Best Backyard Layouts Ideas That Will Change Your Garden

backyard Layout

Emma DowneyByEmma Downey
Updated on 10/4/2022

Even though your house is your castle, a gorgeous outdoor space is what will truly make you feel like a member of the royal family. Consider beginning with a well-planned design for your backyard, regardless of whether you intend to host backyard barbecues or simply spend time relaxing with your family in the space.

When it comes to the backyard layouts, everyone has distinct requirements and expectations. Will you be the one responsible for the design as well as the upkeep, or will you outsource the work? Do you prefer something that remains consistent over the years or something that can transform on an annual basis? When looking at several ideas for designing a backyard, you should pay special attention in particular to the following crucial aspects:

  • Available space
  • To water, particularly if you reside in a region experiencing a drought.
  • Upkeep regularly, including weeding and cutting the grass in the surrounding area
  • Whether you prefer annual plants that need to be replaced yearly or perennial plants that grow back yearly.
  • Cost

Backyard Layouts

Your best option for a landscape design is one that complements the style of your home and works well with the space you have available. It ought to make you want to spend time in your backyard, and it ought to blend in with the way you live your life. Have a look at the following garden design ideas to gain some motivation for improving the look of your outside space.

There Are Plenty Of Ideas For Landscaping The Backyard That Will Inspire You.

1. Stacking Up In Mountains

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A common strategy for introducing flowers into the architecture of a backyard is to first carve out circular sections or curved walks among the green grass. Take note of the fact that the property owner has positioned more towering plants in the heart of these regions and has surrounded them with bright flowers that are planted lower down. In spite of the fact that this practice gives the areas the appearance of mountains, the goal is to direct the eye upward. Rather than limiting yourself to just a few go-to plant varieties, you can broaden your horticultural horizons by cultivating a garden with distinct zones that are clearly demarcated from one another.

2. A Backyard Landscaping Design With Winding Paths

backyard layouts

Even though this particular backyard is on the smaller side, the stone path that winds its way across the area gives the impression that it is much larger than it actually is. This would be an excellent place to go for a morning stroll if you wanted to clear your mind via the practice of meditation. The route has a more natural appearance thanks to the use of flat rocks for crafts rather than the more usual pavers. A separate area to "hang out" in has been created by the patio and pergola, and the stone edging helps to keep the garden design clear of weeds. Even though there is just enough grass here to give the area some color, you won't have to spend a lot of time mowing it every weekend because there isn't a lot of it.

3. Keep Your Attention On The Fire

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Who doesn't enjoy sitting around a warm fire in the backyard? This well-used area is incorporated into many different designs for backyards. It is imperative that you remember to arrange for the brick patio in order to keep everyone safe when they are starting a fire. In spite of the fact that the garden has been thoughtfully laid out and landscaped, its role is that of the background rather than the main point. By limiting yourself to green plants, you and your guests will be better able to concentrate on the fire and on one another. The best part is that these kinds of green plants tend to be perennial, which means that you won't have to bother with planting anything fresh year after year.

4. Making Space For Vibrant Colors

backyard layouts

Having a grassy area that is divided into straight lines makes it much simpler to cut the grass, but you can get the feeling that you're missing out on all of the beauty that flowers bring to the area if you don't have them. If you implement this suggestion for landscaping in the backyard, you won't have to worry about it happening. In the fire area, rather than bricks, small pebbles are used to keep things safe; however, poles placed around the perimeter of the space help define the area vertically. When the sun goes dark, you may use them as a place to hang flowers and twinkling lights to create an atmosphere of soft illumination. It might be clever to add some flowers to these poles by placing large barrels around them.

5. Design For First-Timers

Check out this suggestion if you are looking for backyard design ideas that are suitable for those who are just starting off. They have just placed giant plants or flowers in this space to create the appearance of curves in the landscaped area, which anyone on their own can do. Bushes like these require very little maintenance and will continue to look their best year after year with only a little touch of shaping. Allow the nursery to take care of the flower design in order to achieve the stunning appearance of the flowers presented here. Rather than leaving the flowers in their pots, you may easily plant them directly into the ground after purchasing hanging planters of flowers.

6. Mini-Makeover

Backyard layout

You'll enjoy this suggestion if you'd like to do anything with your backyard but aren't very interested in backyard ideas that take up the majority of the space. Simply excavate a space around the perimeter of the house for planting flowers, and then edge the flower bed with bricks. Hostas, which are easily maintained and come back year after year, are the enormous green plants that can be seen here. If you want something a little bit different, you can even select varieties that have stripes on them. When you pair those with the color of impatiens – or any other type of color flower you prefer better – you'll have a fantastic match on your hands. This homeowner has taken things to the next level by coordinating the flowers that are growing in their garden with the blooms that are growing in the window box. The best part is that you wouldn't need any help from anyone else to finish this design in just one weekend.

7. A Flourishing Cascade Of Flowers

This stunning appearance is ideal for nearly all different kinds of gardens. It may appear as though a flower pot has been knocked over, causing the flowers within to scatter in all directions. Yet, this deceptive appearance was purposefully created by the artist. The majority of garden supply stores sell substantial containers just like this one. A flat bottom will be present, with the opening located on the side of the container. Although you want your flowers to have the appearance that they are spilling over, you will need to plant some of them in the ground in order to achieve the same effect.

8. Swinging Lazily In The Backyard Garden

swing backyard

Simply Enjoying Some Swing Time in the Garden

If you don't intend to make use of the space in your backyard, it doesn't matter how carefully you plan the design of your backyard. A route across the manicured area that leads to a garden swing has been crafted using natural stones to form the walkway. It is the ideal place to spend the day unwinding and relaxing. If you want even more color than what this style offers, you might want to consider adding vining flowers to the pergola that is located over the swing. The addition of kinds that give off a pleasant aroma will make this an even more attractive location to hang out.

9. Modern Patio

Suppose you live in a region that does not get a lot of rain. In that case, you may want to reconsider backyard landscaping ideas that center on lush foliage and mounds of flowers because they require a significant amount of water. It is not necessary to water this backyard because it is predominately made up of water-resistant materials like stone squares and wooden planks. Create the atmosphere you desire in your garden with a few strategically placed native plants, and you won't have to worry about your water bill going through the roof. Talk to a professional landscaper or someone who works in the nursery near you if you are unsure as to which plants are indigenous to your region.

10. Preventing The Growth Of Weeds

backyard layouts

Keeping weeds from growing back into your garden space is likely going to be one of the most difficult issues presented by the majority of garden layouts. It may be necessary, depending on the state of your garden, to devise a strategy that involves regular weeding in order to get the desired appearance. As you can see in the accompanying photograph, addressing this issue by spreading a thick layer of mulch first makes it much less of a challenge to deal with. This homeowner has added some visual interest to their yard by alternating the colors of the mulch. The light brown mulch can be seen among the trees, while the other part features red mulch. The usage of small craft rocks as a weed-blocker is another function that they can do, and here they are employed to contrast the two different types of mulch.

11. Taking Care Of The Tree

Backyard layout

This is yet another concept for the landscaping of your backyard, and it does not involve the use of a great deal of water. This property owner decided to construct a sizable open area out of wood as opposed to laying stones on the ground to make a patio. This particular plan enables the patio to be built on a variety of levels, which creates a visually intriguing arrangement throughout the area. When bamboo is grown in a row, it will eventually grow into a wall that provides privacy and has a pleasant, natural appearance. They made the fascinating decision to let the tree grow in the space, built the deck around the tree, and allowed green plants to sneak up through the opening in the deck. This was an intriguing thing to accomplish. The natural shade that a tree of that size gives is something that would have been lost if you had cut down the tree, so this will help to keep things cool and protect people from being burnt.

12. A Garden In The Form Of Flowers

flower garden

You're going to adore this suggestion if you're hunting for adorable garden ideas that coordinate with the decoration of your home. A winding brick pathway terminates at a circular area that is just large enough to accommodate a few seats at a bistro table. This circle has several smaller half-circles extending off of it, and each one of them is filled with flowers. It almost has the appearance of a flower-shaped patio when viewed from this perspective, and it serves as a wonderful little refuge for those who are there. It is important to keep in mind that because of the tight spaces that exist between the many "petals" of the design, you will need to use a weed whacker to trim the grass. Take care not to snip the blooms while you're at it!

13. Look Up!

backyard layouts

You will find that the majority of suggestions for designing a backyard focus on the many ways in which you can arrange flowers and other plants in the yard. This property owner has essentially set the bar higher for themselves in terms of landscape design. The little circular patio space is the ideal size for a table for two, and the surrounding pergola, which is covered in stunning roses, will give the impression that you are inside a home filled with floral arrangements. The chandelier contributes an unexpected accent while also providing a lighting option that could be useful for using the room after dark.

14. A Place Of Your Own To Call Home

If you are the kind of person who spends the summers indoors to avoid the harsh sun rays, you might want to think about how this ingenious gazebo will allow you to be both outsides and inside simultaneously. This path in this backyard design is intriguing because rather than going around one of the manicured areas, it goes straight through the middle of it. The tall plants in the flower bed give the area more dimension and color and inexpensive flower bed borders, but they also conceal something. If you look carefully, you will notice that they have concealed a patio table on the opposite side of the wall. This affords you the seclusion you may desire while providing a quaint little nook in the garden for you to enjoy.