27 Best Wall Hanging Planters for Indoors & Outdoors

27 Best Wall Hanging Planters For Indoors & Outdoors

Best Wall Hanging Planters

Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 6/30/2022

Are you looking for a new DIY project for your home? You can transform any wall into a flourishing garden with wall-hanging planters. These planters are easy to install and will brighten up any room.

You can showcase your gardening skills with wall-hanging planters. Furthermore, they bring the beauty of nature right into your home. Residents of apartments, take note!  

Wall hanging planters nook

Maintenance is a breeze with wall-hanging planters. Even if you don't have a green thumb, you can transform your space into a lush, tropical paradise.

With hanging planters, you can create a living wall or decorate your fences. Perhaps you could hang some by your bedside or hang a few near your kitchen?

Hanging herb planters in the kitchen

We've compiled a list of 25 of the best wall hanging planters to fit your style and space.

Check it out.

Why Hang Plants On Walls?

There are a variety of reasons to put plants on walls. Plants, for example, can lend rich, green interest to drab and ugly walls.

Hanging planters on the porch

They're also ideal for gardening enthusiasts who live in small apartments. Wall hanging planters look great on a patio, porch, living room, or bedside table.

While the look of green and blossoming walls is lovely, your area will also smell wonderful.

You may grow practically anything on your wall, from seasonal flowers to fragrant herbs.

Seasonal flowers on hanging planter

If that isn't enough to tempt you, consider that many plants have air-purifying properties, and they'll also help you sleep better by acting as a natural humidifier.

Indoor Hanging Planters For Wall

Are you looking for sleek and trendy or rustic and natural? Well, there's an ideal indoor hanging planter waiting for you.

1. Simple Wall Mounted Planters

Are you wondering how to decorate a bare white wall? Consider mounting planters on the wall. If you have trouble finding them in your local stores, you can buy them online.

Wall hanging planter pots

To go with a mute background, choose smooth, matte planters in black or grey. Plants will take center stage with these pots.

2. Creative Indoor Wall Hanging Planters

Alternatively, you could choose glass planters shaped like stars.

Hanging Star shaped Glass Wall Planters

You can also display your water plants by filling them with water.

Tip: Air plants can also be grown in glass planters.

3. Small Wall Hanging Planters Indoor

Is there any reason why tiny, tightly packed spaces cannot have some greenery? Most anywhere can accommodate a small wall hanging planter.

Hanging Planter for Succulents

They are suitable for growing succulents such as hen-and-chickens, burro's tails, and panda plants. Low-maintenance, striking, and slow-growing, these plants require little maintenance. Does your wall need anything more?

4. DIY Wall Hanging Indoor Planters

What's the point of going boring when you can go boho? DIY macrame plant hangers can achieve just the effect you want.

Macrame Wall Plant Hanger

The first step is to learn how to tie a knot. With the hanger ready, you can place a pot of your choice in it.

An example of a bronze planter, on the other hand, can add a boho-hipster aesthetic.

5. Metal Wall Hanging Planters For Indoors

Use metal wall hanging planters to add a lovely botanical accent. Consider slender geometric frames, such as those shown here.

Metal Hanging Planter

What makes metal so unique? Its durability. A few simple maintenance steps can extend the life of your metal planters.

6. Hanging Ceramic Wall Planters

With ceramic wall planters, you can't go wrong. You can use them indoors, and they look simple yet charming.

Hanging Ceramic Wall Planters

You can use them to grow ornamental house plants such as golden pothos, air plants, and ivy. You can also grow kitchen plants like strawberries, basil, and beans.

7. IKEA Hanging Planter

Indoors can be brightened with IKEA hanging planters. You can hang bucket-shaped planters on a metal rod mounted on your wall.

Ikea hanging planter

If you want an elegant look, go for plain white planters. So, grow white-flowering plants (such as peace lilies, moth orchids, and jasmine). This combination will look spectacular.

If your wall is shaded, you could also plant some ferns in your planters.

8. Affordable Wall Mounted Planters Indoor

There are many affordable options for wall-mounted planters as well. "Affordable" doesn't mean "run-of-the-mill."

Triangle Succulent Planter

The Triangle Succulent Planter is available via Etsy -with sleek gold hangers. Different sizes and colors are also available.

Then you can grow low-maintenance succulents there.

9. Wall Hanging Planter Basket

Walls can be enlivened by hanging baskets bursting with greenery. These look great hung in the living room or bedroom.

Handmade Crochet Jute Wall Hanging Planter

Put small potted plants in the basket. You can also use them to display dried or fresh flowers.

10. Wall Mounted Plant Holder for Indoors

Air plants and succulents thrive in small, capsule-shaped planters. You can easily mount them to your walls since they have a hole in the back.

Air Plant Wall Modern Planter

For a minimalistic design, choose light pastel shades. Don't overwater your plants-these planters don't have any drainage holes!

11. Cheap DIY Wall Hanging Planters

Wall gardens can be made with old glass bottles and flasks. No matter what shape they take, don't worry about variety.

Glass Wall Planters

Remove all labels and stickers from your containers first. Alternatively, you can drill holes through them or use glass adhesives to attach them to your walls.

Plant them after filling them with water or soil!

12. Wall Hanging Succulent Planters

Are you thinking of elegant minimalism? You might want to consider wall-hanging planters with iron frames.

Iron Flower Wall Hanging Vase

There are tiny glass containers in the middle of these vases, which are shaped like vases—place succulents and other small plants in them.

Growing succulents in water are possible. Sempervivum, jades, and echeveria respond well to water rooting.

13. Lightweight Wall Hanging Garden Planters

Choose something small and lightweight if weight is an issue for your wall. You can add a touch of green to your delicate wall without straining it.

Modular Light weight Wall-mounted Planter

Beautiful and durable, many lightweight plastic planters are available. They are ideal for growing houseplants such as kalanchoes, ponytail palms, peperomias, and Schefflera.

14. Simple Vertical Wall Hanging Planters

Bring home a 3-tier hanging wall planter for an abundance of greenery. This planter is simple, modern, and space-saving.

Ceramic Hanging Planter 3 Tier

A range of plants can be displayed on it, including air plants and herbs. You can also adjust the length of the rope to fit your needs.

15. Colorful Wall Mounted Hanging Planters

Modern hanging planters are bold and colorful. Depending on your design needs, you can choose your preferred design, size, and color.

Hydroponics Plant Plastic Pot

They look like framed artworks and keep growing, making them stand out.

Make your planters sparkle and cozy with fairy lights.

Outdoor Hanging Planters on Wall

Various materials are used to make outdoor hanging planters, including ceramic, wood, glass, and woven textiles. There are also many recycled and eco-friendly options for those who are eco-friendly.

16. Simple Hanging Vertical Wall Planter

Handwoven hanging baskets are a good option for your outdoor area, and they give off a natural, country feel.

Hanging Vertical Wall Planter

You can grow various plants in them, but trailers and creepers look their best in baskets.

It would help if you layered straw baskets with plastic before filling them with soil when using straw baskets.

17. Hanging Metal Wall Planters

Metal wall hanging planters are lightweight, beautiful, and hardy even when exposed to the elements. Use terracotta planters or eco-friendly coconut fiber planters.

ArtFamy Hanging Coco Liners for Planters Outdoor

You can hang metal planters on your balcony, porch, patio, or lawn, and they'll brighten up any outdoor space.

18. Wall Mounted Plant Holder

A wall-mounted plant holder can add greenery to a small space.

Metal Art Deco Figurine Plant Hanger

Generally, the holder can be adjusted. Thus, any size pot can be placed on the stand.

19. DIY Outdoor Wall Hanging Planters

You can make a DIY hanging planter in just a few minutes, and it requires just a pot and rope.

Macrame Plant Hanger

The rope should first be crocheted or braided to make strings. Once the strings are ready, drill holes in the planter to hang them.

Another option is to weave a basket to hold your planter, as shown in the example above.

20. Wall Hanging Planters Outdoor

Mount planters at different heights on your wall to create a truly eye-catching green wall. Decorate them with cascading beauties like a string of pearls, English Ivy, etc.

Wall hanging planter boxes

Contrast your green plants with steel planters in black. This will make your wall look sophisticated and modern.

21. Small Wall Hanging Outdoor Planters

Have you yet to find your spirit planter? Maybe this floating pot is it. It adds a touch of organic elegance to your outdoor space and is ideal for vines that would overflow.

Small Concrete Hanging Planter

Because it's made of concrete, you wouldn't have to worry about wind and water damaging it. It's tiny, but it's strong.

22. Ceramic Wall Hanging Planters For Outside

We would not be complete without classic ceramic planters on our wall-hanging planters list. Outdoors do very well, and you can use them to grow a wide variety of plants.

Wall Hanging Flowers Planter

Planters made of ceramic in natural hues have an understated elegance to them. Could this be exactly what your walls need?

23. Wall Mount Planter Holder

Do you have a round pot that you can't mount directly to a wall? Consider planter holders! These are great for holding pots of all sizes and shapes.

Small wall mounted planter

The only thing you need to do is attach them to your wall and plant your plants inside. Just make sure your pot and hole are of the same size.

24. Wall Hanging Planter Pots

Here's a handmade planter bag you should check out. You and your plants will love it.

Outdoor Wall Hanging Planter Bag

Designed for outdoor use, this bag is made from recycled plastic and an umbrella. It is waterproof, UV-resistant, and rot-proof. Moreover, it ensures proper drainage so that your plants will remain healthy and flourish.

25. Elegant Wall Mounted Planters Outdoor

You can add a touch of elegance to your vertical space with a triangular wooden planter. The straight lines and geometric design make it seem modern.

Wall Mount Hanging Planter for Plants

Your plants can easily thrive in this planter, as it can withstand various weather conditions. Plant a variety of hardy succulents in it and watch them flourish.

26. Creative Wall Hung Planters

Do you have questions about attaching wall-hanging planters? Try planter hooks.

Cat Lover Planter Hook

Hooks made of wood, iron, plastic, etc., are available on the market. Many different creative designs are available as well.

Choose minimalistic ones or those with black cats on them.

27. Wall Hanging Planters DIY Style

It would help if you didn't underestimate the power of old planters and rusted chains. You can use them for DIY projects.

Handmade Aged Terracotta Hanging Planters

In this example, you can veer away from modern-day designs by hanging the pots using chains, and it will give your outdoor spaces a more rustic, English feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Hang Wall Planters?

You can hang planters on your wall if you have a stable chair and someone to hold up the pots. Nails, screws, or adhesive can be used. Alternatively, you can use chains and ropes to tie them to the ceiling.

What Plants Are Best For Wall Planters?

Among the great options for wall, planters are air plants, ferns, bromeliads, burro's tails, pothos, English ivy, hostas, hens and chicks, and peperomias.

What To Put In Hanging Planters?

In hanging planters, you can grow leafy greens, ornamental plants, and seasonal blooms. You can also add dried flowers or cut flowers. Use your hanging planters to hold faux plants if you have a black thumb.

How Do You Hang Plants Without Damaging Walls?

You can directly suspend wall planters from the ceiling if you don't want to punch holes in your walls. Another excellent option for you is to use suction planters and magnetic hooks.

Green Your Walls For 2022

Have you ever seen a leaflet grow from concrete? I think it's pretty magical. You can only imagine how wonderful it would be if you had tons of plants peeking out of your walls.

All you need are wall-hanging planters. There are many options for you, from minimalist vessels to jute baskets and animal-themed planters.

Minimalist hanging wall planter

Space-saving, inexpensive, and attractive, these planters are a great choice. Most plants will grow in them, too.

It's a no-brainer, so don't hesitate! Let us know how the hanging planters go and green up your walls.

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have below, and we'll be glad to assist.

Wall planting is fun!

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