Bulb Forcing Vase, Ten Simple Pieces

Bulb Forcing Vase, Ten Simple Pieces

Emma Downey

Emma Downey
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Updated on 12/4/2022

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    After thinking about it for a while, I've concluded that the confinement approach I use for my bulb forcing vase activities has to become more complex. On my winter windowsill, paper cups filled with toothpick-supported bulbs aren't going to cut it, and I need something more substantial.

    Bulb Forcing Vase

    Bulb vases are created with a thin neck to keep the bulb above the water, allowing the roots to dangle and displaying the tendrils that would otherwise be buried underneath. That makes bulb vases the ideal shape for forcing bulbs. Bulb vases come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The following is a collection of bulb vases that will sustain and accent the winter-forced blooming beauty of your plants (and can be put to work holding cut flowers for the remainder of the year).

    Visit Michelle's Forced Bulb Primer for step-by-step instructions on bringing beautiful blossoms to your home throughout the winter.

    Yaoxianwu Glass Avocado Tree Flower Vases
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    You can see the modest 4.12-inch height of Holmegaard's Celebrate Pearl Vase, designed for use with hyacinth pearl bulbs but may also accommodate other little bulbs such as Crocus. who may purchase it from Royal Design for the price of $22 in either the green shade "evergreen" or the amber shade "bloom." The latter option is currently being shown.

    The Holmegaard Celebrate Hyacinth Vase with Votive (rear, center) comes with a votive candle holder and is available at Royal Design for USD 64. It measures 7.12 inches in height.

    The straightforward Hyacinth Forcing Jar Trio (L), seen above, allows the plant to serve as the primary point of interest. For a total cost of $12, you will receive three vases with a height of 5.75 inches and three bulbs. The Crocus Forcing Jar Trio is available for a price of $10 and features three vases that are 4 inches in height each. Both of these may be found at Living Gardens.


    The Extra Tall Bulb Vase (R) seen above has a height of 15 inches and can hold giant bulbs such as amaryllis or tulips thanks to its tall sides, which also support the flower and foliage. At Sugarboo & Co., you can get the Tall Bulb Vase (L) for $24 and the Tall Bulb Vase (S) for $18, which measure 11 inches in height and are ideal for displaying paperwhites.

    Art glass meets bulb vase. Tilde is selling the Vitrelux Bulb Vase, made by hand in Portland, Oregon, and has a height of roughly 10.25 inches. The price of the vase is $140.

    Above: The Smoked Glass Crocus Bulb Vase can be purchased for a low price of £3.99 at Crocus in the UK., who created this vase with a particular focus on accommodating little bulbs.


    Homart's Bulb Vases are priced at $18 each from Abodewares and are made from recycled glass. Their dimensions are 4 inches by 5 inches and come in five different hues, including cobalt (as seen).

    The vase set seen above is called the Set of Four Hyacinth Bulb Vases and is crafted out of recycled glass that has been shaped with ribbing and is colored in a grouping of different hues. They have a height of 6.3 inches and can be purchased at Origin Crafts for a total cost of $77.50 for the set.

    the Lime Glass Bulb Vase

    Above, the Lime Glass Bulb Waterer Vase, which you can purchase at Arhaus for twelve dollars, features a hue that goes well with plant leaves and blossoms.

    When it comes to root knots, do you find them to be too messy? Consider a Ceramic Bulb Forcing Vase, available in various colors of green from one of my favorite stores in Seattle, Watson Kennedy; each one costs $36.

    This winter, will you concentrate on growing plants indoors instead of outside? Take into consideration the Wonderful Wardian Cases.

    Are you interested in purchasing additional bulb forcing vase and tubers for your garden or use in your interior space? In our guide, "Bulbs & Tubers: A Field Guide," you'll find further information that will give you more ideas on how to plant, nurture, and care for various bulbs and tubers.