choice is string lights, but you can also try out other possibilities, such as silhouettes or novelty lights.

Make sure your Christmas lights are specifically made for outdoor use, regardless of what else you do.

If you install lights on your garage door designed for indoor use, such lamps are more likely to break than ones designed specifically for outdoor usage. A fuse can also be blown as a result.

Options like the Holiday Essence 300 and the Prextex 100-Count feature LED lights, which are more energy-efficient than traditional light bulbs and will not significantly drive your electricity bill. Because of the low voltage of LED lights, you won't need to be concerned about your lights overheating or becoming dangerously hot to the touch.

I like to start looking for Christmas lights, and I will use them the following year when we are about halfway through the holiday season. When I go to Target, one of my regular routines is to look at the Christmas aisle to see what deals they are currently offering.

Large merchants typically begin putting Christmas decorations on sale to clear out the stock and reduce the merchandise they need to keep in storage for the following year.

How To Make Your Lights Run On Power

Christmas lights can be powered by plugging into an electrical outlet on the wall or using batteries.

Christmas Lights That Plug Into Electrical Outlets

The vast majority of Christmas lights may be operated by simply plugging them into an open outlet in your home and drawing electricity from the house's main electrical supply. You don't have to worry about whether or not they have enough battery life to operate.

Your home should be electrically safe if you exercise extreme caution.

Lights That Are Either Solar Or Powered By Batteries

Lights That Are Either Solar Or Powered By Batteries

Check to see that all of the outlets are functioning appropriately. Forestall any electrical mishaps brought on by thawing snow. The wires and connections must be entirely watertight.

If you can, try to find an outlet with a weather cover. That would be of great assistance. If moisture enters your home's electric circuits, it could cause damage.

Lights That Are Either Solar Or Powered By Batteries

Recently, I've been noticing a growing number of Christmas lights fueled not by conventional electrical outlets but by other sources of energy such as batteries or solar panels.

garage decore

garage decore

Most of the time, a pair of standard AA batteries is required to power battery-operated lights. AA batteries do not provide as much light as the lights directly plugged into your home's electrical supply, and AA batteries are not available in nearly as many distinct designs as the other types of lighting.

Nevertheless, storing them in residence with children or in a garage is not recommended, as either of these environments can result in moisture accumulation.

Most lights powered by batteries are equipped with built-in timers to help conserve electricity. You will be able to decide the times you want the lights to turn on and off, which will result in the batteries lasting for a more extended amount of time as a consequence of your taking these steps.

The solar-powered Christmas lights look very similar to traditional Christmas lights; however, rather than a battery pack, solar lights are powered by a small solar panel. A solar panel can gather enough energy daily to charge the internal battery. Sunlight will charge the battery, which supplies the lights after the sun sets.  

If your garage already has solar panels installed, you might even be able to find a way to wire your lights so that they draw power from the panels themselves.

A Technique That Is Superior To Nails And Staples

Never use staples, nails, or hot glue while hanging Christmas lights around your garage door; these methods will only cause the lights to fall.

These methods may compromise the insulation of your wires and lead to shorts, which presents a risk of fire regardless of how careful you are. Instead, you could use plastic hooks, clips, or screw eyes to place your Christmas lights around your garage door.

ideas decoration

ideas decoration

In my particular situation, the screw eyes are made of stainless steel and installed in a fixed position around the trim of my home. Screw eye is simple for me to hang up my Christmas decorations because everything required to do so is already in its proper location. The eye hooks are designed to be unnoticeable for the remaining three months of the year due to their diminutive size.

These should be available at your neighborhood hardware store or place that specializes in home improvements. Try to find solutions that can be attached to your gutters, shingles, or stucco safely and securely.

Clips For Lights In Vertical Positions

Do you want to string your Christmas lights up vertically along the edges of your garage doors?

The garage door has no pre-drilled holes or any other kind of permanent mounting space for the bolts that hold your lights in place. You might want to look into purchasing trim clips that are capable of being wrapped around the light wires. 3M manufactures a comprehensive variety of Command hooks suitable for every possible application.

christmas lights

christmas lights

Using the glue-provided clips will secure themselves in your garage. They are not a solution that can implement permanently, but they should hold up over the holiday season.

Place the clips at a distance of about one foot apart, and make sure the hooks are mounted before you begin hanging the lights. If you don't take this precaution, the weight of the wire as you turn wire could pull them away from the wall.

You should start at the highest point and work your way down if your garage's ceiling features intricate molding. You can also start the installation process on one side and then gradually work on the opposite side until you are finished.

Never Directly Attach Hooks Or Clips To Your Garage Door

Your garage door is most likely made of steel or fiberglass and may contain a layer of insulation in the middle of its construction. 

white christmas decor

white christmas decor

If you screw directly into the door or attach clips or hooks directly to the door, you will end up harming the door. That is especially true if you screw into the door with a screwdriver.

You will damage the surface of the door, as well as the door's durability and performance will be compromised.

If you utilize nail-in hooks and clips to secure the garage door, there is a good chance that you will damage one or more of the door's panels. Even if you don't have any trouble finding a firm that can fix the broken panel, you don't have to spend the money if you don't want to if you want to continue to appreciate your Christmas lights.

Getting Professional Help Is Okay

Lastly, you have no shame in hiring a third party to string your Christmas lights.

How to Hang Exterior Christmas Lights Like a Professional

Online directories such as Angie's List provide a convenient way to locate qualified handypersons in your area. You can also identify respectable people in your neighborhood by searching for professionals in the Facebook groups associated with your community.

Using lights to decorate other areas of your home will allow you to save money and reduce the number of time lights takes to complete the project by working with a professional.

Safety Tips

  • Get some help. Even if you can complete the installation on your own, the string of lights will need to be untangled and held by a second person while you turn them, which requires the assistance of a second person when you hang lights. You won't risk breaking the bulbs in the event of an accident.
  • Conduct regular quality assurance checks on the lighting. You can use this method to identify any strings or lights that don't work as you are hanging the lights. You don't want to discover that a series doesn't work after you've dropped your tools and can't retrieve them. As soon as you discover that the string is not working, you should check that the string is connected.  


Attaching Christmas lights to your garage door is straightforward; nevertheless, a lot of work is involved. When mounting the lights, you must ensure that you are paying attention at all times.



You not only need to select lights that have a power option that is the most secure for your family, but you also need to use clips and hooks that can hold the strings in place in an ideal manner.

Remember that you shouldn't use nail-in hooks on your garage door panels; put that reminder in your calendar. Nail-in hooks may not only prevent the lights from being held in the correct position, but they may also cause irreparable damage to the panels of your garage door.

After you have finished installing garage door Christmas lights, you should test the lights right there to ensure everything is functioning correctly.