What Exactly Is The Copper Garden Art?

Copper Garden Art

Emma Downey

Emma Downey
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Updated on 12/4/2022

Your outdoor living area may get a makeover with the help of copper garden art, which can include gorgeous sculptures, statues, and décor elements. Copper's inviting sheen is unrivaled, whether observed in natural light or illuminated by the flicker of a candle. Because of its malleability, copper is one of the most popular metals for craftspeople to work with. Because it has such a luxurious look, it's also popular among interior designers. There are hundreds of different ornamental and practical outdoor things to pick from, like copper flowers, kinetic wind sculptures, copper rain chains, and copper water features, to name a few examples.

copper art

Copper for the garden is available in a variety of finishes, from which you can make your selection. When combined with colored enamels, copper creates a stunning appearance. Many people adore natural copper, which, when exposed to the elements, will develop a beautiful patina over time. Alternatively, you could coat your copper pieces with a transparent protective coating that will ensure they retain their inviting luster and shine. It is entirely dependent on your personal taste.

Copper Garden Art: Flowers and Plants

Copper Water Lily Fountain.

Copper plant

Sculptor Gary Pickles is responsible for the creation of this outdoor water fountain made of copper called the water lily.


This set of copper lily garden sculptures features an impressive level of detail.

Copper Rose Lily Garden

Copper roses and lilies are complementary to one another when grown alongside the other plants in your garden.

Copper plant

Copper Tulip Garden Stake

Your copper tulip garden can be used as bird feeders or you can use them as votive candle holders; either way, they are absolutely stunning when lit up at night.

Poppy sculpture

Copper Poppies in the Garden

This garden of copper is overflowing with poppies.

Giant Copper Mushrooms

Toadstools made of copper make for a whimsical addition to the garden, nestled in among the daisies.

Water fountain

Blue Glass Copper Fountain

This copper water feature is absolutely stunning, thanks to the addition of blue glass flowers.

Blue Flower Copper Water Feature

Copper sculpture and hand-blown glass come together in the Flowers of Halcyon water feature, which is made of copper.

Copper Art Fiddleheads

Copper fiddleheads for the garden? That's quite the creative idea. An easy do-it-yourself project using copper piping.


Copper Trees: Beautiful Works of Nature for Your Backyard Magic Tree Copper Watering Hole

copper decor

Magic Tree Copper Fountain

The Olive tree is an elegant garden sculpture made of copper that also has a bonus feature. Additionally, it is a water feature.

Copper tree with weeping willow branches

This Weeping Willow copper garden art sculpture features its very own pond that is contained within the statue itself.

A waterfall made of copper trees

The copper Acer tree, which is located near the water feature, has leaves that are broad and flat, which helps to amplify the sound.

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Copper tree with weeping willow branches

Another breathtaking copper garden tree has been planted directly into the soil.

Japanese maple copper garden tree

An excellent illustration of an outdoor garden art sculpture that incorporates a water feature is provided by the Japanese maple copper garden tree.

Statues and Sculptures Made of Copper Used for Garden Decoration

Copper dragon

Copper Dragon Statue

This copper lawn dragon is a quirky and contemporary alternative to the traditional pink lawn flamingos that were used to decorate lawns.

David Harber Copper Sculpture

David Harber is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished sculptors working in copper for outdoor settings.

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Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture

Copper-based kinetic wind sculpture designed by Stanwood that captivates with its hypnotic beauty.


Copper cat and mouse

Garden ornament in the form of a copper cat and mouse mounted on a stick.

Kinetic Copper Wind Sculpture

Copper garden art can take on a variety of forms, such as these kinetic wind sculptures, which are an intriguing illustration of the unique combination of art and nature.

Waterfalls and other water features made of copper

Copper plant

Copper Waterfall Sculpture as the Feature

This copper waterfall has an appearance that is very industrial (we love it).

a water feature made of copper

Copper is an excellent material to utilize in the construction of a garden pond or water feature.


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A beautiful fountain for the garden and indoor pond plants can be fashioned out of a copper bowl. 


copper art

Copper garden water fountain fashioned from a repurposed sugar kettle from Louisiana. 

Copper Water Garden

This backyard water feature would benefit from the addition of a copper ledge as a decorative element. 



The copper ball spins as though it were floating on the water, creating a dynamic work of art in the garden.

Copper: It's Not for Human Consumption, It Is For Birds.

copper art

The glass and copper materials that make up this fly-through bird feeder make it not only a functional bird feeder but also an attractive addition to any landscape. In addition to that, it is relatively squirrel-proof. Source

Copper Bird Bath on a garden stake

This stunning bird bath crafted from copper is nothing less than a work of art for the yard. Source

Copper Garden art Tulips and Poppies

Copper flowers and ferns are interspersed throughout the garden, creating the effect of a garden made entirely of copper blooms. 

House for birds made from a copper teapot.

Bird house

This old copper teapot has been repurposed into a bird home that also serves as a piece of garden art; the teapot was initially used in the garden.

Patio And Garden Furniture Made Of Copper

Copper chair

Swing made of copper chair This garden chair made of copper is incredible. Or perhaps we should say swings. Because even though it is composed of metal, it appears to have a high level of comfort.

Copper Garden table

This copper garden table can also be used as a fire pit on the patio. 

Copper chairs were modeled from the Washington skeleton.

Washington The skeleton copper chairs (shown above and below) are works of art for the garden that may also be used as seating. 

Planters And Flowerpots Made Of Copper

copper Planters

Copper garden planter

This garden sconce made of copper looks fantastic hanging on a fence.

Copper garden planters

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This backyard patio is dominated by large copper planters of various sizes.

Copper garden vertical planter

You may get your feet wet in the world of succulent growing with the assistance of this copper garden living art planter. Both container gardening and vertical gardening are popular at the moment.

Garden window box made of copper

Copper plantbox

Growing herbs or flowers that may be eaten in a window box made of copper is an excellent idea.

Copper Garden Box Planter

Yet another beautiful flowerbox, this one with succulents.

Copper garden half moon planter

A burst of color might be added to the yard by using the outdoor copper sconce in the shape of a half moon.

Decorations and Accents Made of Copper for the Garden

copper garden gazing balls

copper art

Within the flower bed is where you'll find a trio of copper garden gazing balls.

Sculpture of fish made of copper, displayed in the garden

This copper garden art sculpture was designed by Lynn Mahoney, and it is situated in an appropriate location by the water.

Copper garden Kabash lanterns

Copper is used in the construction of these Kabash garden lanterns, which have an appearance that is reminiscent of Morocco.

Copper garden pot

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A large copper pot that may conceal the garden hose is an essential component of any copper-themed landscape design.

Copper garden markers

Garden art markers made of copper can either be quirky or functional.

Copper garden collars

Copper pot

Copper garden collars for young plants have a considerably more appealing appearance compared to the more conventional plastic rings.

Ice bucket made of copper for a garden party

And for those who like to entertain guests, a beverage tub and tray made of copper would be perfect for an outdoor summer party in the garden.

Rain Chains Made of Copper

rain chain

Garden rain chain made of copper

There is a wide variety of designs and concepts available for rain chains made of copper that can be used in gardens.

Garden rain chain made of Koi and Copper.

Koi copper rain chain helps redirect rainwater to your koi pond when it rains.

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Chain of gleaming copper raindrops

A copper garden rain chain is an excellent technique to reroute rainwater from the roof to the desired location. The origin or point of origin (above and below)

Weathervanes Made of Copper Large Weathervane Made of Copper for the Garden


Copper weathervanes make for extraordinary garden sculptures because they may be displayed outside.

Copper Garden Wind Chime of the St. George Design

Copper garden art depicting St. George slaying the dragon has been given the appearance of a weathervane.

Copper garden art weathervane

Good Directions 955P Smithsonian Eagle Weathervane
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Another example of copper garden art is in the form of a weather vane. This stagecoach recreation is incredibly accurate down to the smallest detail.

Copper Bathtubs to Soak in While Enjoying the Outdoors


Whirlpool copper garden tub

Diamond Spas' outdoor copper garden spa in the garden.

Incredible jacuzzi made of copper

This copper soaking tub is a beautiful piece of artwork. Do you think this would look good in your garden?

Copper soaking garden tub

A dip in a tub made of copper, hidden away in the backyard.

Copper tub in the garden paradise

copper tub

A freestanding copper tub serves as the finishing touch to an outdoor haven.

Bail's garden features a copper tub.

This absolutely breathtaking copper garden tub is actually located in Bali, which is a bit of a deception. However, you can make up for it by renting out the space on Air BnB.