7 Best Garden Wheelbarrows Reviewed with Step-by-Step Instructions

Best Garden Wheelbarrows

Best Garden Wheelbarrows

Updated on 9/26/2023
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Wheelbarrows are essential in most gardens, whether for transporting compost, collecting raked leaves and other cuttings, or moving craft stones or boulders. This ingenious vehicle can save you time even if you don't perform much manual labor in your garden or yard. Not to mention the discomfort in your back!




In this buyer's guide for wheelbarrows, we'll look at some of the top wheelbarrows available to help you make the best decision.

We'll also assist you in comprehending the various varieties available. However, first...

What Does Wheelbarrow Mean?

A wheelbarrow is a miniature vehicle with one wheel at the back and two handles. "Barrow" is derived from the Old English word "bearwe," which refers to a load-carrying implement.

Even though some people pronounce it that way, Barrow has nothing to do with a barrel. You won't get a wheelbarrow if you put a wheel on a barrel, at least not a useful one!

Why Do You Need a Wheelbarrow?

Have you got a little garden or yard? Then you could ponder if a wheelbarrow is truly necessary.

You're looking at an essential garden item, at least according to us, that can save you time and effort while also preventing strain and injury.

Emptying the grass box

Emptying the grass box


You don't have to bother about the large, hefty ones used by masons and builders. Several compact and lightweight models are available today for all types of yards and gardens.

In most gardens, a regular wheelbarrow may be pretty beneficial. However, if you have a large garden with an uneven surface or steep hills, a multifunctional one may be required.

Choosing the best wheelbarrow isn't rocket science, but knowing a little about all possibilities will help you make a better decision.

What Are the Different Types of Wheelbarrows?

The Different Types of Wheelbarrows are divided into three categories. Depending on your needs, one of these options may be better for you than the others. Let's have a look at the primary distinctions.

Wheelbarrow with Front Wheel

A front-wheel heavy-duty wheelbarrow with braces is seen in the image below. It's a more durable variant of the conventional wheelbarrow, capable of carrying more oversized loads.

wheelbarrow in front

wheelbarrow in front


This type is ideal for the heaviest and most time-consuming tasks. It's pretty long-lasting so you can use it for commercial and industrial purposes.

Depending on your workload, different sizes are available.

Wheelbarrow with a Middle Wheel

The ancient Chinese were the first to invent wheelbarrows. The wheel is out in front of the ones used by Europeans decades later, whereas those used in China generally have a wheel (or two) in the middle.

wheelbarrow with a middle wheel

wheelbarrow with a middle wheel


This model can bear greater weight than the European variant since the wheel is in the middle.

However, most wheelbarrows in the Western world today have one wheel in the front to make them easier to maneuver since they are not designed to carry heavy loads.

Cart with Wheelbarrow

This one resembles a smaller wheelbarrow and has two or four wheels for added stability. It's simple to use and transport, especially in a tiny garden.

cart with a wheelbarrow

cart with a wheelbarrow


This comes in handy when moving items around the garden. It can be used to transport compost bags, ornamental plants, or mulch.

Use a cart to reduce the amount of tension on your lower back and shoulders.

Review of the Best Wheelbarrows

Let's look at some actual wheelbarrows that you can use in your garden or yard. We'll concentrate on the essential aspects to save you time.

Having the correct equipment can make your work a lot easier, whether you're a green-thumbed rookie or a seasoned landscape artist.

1. Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrow (Polar Trailer 8449)

Because it is strong and has a large weight capacity, the Polar Trailer 8449 can manage hefty loads, and it can still balance appropriately even when fully loaded.

It also has wide rubber tires that can handle a variety of terrains. The only disadvantage is that the handle is unpadded.

400-pound load capacity


  • Rocks, logs, and other heavy things with a rough texture can be handled.
  • Shielded ball bearings are used.
  • Dependable and strong

2. Jackson Contractor Wheelbarrow M6T22

The Jackson M6T22 is a high-quality tool with a six cubic foot load capacity. One of its standout characteristics is the long solid wood handles, making it easy to manage no matter how heavy the load is.

It has a thick steel tray that will last a long time. On the downside, the instructions for putting it together aren't the best.

370-pound load capacity


  • It has a ribbed tire that is easy to push.
  • High-quality construction

3. Contractor Wheelbarrow by Ames True Temper

The Ames True Temper is a dual-wheeled trailer with an 8-cubic-foot cargo capacity. It's rustproof and straightforward to operate.

This is a sturdy wheelbarrow with hardwood handles and sturdy overall construction. Because it is made of phthalate and BPA-free materials, it is suitable for children, and you can rely on it for heavy-duty garden chores.

Weight load: c. 500 lbs


  • Pneumatic tires are versatile and can handle a variety of surfaces.
  • Heavy-duty construction that is highly stable.
  • Easy to put together

4. Poly Garden Dump Cart from Gorilla Carts

We think this dump cart is deserving of a spot on our list because it's well-made and straightforward to operate. Thanks to its four wheels, it's easy to push, regardless of the load.

On uneven terrain and large bumps, you can roll it over. To get the front wheel to climb up, press down the rear handle.

Maximum load capacity: 600 pounds


  • It comes with a built-in braking system.
  • It's easy to pull, thanks to the curved handle.
  • To avoid spillage, there is a great deal of equilibrium.

5. Aerocart Wheelbarrow with Multiple Functions

The Worx Aerocart is versatile equipment with sturdy construction and a quick lift that some gardeners use over a regular wheelbarrow.

Although it isn't the greatest wheelbarrow or dolly on the market, it is versatile and can be used for both. It's a versatile gadget that doubles as snowploughs and a wagon kit.

300-pound load capacity


  • Well-balanced design
  • It doesn't require any maintenance because it runs on flat-free tires.
  • Lifting is more accessible compared with other models.

6. Yard Rover Marathon 70015

The Marathon Yard Rover 70015 is simple to construct and operate, and it's composed of a rust-resistant poly plastic tray that can take a beating.

The only flaw with this gadget is that it will most likely flex when dumping a heavy load. However, it is adequate for light gardening tasks such as spreading compost, moving plants, or transporting pebbles.

300-pound load capacity


  • It includes a padded loop-style handle that is comfortable to hold.
  • Powder-coated steel is used for the frame.

7. Bosmere W302 Folding Wheelbarrow

Because it can be folded, the Bosmere W302 Folding Wheelbarrow takes up little space.

If you only have a tiny yard, this is a fantastic option because it may be used to gather leaves, twigs, and other featherweight loads.

The load capacity is deficient.


  • It has pockets where you may keep your tools.
  • It just measures 13′′ wide when folded.

Wheelbarrow Replacement Wheel as a Bonus

Try to figure out which part of your wheelbarrow will most likely break down over time.

Most wheelbarrows can fit this universal flat-free tire. The ribbed tread on this tire makes it easier to maneuver in any terrain.

It has a 300-pound load capacity and comes with an adaptor kit. It's an excellent investment whether you buy it for an old wheelbarrow or a spare tire for a new one.

What to Look for in a Wheelbarrow

You won't be utilizing a wheelbarrow every day if you have a tiny yard. Furthermore, you value your personal space. As a result, you should avoid the more significant entries on our list and choose a foldable one instead.

However, if your yard is larger, you'll have many more options to consider, and you don't want to make a hasty selection. After all, a good wheelbarrow can last you years, if not a lifetime.

Don't get caught up in the minutiae. Concentrate on the essential aspects. So, what are the most significant characteristics to consider?


Most modern wheelbarrow buckets are constructed of plastic, steel, or other metal. Steel is ideal if you plan to utilize it for larger loads.

Even while heavy-duty plastic can withstand a heavy load, it will scratch and scrape over time, making your wheelbarrow less than adorable.

wheelbarrow made of plastic

wheelbarrow made of plastic


On the other hand, plastic is frequently the finest choice for simple gardening, and it's not only kind on your back but also on your bank account.

However, while plastic does not rust, it can shatter when laden with larger objects or exposed to extreme cold.

Tip: Because your wheelbarrow is prone to rust, keep it carefully.

Some canvas types are foldable and stored conveniently in garden storage solutions. However, as we've seen, they're not built to withstand heavy loads.


Standard variants have a single wheel in the front that is located in the center of the vehicle. It's much easier to move and dump this way.

The disadvantage is that when the burden is heavy, you'll need a lot of strength to control it (think more than leaves and branches).

With a large load

With a large load


Models with two wheels are more stable and suitable for carrying heavy loads. You must, however, give up maneuverability, and they're also not great on slopes or tight paths.

Tip: While more wheels provide more stability, they can damage a well-kept lawn or grass patch.


Straight handles are the most common and provide excellent maneuverability. They make flipping, tilting, and dumping easier, but they demand strength. Closed handles make it easier to pull heavy loads.

close-handled wheelbarrow

close-handled wheelbarrow


Pneumatic tires, like bicycle tires, must be inflated. They can provide a more comfortable ride, but they are also more susceptible to harsh terrain.

It's also important to keep an eye on the air pressure. This style of tire is prone to flattening, mainly if left in the sun.

Solid rubber tires will never run flat, but they will not provide a smooth ride. They can withstand a beating, and if your garden has rocks, pebbles, or thorny bushes, they can save the day.

tire for a wheelbarrow

tire for a wheelbarrow


A semi-pneumatic tire, a rubber tire with built-in air pockets, sits in the middle. It offers some shock attenuation but does not require inflation.

Tip: If you choose a model with a flat tire, be sure the wheel size is correct and that it can be readily replaced. You might also wish to invest in a spare tire, and it'll come in handy at some point!

Here are some frequently asked questions concerning wheelbarrows, along with their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is That A Barrel Or A Wheelbarrow?

It's a wheelbarrow, not a wheel barrel, and there's no connection. Even if you add a wheel to a barrel, it is unlikely that you will be able to utilize it like a wheelbarrow. Other names for this tool include cart, trolley, gurney, and wagon, but these aren't typically used in a gardening context except cart.

Which Wheelbarrows Are the Best?

The greatest wheelbarrows are well-made, easy to maneuver and feature a sturdy wheel that won't fall flat quickly. While one-wheeled models are the most maneuverable, two- or four-wheeled variants are more stable and can carry more oversized loads. It all depends on the amount of space you have and the weight you intend to transport.

What Does The Term "Wheelbarrow" Mean?

A wheelbarrow is a self-propelled vehicle that can be used for construction, gardening, and other tasks. It makes carrying items faster and easier, and it's must-have equipment for planting and maintaining a medium-to-large garden.

What Kind Of Person Utilizes A Wheelbarrow?

Construction workers, gardeners, handypersons, and anyone else who needs to transport modest amounts of supplies from one location to another can benefit from this device. It's a must-have for many gardeners. More information about the greatest wheelbarrows may be found here.

What Is The Weight Of Your Load?

Wheelbarrows may appear to be identical, but they differ in several ways. When shopping for one, keep in mind the jobs you intend to complete and the terrain.

Will you be using simple flowers like yarrow or chrysanthemums in your garden? Are you going to plant magnolia trees? Will you be planting sweet potatoes or cucumbers, for example?

wheelbarrow overflowing with leaves

wheelbarrow overflowing with leaves


Consider how much upkeep it will take and how much storage space it will require. You want something simple to use and won't get in your way.

We hope you found this post informative and helpful in answering your questions. Do you have any plans to purchase a new wheelbarrow? Leave a comment and tell us which model you'll go with. We're intrigued!