Collection of 27 Fairy Garden Ideas Will Make You Fall in Love

 Fairy Garden Ideas

Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 8/13/2022

Are you a fan of amazing animals and fairy tales? Creating a fairy garden can be a fun activity, and it's a creative storytelling activity that you can perform with a loved one, your children, or by yourself and enjoy every step of the way.

House for fairies in the backyard

We'll show you various fairy garden ideas that you may customize and embellish with your imagination in this post. The end outcome will be nothing short of spectacular.

What Is a Fairy Garden, Exactly?

A fairy garden is a small, miniature outdoor or indoor garden with natural flora and beautiful creature sculptures.

A fairy garden also includes miniature houses, furniture, and decorations that entice fairies to come to your garden.

small house with decorations in a fairy garden

Overall, it's a tiny room that's been lovingly cared for. A fairy garden is a lovely addition to your home garden, and the only limit to its design is your creativity.

Fairy Garden Concepts

Many individuals are growing interested in garden ideas and designs, and they are exciting not only for children but also for adults. Let's look at some fantastic fairy garden ideas together.

1. The Garden of the Fairy Gnome

Are you looking to give your outdoor space a dreamy, naughty feel? A fairy gnome garden is ideal for this. Bring a slew of red and blue-capped gnomes that appear to be causing mischief in the gardens.

Garden of the Fairies

Add a tiny vacation hut, some wild stone mushrooms, acorns, pinecones, a watering can, a basket of fruits, a well, and some low-growing plants to create a story around this arrangement.

Tip: To add to the fairy ambiance, create a charming stream using tiny blue pebbles in the setup.

2. Fairy City in Purple

If you like purple, go no further than this purple fairy city, which you can put anywhere—inside or outside your house.

Purple Fairy City

There are a variety of ways to enjoy the hue. In your fantasy world, plant lavenders and clematis, use purple-colored decorative crystals, add purple-draped fairy figurines, and carefully position trinkets like a mauve doorknob and a purple-winged butterfly.

3. Fairy Garden in a Country Cottage

All you'll need to create a country setting for your fairy garden is a thatched cottage, miniature bird figurines, wooden steps, moss, and pebbles.

Fairy Garden Diy

Because fairies adore flowers, you can entice them with red, pink, and yellow petunias in your country garden.

A little bird bath filled with water will attract chirpy birds to your garden during the summer.

4. Make a Miniature Tire Fairy Garden at Home

An old set of rubber wheels can be turned into a fantastical garden. These repurposed tires look great and are cost-effective, but they also help safeguard the environment.

 My Imaginative Fairy Garden

Fix a tire vertically and surround it with ornamental items such as a multicolored fairy house, a wooden bridge, patio furniture, fairy figurines, a wheelbarrow, a rainbow windmill, and a bike.

Spray paint is more durable than conventional latex paints and can be used to color the tire.

5. Wonderland in the Woods

This intricate fairy garden, complete with a wood feel, is ideal for a rustic outdoor setting. What can you use to beautify it? With just about anything, to be sure.

Consider wooden buildings, spotted toadstools, bright stones, moss-strewn logs, plants and flowers, stone trinkets, and gnomes!

Fairy Garden Woods

A forest paradise would necessitate ample outdoor area to spread out and allow all aspects to shine. So, before you begin this project, make sure you have enough space.

6. Potted Fairy Garden

Are you short on space? Don't worry; your fantasy planet will fit in a pot. Fill a broad, shallow earthen pot halfway with dirt and embellish with a colorful birdhouse, picket fence, lawn grass, floral plants, and stepping stones.

Fairy Garden for Kids


The best part about this gaily-painted small world is that it's portable, despite its minimalist design. So you may use it as a table centerpiece indoors or in your front yard among flowers.

7. Fairy Garden House Duplex

Create a beautiful fantasy world for your fairy buddies, complete with flora and pixie dust. Layer the garden house with imitation lawn grass and add a pebbled pathway, a welcome signboard, and an enticing wooden door to entice the fairies.

Duplex Fairy Garden House

Visitors will stop and stare in astonishment at your gorgeous house decor, including a small mushroom-shaped wooden gazebo, miniature potted plants, a duck, a pumpkin, and a pair of mischievous fairies.

8. Fairy Garden in Miniature

This delightful fairy garden in a planter is the ideal hideaway for your little fairies. Everything in this garden is tiny, from white pebbles and slow-growing plants to a poppy-roofed home and a pair of curious fairies.

Potted Fairy Garden

Because this miniature universe is contained within a pot, only cultivate small and slow-growing plants.

Idea: To attract your children, let your imagination go wild and create an intriguing fantasy around your arrangement.

9. Garden of Fairytales

You'll want to believe in fairies after visiting this magical fairytale garden.

Images of Fairy Gardens


A confetti-colored pebble path, three or four little pink-capped toadstools to sit on, a clothesline for the pixie clothing, a straw basket, dreamy lampstands, and a pastel sugar house will all make your fairy companions feel quite at home.

Tip: When it comes to garden accessories, don't go overboard. Simply take some old, worn-out clothing and cut out miniature gowns for your fairy garden clothesline.

10. Seaside Garden with Tropical Plants

Tinkerbell and her companions will love this tropical hideaway, replete with sand, succulents, and stones, for some R & R.

Children's Fairy Garden

To hold your coastal garden, use a glass bowl. Add a pair of miniature flip-flops, a tiny seat, clay mushrooms and ladybugs, ducks, colorful imitation moss, and some seashells to make this beach getaway artsier.

11. Succulent Miniature Garden

Succulents are popular right now. So why not use their various shapes, colors, and textures to give your little garden a creative twist?

Layer your succulents, encircle them with white picket fences and place them in a sunny spot.

Fairy Garden in Miniature

A stepping stone path leading to a charming wishing well will be the perfect finishing touch. You can even include a stray deer in the arrangement.

Succulents don't get enough area to spread out when they're planted in a compact container, so their growth slows.

a large succulent

12. Unicorn World in the Rainbow

People will be drawn to your lovely rainbow garden within your garden. In addition, fairies and garden imps might enjoy playing hide-and-seek there.

Unicorn in My Fairy Garden


From a glittering stream and a wooden bridge to a mysterious doorway and a half-eaten cake, everything in this garden is rainbow-colored.


Tip: Leave spiral lollipops scattered over the wilderness for a wandering unicorn to eat.

13. A Wooded Garden

The aura of a fairy garden discreetly hidden in the woods is lovely.

Put a tiny wooden cabin in the middle of your arrangement and surround it with industrious dwarfs, and who knows, maybe Snow White may come here.

Fairy Garden Designs for the Outside

Add a handful of cork mushrooms, shrubs, pebbles, and a log bench to the yard for a woods vibe.

14. Fairy Garden (Meditative)

With this beautiful and tranquil fairy garden, you may bring a little zen into your home. Because you'll need a lot of greenery, choose plants with long, hanging, and lush foliage.

Ideas for Fairy Garden Containers

Place a wooden seat in the center of the arrangement and layer it with small, warm-hued pebbles. To add to the zen element, place a fairy in a meditative stance atop the bench.

15. Fairy Garden in the Spring

This charming springtime garden is simple but charming, and it's guaranteed to please the fairies.

Add some fairy figurines, rocks, bamboo sticks, fragrance candles to the setting, and a bouquet of vivid flowers that begin to bloom in the Spring.

Magical Cottage in My Fairy Garden

Idea: This fairy-filled garden will blend in with your flowerbeds and give the room a sense of enchantment.

16. Fairy Garden in Cake Castle

If you're looking for a unique approach to constructing your fairy garden, look no further. Make a magical birthday cake castle for your child princess or prince, which your fairy guests will adore.

Cake with a Fairy Garden


Cookies and candies in the shapes of flowers, butterflies, snails, frogs, bugs, and toadstools will be used to decorate a simple cake. Finish it off with a cake fairy perched on top, and you've got yourself a "sweet" fairy garden!

17. Garden of Twinkling Lights

A sparkling strand of lights can add a touch of magic to your fairy garden. To add whimsy to your landscape, grow little plants like alyssums and baby's tears.

Add a stone cottage, little potted plants, an arbor, a pond filled with pebbles, and a swing to finish your glittering garden.

Fairy Garden on Pinterest

To make a rustic walkway up the cottage, use brown pebbles or coffee beans.

18. A Tiny Teacup Garden

Consider encasing your entire garden in little teacups. Teacups that are mismatched and bright are ideal for this project.

Small succulents, moss, stones, tiny twigs, stone trinkets, and seashells will transform your teacups into a whimsical dreamland.

Fairy Garden in a Teacup

Idea: Give your loved ones these tabletop gardens as a gift. They're lovely to look at, eco friendly, and represent eternal love.

19. Fairy Herbal Garden

What could be more lovely than a lovely fairy garden? One that is edible and contains fragrant herbs! Consider parsley, rosemary, dill, thyme, and fennel for a beautifully scented fairy garden.

Adults' Fairy Garden


To finish the scene, add a fairy cottage, a mailbox, a seat, and a couple of winged gnomes.

Herbs are a rich source of antioxidants, in case you didn't know. As a result, your fairy herbal garden looks and smells lovely, but it also keeps you and the fairies who visit it healthy.

20. Fairy Garden with a Christmas Twist

A small Christmas-themed garden epitome of "Be Warm Inside and Out."

Garden of the Christmas Fairies

To enclose your garden, use an old wooden container and festive trimmings like faux gingerbread and a cup of hot chocolate.

Alternatively, a candy cane birdhouse, miniature Christmas trees, mischievous fairy munching candies, and miniature plants are available.

Make imitation snow with shreds of cotton, sea salt, and pillow filling and scatter it across your landscape.

21. In a Terrarium, There is a Fairy Garden.

Make a one-of-a-kind terrarium fairy garden that you can customize and decorate in various ways.

Your terrarium doesn't have to be in a woodland setting with shrubs and succulents all the time. Alternatively, small stone buildings, rocks, and pebbles will suffice.

Fairy Garden at Dollar Tree

Add odd-shaped stone houses, fairy figures, and ornamental accessories for a magical mood. Place your terrarium wherever you like, but keep in mind the plants' light requirements.

22. Stone Fairy House in Miniature

Do you want to put a small stone cottage in your fairy garden?

A modest home filled with pebbles, a fish pond, stepping stones, a couple of plants, and a bonfire is all you need.

Use white and green moss to decorate the structure.

Fairy Garden House Diy

Idea: Hide this stone fairy house under a tree or in a flowerbed, where only Thumbelina or a curious individual would be able to locate it.

23. Fairy Cottage Enchanting

Putting a charming fairy cottage in your garden will pique everyone's interest in its inhabitants.

Fairy Garden House Diy 2

This fairy house is studded with stones and has a moving door, two shining windows, a copper chimney, and a red and yellow rose vine covering the roof.

Place this charming fairy cottage in the center of your yard, and you'll never know who will open the door when you knock.

24. Castle in a Flowerpot Pyramid

By placing your mundane earthen pots on top of one another, you can create a magical castle. Fill the containers with porous, fast-draining soil with succulents or blooming plants.

Fairy Garden in a Flower Pot

To make it easier for the pixies to climb up, build a wooden castle on top of the building and make little ladders out of twigs.

To secure and maintain each pot in place, bury it at least two inches deep in the dirt.

25. A Treehouse in a Nest

A miniature treehouse with an inverted poppy for a roof is a must-have for every fairy garden.

To give your treehouse a woodsy feel, position it in a nest-inspired garden and decorate it with tiny gnomes, mushrooms, deer, porcupines, and squirrels.

Garden of the Gnome Fairies

Tip: To give your treehouse in a nest a naturalistic aspect, use natural objects like twigs, pebbles, tiny flowering plants, little pine cones, and acorns.

26. Fairy Garden in Gothic Style

This gothic garden, perfect for Halloween, can quickly become the center of attention. To give your fairy garden a Halloween makeover, you need some spooky pumpkins, a barren tree, irregular stepping stones, and a scary home.

Fairy Garden for Halloween

For added effect, construct a frightening gate leading to a graveyard with a couple of tombstones.

Idea: For a detailed garden, scatter some moss, leaves, and twigs.

27. Tea Party in the Fairy Garden

Make charming fairy homes out of old or cracked teacups. Decorate with miniature patio furniture, teeny-tiny teacups, stone mushrooms, and imitation plants, and put little succulents in the cup for foliage.

Fairy Garden Ideas for Indoors

Use this charming teacup as an outdoor table centerpiece by placing it on a saucer.

Succulents prefer well-draining potting soil, so mix perlite, pumice, and sand for the best results.

What Can You Find in a Fairy Garden?

Pixies? Sprites? Mushrooms with dots? Do you have any fairy houses? All of these and anything else you'd like to add!

Plants and pebbles in a fairy garden


Purchasing the necessary ingredients is the most straightforward approach to making your fairy garden. Of course, you may always make your own to make your fairy garden genuinely unique.

We've compiled a selection of some of the most beautiful fairy garden sets and accessories to assist you. Could you take a look at it now?

1. Kit of Fairy Garden Accessories

This adorable fairy garden kit for beginners includes a home, a bridge, and various mushrooms.

Fairy Garden Decorations

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We adore the intricacies and the charming small cottage in this one.

2. Garden Ornaments for Fairies

These gorgeous little fairies are dressed in bright colors and elaborate craftsmanship, and they are adorable.

Garden Ornaments for Fairies

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These tiny fairies are one of our favorites on this list because of their exquisite craftsmanship.

3. Tiny Garden Houses for Fairies

Try these miniature stone homes with steps to make a small fairy garden. These appear to have been transported straight from a fairytale.

Garden Figures of Fairies

If you've never had a fairy garden before, these houses are ideal.

4. Unicorn Garden Fairy Accessory

What would your fairy garden be like if it didn't have a unicorn? This is one of the cutest out there.

Fairy Garden of Unicorns


The rainbowy unicorn's rainbowy tail has a bird on it, which adds a great touch to this one. Isn't there a hint of Bambi about it?

5. Children's Fairy Garden Set

Another gorgeous fairy garden set, this one is ideal for a tiny child who wants to create her fairy garden for the first time.

Fairy Garden in the Amazon

It comes with seed, soil, and various accessories, so you won't need to buy anything else.

Do you want to add even more fairy garden accessories to your collection? Take a look at these top-selling goods.

My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage - Grow & Play Set
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How to Make a Fairy Garden (with Pictures)

Indoor and outdoor fairy gardens are the two primary forms of fairy gardens. We'll go over each one in detail below and some helpful hints for making them a reality. When you're ready, go!

Fairy Garden in a Broken Pot

Fairy Garden in the Outdoors

Collecting fairy accessories and resources for your project is the first step in building magical gardens. Containers with suitable drainage holes, plants, and high-quality potting soil are among them. Miniature furniture, fairy figures, decors, and pebbles are examples of accessories.

1. Making a Design Plan

Select a distinctive location in your garden, such as by a bench or beneath a tree.

In the greenery, there are fairy garden cottages

Important: The area should be shielded from heavy rain, direct afternoon sunlight, and high winds. Other criteria, such as the plant varieties you'll use, can influence your chosen location.

There are fairy garden kits available to attempt if you'd want to skip the planning part. Some of them have already been mentioned.

2. Choose the Best Potting Mix

To avoid water blockage, the growing medium should have good drainage.

potting mix for a fairy palace in a pot

A potting mix with peat moss and vermiculite is recommended.

3. Arrange the Garden

Before planting your garden, place the features, plants, and furnishings in their proper locations.

house from a fairy tale

This allows you to experiment with different layouts without harming the plants.

4. Planting

It's time to plant when you've established the design.

Start with the plants with the most extensive root systems, as they are the most prone to disturb your garden soil.

Fairy Garden Planting


After you've finished planting, level the garden and water it with a watering can.

5. Furniture, Pebbles, and Décor Should All Be Included.

Make walkways in the earth by scattering small pebbles and some fairy garden furniture.

accessories for a fairy garden

Make a bench out of sticks, a leaf, and tree bark, or by stacking two tiny stones on top of a rock.

Alternatively, you can simply get a lovely accessory set.

Fairy Garden Indoors

Making an indoor fairy garden terrarium was one of the best indoor gardening ideas we tried. Indoor miniatures are easy to construct and an excellent place to begin.

Terrariums are versatile and can be used in any house room, including the living room, kitchen, and home office.

Fairy Garden Terrarium

Making a terrarium is a creative and enjoyable pastime for people of all ages, and it's also a one-of-a-kind present for a variety of events.

Here's how to construct a fairy garden in a terrarium.

1. Gather Materials and Choose a Terrarium Container

The best container is usually one made of glass. It comes in various forms and sizes and may be found in gardening stores, nurseries, and florists.

Terrarium container for a fairy garden

Fish bowls, glass sweets, and apothecary jars can also be used. Pebbles, potting mix, activated charcoal, and terrarium plants are among the other items you'll need to gather.

2. Pebble Layer Should Be Added

At the bottom of the terrarium container, put pebbles or gravel. This allows for good drainage, ensuring that the plant does not flood when watered.

terrarium with a pebble layer

Also, leave a space on top of the container to make it appear larger. To thrive, the plants also require an adequate room on top.

3. Layer of Activated Charcoal

On top of the pebbles, sprinkle the activated charcoal. Charcoal is necessary because it eliminates smells, fungus, and germs.

4. Sphagnum Moss should Be Added

Fill your terrarium glass with 4 cm of potting mix. You can also use valleys and hills to rough the top of the potting soil.

terrarium with sphagnum moss and pebble charcoal

5. Planting

Plants of various heights, textures, and colors should be placed atop the potting soil after preparing the terrarium. The majority of the plants we recommend are low-growing.

Succulents are being planted in a terrarium

Trim part of the plants' roots if they have a dense, fibrous root system that won't fit into the terrarium glass. You can also arrange them according to their heights and viewing angles.

6. Fairy Garden Ornaments To Decorate And Place

Add fairy decorations and ornaments to your terrarium setting to make it more beautiful. Shells and stones can be used as ornaments or color accents.

What Plants Are Best For A Fairy Garden?

Silver sprinkles plant, weeping fig, spikiness, polka-dot plant, wood sorrel, and arrowhead plants are some of the most significant plants in a tiny garden.

fairy garden's most excellent plants

Plants that thrive in moist environments, such as those found in subtropical and tropical climates, are suitable for terrariums. Succulents and most other plants can also be used in terrariums.
Whether you make an indoor or outdoor terrarium and how big you want it to be will determine which plants you use.
Here are some of the most often asked questions regarding fairy gardens and the solutions.
pink fairy garden home

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to make a fairy garden?

Arrange your fairy garden elements creatively in a shady location in the yard, a large pot, or a terrarium. You can either buy or manufacture your figurines and decorations. For more inspiration, see our tutorial on constructing a fairy garden. Have fun and be inventive! It's a great piece of work!

How do I keep the rain out of my fairy garden?

Rain may have little effect on indoor fairy gardens. Create a drainage system for outdoor miniatures to remove surplus rainwater. You can also protect your garden from rainy damage by planting it in a sheltered area, such as under a tree.

How often should a fairy garden be watered?

It depends on the plants in your fairy garden and the environment in which they are grown. When the moisture in the top centimeters of the soil is dry, water the plants, and water should not be used to saturate your fairy garden!

Give Yourself A Fairy Garden As A Present.

Making a fantasy garden is a fun, creative, and thrilling hobby. You can either make one for yourself or your children and if you're doing it for the kids, make sure they're involved.
Storytelling is a great way to learn, and it's also good for your health. Fairy gardens are an excellent place to practice storytelling.

fairy garden home in pastels

A fairy garden does not require a lot of room, and in reality, a traditional garden isn't required. You can always make one at your home!
You can include these mystical creations in your home and yard if you enjoy stories about elves, gnomes, and fairies. Decorate your yard in innovative ways to bring your fairy tales to life.
Also, don't forget to tell us about your experience. Alternatively, if you have any fairy garden-related inquiries, we're here–you know where to find us!
Get started right away!